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Prongslet's Den

Steve Rogers just wanted some good, old fashioned English tea. He had never enjoyed the coffee Bucky would always brew but during his time overseas he developed a taste for properly brewed English tea. Yes, Bruce had a rather large stash of tea but they were all very exotic and usually originated from India or Mongolia. He had tried to pick up some classics such as Earl Grey but he could not brew it correctly and have it come out the way he remembered.

He was starting to become easily agitated with every failure to the point that everyone started to avoid him when the tea kettle came out. This continued on for several weeks until Steve did something unforgivable. He slammed into Tony's shoulder and was going to continue on his way until he heard a large crash and turned to see coffee on the ground with a broken gadget Tony had holed himself up in the workshop for the past 52 hours to make for Natasha. Tony lost it, not because he lost his work, he could always have JARVIS re-build it for him, but it was the first hot cup of coffee Tony had in over seven hours and Pepper had picked it up for him. He hadn't even had a sip of the nectar of life before the incident occurred.

Tony slowly looked up from the dark liquid that was splashed across the floor and then at the cup and lid that had once contained it, empty but covered in the dark stain. "We are going out Captain Pissy-Pants and don't you dare say a damned thing unless you want me to tell Natasha the reason her Widow's Bite is broken is your fault."

Tony pulled Steve along, not stopping until they were in his car garage, standing in front of some classic car Steve didn't know the name of. Tony opened the passenger door and pointed at it, indicating to Steve to get in, sit down, and shut up. The door was slammed once he was seated and it made Steve wince, yes he had been angry but that was no reason to ruin Tony's day and not even apologize for it.

Steve was jerked from his thoughts when Tony came to an abrupt halt at a plain looking brick building café labeled 'Prongslet's Den'. "Get out." Tony said curtly as he stepped out of the car and slammed the door shut all the while glaring at Steve.

Steve sighed as he got out and followed Tony into the café; he was pleasantly surprised by the smooth jazz playing through the speakers and the cozy space. It was filled with old wooden tables that were painted silver, gold, bronze and black. They were all paired with wooden chairs that went anywhere from a basic lawn chair to a full-on wingback armchair depending on the table and location-the more basic chairs were in the front of the store near the windows while the armchairs where along the back wall close to a good old-fashioned fire place against a yellow with black trim wall.

It was a pleasant change from the popular, upbeat and modern coffee shop chain that had taken over with a green mermaid of all things for a logo-what was it? Starshine? Starburst? Close enough; what did a green mermaid have to do with coffee anyway? It was just a nice change because rather than being impersonal and modern like most joints this was warm and welcoming with a nice dose of old fashioned and not a place he could see the futuristic man of Tony Stark to visit regularly.

The scent of fresh baked goods, meats, coffees, and tea overpowered Steve's senses. The same coffee he had spilled of Tony's was the most prominent-he could tell due to his heightened sense of smell and taste thanks to the serum, and if he had any doubts it was reinforced when Tony made a beeline to the counter with a young man behind.

The boy or man, for he was at the stage when his actions would speak more than his age was even shorter than Tony's 5'9" frame with wild, untamed hair that almost made up the height difference greeted Tony with a familiar crooked grin and large, emerald doe eyes sparkling in mirth behind wire square rimmed glasses, "Tony, has your coffee addiction grown? Pepper left here less than thirty minutes ago with your usual order minus the muffin."

"I know, I was mad about the muffin, but then Captain My-Spandex-is-Too-Tight-and-Giving-Me-a-Wedgie spilt it before I got a sip so please Harry! I'm desperate!"

"Yes, the oil stains on your face and clothes, not to mention the mad scientist hair did not clue me in, now I see it," The man, Harry, mocked with an English and Scottish mixed accent as he shoved a large blue mug and a still steaming blueberry muffin to Tony, "and what would Captain My-Spandex-is-Too-Tight-and-Giving-Me-a-Wedgie like?" He asked with a teasing grin and wink towards Steve.

"Some of your English tea," Tony moaned, "he has been trying to make some old fashioned English tea and has been whining about it so much and getting into pissy moods; it's why he spilt my coffee!" He grouched.

"What can I say? We Englishmen know how to make proper tea." Harry laughed as he fixed a cup for Steve and handed it to him before ushering the two Avengers to the back of the café where there were several couches that Steve previously hadn't noticed paired with the armchairs. They were all mismatched in blues, greens, yellows, and reds but that's what made the consistency go so well and gave the place a homey feel of comfort rather than the stiff, uniformed, and cold environment most places had.

Steve sat in an armchair across from Tony who claimed a couch while Harry perched himself on the arm of the couch closest to Tony with his own cup of tea. Steve tentatively took a sip, not wanting to hurt Harry's feelings or tick off Tony even further with his usual reaction to improper tea… but it was perfect, and he went to take another sip and nearly choked. Tony being, well, Tony had snaked an arm around Harry's waist and pulled him into his lap, "Green eyes, this is the best coffee I've ever had, can I just keep you in the tower or move your café into it? When will you be mine and my pillow?"

Harry smirked as he leaned closer to Tony's ear the way a lover would, "When we can have a snowball fight in Hell vs. a tutu wearing Satan." Harry hopped off his lap while grinning, "Plus, what would our dear Pepper say?"

"She would probably want to watch or join; she won't admit it but she is an ass woman and loves yours…and your eyes." Tony said as he shoved his muffin into his mouth, passing Harry his empty coffee cup, "Marry me, that way your muffins are all mine."


"Why?" Tony pouted.

"You're not my type." Harry said falling onto the couch after handing Tony his filled coffee and collapsing on the couch next to Tony, stretching himself out like a cat, back arching and joints popping.

"Don't you have customers?" Tony asked, mock offended at his rejection.

"I'm closed Tony, it's after one."

"I thought that was only on Sunday."

"It is Sunday." Harry deadpanned as he finished his tea and stood up, heading to the front and ducking through a door that lead into the kitchen. He reappeared within a few minutes bringing out a tray with plates of sandwiches and fruit with bowls of soup.

Tony looked down as his plate was sat in front of him, "Harry, I love you."

The Brit rolled his eyes as he sat another cup of tea down with Steve's plate, "Yes, I know you love my tenderloin sandwich Tony."

"No, I don't just love your sandwich…I love your tomato bisque too." Tony said with a wink after swallowing a sip of the red soup. "Eat up Steve, Harry's food is better than anything else you've ever had and will ever eat. Oh! Steve Rogers, meet Harry Potter, Harry, meet Captain Tightass."

Steve frowned at Tony's introduction but after polite hellos he had to agree it smelled and looked better than anything he had eaten in a long time so he took a bite. Flavors exploded on his tongue, the perfectly seasoned tenderloin went perfectly with the still melted cheese and fresh tomatoes. It was an assault on his taste buds. "It is wonderful, thank you Harry. However, I can't help but wonder how did you two meet? This doesn't seem like your type of place Tony so I'm assuming it was Pepper's doing?"

It was Harry who answered, "Tony came stumbling into my cafe after closing one night, pissed out of his mind, demanding more liquor but I gave him coffee." Harry grinned fondly remembering Tony's drunken rant on how alcohol was what he needed and not some second-rate shop's coffee.

"The best damn coffee I've ever had! So I demanded-"

"More like begged actually." Harry interjected.

"for more and eventually fell asleep at the bar."

"and I lugged his arse up the stairs to my bed-"

"and the next morning I woke up smelling coffee and bacon with the beautiful view of Harry's arse." Tony grinned lecherously.

"He couldn't remember the cafe and thought I was some chit he had bedded." Harry sniffed in mock disgust.

"Hey, your hair, ass, and androgynous features are not my fault and speaking of that when did you cut your hair?"

"Last week, I donated it to Andy, she's going through chemotherapy again." Harry explained quietly.

Tony's face became somber, "How's Teddy?"

"He's coming to stay actually, later today he's being dropped off at five by Luna."

Tony leapt to his feet, "You two are staying with me at the Tower. I haven't seen Teddy in ages and I know Pepper messages you and I would love to have you cook for us. I'll pay you and you can't claim it's charity since you're well off so pack your bags! I'll take you and Teddy home with Captain Tea-Time; I know your floor is done.

Harry groaned and shook his head, "Very well."

Tony grinned, "Finally, real food! I like takeout and all but Harry's cooking is so much better!"

Harry rolled his eyes fondly and Steve was struck by how very domestic it was. Steve had never seen Tony act so, well, normal. Tony was acting like a family with this man and it was the side Steve, when he had first heard of Tony, had expected Tony to act like and how they would have been able to bond through Howard's memory. That's not exactly what happened though. Tony had come in flashy with some horrendous music playing and would just not shut up or stop being an ass. He prattled on and on with references Steve didn't know. He was being obnoxiously loud and flashy and then challenging Steve front of everyone about everything. Steve didn't like it and lashed out right back at him; it has caused tension between everyone on the team so how the heck was someone like Harry friends with Tony?

The question must have shown on his face because when Harry went upstairs through a silver door on a green wall to get his packing ready after making Tony promise not to tamper with any kitchen equipment and mentioned something about a horny oven terrifying his customers Tony turned to him and cocked a brow, "Be careful super soldier, thinking is a danger when you do it." He snarked as he entered the golden entryway on the red wall into the kitchen.

"How in the world did you two become friends Stark? That story doesn't explain how you two grew so close."

Tony came to a halt at the blue wall with bronze trim that held the kitchen appliances and a plate of fresh cookies that were still warm and gooey which he snatched several of and walked over to the register, entering in the cookies and with the ding and draw opening put in a $50 bill. For a moment Steve thought Tony wouldn't answer him when Tony turned to Steve with a serious face; the face he had worn after he found out of Coulson's death.

"I liked the coffee," Tony said flippantly but with no emotion on his face, "also we found out we had experienced similar situations in some areas after I came in drunk several times a month here over the course of a year and we would talk. One night I came in sober and that was it." Tony left it at that as he and Cap sat back down waiting for Harry since it was 4:30 when Harry went up.

While they were waiting Tony thought back on his childhood-there was a reason he loved Christmas again. He had used to hate it. The first time Howard had struck him was when he was drunk one Christmas when Tony was six and had built Howard an engine. It was his very first engine and he wanted his father proud but after Howard was late than harassed by a drunk Maria to open it so Howard had downed some whiskey before opening it and started yelling at Tony about how it could be better before Tony's crying became too loud and irked his father, causing him to strike out. Howard had only realized he had done it when skin hit skin but the damage was done-Tony never purposely sought out his father's attention again. Sure there was the wish his dad would have commented on his inventions like when he built Dum-E or even come to his graduation but it was always Obie. Then, right after his graduation from MIT on Christmas day Howard and Maria died in a car accident, leaving everything that Howard had worked on, had ignored him for. Then Tony found out Obie had been planning to kill Tony on Christmas since he spent close to a million dollars from Stark industries to give to Military families who had lost someone.

Harry hated Halloween-it was the day his parents were murdered and when he was put into his abusive relatives' home. The day year after year he was denied to have candy and play and was always on the receiving end of the tricks from his cousin until he was eleven and could have had a good life had it not been for the mad man who was after him all because of some stupid prophecy until it ended when he was seventeen. Oh, Harry had shared his secrets after one year, when Harry was adamant Tony should celebrate Christmas with him and Teddy after learning of his dislike for the holiday and Tony did a background search to see if he could find Harry the perfect present and it came up with nothing until 1 ½ to 11 and then again 17 to currently when Harry rejoined the muggle world. He didn't like Halloween until Teddy and Tony begged him to go trick-or-treating while dressed up, he was nervous at first but as the night went on he genuinely had a good time seeing Tony dressed as Jafar and Teddy as Abu with Harry being Aladdin. The next year Harry and Tony dressed as Mario and Luigi making Teddy Toadstool after Tony got the two addicted to Mario Cart

With Harry sharing his life story Tony shared his and they traded stories of Afghanistan and Yinsen, then Harry's experience at Malfoy Manor and losing so many like Cedric, Dumbledore, Snape and so many more. They had become rather close so for that Christmas Tony created a fill in story for Harry and also bought him many brand new appliances for the kitchen and tinkered with them, somehow managing to make the oven a female AI who was linked to way too many drama shows online, creating the horny oven. Not the worst thing Tony had gotten him, but still creepy as hell when talking about buns and yeast in the wrong kind of ways.

While Tony was stuck in the past the man from the past long before that was contemplating the present. Maybe Tony was a very different person than what he had thought; he already died once for the world, and now he had a friend who he seemed closer to than Pepper.

It was then that the black door on the yellow wall that lead out to the corner of the ally opened and a wild six year old boy dressed in bright colors with equally bright blue hair barreled right into Tony screeching "Uncle Tony!" and surprising Steve while Tony smiled as he reached down and picked up Teddy; Tony was very fond of the inquisitive ball of energy. Tony had met Teddy four years ago and the little boy instantly had him, Pepper, Happy, and Rhodey wrapped around his little finger. He even got Tony out of board meetings and Pepper of all people to take a day off!

"Hello Teddy, where's Auntie Luna?"

"Here!" A tired but chipper voice spoke as a very beautiful, very blonde, very pregnant woman stepped in carrying a small back pack.

"Just you today then, no Neville?" Tony asked as Steve hurried to help her by taking the bag and pulling out a chair for her.

Luna let out a little huff, "It's his last day of work before he has time off for the babies, they're due next month. Where's Harry?"

"Here! Thank you so much Luna, are you alright? Can I get you anything?" Harry asked.

"What was the last thing you baked?" She asked with a sigh as she sat.

Harry grinned, "Some chocolate chip biscuits that Tony just bought some of. How are they Tony?" Harry asked as the little ball of energy screeched an 'Uncle Harry' with a greeted 'Cub' before throwing himself into the young man's arms with a giggle.

"They were divine." Tony moaned as he realized he had been caught and passed over a cookie to Luna before going to retrieve the plate.

"And what is your name good sir?" Luna asked with a smile.

"Steve Rogers ma'am." Steve held out his hand and Luna shook it daintily.

"Luna Longbottom, it's a pleasure to meet you Captain America."

Steve was shocked that she knew his alias, "My grandfather was one of the men you saved from Hydra-He was British Military Intelligence from my mother's side of the family and he always told me about the man dressed in the American flag when he was still alive."

Steve smiled a sad smile at her, just one more person connected to his past who was dead and long gone. Tony interrupted the moment by shoving a cookie into Steve's mouth and passing another to Luna before making an airplane out of one and having it land into Teddy's awaiting mouth.

Steve was struck again by how domestic it was with Tony acting as an older brother for Harry and Teddy being the spoilt nephew. He was dragged out of his observation by Luna making a gesturing motion for Steve to help her up and once she got on her feet went over to give Teddy, Tony, and Harry kisses on their cheeks before saying an apologetic goodbye with mentions of meeting her husband at the Uni to see the gardens before giving Steve his own kiss on the cheek, making him blush a bright red and went out with the waiting car that was next to Tony's and with a final wave left.

Harry approached Steve with a suddenly shy Teddy who was peeking out from his position on Harry's chest, "Cub, this is Mr. Steve Rogers, can you guess who else he is?" At Teddy's head shaking Harry smiled broadened, "This is Captain America."

The six year olds eyes went wide and he looked from Harry to Teddy and back to Harry before wiggling to be let down. He ran to the backpack Steve had set next to Harry's bags previously and opened it, pulling out Captain America and Iron Man plush dolls. He ran over and held up his Cap toy with wide shinning eyes that made Steve's heart melt and take it before Teddy held up his Iron Man doll with the glowing chest that was no doubt Tony's doing and showed the signature on the dolls foot with a shy smile. Steve looked for a pen and Tony pulled a Sharpie from his jacket pocket that was for fan made emergencies such as this and Steve signed the toy, handing it back to Teddy carefully. Teddy looked at mini cap before looking at the larger than life version and squeaking a "Thank you!" before scrambling to Harry to show him and tell him all about Cap signing it and how nice it was in a mile a minute babble.

Harry and Tony laughed at his antics before telling him he was going to be living with all the Avengers for a while, making the boy more excited and run over to Steve who couldn't help but pick him up, listening to the rest of Teddy's chatter all the way back to the tower.


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