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The Grimm Knight

Facing the Past to Seize a Future

Part I

Early morning, atop The Eye of Petrin…

Dark blue eyes coolly stared at the shatter-phased moon that was soon to be replaced by the rising sun in the twilight sky.

"I bet the moon was beautiful before the Great Grimm Wars," Jaune muttered, continuing his idle observance. From his days in Signal Academy, he remembered reading history textbooks that often referenced to ancient drawings where the moon was shown to behave differently in its cyclic transitions. However, something occurred during mankind's time of uprising against the Grimm which led to a drastically different celestial body. While many of Remnant's population found its visual shift in time radiant and poetic, he merely felt a sense of foreboding every time he saw it.

But that was likely due to its ominous appearance in his many nightmares.

"Come on, you're nervous enough as it is. Lighten up, Jaune," the blonde swordsman chastised himself as he casually leaned against the gargoyle sculpture next to his seated place on the roof's ledge. According to Vale's large clock tower in the center of the city, it was almost six o'clock. Fifteen minutes from now, the Shadow of the North was scheduled to meet with him on this precariously tall building's rooftop.

It was an interesting meeting place, given the stone structure's historic background dating back to the founding of the four Kingdoms. It was used as a lookout tower during Vale's time of construction way back when. The Shadow of the North had a taste for relics, it seemed.

Jaune returned his distracted gaze to the book in his left hand. "Chapter Nine: The Noble Archer of Vytal…" he read morosely.

This was the story Ruby and Yang constantly requested him to read to them when they were younger. It was a grand retelling about a real hero named Artimus, an experienced ranger who wandered the lands of Vytal not too long before any of the Kingdoms surfaced. The young man went to amazing lengths to uphold selfless ideals, facing hordes of vicious Grimm with nothing but two short blades at his side and a large ebony bow strapped to his back. For many years he saved a countless number of lives without want of reward, simply moving on to the next area he felt might need his aid.

Artimus' campaign of valor met its end on a hill drenched in dark-crimson blood. While he was strong enough to protect Vytal's patches of struggling humanity, he wasn't fast enough to intercept the rampaging force of Grimm that tore through his home village in his absence. When he came upon the gore and destruction, he swore vengeance and chased after his cursed targets.

He encountered them on a large viridian field and began his assault atop a grassy knoll.

Hundreds of Grimm died without warning, pierced by a rain of arrows that Artimus shot into the air with ungodly speed. Those that didn't fall were disposed of by brutal, decapitating slashes from two white gleaming swords. However, the hero was mortal and therefore prone to eventual weakness. Grievous wounds built up on his body. For every kill a cut, ten more a gash, and so on. After slaying the last of his soulless enemies, he crawled to the top of the lonely hill he started on, bleeding fatally with each inch of ground covered. In his final moments, he fell to his back and smiled serenely at the cloud peppered sky above him, satisfied with the life he led.

That's how the glorified version went.

While it wasn't widely known, Artimus kept letter correspondence with his family, friends, and lover during his travels. A descendant of his gathered those letters and released them as a collective work titled Vytal's Tragic Hero. A fitting name due to the twisted reality divulged within.

In his letters, the ranger confessed how he continually sacrificed opportunities to help smaller communities so that the larger ones would thrive and hopefully bolster mankind's chance for survival. The mental damage of such decisions broke him, and his relationships. His family treated his depression as a hopeless cause, his friends grew tired of trying to ground him for his own happiness, and he separated himself from his lover so she wouldn't be harmed from his constant exposure to danger.

In Artimus' last years, he became a reclusive savior weighed down by hedgehog's dilemma; it wasn't long till the letters turned into private journal entries instead, having no one else to share his thoughts with. The last chapter of the book contained a single entry by him that revealed a man who was tired, hopeful, and ready to stop his heroic crusade to finally pursue the life others wanted him to have.

Until, that is, he came back to a home lying in ruins. The rest was fiction.

Reflectively, Jaune mused on his greatest motivator for wanting to enroll in Beacon Academy; his two reckless sisters who grew up on fantastical versions of stories such as this one.

"I might as well add Weiss to the list," he said to himself, thinking about the stubborn white-haired female he grew to care for. Despite her already impressive skill in fighting, she was fragile as well. He felt the same burning urge to protect her as he did for Ruby and Yang.

While he acknowledged these girls were strong in both body and mind, he knew how vulnerable they were to their own emotions. Ruby's naively optimistic view of life was doomed to shatter at some point during her training as a Huntress. Yang's devil-may-care attitude already landed her in a bad situation. And Weiss was too headstrong at times to ask for help.

If any of them ever fell, he'd be the one to pick them up or cushion their fall. And unlike the legendary Artimus, his priorities relied on the safety of his loved ones first, others second.

Setting the worn book down, Jaune hopped off the stone edge to stretch vigorously. He cleared his mind of thoughts concerning the future. After all, he was getting ahead of himself. There was another year left for him to accomplish his duties as Alexander's favorite whipping boy.

The clack of heeled-boots hitting the rooftop's surface broke the atmospheric silence.

"Hm, Legends of Remnant's Rise. A modern hero who reads about heroes of the past…" a mellow feminine voice spoke.

Jaune turned around to examine his unexpectedly early company. Unfortunately, he couldn't discern much from the cloaked and hooded figure in front of him. She was obviously female, given her alluring smooth tone and the visible curves of the thin dark-purple cloth hiding her body. He looked at the only exposed part of the newcomer, a pair of soft lips.

"I'm hardly a hero, just another fan who admires their accomplishments," he responded with a slanted smirk.

The mysterious female cocked her head to the side. "You are Jaune Arc; Grimm Protector of the Stray Faunus and White Knight of Forever Fall."

"The name's right, not sure about the titles. Though, I did tend to help out Faunus settlements with their Grimm problems when I traveled around. Whatever stories you heard were probably over exaggerated," the blonde swordsman said as he extended his hand good-naturedly. "Anyway, it's nice to meet you, Shadow of the North."

"Likewise, Grimm Knight," she quietly replied, shaking his offered appendage. She then retreated her hand to pull back her hood carefully, revealing a pretty face framed by long, wavy dark hair topped by a black bow.

Jaune's eyes widened in recognition. His reaction wasn't missed by the dark-haired girl.

"I must look familiar, assuming Alexander showed you the video he recovered of Adam and I from over two years ago," she said, staring at the blonde with piercing amber eyes.

"He did…your name is Blake, right?"

"Correct. And as you can guess, I'm an ex-member of the White Fang," Blake declared. "What you saw in that footage…wasn't my proudest moment. Because of my failure, innocent people died that night." She vividly recalled the event that forced her to see the organization she devoted herself to in a different light.

Jaune noticed how Blake's bitter statement was accompanied by a look full of self-hate and regret. She definitely had survivor's guilt concerning the incident.

"As a form of retribution, you became the 'Shadow of the North' and started giving Alexander intel to stop attacks like that from happening again," he surmised aloud.

Blake favored the blonde with an appraising eye. "Yes, that is one of two reasons I took up that alias and helped SDC's president. The other is because I naively believed that I could change things by fighting from the shadows. However, from my experience these past few years, I've learned that nothing I desire will come true if I don't begin fighting in a more direct manner."

"Can't disagree with you there; sometimes it's best to be blunt with your approach, but that really depends on what your goals are. What is it you fight for, Blake?" Jaune curiously asked with a disarming grin.

The dark-haired girl stared at him with a straight-face as a strong morning breeze washed over them, rustling their hair and clothes. Discreetly, she unlatched the clasp of her flailing cloak and let the high wind carry it away in its path, revealing the interesting attire he saw her in from Alexander's video.

"I fight for many things, Jaune Arc. Mainly, I fight for peace," Blake stated in a calm tone, arms crossed under her chest. "Peace for the discriminated Faunus who are still shackled by the ignorance of others, and peace for those too weak in this cruel world to fight against the true rulers of our existence, the Grimm. How about you?"

Jaune rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "My reasons are a bit selfish when compared to yours."

Blake merely sent him an amused grin. "Humor me."

"I fight…" the blonde teen started with a serious expression, picturing three particular individuals in his mind. "...I fight to protect those I love. Unfortunately, the people I care for are determined to become Hunters. So, I'll do everything in my power to make sure their dreams become a reality, and that they don't get hurt in the process."

The dark beauty let out a series of muted chuckles covered by a delicate hand, tickled from the blonde's dramatic delivery.

"H-hey, I didn't think you meant humor in the literal sense," Jaune exclaimed timidly with a burning face.

"Sorry. I just find your passion entertaining," Blake apologized as she slowly brought her hand down. "You aren't selfish for wanting to protect those close to you. I might even be able to help you as your partner, once we reach Beacon Academy."

"You're going to Beacon? Wait, how did you even know I was planning to go there?"

The dark-haired girl blinked owlishly at her stupefied, blonde company. "That's right. I haven't told you what my plans are for tonight's operation, have I? You must have been wary of me this entire time, knowing what you do."

"Eh? No, not really," Jaune waved her concern away nonchalantly.

"You do realize I used to work with Adam, and that he is the person we will be seeing at the SDC facility, right? It's quite reasonable to be suspicious, I won't take offense," Blake explained.

"Why should I be? Despite the shady nature of your profession, you've been pretty forthcoming with your information. Hell, you even revealed your identity to me instead of hiding it till later," Jaune shrugged. "You've also saved numerous innocent lives by giving Alexander your intel at no cost. It's hard to be suspicious of someone as noble as you, Blake. White Fang history or not, I trust you because of your respectable character. So, whatever you have planned tonight, I don't mind helping you accomplish it."

Blake blushed at the blonde's sincere words. She couldn't think of a time when such a weighted compliment had been directed at her. Bashfully, she looked down, finding it hard to come up with an appropriate response.

"…Thank you, Jaune. I won't misplace your confidence in me. I promise."

Jaune leveled a small grin at her. "I'll hold you to that. Now, let's get down to business."

"Right," Blake acknowledged his request with a nod. "This evening, I intend to cut all ties to my past and abandon my position as an Information Broker so I can pursue a different future. But before I do that, I want to try one last time to dissuade the White Fang from continuing their violent form of protest. Consequently, Adam is one their top operatives, influentially high in their ranks. If I convince him that their current methods are ineffective, then I can at least walk away knowing I've done what I can, for now."

"Will that work? The Faunus population's disgust for the White Fang's activities haven't done much to stop them. Also, are you sure Adam will be receptive to your advice? He doesn't seem like someone that's easy to reason with, and he obviously doesn't mind the bloodshed."

"I have thought about both, and yes, it may all be for naught, but this is all I can do with what little power I have. I'm ready to close this chapter of my life with no regrets. Whatever happens tonight, please understand that Adam is my responsibility. The protection of the SDC facility is yours," Blake said firmly, giving the blonde knight a hard stare to accentuate the finality of her statement.

Jaune stepped over to the roof's waist-high ledge and leaned on it casually with his arms crossed. "…Fine. But if you're in danger, or I see him hold up a button for some fireworks, I'm jumping straight in to take him down. No arguments," he responded with equal resolution.

"I appreciate your concern for my safety, however…" Blake put her hand behind her back and swiftly pulled out her weapon of choice, a katana with a compact pistol built into its hilt. She then collapsed it into a variant form so that it now looked like a sickle fused with a high-powered firearm. "I'm not weak or unprepared. Come what may, I can handle anything with Gambol Shroud."

Jaune shook his head dismissively. "I wasn't judging you. I just want you to consider your opponent. You know him better than I do. Will Adam pull his punches because of your past relations? Last time you saw him was in combat, right?"

Blake instantly recalled the final moments of her battle with her former associate. That fateful night, he was about to stab her through the stomach with his sinister blood-red sword when he scowled at the last second and chose to slam the flat of his blade against her temple instead. It was brief, but she had felt his intent to kill her. Time most likely nurtured what hate he had for her.

"I see where you're coming from…" she dejectedly admitted as she sheathed her weapon.

"Way to be a downer," Jaune chastised himself, seeing the dark beauty's downtrodden expression. He should have disregarded her misinterpretation and simply accepted her words. Besides, it wasn't like she could sway him from getting involved if her situation turned dire. She was well-intentioned and merciful, someone worth protecting, and the polar opposite of the guy he wanted to break the face of.

Feeling uncomfortable from the prolonged silence and the girl's gloomy demeanor, he decided it was time to steer their conversation elsewhere.

"This future of yours, mind if I ask what it entails?" Jaune's question caused the dark-haired girl to break out of her funk.

"No, I don't mind at all." Blake gave the blonde swordsman a pleasantly amused grin, appreciating his not-so-subtle attempt to divert her attention away from depressive thought. She wandered over to his side and mimicked his position, leaning back on the cold stone with her arms behind her back. "I want to become a Huntress at Beacon Academy. If I can get certified there, I'll be able to accomplish both of my goals. Two birds with one stone, as they say."

Jaune glanced to his side, observing how the girl calmly stared at the peaceful morning sky. "That's right, fighting for peace. If you become a Huntress, you can protect the weak and use your reputation to act as a figurehead for Faunus rights. The Hunters that come out of Beacon are especially well-respected in society due to the strict graduation requirements. You need to excel in both general and combat education."

Blake looked over at her affable company with evident praise in her amber eyes. "You're more perceptive than I expected. Not many take notice of the other types of power that accompany a successful Hunter career in our modern day life."

Jaune idly shrugged. "I've read an extensive amount about accomplished Hunters, comes with being a hero enthusiast. Anyway, If they aren't educating other hopefuls in combat school as a professor, they tend to pull contract work with the Kingdoms or take up politics instead, using their fame to get important positions," he explained as he met the girl's amber gaze. "I figured you'd lean towards the latter, since it has the greatest potential of helping the Faunus."

"The more I talk to you, Jaune, the more I feel secure with the idea of having you as my partner at Beacon." Blake smiled demurely at the blonde knight.

"That's the second time you've brought up that 'partner' thing. What does that have to do with Beacon?" Jaune raised his eyebrow curiously. While he was knowledgeable about most subjects Hunter-related, it was limited when it came to the combat academy education system. Graduation requirements were the only part of it he knew…

Just now, he realized that he would have to participate in general classes again once he hit Beacon. It would probably be a good idea to start paying attention to the lessons Weiss received from her private tutors to brush up on his lack of basic academic knowledge. He mentally grieved, feeling an impending headache from thinking about his worst subject, Math. What was the point of learning how to calculate the length of your shadow at morning and noon, followed by measuring its area? He was preparing to fight creatures of darkness with his pointy sword, not the end of a ruler!

Clueless of the knight's inner turmoil, the dark-haired girl answered.

"Beacon Academy is well-known for partnering students into teams for their four years of training. As you know, there aren't many Hunters who go solo, so getting used to team dynamics is an important part of the curriculum," Blake explained sagely, watching the blonde soak in the information. "Unfortunately, the ritual associated with the team formation isn't as public. What is known is the fact that you're stuck with who you get, which is why I want to make sure I get someone I can tolerate and enjoy," she finished, unintentionally accentuating the last word with a slight blush.

Jaune was, of course, oblivious to both cues.

Heavily sighing, the blonde propped his left elbow in his right hand and rubbed his chin nervously. "I should really start researching this Beacon place before I get sidelined by some custom of theirs I don't know of. I never had to worry about that in Signal. What beginner academy did you attend, Blake?"

"Hm? I've never attended a combat school before. Everything I know is from independent study and my time in the White Fang," the dark-haired girl responded casually without worry.

"Seriously? Then how are you going to get into Beacon? Even I know you have to have damn good grades and professor recommendations to get considered for enrollment there."

Blake smirked coyly. "I'm going to utilize the same service Alexander is providing you upon the completion of your contract. While I do operate with information on a regular basis, I specialize in gathering it. President Schnee, on the other hand, is a master at fabrication. After tonight, I'll join you on your return trip so I may meet with him. You know him well. Do you think he'll reject my request?"

"Ha, given everything you've done for him? Not at all. The old man's more appreciative of your help than you think. A simple background modification shouldn't bother him," Jaune reassured her.

"That's good. I didn't want to force my hand by threatening to release files concerning his illicit activities, such as blackmailing you into his employ."

Jaune looked at the female broker inquisitively. "All right, I have to ask. You mentioned my time wandering around Vytal, my plan to go to Beacon, and now my circumstances with Alexander. How do you know all this?"

Blake gave the blonde knight an amused look. "You haven't made the connection yet? I'm one of the agents President Schnee hired to keep tabs on you before the formation of your agreement. It was the only task I had him pay me for."

"Ah, well that explains part of my past," Jaune nodded in acceptance. "But shouldn't you have stopped after I met the old man then?"

"I…" Blake began, and then trailed off into silence. She set her poker face on display as she wracked her head for an appropriate cover up. She wasn't going to admit that her fondness for the White Knight led her to be a bit invasive with his life after the SDC President took hold of him.

It was an attraction that sprouted from watching afar as Jaune valiantly saved her people, the Faunus, on a regular basis. During that time, she grew into a comfortable routine of shadowing him from the morning he would clumsily wake up to the end of the night when he would read his books aloud till sleep embraced him. You could learn a lot about a person from watching them when they believe no one is around to see their best and worst qualities. And Jaune's stack of endearing qualities dwarfed the bad by far, in her opinion at least.

On multiple occasions, she entertained the idea of directly involving herself with his travels. However, it would have conflicted heavily with her other activities, which involved analyzing the White Fang networks and assisting various clients to earn income for Beacon's future expenses.

It was a disappointing day when Alexander's butler unexpectedly showed up to seize her subject of entertainment, even if it was followed by a hefty sum of money transferred into her account. A week later, the blonde knight's situation still plagued her mind, so she hacked into Alexander's Scroll for information and access to his cameras, thankfully finding what she desired. From there, casual observance turned into ritual ceremony, making a sizable imprint in her collection of files related to the Grimm Knight.

She wasn't a stalker, by any means. She was just a motivated young woman who found someone worthy of her attention.

Her large data collection was the main reason it didn't take her long to respond to the request of Jaune's eldest sister, Yang. As it stood, she had the material ready, and she personally felt the troubled swordsman was long overdue for a family reunion. Plus, she wasn't comfortable with how close he was getting to the Schnee heiress he was guarding. Getting his sisters implanted back in his life would throw a much needed wrench in that girl's path.

She was done pulling strings from the shadows; it was time she attacked from it. This applied to all avenues of her life. The first step was Beacon, next her career as a Huntress, then her fight within society's cesspool known as politics. And hopefully, given enough manipulation, Jaune would be at her side during it all. She needed a light to guide her from the encompassing darkness, and so did he.

On a different plane of existence…

"Come on, right in the middle of conversation?" Jaune exclaimed as he waved a hand in front of the glassy-eyed dark beauty at his side. What was it about him that made these girls space out randomly! He walked in front of the dazed female and shook her shoulders to bring her back to reality.

"Huh?" she dumbly said, amber eyes looking up to see the blonde's exasperation.

Sighing in resignation, he didn't even bother to call her out. "You were about to say something?"

"R-right," Blake stuttered uncharacteristically, face warm due to her possessive thoughts and awkward reaction. At least she had a proper defense ready. "The reason I knew about your circumstances afterward is because of your sister, Yang Xiao Long. A few days ago, she asked for my assistance in regards to your whereabouts. I broke into Alexander's security and learned what I could."

"You're the most persistent person I know, Yang," Jaune thought as he tiredly palmed the front of his face. "How much does she know?"

"Not much. I gave her a few videos showing that you're physically fine and a document or two detailing the duties you have working under Alexander, not the conditions behind it," Blake lied. She didn't want him to brood over the idea of seeing his sisters right now, especially given how cautious he probably was about their activity tonight.

"Tch…I'm in for a huge beating when I see her at Beacon, but I deserve it. It's going to be hard earning both Ruby and Yang's trust again after how long I've ignored them," Jaune lamented while looking at his feet guiltily.

This piqued the dark-haired girl's interest. She never understood why the blonde distanced himself from his family, only that it was related to his malicious-feeling Semblance power. However, due to seeing his dismissive expression, instead of asking him his reasons she would extend the same courtesy he gave her earlier; a change of topic.

"Do you like coffee?"

"Uh, I actually prefer tea, but I don't mind an occasional cup of brown gold," Jaune replied. He brought his deep-blue gaze to level with the girl across from him, welcoming the chance to switch focus.

"Great. There's a pleasant café nearby called Schatz Kiste. They serve the best—"

A reverberating ring of cast metal being struck hard interrupted her sentence.

Surprised, Jaune glanced at Vale's central clock tower which had its hour hand pointed at seven. "Wow, I didn't even hear the six 'o'clock bell during our conversation. Can you believe we've been talking for about an hour?"

"Talking? I thought you were interrogating me the entire time," Blake dryly said.

Jaune flinched at her sharp tone. "I…did I really come on that strong? Sorry," he bowed low in apology.

The girl let out a melodic chuckle.

Standing straight once again, the blonde sighed. "You're teasing me, aren't you?"

"Possibly," Blake replied humorously.

"You're as playful as a cat," Jaune muttered.

Hearing him, Blake smiled tauntingly. "Tell me, you know I'm a Faunus. Have you guessed what physical characteristics I may have?"

Jaune crossed his arms and stared at the dark-haired girl for a few seconds. He'd actually thought about this the moment she revealed herself. "Let's see, I know it has be ear related, and that your black bow is hiding it..."

"How did you come to that conclusion?" Blake asked in surprise, patting the aforementioned cloth to make sure it was still on.

"Your bow twitched like crazy every time a bird flew near us or a vehicle below passesd by. I pretty much assumed your extra pair of ears were being sensitive to the sounds. Anyway, I'm going to take a shot in the dark and say you have the ears of a puma."

"Wrong," Blake smirked at his ridiculous answer as she undid her black ribbon, revealing two black cat ears. "If you had said feline, I would have given you some leeway."

Jaune glared at the Faunus girl with great severity. "Blake, given everything we talked about, would you consider me an acquaintance or friend now?"

Blake looked at the serious blonde confusedly, perplexed at his off tangent question and flip-switched personality. "While we've only just met, I would like to think of us as friends. Why?"

"Then please, as my friend, accept the fact that all great men have weaknesses, even I," Jaune said with guilty conviction, gesturing to himself by laying a hand on his chest.

"Where is this coming from? And…what are you doing?"

The blonde knight had his eyes scrunched closed and both hands in front of his face, held together in a praying fashion.

"I'm apologizing in advance to you. The urge. My weakness. It's too hard…to resist!"

"Urge? What do—Jaune?!"

The swordsman disappeared in a yellow blur and came up right behind her, hands rising steadily to the top of her head.

"D-don't do it!" she turned back and pleaded.

Jaune's expression was grim as his deep-blue eyes bore into her desperate amber pools.

"There's no turning back. I have to do this. Jaune Arc NEVER backs down."

He then started rubbing her unveiled Faunus ears without remorse.

"Whoa, these are way softer than I thought they'd be!" Jaune said in excitement as he unknowingly stimulated the dark-haired girl who slumped against him at first contact.

Blake's protests caught in her throat as she tried to hold back sensual moans that threatened to come out as purring, triggered by the gentle rubbing ministrations. He was very skilled with his hand movements, expertly touching different parts of her tender ears without twisting or pulling. She wasn't used to the pleasurable attention, and it didn't help that the object of her secret affections was administering it.

This went on for two minutes, until she couldn't stand it anymore.

"J-Jaune, please…I ca-can't—"

"Can't what?"

Her body shivered in tingles as a wave of foreign pleasure coursed through, causing her to lose feeling in her legs.

"Blake?!" Jaune promptly stopped his actions and caught the unresponsive girl in his arms. Looking down, he saw her dreamily grinning with half-lidded eyes and an extremely flushed complexion. He slowly knelt down to the stone surface so he could lay her head on his lap.

"Are you okay? I didn't mean to cause...well, whatever just happened."

"That's…that's all right, Jaune. I'm fine. In fact, that felt…amazing. Next time, though, please give me a better warning," Blake breathily said to the worried blonde. She was fortunate there hadn't been any extreme residual effects. "I will need a few minutes to recover," she drawled out with a delicate smile.

"Sure, take all the time you need," Jaune hesitantly grinned back at the dark beauty as she closed her eyes peacefully.

"Note to self, develop resistance to compulsive urge to touch soft-looking things, especially Faunus ears. Apparently, they're very sensitive," he thought embarrassedly as he looked up at the bright azure sky.

Unbeknownst to him, he was being silently observed by the resting female's slightly open, golden gaze.

"The future will certainly be entertaining…" Blake mused, enjoying the world's reflection in Jaune's captivating deep-blue eyes.

To Be Continued…

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