"I can't stand your shitty ass apartment anymore. How do you even live in this place?"

You were in your small kitchen - if you could even call it that - preparing dinner. I stood in the middle of the floor, unable to lean against anything for fear of catching something. While your cleanliness has definitely improved in the past year, it still left something to be desired. Though I guess I could give you a little leeway since the apartment complex you rented from was a disaster altogether. I hated the fact that you had been wrangled into a two-year lease even though you could most certainly afford something far less repulsive now.

"You ask that every time you come over. This is why I suggested we do this at your place."

I watched as you stirred something in a pot that was beginning to fill my senses with a wonderful aroma. I moved forward, peeking over your arm to see what you had decided to make. It looked oddly similar to the pasta we'd had on our first official date. A smile found its way to my mouth as I leaned my head on your shoulder, my arms wrapping around your middle.

"You're really a sentimental sap, you know that?"

The faint blush tracing along your cheekbones drove a chuckle from my throat.

"Shut up. It's a special day, so can't I do something like this?"

"I suppose it's alright. It smells pleasant, anyway. You're not going to burn it, right?"

You nudged your head against mine, snorting lightly as your unoccupied hand moved to rest over one of my own.

"I'm an excellent cook, thank you very much. Besides, the one time I burned our dinner, it was because you couldn't keep your hands to yourself."

I smirked at the memory. Eh, it had been worth having to order take-out. It didn't take too much longer for the food to be finished. I had already set the table prior, filling two glasses with your favourite wine. The meal was perfect, and I told you as such, knowing it would cause your chest to puff with pride.

Afterward, we found ourselves entangled on the couch, not really paying attention to whatever film was on your tiny television. I was for more interested in asking you what I'd been waiting to ask all evening. As I pressed soft kisses along your face, reveling in the quiet laughter caused by my lips on your nose, I met your stare and reached to cup your cheek, thumb tracing along the bone.

"Move in with me."

Your eyebrows rose slightly, but you were leaning into my touch, a content smile on your face.

"You sure you can handle that? We barely know each other's sleeping habits."

The tone was teasing and I rolled my eyes.

"So is that a yes or what, brat?"

"It's a yes, jerk."

"Thank you for the anniversary present, then."

"Now who's the sentimental sap?"

"Still you."

"Happy Anniversary, Levi."

I leaned in then to capture your lips, taking my time to drink in the moment.

"Happy Anniversary, Eren."

When the following Friday finally came around, you answered the door in record time.

"Eager to see me?"

Smirking, I pulled you in for a kiss, tugging at your bottom lip gently as I leaned back again to see boxes upon boxes out of my peripheral vision.

"Hey, did you do all the packing by yourself? I told you I'd help, dumbass."

Your eyes were excited as you grinned down at me, reaching to brush some stray hairs from my eyes. It was contagious, the atmosphere you were radiating and I couldn't help but smile. You were sunshine and shooting stars, creating an everlasting light in my life.

"I know, I know, but I was just so excited and I couldn't sleep and before I knew it, everything was done. Besides, you probably worked too hard again so I didn't want you to have to do more than necessary."

"You really need to fucking stop."

Rather than wait for you to say anything further, I wrapped my arms around your waist and let my forehead fall to your chest, breathing you in.

"I love you, Eren."

They were words I'd never said to really anyone since I lost my parents when I was a child. I'd always been afraid to let them out because saying that phrase gave away your heart. But you have always been the one to save me and I knew my heart was safer in your hands than in my own chest. I felt your lips on the top of my head and your arms were squeezing me in return.

"I love you, too."

Parting from you, I kicked your shin playfully, moving to pick up a couple boxes.

"You worry too much, though. I'm not that old, you know."

"Whatever you say, old man."

"Your chances of getting any tonight are slowly deteriorating. Not that you'd probably want me to put my old geezer dick inside of you anyway."

You nearly dropped the boxes you were carrying down the stairs and I could see the tips of your ears changing colour. I smirked in amusement as you avoided my gaze while we began packing your belongings into the trunk of my car.

"What's the matter, brat? Cat got your tongue?"

"S-Shut up!"

"Make me."

The quirk in my lip only grew wider as you let out a huff of frustration, backing me into the wall just past your front door and pressing your lips to mine roughly. I hummed in approval, allowing my fingers to tangle in your chocolate tresses and tug lightly. You let out a soft groan and I found myself shivering as your fingers ventured up my shirt, slipping over my spine. I forced myself away from you then, fixing my shirt before moving for the last of the boxes.

"Fuck you for always going straight for my weak spots, you fucker."

Your laugh was shaky and I could tell you were just as bad off as I was now, your eyes sightly glazed over as you tried to make it seem like you were completely composed.

"Payback's a bitch, Levi. You can punish me later ~."

"Mm. If you insist. Our new bed could use the break-in."

"You got a new bed? But your bed was so comfy."

You hopped in the passenger side after making sure we had everything and turning in your keys to the office. I may not be good at showing it like you, but I could feel the excitement in my bones. I started the car and once I pulled out, I placed a hand over yours on your armrest, lacing our fingers together.

"This one is comfortable as well. More so, even. I just felt it was a nice idea. A bed that will have always been ours."

Your answering smile was brilliant, your thumb rubbing circles on the back of my hand.

"I like that a lot. Having things that are only yours and mine."

I pulled into the driveway, parking the car and leaning to kiss your lips affectionately.

"Welcome home, Eren."

I felt your hand on my cheek and when I opened my eyes, I know my grin matched your own.

"I'm home, Levi."