So... This is Bloodstained Fantasy (as you can tell), trying hard to practise romance. So I ended up planning for a romance one-shot series. Please forgive me if this is kinda rough. I'm practising for a reason you know.

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And so... enjoy the most cliché theme of all... 'Lend Her Your Jacket'.

Jacket (Hibari)


I sneezed again, not quite ladylike too if you'd ask me.

I tightened the grip I had around myself, trying desperately to gain some more body heat even though I knew that it was kind of useless.

A snowflake landed on my nose.


After all, what could that small attempt do to the cursed little ice crystals which covered exactly everywhere?


...I would've cussed right on the spot if the chairman of the Namimori Middle School's Disciplinary Committee wasn't there beside me, sleeping nonchalantly with his arms under his head as a temporary pillow on the school's roof top as if the snow was nonexistent.

No... it was not just cold anymore. It was freezing. And the fact I was wearing the skirt of our school's uniform was not helping at all. The usually gentle breeze would just sting my skin, stealing away more warmth than the coldness in the air already did. The long leggings did not serve its purpose at all, my legs were practically frozen, I doubted that I could even stand up if I tried.

How could he withstand the cold with just a jacket?

That, I would never know. After all, Hibari didn't like talking about himself after all... Wait, I meant that he didn't like talking at all.

I guess I would never figure how the jacket stayed on his shoulders no matter how he moves around too...

My nose twitched, the itching sensation signaling the coming-sneeze.

I was ready to catch it with my hands just as a warm thing was wrapped around my shoulders, completely blocking off the coldness from my body. The sneeze was subdued and disappeared right away.

I immediately turned to my side, the supposedly sleeping Hibari was now kneeling beside me, his black jacket gone from its usual place on his shoulders, leaving him with only his shirt and pants. His hands were half-around me, remaining in their position when they left the black jacket on my shoulders.

I already felt cold looking at him.

"Um..." I opened my mouth to speak, ready to refuse the silent offer the Hibari-san offered. I wouldn't even dare to impose on the Disciplinary Committee Chairman, much less making him sick!

However, before I could mutter another word, he already moved away and stood up. Then he walked to the exit without any sign of being affected by the snowing weather, nor another word, his posture still hinting that prideful personality of his like always.

"Return the Disciplinary Committee property to the reception room before school tomorrow," he said... no, more like stated, with his head turned slightly, looking at me out of the corner of his eye.

I could only nod dumbly as he walked out and closed the door behind him, leaving me alone out in the cold.

'It doesn't matter I guess...' I thought and pulled the jacket closer to myself.

It was warm after all.

"Thank you," I said, smiling at the closed door.

Ah, I did it... Sorry to Hibari-sama... my first victim in this series *face meets tonfa*.

Bloodstained Fantasy