Chapter one

Harry was lying on his stomach panting heavily as he stared at the man beside him, the man that had him groaning and begging to be fucked not long before.

'I can't believe you did that,' Harry panted.

Charlie smirked, 'Good wasn't it?'

'Yes, it was. I know we've been doing this for a while now, but this surprised me. You have a hell of a lot of experience Weasley, more than I realised.'

'I should, been doing this for a long time now with lots of different men.'

Harry hated hearing about all these different men that Charlie had slept with and he had no desire to hear about them again, so he changed to subject.

'We should get showered and dressed, you're mum is expecting us for dinner.'

'True and she'll start on both of us if we're late,' Charlie rolled off the bed, 'Won't be long Potter.'

'I'm not doing anything apart from resting my very used body Weasley.'

Charlie laughed, 'That it was,' he said seductively then strolled naked into the bathroom, leaving the door open while he showered.

Harry sighed feeling very content, 'Things couldn't be better than they are right now,' he grinned hugely then slowly stood up just as Charlie walked out with a towel around his waist, 'I won't be long and we can get going.'

'I'll be downstairs,' Charlie dressed then headed downstairs to wait for Harry. He stood staring out the window thinking about his life. So much has happened over the last few years, but finally he could have his old life back, something he had been hoping to have for a while now.

'Okay, I'm ready,' Harry said as he hurried down the stairs.

Harry and Charlie apparated to the Burrow, got hugged by Molly Weasley, Ginny, Angelina and Hermione, kissed on the cheek by Fleur before they shook hands with all the male Weasley's and Seamus who was there because he was Ginny's boyfriend.

'So another couple of weeks and back to being students for the last time, are we ready for that?' Ron asked.

'It's going to seem strange, but it is just for the year, we can handle it. McGonagall's letters did say we will have a bit more freedom since we're technically passed the age where students would have already left,' Harry said.

'True and as long as we do our work, then we should be given a bit more freedom,' Hermione said.

'So are you two still going to move in together when we finish?' Harry asked.

'Yes, we both want to and it will be easier paying for everything with two wages coming in instead of one. You're lucky Harry; you don't have to pay rent.' Hermione said.

'I did offer you know, but you both turned me down.'

'We know Harry, but it just wouldn't feel right allowing you buy us a flat. We'll do this like everyone else, start with renting then we'll get the loan off you when we're ready to commit to buying. At least we don't have to be approved with you, we just have to wait until we're ready,' Ron said.

'That's true, but at least you're letting me lend that to you. So when are we going to get all our stuff, we need to go shopping?'

'Let's make it on Monday; it's going to take most of the day though. Having to be fitted for new robes, including the dress robes for the end of year ball McGonagall is putting on. I still wonder why she's doing this when it's never been done before, only for the yule ball,' Hermione said.

'She's probably thinking about how different it could have been Hermione. She was there for almost a year with the death eaters; she knew what Hogwarts could have been like. So I think this is her way of sort of thanking everyone but also letting us and the staff have a good time after all that happened over the years.'

'I think Harry's right Hermione; she wants everyone to enjoy themselves. Think of this, right after that ball, we're finished our schooling and going into the working world. So even though we are adults already, we haven't really done what our age normally would do because we had to wait. So even though we will work Hermione, let's enjoy this year now we can, finally,' Ron said.

'I like the sound of that, what about you Hermione, have a good time as long as we do our work?' Harry grinned.

Hermione stared at her boyfriend and her best friend, 'Alright, but if I see you two slacking off then you will hear about it.'

Ron and Harry who were sitting on each side of Hermione both wrapped their arms around her, hugging her tight, almost squeezing her which made Hermione laugh.

'We promise to do our work Hermione, since I realised what I want to do now the war is over, I'm anxious to get started and I know I need to bring up my potions for that,' Harry said.

'Yeah, you went from wanting to be an auror to wanting to be a healer, big change of direction there. But we get why mate and it does make sense. So if I get hurt as an auror, at least I have you to patch me up.'

Harry laughed, 'Your own personal healer, you've got it.'

Just then, Harry caught a bit of the conversation between Charlie and Bill, he couldn't believe what he had been hearing. So he thought he'd wait until dinner was over before he asked Charlie about it. Harry felt a little shocked, but he also felt a pain in his heart, no one could tell anything was wrong, Harry had become very good at hiding how he felt and only showed it when he wanted to, and right now Harry was hurt but not one person at the table realised it. He tried to stay concentrating on what Ron and Hermione were saying, but he couldn't seem to get his ears to stop listening in on what Charlie was saying.

Even though Harry needed to ask Charlie about what he told Bill, he couldn't bring himself to ask, it hurt too much and he didn't want anyone else to know he was upset about this. So Harry decided to wait until Charlie came to his place. This was the first time since they had been together that Harry didn't want Charlie to stay with him, but Charlie always stayed at Harry's place, he had for a while now.

'So are we heading back to your place Harry?'

Harry turned too stared at Charlie and no matter how he felt, he couldn't say no. 'Yeah, if you want and you usually do, so I figured it was a given, I'll just say goodbye to Hermione and Ron.'

Charlie nodded then watched as Harry spoke with his friends before they left the house. He could tell something was on Harry's mind; he didn't seem his normal joyful self.

After making love, Harry slowly turned his head to stare at Charlie, 'I um, wanted to ask you something?'

'Sure Harry.'

'Are you going back to Romania?'

'Yep, my boss finally got back to me; he can't wait to get me back at work. He knew I wanted to hang around for a while to help rebuild and spend time with the family after Fred. So I told him I'll be back next week. I was going to tell you tomorrow since I only got his letter today.'

'I overheard you talking to Bill, anyway, I'm knackered, night Charlie,' Harry turned and faced the other way so Charlie couldn't see his face or the tears that were pooling in his eyes. Neither of them ever spoke about how they felt or how long they might be together. But Harry figured they were a proper couple since Charlie was always at Harry's place, stayed every night and had done for the last six month. But it seemed to Harry that Charlie was just passing the time until he left. Harry felt very used because he had fallen in love with Charlie, now he was glad he never told him. Harry didn't want him staying out of guilt or that he felt that he should have said something earlier so Harry would realised he was just after sex and nothing else. Harry also realised he should have known better, he'd heard all the stories about Charlie's sex life, all the men he had sex with, he'd heard Mrs. Weasley say so many times that Charlie would be a bachelor forever, he wasn't the type to settle down. Why didn't he realise that before now, Harry thought sadly as he felt Charlie move beside him, probably trying to get comfortable. Harry wondered what he should do now, Charlie would probably want to stay for the next week, before he left, could Harry stay with him knowing now that all this was to Charlie was sex and nothing else. Harry didn't know what to do or if he should do anything, just act like everything is fine even when it wasn't, to Harry, his heart was breaking into pieces.

Even though it was hard, Harry didn't say anything to Charlie, he acted like he always did and they still had sex, a lot. The night before Charlie was due to leave, Mrs. Weasley was putting on a big family dinner, Harry lied even though he hated lying, he said he wasn't feeling well and was going to have an early night. They seemed to believe him, so Harry said goodbye to Charlie that morning knowing he would never see him again and all Charlie said to Harry was it had been fun, he had a great time and when he came back for a visit they could hook up again. When Charlie left, Harry could finally let all his emotions out and before he knew it, he was crying, something he hadn't done in a long time.

Harry had a couple of days to get himself together before he needed to go shopping with Hermione and Ron for their Hogwarts supplies and for their robes. Harry hoped being busy with his school work would help him forget that the man he loved had left him.

'So, are we ready for the big shop?' Ron asked as he stepped into Harry's house.

'All set,' Harry picked up his bag that had already been charmed with an undetectable expansion charm and a featherlight charm. He knew with the amount of books he had to buy along with everything else, he needed those charms.

'Let's go,' Hermione smiled then the three friends apparated away and arrived near the Leaky Cauldron. They hurried through to the back, tapped the bricks before entering Diagon Alley. Harry still got a kick out of seeing all the wizard shops. They spotted their friends and headed over to them.

'Um, Ginny, can I speak with you alone, just for a minute?'

'Yeah, sure Harry,' Ginny looked puzzled like everyone else but she moved away with Harry, 'What's up?'

Harry held up the captains badge, 'I realised I won't have time, so you should be captain.'

'But Harry, McGonagall gave it to you and you're a brilliant seeker.'

'Thanks, but I really want to be a healer Ginny, so I have to make sure I study. Do you realise how long it's been since I picked up a book. I've been doing a lot of thinking about this, it's the right decision. You'll do a great job as captain and you do want to play professionally and I don't, so it makes sense,' Harry could tell Ginny was reluctant to take it, so he took her hand and placed the badge on her palm, 'Go out and win one for me,' Harry smiles then walks back to his friends.

'What was that about?' Seamus asked looking suspiciously at Harry.

'Not what you think Seamus,' Ginny giggled, then held up the badge, 'Harry won't be playing, so it looks like I'm captain this year.'

'But Harry, I thought we were going to go out winning the cup,' Ron said.

'I know Ron, but I realised I won't have time to concentrate on quidditch, not with how much studying I have to do. Like I said to Ginny, I haven't looked at a book in over two years, not those types of books. Ginny wants to play professionally and she's a great chaser, she deserves to be captain. Now can we drop this and go shopping?'

'I think Harry's right, especially when he wants to be a healer, he will need to study,' Hermione said but all the friends rolled their eyes except Harry who smiled at her even if he hadn't been completely truthful. He did need to study, but thinking about quidditch made him think about Charlie and Harry was trying everything he could to put the red head out of his mind and out of his heart. Finally the friends went to buy everything they needed; they did break for lunch before finishing getting everything they would need for their last year as students of Hogwarts.