The Funeral

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The second of March was a bitter day for those who had known Andromeda "Andy" Tonks. Sure the sun was shining without a cloud in the sky and birds were singing but to everyone who knew the feisty witch, the day seemed to mock her passing while also reminding them of her warmth.

The hardest to console was one Theodore "Teddy" Lupin-Potter. He was overjoyed by the news that Harry had officially adopted him but shattered by the news of his Grandmothers death and his appearances mimicked his torn feelings. He had the heart shaped face of his grandmother and her warm brown eyes but Harry's unruly hair and cupids-bow mouth. He refused to talk to anyone, even Harry or Tony after his initial screams and cries of mourning the moment he had discovered what had happened.

The Avengers were a somber group that day, none of the usual mocking and teasing and arguing-it was reminiscent of Coulson's funeral.

Of course everyone had flown out to England-Andy had her funeral set up to be buried in the same Catholic cemetery that her husband resided in, right next to him. Oh the irony of a religious witch had some like Steve, who was Protestant himself, reeling with emotions of the debate in the Bible that clearly spoke out that witchcraft was a sin. However, so was a man liking another man so Steve couldn't just bend the Bible and pick the pieces he liked, he had to respect it all as it told the story of the Lord, but also had to take some of the laws it mentioned with a grain of salt since they were debatably manmade and just put in to spread the word and make it harder for those who were religious to speak out against them…

Steve was lost in his own thoughts, staring at the river next to the graveyard, only broken out of them when a rock hit the surface and he looked around for the source of it. Teddy was sitting a several yards away and began to pick up another rock and hurl it, tears streaming down his face, "Hello Teddy." Steve sat on the patch of grass Teddy had chosen, startling him and making his wrist slip and create the rock into a skipping stone as it bounced twice off the lake before sinking on the third impact.

Teddy turned away, silently blushing and ripping blades of grass out of the ground and mutilating them into little pieces of green confetti.

"You know, I lost my mom when I was about your age." Steve said, hunching over so his arms were resting on his knees as he stared into the distance, "She was my world. I didn't remember my dad that well, so my mom was the one working two jobs, mending my shirts and teaching me about baseball during her moment's between shifts and her rare days off. Then one day I came home and made sandwiches for dinner to surprise her since she had been pulling more hours at the hospital and she never came back. The next day at school a guy was waiting for me and told me she had died of pneumonia. I hadn't even noticed she was sick, I didn't know how soon she would be gone. It tore me to pieces-I was an orphan. If Bucky's parents hadn't taken me in, I would have gone to the orphanage." Steve smiled sadly at Teddy, who was staring at the patch of dirt that marked Andy's grave to the side of them.

"I still have Uncle Harry." He sniffed and leaned against Steve, "I miss her, do you miss your mummy?"

Steve wrapped his arm around Teddy, "I sure do bud," he said looking at the blue his mom's eyes had been up in the sky, "I sure do."