Tony and Mike were in the evidence garage at the police station in Columbus, Nebraska with an officer staring at the van Gibbs and McGee had been driven in.

"We found it by the woods. It was in near perfect condition, so that was a red flag. We thought it might be stolen at first before we got your Bolo," The officer said.

"Did you check the inside? Any sign of blood?" Tony asked. A knot formed in his stomach as he waited for the answer. He prayed to God the answer was no. He didn't wanna think about his boss or his friend being hurt.

"No, no blood and only a couple of partial fingerprints. We'll of course provide you with that," the officer said.

"We need to see your traffic cams," Mike said.

"We don't have too many of those, but if you're looking to see where the driver went after getting to Nebraska, I have a better idea. There's a GPS device in the van. Whoever abandoned the car didn't bother taking the GPS device out. It was running basically the whole time. We should be able to trace any stops the driver made," the officer said.

Tony nodded. "Let's do it."


An hour later, Tony and Mike were walking through a two story, seemingly deserted house. This was the last location the van had been brought to before it was deserted. They hoped there would be something to lead them to Gibbs and McGee.

"You check down here. I'm heading upstairs," Mike said before walking towards the stairs."

Tony slowly looked around the house. He searched the living room first. He noticed two phones sitting on the coffee table with the batteries to both lying next to them. He went to look at them, after of course putting a pair of gloves on.

Tony picked up both phones and groaned. He was pretty sure they belonged to Gibbs and McGee, which wasn't good because he couldn't see either of them giving up their phones willingly.

Tony took out a bag and placed the phones and batteries inside, all the while trying not to think about the implications of it all. When he was done, he went into the kitchen. There wasn't much out of the ordinary in there, however there was a coffee mug on the table. Knowing it could have prints and DNA on it, Tony immediately bagged it

Just then, Tony began to hear voices coming from the back door. He immediately took cover behind the doorframe and pulled out his gun.

Tony stood completely still as he heard them come inside. He couldn't really tell what they were saying because they were speaking in Spanish. The fact that were though told him that they were members of the Reynosa Cartel

Tony contemplated what he should do. He knew he couldn't just reveal himself. These were not the type of guys to stand down when confronted with the authorities. They would start shooting before he could even finish saying 'NCIS', and he was outnumbered at the moment, so there was a good chance he wouldn't make it.

Finally, Tony took out his phone and sent out a quick text to Mike that said 'company'. He knew Mike would get the message. Hopefully between the two of them, they could take these guys out.

Tony listened as footsteps started towards him. He remained still to stay unseen, but he knew as soon as these men entered the kitchen, he'd be spotted. He just hoped Mike got there soon or he was a goner.

As if on cue, Mike's voice was heard at that moment. "Hey, jackasses!"

Tony came out of hiding just in time to see guns drawn and Mike shoot one of them dead in the chest. The other man was about to shoot him, but Tony beat him to it and shot him in the leg, sending the man to the ground screaming.

Mike walked over to the man, gun still drawn. "Gibbs and McGee, where are they?"

Their only living suspect said nothing. He just glared at Mike.

Mike, in turn, pressed his foot against the other man's bullet wound, causing him to scream in agony. "I said where are they?!"

He took several breaths. "I…I don't know."

Mike pressed his foot down harder.

"Ahhh! I swear, I don't! We're trying to find them," he said.

"Why?" Tony asked. Well, he knew why. They wanted to kill Gibbs and McGee. What Tony wanted to know was why. He wanted that question answered once and for all. They had their guesses, but they didn't know anything for sure.

"To kill them. There has been a contract put out on them."

"Well, obviously, but why? We know they're leverage for two women. Who are they and why are you after them?" Tony asked.

"I don't know why? I haven't been with the Cartel long. All I know is that those two agents are the key to drawing out two women who have been wanted by the Cartel for decades."

"Both of them are?" Tony asked.


"What's the connection?" Mike asked. That was the one question that had been bothering all of them from the beginning. So far, they'd only been able to connect those women to McGee. The connection with Gibbs was still a mystery.

"I don't know. All I know is that those men are married to our marks. The plan was to use them to draw their women out," he said.

"You got your information wrong. Gibbs isn't married to anyone," Mike said.

"Unless he's talking about ex-wives," Tony said. Though that didn't make sense either. Gibbs would have to know if McGee was that connected to one of his exes.

"Look, I don't know anything else. Carlos knew more,' the man said.

"Maybe his body does too," Tony said before going over to the dead guy. He immediately started searching his body and found two pictures on him. The first, Tony recognized as the same picture they'd found in McGee's apartment. It was of his wife. The second, he didn't recognize, but she had read hear. She was definitely Gibbs' type.

Tony went back over to Mike and held out the pictures. "He had these on him."

Mike took the pictures and looked at them. His mouth dropped open when he saw the picture of the older woman. "Son of a bitch. This is impossible."

"What is it?" Tony asked. He'd never seen Mike so shocked. It was almost as weird as seeing Gibbs shocked.

Mike held the picture up. There was still shock written all over his face. "That's Shannon Gibbs."