First of all... I want to ask... Is strengthless even a word? I sees it from time to time and even some dictionary haves it... But Cambridge and Oxford's didn't... So, it's not a word?

This is a Byakuran request from NicaeaMonochromeDreamEater, don't ask me why she got her request done first even though she didn't ask first. My imagination can't be control, don't ask me. I just got inspired and bam! So... Gokudera was stuck as it was. Ah well. Probably moving onto fluff Tsuna next... (probably, I still haven't think off anything)

BTW... why none of you listened to the 'THEME' part? I told you, my inspiration isn't infinite T^T Give me some theme or anything! Not just the character... *goes to emo corner* You conveniently missed that part, didn't you all? And you're gonna conveniently miss this too, aren't ya?

Toy (Byakuran)

Byakuran walked into a white room with her in his hands. The room was spacious, almost nothing was in sight except for a throne in the middle of the room, not to mention, was also white in color.

Byakuran smiled triumphantly as he set down her fragile figure, her dress draped over the throne and head tilted to the side strengthlessly due to the motion. Byakuran merely cupped her chin gently and fixed the angle. Of course, her head once again dropped, drooping downwards so that her eyes were staring at the floor instead of ahead, at Byakuran.

However, he paid it no mind and instead, he stepped back, eyes travelling over her as if he was appreciating his own work.

Her silk dress had some white frills with a tinge of light blue sewn on it, the white theme made a simple and innocent design; Black hair was flowing over her shoulders, crystal blue eyes focused on nothing, as if her soul itself was absent from her body.

Byakuran merely hummed, his smile widening.

"Ne, do you like it here? Although you look nice as you are now, I think it would be even better if I add some decorations here! Hm... yes, how about those cute stuffed toys you liked the best?" He chirped, hand supporting his chin like he was deciding on something...

Silence answered his question.

"Ah!" His eyes lit up in realization, "Oh, of course you'd like the pink bunnies! You did say that they were cute. I'll make sure to bring lots and lots for you, okay?"

The room remained silent, yet Byakuran chuckled and continued, "Then it's a promise, after all..." he leaned in, taking a strand of her hair in between his fingers and brought them to his lips, breathing out the words, "you are my toy... And you'll stay that way, ne...?"

She didn't even flinch, or moved at all at that matter. She remained just as how she was as Byakuran left her, eyes still boring into the ground.

"Then it's decided!" He turned for the door, but not before saying, "I'll be coming back soon, so don't go anywhere again, okay?"

The door then closed, and stayed she did.

It's a fail... isn't it? Byakuran's tone didn't came out like how I wanted it to be T^T Since, well, I was thinking this in Japanese... And it's kinda hard to find words to suit his tone in English... Urgh. Screw you Byakuran. Why you have to sound so epic-ly yandere in the anime -^-

(BTW... How do I say this... this thing kinda feels like a bad end for some otome game... No?)

Bloodstained Fantasy