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CH. 1

Harry Potter pushed his trolley into King's Cross Station on September 1st looking around for a platform that a part of him suspected did not exist. The station was quite busy and the jostling of the crowd he received forced a grimace appear on his face as he was reminded of his uncle's farewell present for him. The bruises might have disappeared through the night like always but the pain and soreness was still there. Trying to avoid the people as much as possible, he continued to search the station for any sign of Platform 9 and ¾. As he stood between platform 9 and platform 10 Harry couldn't help but think that Hagrid must have forgotten to tell him something. Glancing at the clock, he began to think that maybe he should take his wand out and start tapping random bricks in the pillars until he spotted two women walking onto the platform, one with graying hair in a tight bun with a monocle and the other around probably his age with strawberry blonde hair in pigtails. They seemed to have a big trunk the same model as his and when they came closer he was sure he heard the girl say "Hogwarts".


Susan Bones jumped out of bed on September 1st. She was quite excited as today she would be starting Hogwarts. After her shower she combed her hair and put it in her customary pig tails and go dressed in a nice pair of jeans and blouse for her trip to King Cross. Unable to wait any longer she bounced down the stairs of Bones Manor to find her Auntie already eating breakfast and talking with their house elf Puck. As she sat at the table Puck placed a plate full of her favorite breakfast items in front of her. The plate was stacked high with fluffy pancakes topped with butter and syrup, rashers of bacon, scrambled eggs, and of course, apple juice. Susan just couldn't understand the appeal of pumpkin juice, especially after her lifelong friend Hannah Abbott introduced her to Apple Juice.

As Susan started to eat her last meal at home for a few months, her aunt graced her with a small smile. "All packed and ready to go Susan?"

"Yup, I was packed a week ago and I put the last of my clothes in last night." Susan replied between bites.

Seeing her niece so excited Amelia couldn't help but smile and remember her first day of Hogwarts. With a pang of sadness she couldn't help but think of Susan's parents today and how proud they would have been of their daughter. Susan brought her back from her thoughts as the girl's excitement grew.

"Auntie, can we go now? I don't want to miss the train and Hannah said that she would meet us there."

Smiling at the girl's excitement Amelia answered "Yes dear, we will be leaving in just a little bit. We can floo to the Leaky Cauldron and from their take a taxi to the station. Now finish your breakfast and we can get going." Finishing her breakfast in a quick yet polite pace she bounded from her seat and gathered her trunk and waited for her aunt by the fireplace.

"We will leave your Owl here and she can fly to you tomorrow. We don't want to attract too much attention to ourselves."

As head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, Amelia was always trying to set a good example so dressed as muggles for the journey they stepped into the fire and flooed to the Leaky Cauldron. Stepping out of the old bar they quickly hailed a cab and took the quick ride to King's Cross. Unloading Susan's trunk onto a trolley they wheeled it into the station with Susan almost jumping around with excitement. "I can't wait to get to Hogwarts, I hope me and Hannah are in the same house."

"Susan I know you are excited but try to remember we are surrounded by muggles. Remember what we talked about and not trying to draw attention." As Amelia was talking she noticed a small boy cautiously approach them with his own trolley and a Hogwarts trunk and owl cage.

"Excuse me," the boy said in a quiet but polite tone. "Are you also going to Hogwarts? I was given this ticket but I don't know how to get onto the platform."

Amelia noticed the small boy and how nervous he seemed. The placement of his trolley and the way his eyes never seemed to stay on the same place long as if trying to keep an eye out for danger seemed out of place to the polite tone his voice took. Smiling kindly at the boy Amelia answered "Of course dear. This is Susan's first year at Hogwarts also." She indicated towards her niece, Susan smiled brightly at the boy which only seemed to increase his nervousness Amelia continued, "Where are your parents?"

For a moment, a look of pain and loss crossed the boy's face and Amelia new the answer before the boy could give it.

"They died when I was young and my Aunt and Uncle left me here to find the train."

Amelia was taken aback by the boy's answer. What kind of aunt and uncle would just dump an 11 year old in a train station by himself? Something was seriously wrong with this situation. The boy certainly was small for his age and very skinny. As these thoughts passed through his head Susan took the opportunity and being the friendly bubbly girl that she is walked up to the boy and stuck her hand out and properly introduced herself.

"Hi I'm Susan Bones and this is my Auntie Amelia Bones. I also lost my parents when I was very young and live with my Aunt."

The boy gave an involuntary flinch as the hand came towards him a response that did not go unnoticed by the observant law enforcement officer. Tentatively Harry took the offered hand and shook it back. In the same quite voice he used earlier Harry introduced himself. "My name is Harry Potter it's nice to meet you." Both women just stared back at him, and his face began to redden and his nervousness only increased.

Seeing the discomfort the boy was in Amelia quickly returned to the subject at hand. "Well Harry in order to get into the platform you just run straight at the wall separating platform 9 and 10. Susan, why don't you go first and show Harry how it's done."

Smiling and giving a cheerful wave she took the trolley and headed straight for the wall. Harry was sure that she was going to crash but she passed through with no sound. Harry stared at the wall awestruck at the spot Susan disappeared.

"Your turn Harry. Don't be afraid and take it at a run. I will be right behind you and Susan will be waiting on the other side."

Turning his trolley to head straight for the wall he hesitated. Seeing his hesitation Amelia gave him a reassuring pat on the shoulder to try to get him moving. "You can do it Harry I will be right behind you." When Amelia's hand came in contact with Harry's back she could feel the tensing of the muscles and the flinching away from the touch. Again more alarm bells started to go off in her head.

Harry started to walk towards the wall picking up speed until he was at a run. He closed his eyes right before impact he kept going and when the impact never came and the noises of hundreds of people suddenly came to life he stopped and opened his eyes. Sitting their steaming away was a scarlet and gold steam engine with gold letters on the side reading "Hogwarts Express". The smile that formed spilt his face.

"Harry, come over here out of the way. You don't want to be trampled." Susan was standing to the side and waved him over. He pushed his trolley over to the girl right when her Aunt Amelia came through the opening. Smiling at the two of them she walked over.

"Well done you two. Now let's go get you settled onto the train." They pushed their trolleys over to the train and together Harry and Susan lifted both their trunks up onto the train.

"Would you like to find a seat with me on the train Harry?" Susan's ever present smile seemed to be infectious as a smile appeared on Harry's face.

"That would be great" Harry replied his excitement overcoming his nervousness. As they both lifted their trunks onto the express Harry's oversized shirt sagged down a little bit from his back and what Amelia saw put credence to all those alarm bells going off in her head. What looked like a collection of old scars where just peeking out from under the shirt. Putting all this together she came to a startling conclusion and she decided to contact an old friend when she got home. Smiling at the two children Amelia bid them farewell.

"Now you be good Susan. Write me tomorrow when Arty gets there and tell me all about your first day." Wrapping her into a hug she couldn't help but notice the longing glances of Harry. Turning to the boy, "and Harry it was a pleasure to meet you. I am sure we will be seeing each other again. If you need anything feel free to write to me." To Harry's surprise she also wrapped him in a hug. He stiffened for a moment unsure what was happening and just as quickly it was over and Amelia was ushering the children onto the train just as the whistle for departure was sounding. Climbing onto the train both kids turned around and waved as the train started to pull away. Amelia stayed long enough to see the train disappear then with a frown on her face she apparated back home to have talk to an old friend.


As the train began to pull away from the station, Harry felt Susan reach out and take his hand and start pulling him down the corridor. "Let's find a compartment and you can meet my friend Hannah." After passing through two cars with compartments full of people they finally came to one with a blonde girl sitting there looking out the window. Turning around the girl broke into a smile. "There you are Suzy, what kept you so long?"

"Sorry Hannah, I was helping my new friend onto the train."

"Who's your new friend?" Hannah asked trying to see who else was with her. Still standing in the corridor, Harry gave the girl a nervous look as Susan gestured him forward. Still in slight shock at being referred to as a friend Harry slowly entered the compartment and took a seat across from the two girls next to the window. "Hi I'm Harry Potter" he said extending his hand out shyly to the new girl.

"Blimy, your Harry Potter!" Hannah's eyes took the already all too familiar jump up to his forehead while staring at him her mouth hanging open until a quick elbow in the ribs from Susan brought her back to her senses. Harry could feel his face redden in discomfort at her reaction and Hannah seemed to come to her senses and quickly took his hand and gave it a hardy shake. "Sorry Harry, I was just surprised. My names Hannah Abbott, it's nice to meet you. We have heard a lot about you. Is it true you lived in a castle and had a pet Nundu?"

"No I've never even seen a castle and what's a Nundu?"

"A Nundu is a highly dangerous creature. Hannah I told you those books where all fake." Susan gave her friend an exasperated look. Turning to Harry she explained, "There are a lot of books written about you and most of them are along those lines, 'Harry Potter and the Well of Life' and other stupid titles. They are quite silly really."

"No sorry this is the first time I've been out of Little Whinging. My aunt and uncle don't like… they don't take me many places." Susan seemed to notice his hesitation and his increasing discomfort about talking about his aunt and uncle changed the subject.

"So what house do you think you'll be in? Hannah and I are hoping for Hufflepuff just like my aunt and her parents"

"I'm not sure. I don't know much about the houses. I don't know much of anything. I only found out I was a wizard a month ago from Hagrid."

With that Hannah and Susan launched into a long explanation about the house system and an explanation of the founders and a bit of history on Hogwarts. They told Harry about the traits that each house favored and about how Hufflepuff has a reputation for being for leftovers but really Hufflepuff is the best house and is known for their hard work and loyalty. As Harry listened it sounded like a great place. He was no stranger to hard work and if Susan and Hannah where anything to go by, people in that house must be friendly.

After talk of houses pattered out the subject changed to other things in the wizard world. "My mom was a muggleborn witch" Hanna explained. "She always told me how confusing entering the wizarding world was for her. Professor McGonagall gave her a book when she came and talked to her parents. I wonder why Hagrid was the one to talk to you. My parents have talked about Hagrid and though he is nice he isn't the sharpest quill in the bag."

"Hagrid seemed to know that getting my letters to me would be a challenge but he seemed really surprised that I didn't know anything." Harry went on to tell about all the trouble that getting his letter was and they all laughed when it came to telling about Dudley's tail and that they had to go into London to have it removed.

"Harry, you said your first letter was addressed to the 'Cupboard under the stairs'. Why was it addressed there?" Susan asked.

Harry looked down in embarrassment. 'Now my new friends will realize I'm a freak and not want to be my friends anymore'. In a quite whisper without looking at either girl, "Because for the last 10 years that was where I lived. Uncle Vernon said that freaks don't deserve a room." Not looking up so as not too see the disgust that he knew would be in their eyes, Harry just sat there and waited for them to leave. It came as a surprise when he felt two pairs of arms encircled him. Stiffening from unfamiliar contact he looked up to see both Susan and Hannah sitting on the bench with him with their arms around him in a hug.

Susan tilted Harry's head up so he was looking her in the eyes so he could see the truth in her eyes. "Harry you are not a freak. Those people are horrible. They are the freaks." Harry couldn't believe it. Not only did these two people not see him as a freak but they seemed to care for him. Looking over at Hannah, she nodded in agreement. Even with both of their support a little voice in the back of his head that sounded like his Aunt was telling him 'No one will ever want to be around a freak like you. When they see just how freakish you are they will leave you too.' Trying to ignore the small voice Harry regained his composer and the talk turned to happier subjects. Hannah and Susan talked about their childhood and how they grew up almost as sisters together. Harry talked about growing up in the muggle world. It turned out that both Hannah and Susan both attended muggle primary school so they had a lot in common when talking about subjects they liked.

Talk turned to classes they were looking forward to. Hannah and Susan told Harry about some of the different classes they would be taking at Hogwarts. Harry was excited to start classes especially potions and herbology since cooking and gardening were two of the chores that his aunt and uncle made him do that he actually liked. The garden at 4 Privite drive was the envy of the entire neighborhood and even though he didn't get the credit for it he was still quite proud of it. He showed Susan and Hannah his extra books he bought in Diagon Alley on the subjects and excitedly told them what he had already read in them.

While the train puffed its way north people started to stop by. The first person to stop by was a red head who barged in and sat down uninvited and just started talking. After finding out who Harry was he started to go off on how Gryffindor was the best house and surely he would be in Gryffindor. There seemed to be no doubt in his mind that Harry would be in the same house as him. Any suggestion that other houses where better was shot down by the redhead. When Susan brought up that she was going into Hufflepuff, the red head scoffed at that, "Why would you WANT to be in the house of castoffs?" The frosty look the redhead was getting was enough to finally shut him up. He quickly exited the compartment.

"That was the perfect example of a Gryffindor. Talks before thinking and always thinks that their way is the best way." Hannah said as she got up and closed the door behind the red head. Their conversation was again interrupted by a bushy haired girl stopping in looking for a toad. Talking very quickly she introduced herself as Hermione Granger. When the three in the compartment introduced themselves she looked at Harry with look of disbelief. "Are you really? Well of course I've read all about you. You're in a lot of books, not all of them are believable." Hannah slightly colored at this remark and Harry looked at the bushy haired girl in confusion and a little bit of apprehension. After the girl moved on Harry felt relief wash over him. "I don't think I like her very much. I hope she isn't always that overbearing."

"I'm sure she is just a little over excited about starting classes." Susan commented diplomatically. After the bushy haired girl left a kindly old lady came by with the snack cart. Harry was excited, he never had pocket money to buy candy before and he was hoping to get a Mars Bar. But when he got up to look at the cart he didn't recognize any of the candy. "We will get some of everything." Harry jumped in surprise not seeing Susan and Hannah had joined him at the cart. Susan smiled again at Harry "It's important to learn what kind of sweets you like so we might as well try everything" Splitting the cost between the three of them they ate their way through chocolate frogs, cauldron cakes, and even braved Bertie Bots Every Flavor Jelly Beans. Neither Susan nor Hannah would touch them but Harry had a good time trying them and being surprised at the different flavors.

Not long after the cart pulled away, another visitor stopped by. This time the blonde boy Harry met in Madam Makin's flanked by what looked like two gorillas stood in the door way. "They are saying Harry Potter is on the train, it's you then? Why don't you come join me in my compartment I can introduce you to some proper wizards. Thiers no needs to waste your time with some people." His eyes momentarily shifted towards Hannah showing exactly who he meant.

Harry could feel his anger rising. He was used to bullies and people who thought they were better than everyone else. He didn't want to get in a fight his first day so keeping his voice polite he looked back at the pompous ass. "I am quite capable deciding on my own whom I want to sit with and am quite fine with my friends here." The boy looked like he wanted to retort but a quick glance at Susan he decided better of it and quickly turned around and left.

"What was that about? Why did he think he was so much better then everyone?"

Susan sitting back down after closing the door began to explain. "Some wizards think they are better than everybody else because they are what are called 'Pureblood'. That means that they have a long line of wizards in their family that have all been wizards. He looks down at Hannah because she is considered a 'half-blood' which is having one muggleborn and one pureblood wizard as parents."

"He looked rather mad at me for not wanting to sit with him. If that was Dudley I would have had a black eye after that look. I wonder why he left."

Susan explained with a sheepish look, "That is probably because of me. My Auntie is the Director of Magical Law Enforcement. Malfoy's father would not want any more attention from my Auntie then he already has. He was a Death Eater back in the war and got off with some well-placed bribes and a claim of being under a spell. Auntie doesn't believe it and is always hoping to catch the Malfoys in something to get the chance to question the under a truth potion."

Harry nodded in understanding now. He knew that money could do a lot to get people out of trouble. Harry had complained once to a teacher about his Uncle's beatings but his Uncle ended up paying off the school headmaster and got the teacher fired and blacklisted from teaching. The resulting beating afterwards insured it was the last time Harry had ever tried to tell someone about his Uncle or a teacher had taken any interest in his case.

The Train continued to head north and as it got closer and darkness descended over the landscape an announcer came over telling them that they would be at Hogsmead station soon. Harry got up and waited outside while Hannah and Susan changed into their uniforms switching places when they had finished. As the train pulled into the station Harry and his two new friends excited the train.

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