Incoming call


What could she want this late?

Amy decided to pick up the phone. It wasn't very often that her friends called her. They would usually text her.


"Hey Amy, what are you doing now?"

"Uh, nothing much."

"Are you busy?"

"No, not really."

"Well, Rouge just had this idea to go to the cemetery."

"Now? Cemetery? Where did she get an idea like that?"

"You know how imaginative she gets when she's bored."

"Couldn't we get caught or something?"

"She claimed that was the fun of it all."

"Right, 'cause spending the night in jail is part of the fun of it all."

Cream laughed.

"Well at least we'll be in it together. Everyone does it, I'm sure IF we got caught we wouldn't get into too much trouble."

"And what exactly are we going there to do?"

"I'm not really sure but we'll come up with something interesting. I hear it's actually haunted there like people have ACTUALLY felt spirits."


"Well if you want to come, I'll pick you up by the bus stop near your subdivision in 15 minutes."


It WOULD be better than staying in her room.

She could just leave a note that her parents would probably find in the morning anyway since they didn't come out of their rooms.

The most they would do is ground her but she highly doubted they would notice that she was even gone.

"Alright, I'll meet you there."

"Coolness! Seeya in 15!"

Amy threw on the first things she picked up in her closet, a chunky long sweater and a pair of black skinny jeans.

She quickly wrapped a thick, black scarf around her neck and slipped her feet into black combat boots.

She grabbed her black knitted beanie and slipped it over her head, leaving her short pink quills to fall messily.

She stuffed a $20 bill, her cell phone, Chap Stick, and her keys into her over-the-shoulder bag before she made her way down the stairs.

She didn't sneak or try to be excessively quiet. No one would care anyway.

She went into the kitchen to write a note.

However, what she didn't expect to see was her father sitting at the island counter.

She didn't say anything; she just watched.

A handsome, white hedgehog her father was, though he looked completely worn out. She noticed he was holding a glass with that dreadful amber liquid. He was developing bad habits as well.

His darker green eyes met hers and she noticed how tired they were.

"Where the hell are you going?"

"Well…I-I'm going for a walk."

She knew he wouldn't say anything else. She used to take walks with them all the time late at night so it wasn't an odd thing for her to do.

She knew he was drinking and he would be sleeping within the next few minutes.

"Goodnight, Dad."

She silently watched as her father chugged more liquor down his throat. He didn't utter a word.

The town's cemetery was always eerie at night. It was away from the main road where barely anything else existed.

There were barely any streetlights, and the paths were worn out and old. The gates were spiky, black, and gothic looking. The vines that spiraled around them only completed the haunted look.


Everyone looked at Rouge like she grew another head.

Coming out of one car was Amy, Cream, Tails, and Blaze. The other car carried Rouge, Knuckles, Shadow, and Silver.

"What the fuck are you so loud for?"

"Are you scared Knuckie?"

Rouge used a baby voice and pinched her boyfriend's cheeks.

"Shut up."

"I hope we didn't just come here to watch the Rouge and Knuckles show."

"Shadow, why don't you take that metal stick out of your ass and use it to knock yourself out."

Cream started to laugh but she stopped herself when Shadow looked at her.

"Alright, are we gonna try and get into this place or what?", Silver asked.

"Well, do you have any ideas?"

"I was actually thinking that we could pick the lock. It looks old fashioned so a bobby pin should do it."

"Gee, that sounds like a great idea except THIS ISN'T ONE OF THOSE MOVIES!"

Knuckled rolled his eyes at his boisterous girlfriend while Shadow exhaled in frustration. Silver scratched the back of his head in embarrassment and decided to just walk over to his own girlfriend.

"It's worth a shot.", Blaze quietly mentioned.

"So who has a bobby pin on them?"

Everyone looked around at one another. Of course the boys didn't have any. Rouge always wore her hair out, Cream only had bangs, and Blaze's hair tied her hair up with elastics.

Amy noticed all eyes on her.


"Get out of that daze girl! Do you have any bobby pins?"

Amy opened her purse and searched through it. She actually should have one in there. She had so many little knick knacks in there that she never emptied.

Everyone's eyes seemed to brightened when they saw Amy pull out 4 bobby pins.

"ALRIGHT! Now who wants to work the lock?"

"I'll pick the lock."

Every watched as Shadow walked over to Amy and took the bobby pins from her.

"Of course the hooligan will pick the lock."

Shadow looked over at Rouge.

"I heard that."

Shadow fiddled with the lock for about 5 minutes until the group started to lose hope.

"Why don't we just forget this idea?"

"No Cream, we're going to do this."

"What about going to someone's place to watch scary movies instead?"

"Don't take her side Tails! This is going to be fun I swear!"

Knuckles sighed.

"What are you sighing for huh? You should be glad I got you out the house!"

He closed his eyes and silently counted to 10.

Amy watched her friends and their usual antics. The night was cool but not unbearably cold. It was a bit misty as well. Perhaps it would rain soon. She liked the rain.

Suddenly, everyone heard a distinct 'click' sound. The big lock fell to the floor and Shadow stood up.


"So, do I want to know how and why you learned to do that?"

Shadow smirked and said no more.

There was no one word that could describe the cemetery at night.

More fog seemed to roll in and the stillness in the air managed to send chills down spines. It was silent but it was everything but comforting.

Amy tried not to look around too much. Instead, she watched Shadow's back as she followed in line behind him and her friends. He seemed fearless enough so she tried to feed off of it.

The truth was that she had a gut feeling that the night would go badly. She didn't believe in all of the things in the movies and television shows but she did believe it was wrong to disturb the peace like they were doing now.

Everyone abruptly stopped as Rouge screamed out.



Blaze pushed Rouge whose laughter cackled like a witch throughout the cemetery.

They all settled in an area where there were stone benches for them to sit on and they were situated in a circle near a dried fountain with stone angels. It looked anything but angelic at night.

Rouge sat next to Knuckles on one bench. Cream and Tails were on one, Blaze and Silver were on another, and Amy and Shadow were on the last one. They all faced one another.

"S-So what now?"

Tails put his arm around his girlfriend. He thought she was cold but in reality, she was scared. Not only was there a chance that they could get caught but the environment was starting to get to her.

It was too quiet, it was starting to get unusually cold, the fog was making it hard to see clearly, and every little noise was unnerving.

"So now we do some dares. You know like those shows where people complete missions in a haunted place for money? Like that."

"Why did you come up with this plan again?", Blaze asked.

"Oh come on ice princess, I know you were all bored in your homes. There's nothing like a little scary fun. You only live once!"

Blaze rolled her eyes and snuggled closer to Silver who put his arm around her.

Amy looked around at her coupled friends. Even as she was in a cemetery late at night, she couldn't stop her mind from wandering to her own loneliness.

How was it that she could be with a group of people and still feel incredibly lonely?

Then she remembered who was next to her. She didn't know him too well, he was more of Rouge's friend but somehow they always got stuck together when an activity called for pairs.

She didn't really mind him because he didn't say much to her and she supposed that he was attractive but that was it. She didn't like his type anyway. At school she would either see him smoking outside or brooding near the staircases or any dark corner with his other friends.

She would see him as she was passing, nod to acknowledge him, and put a pep in her step. She knew he and his friends were never up to any good.

"Ok Cream, you're first!"


"Because you're the biggest scaredy cat right now."

"No I'm not!"

"Yes you are! Anyway, your dare is to-"

"No, I'm not doing it, not alone at least."

Rouge rolled her eyes.

"Ok, fine you can do it with Tails. We can all pick a partner if that'll make everyone participate but that only means that the dares have to be scarier."

No one nodded but there was a silent agreement amongst everyone.

"Ok, so you and Tails have to go take a picture of a gravestone with a name starting with the letter K and come back to show us with your phones. If you don't come back within 10 minutes then call one of us."

"Rouge there's just one problem with that…we have no connection."

"Blaze, stop lying. Why would we have no connection it's not like we're…"

Rouge trailed off as she saw that her phone really had no connection.

Everyone then looked at their own phones and it was true, there was no connection.

"Rouge I don't think this is such a good idea anymore. We don't have cell phone connection so what if something goes wrong?"

"Relax Cream. This isn't a big place. We'll find you if anything and it's not like anything will happen anyway. You guys are a bunch of chickens."


"You know what? Dare me first! Bring it on!"

Blaze pulled up from Silver and smirked at Rouge. She would definitely be the one to dare her.

"Alright Ms. Fearless, I dare you to get into the crypt up the hill and bring something back from it."


"So you're coming with me right Knuckie?"

Everyone started laughing.

"How did I get pulled into this?"

"I DID say we would do the dares with partners so let's get going."

Rouge grabbed Knuckles' arm and pulled him to walk with her up the hill.

"So what do we do?"

"I guess talk."


"I'm sorry, I seriously don't want to do this anymore."

Everyone looked at Cream and she looked to be on the verge of tears.

Her boyfriend pulled her closer, regretting having even agreed to this.

"Rouge can't force you to do anything you don't want to. We'll just stay here. It's a shame we can't just leave. Amy and Blaze won't have a way to get home."

Cream leaned more into Tails' embrace.

It was quiet again.

"How is she going to get into the crypt?", Silver asked.

"I don't know, she better figure something out with that loud mouth of hers."

Shadow smirked. The bat really did have a big mouth. Lord only knew how Knuckles dealt with her.

"So are all of you coming to the costume party at the club?"

"Yeah! That'll be loads of fun! Unlike this…"

"What are you guys dressing up as?"

"Well Blaze and I were thinking of going as vampires."

"Me and Tails want to go as those old time kings and queens. I actually had my mom make our costumes. They look so good! Right Tails?"

Amy really wanted to be happy but all that she was feeling was anger.

Of course she couldn't fit in with the conversation. She had no one to dress up with like them. And if she tried to tell them that, they would just tell her to dress up with Shadow. That was the solution to everything when it involved her being left out. Who even said she liked to be paired with him all the time?

They just grew so accustomed to ignoring her and leaving her out of their chats when it involved their boyfriends.

"Yeah, we were going to wear matching shirts to school that day."

"Me and Silver did that for Valentine's Day one year and the student government got a picture of us."

"Yeah I saw that one! You didn't look too happy in the picture Blaze."

"Well that was because I was kind of in the middle of a conversation."

"You mean you were in the middle of telling Silver off."

"HEY! Don't talk about me like I'm not here!"

The sounds of laughter only intensified the anger Amy felt. They just continued on and on.

At least she wasn't the only one not laughing. Her eternal partner was stoic as ever.

Just as the laughter died down, the gang suddenly heard cackling laughter.


Rouge came skipping down the hill with a metal pail in her hand. Knuckles walked behind her shaking his head.

She dropped the pail in the middle of the circle and had her hands proudly on her hips.

"Piece of cake!"

"Wow, you completed that in record time! Knuckles did she really go in and get that pail?"

"Yeah she did but she's fooling all of you with that confidence. She was actually-"

Rouge quickly covered Knuckles' mouth and punched him in the stomach.

Blaze started laughing because she knew just then that Rouge was scared.

That was probably why she was skipping over here. She was probably so scared that she just wanted to get away from the crypt in the fastest way possible without giving her fear away.

"Alright, whose next?"

No one was going to pick Cream since she had voiced how scared she was and that also meant Tails wasn't going to be next either.


Amy's eyes went straight to Blaze.

How dare she! Now they decided she existed? Just because no one else wanted to go?

Despite how she really felt, Amy was quiet.

"Amy it is! There's nothing dangerous hun so don't even worry and I won't even give you something bad."

"Sure you won't 'cause now you understand that-"

Rouge covered Knuckles' mouth again.

"I dare you to steal a flower from one of the graves up the hill."

Amy didn't say a word. She supposed this wasn't as bad as the crypt. Her dare could take 2 minutes if she ran.

"Your partner is Shadow."

As if she didn't see that one coming. Who else would it have been?

She sighed and got up from the stone bench. Shadow followed behind her.

"Why did you guys pick her?"

"She was really quiet this whole time and I thought she should be included."

"She's a bit boring tonight. She doesn't even seem scared and her asshole partner is DEFINITELY no fun."

Cream was silent but she wished they would stop talking about Amy. Sure she didn't seem like herself tonight but they didn't have to call her boring because of it.

"They should be back in about a minute."

"And then YOU'RE next ICE PRINCESS. And boy am I gonna get you good!"

Amy tried to ignore the silence.

Her heart began to pump so much that she felt it all over. She couldn't stop thinking that something would pop out or that she would hear an unusual sound that would send her running away.

Her senses became sharper and she wished she wasn't so on edge. Her eyes kept scanning all around and her ears were keen to the slightest sound. Her nose wasn't as sharp because she was breathing in and out of it to calm herself down. Her hands were balled up into fists. She didn't even want to feel the cool air or have anything brush past her palms and drive her crazy.

She wasn't a believer but the more she walked, the more she envisioned impossible scenarios.

Shadow made her feel no better. He didn't make a sound and Amy almost forgot he was there. She slowed her walking so she would fall into step with him. Of course he had no comment about it. Why did he agree to come anyway if he was so annoyed all the time?

Amy took her concentration off of her surroundings for a second to look at the black hedgehog. He certainly looked like he belonged in these parts with his black trench coat, black jeans, and all black sneakers. She almost couldn't see him clearly if it weren't for his red streaks, shiny piercings in his ears, and those blood red eyes.

If she didn't know him, she would have been even more frightened but fortunately she was paired with him enough to know that he wouldn't really do anything weird to her.

If anything he probably-



"Did you guys hear that?"


"I heard it! Someone screamed! It was probably Amy! Maybe we should go after her!"

"Relax Cream, it was probably a crow. That girl isn't scared."


"Well if she doesn't come back in 5 minutes then we should really go look for her."

"Are you guys forgetting that she has Shadow with her? She's alright trust me."


Shadow looked down at the pink hedgehog. They were walking down the hill until he heard her scream and saw her go down tumbling the rest of the way. She landed in the lawn right in front of a gravestone.

Her hat had slipped off from her head, she had a nice big blood soaked tear in her jeans, and she was crying.

She swiped her injured knee and brought her hands up to see that she was, indeed, bleeding.

For a few seconds her whimpers filled the silent air.

"I-I just want to g-go home now."

Shadow looked pained, constipated even. Perhaps he was disgusted with her babyish behavior but she couldn't help it. She didn't want to be next in the first place. She thought this was going to be a fun outting but all it did was a remind her of how lonely she really was. At least at home she had an excuse. She locked herself in her room on purpose but here she was right there and she was still overlooked and out of the loop.

She was tired of being so upset. Every single night her mind betrayed her and obsessed over all of the bad things.

She remembered the shouting and arguing of her parents, they were on the verge of separation.

She didn't even exist anymore. She wished she at least had a sibling to share the pain with but she would have to bear it by herself.

No one ever liked her, no one ever showed interest in her, and her friends weren't really good friends at all. EVERYONE was a liar and NO ONE would really love her and stick by her.

Suddenly, Amy found herself breathing heavier. As soon as she focused her attention on her breathing, she quickly came to the realization that it was actually hard to get a grip.

The chill in the air was piercing, didn't Shadow feel it? It was making it harder for her.


Amy just COULDN'T get a grip. She started to panic, causing her to start gasping.

"Rose. If this is a game, it's not funny."

She started flailing her arms in even more panic. She seriously couldn't breathe! She needed help! Why did he think this was a joke?

She couldn't scream, she couldn't let him know that she really needed help.

She gasped one last time before she fell back. Just before her eyes closed, her blurry vision focused on the words on the gravestone that she fell in front of.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Beloved Husband

He was dressed in a black suit with a crisp white button up shirt. He didn't look too extraordinary but he was handsome all the same.

Across from him was a lovely lady with long auburn hair curled perfectly and an expensive looking white dress.

It was just them two in a small room with a priest standing at a small alter in the middle of the couple.

"Do you take Sonic to be your lawful husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?"

"I do."

"And do you take Sally to be your lawful wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?"

"Of course I do."

"Then I hereby pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Suddenly he was cornered in a dark alley. He wore dark jeans and a black t-shirt with a black leather jacket. He was taking out the "trash".

"Did you really think you would get away with doing this?"

"I already did. If anything I'm the one who saved her from the likes of you and YOUR king. He's no king of mine, not even a brother."

"How dare you!"

Suddenly he was gasping. What had they injected into him? The chilling water made it so much harder for him to control himself. He flailed his arms in panic but to no avail. He gasped one last time before he sank.


She was held still by dark arms.

A whole team of nurses came rushing in at the sound.

Tears filled her eyes and fell rapidly. She was panting but at least she felt like she could breathe.

"Shhh it's ok honey."

One nurse put an oxygen mask over her mouth and nose.

Almost instantly she was breathing soundly. That was when she took in her surroundings.

She was in a hospital that was for sure.

Then her eyes caught sight of a black and red hedgehog. He stood out so vividly against the pastel themed room.

Why was he here? What time was it? Where was everyone?

Then it all came rushing back to her like a punch to the stomach.

They were all in the cemetery and then she was dared to get a flower from a grave. She felt like something had grabbed her ankle and sent her tumbling down the hill.

She got hurt and she was upset. Then she started to lose her breath.

She felt the panic rising in her chest. She violently ripped the oxygen mask off of her face.


The nurses made a quick formation to restrain the pink hedgehog if need be.

"They sent their regards and wished they could have been here but they didn't want to risk coming here and getting in trouble at home."

Of course...

"So why are you here?"

"Because I'm not them."

"Obviously…Don't you have to get home too? I don't need your pity."

"I never knew you had such a sharp tongue Rose."

"Where's my parents? Do they know? Please tell me they don't?"

Amy turned to the nurses.

"Please tell me you didn't contact them! Please don't! I'm ok!"

One of the nurses sighed.

"You didn't have your insurance card on you or your identification so we asked your boyfriend and he said that he would contact your parents."

"But he's not-"

"I think you need to rest Rose. You've had a long night."

"He's right sweetheart. The doctor should be in here shortly to discuss your condition. In the meantime, please drink some water."

The nurses smiled warmly before they left the room.

"What is going on right now?"

"I saved your ass that's what. If I didn't give them a believable story they would've found a way to contact your parents and you would've been toast."

"And just why do you care? How does this benefit you?"



"It benefits me."

Of course…

"Surprisingly the fact that you're so blatantly and cruelly honest doesn't even bother me. So how does it benefit you?"

"Just shut up already and drink the damn water."

"Don't tell me what to-"

"Oh my, have I walked in at the wrong time? A lovers spat?"

Amy wanted to pull her quills out. Now not only was she always partnered with the rude hedgehog but now everyone in the damn hospital thought they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

"Heh, heh not really."

Amy ground her teeth to keep herself from yelling out.

"Ah. How are you feeling Ms. Rose?"

"I'm great."

"Good to hear, so I'll get straight to the point. Your vitals are good, heart's healthy, and your lungs are fine. We found your medical records through a partnering database and you didn't have a history with asthma so it was quite a shock to have you in here unconscious because of a sudden attack. Though, it can be brought on by many things.

Your boyfriend informed us about everything that happened and I can only conclude that the sudden chill had something to do with your shortness of breath. I also believe that being exposed to so much second hand smoke had a lot to do with it as well. Perhaps you're sensitive to it.

He also spoke about how stressed you were with school work and that you've been depressed lately.

All of these factors could have brought on your attack."

Second hand smoke? School work? DEPRESSION? What kind of bullshit story did Shadow tell?

"I see."

"Well everything seems in order with you now. I'll just recheck everything and then you'll be released. Give me one moment please."

As the doctor walked out, Amy glared at Shadow.

"You're welcome."

She just wanted to forget that the whole night happened.

Shadow had so graciously paid for a taxi, making a good show of how lovely of a 'boyfriend' he was. Of course the moment they were out of earshot, he went back to being the partner. Though, she caught him staring very intently at her even glaring sometimes. It was as if he was looking through her and not at her.

Amy sighed. She was really drained and ready to just sleep everything off in an attempt to forget it.

The last thing she would have to do was sneak inside of the house and successfully make it to her room.

She rounded her house and fumbled around the backyard for the spare key.

It was cliché but she found the spare in one of the flower pots.

She tried her best to open the back door that lead to the kitchen without making much sound.

She crept her way through the kitchen and was about to make it up the stairs.

"Why are you coming in at 4:00 in the morning?"

Amy froze in place.

Then suddenly the lights came on.

"So not only do I have my daughter coming in at such an unacceptable hour but also my so called husband is passed out in the kitchen with an empty bottle of whiskey. What a sight to behold huh?"

Amy knew that tone of voice. Her mother was angry and she wouldn't get to just leave and go upstairs now.

She heard the groaning of her father. She was actually surprised that he passed out in the kitchen. She thought he had enough sense to go back to his room.

"What the hell is going on?"

"Yeah what the hell is REALLY going on?"

Amy stayed silent. She was nervous. Every time her parents fought, she was nervous.

Her father made his way over to them.

"Just look at you…struggling to even keep your eyes open. How's that headache?"

"Terrible thanks to your yelling."

"I'm yelling because our daughter here is just coming in from God knows where."

Amy dropped her head the moment her father looked at her.

"Didn't you say you were going on a walk?"


"A walk doesn't take hours long Amy."

"I know."

"So where were you?", her mother asked.



Amy felt the tears already building up.

"Just calm down Elizabeth."

"Calm down? DON'T YOU DARE TELL ME SHIT ABOUT HOW TO HANDLE THIS JOSEPH! Maybe if you didn't spend the whole friggin night drinking yourself to sleep she wouldn't have gotten away with this so easily."



"It's not his fault."

Tears spilled from Amy's eyes during the moment of silence.

"Oh? So what exactly ISN'T his fault?"

"I-I lied."

"No SHIT Amy. I'll ask you this one last time…Where were you tonight?"


"Cut the waterworks! You're 17 damn years old and you sure as hell weren't crying when you decided to sneak out of the house! WHERE WERE YOU?"

"I-I was at the cemetery with my friends."

"You were at the cemetery huh? IS THAT WHY I GOT A CALL FROM THE HOSPITAL?

"But I thought-"

"They wouldn't call? DON'T BE STUPID CHILD! You're a minor, of course they called home!"

"I-I'm sorry…"

"I don't even care anymore Amy. I don't want to hear it. It serves you right! You should have never snuck out in the first place!"

Tears…so many tears.


Amy ran up the stairs, she ran away from the reality.

She messily took off her clothing and only left herself in her underwear.

The tears kept falling and she couldn't stop them.

Her mother's shouting reached her ears and she jumped when she heard a loud noise. It was probably her father taking his anger out on something again.

Quietly and slowly she got up from the floor and sat on her bed with her legs hanging off the side. She leaned over to rummage through her side drawer for something.

The gleam of the silver object shined through the darkness.

She rolled up her sleeve. A scar was still there. She knew it was wrong.

How else could she deal with it all? She couldn't scream at the top of her lungs, she couldn't destroy everything she touched, she couldn't talk to her parents, she couldn't talk to her friends because no one truly wanted to listen about her depressive life when they had boyfriends.

She was trembling. Was she really going to make a habit of this? Her vision blurred as warm tears fell down her face.

How was it possible to feel so angry and sad at the same time?

She brought the blade closer to her pale skin. She was making herself sick over the months with not eating much and staying inside most of the time. Of course her parents didn't care to notice and her friends just thought she was dieting.

Just as she got the courage to nick herself, she jumped and dropped the sharp object at an overwhelming feeling of coldness.

Her skin literally prickled and goose bumps formed all over her arms and legs.

Though she was only in her underwear, there were no windows open, the heater was on, and she definitely wasn't this cold seconds ago.

She turned around to see if her door was opened but what she actually saw made her scream out.

In the corner of her bedroom near her closet, she saw an unmistakable black fog.

She stumbled off of her bed and made a beeline for the door. Her trembling hands fumbled with the knob but it wouldn't open.

She didn't dare look in the corner. It wasn't real, it just wasn't real.

She frantically kept trying with the door. She even tried pulling it open by force. Then she pounded on the door.


No one was coming. She didn't hear any footsteps.

The prickling intensified to the point where it actually started hurting.

Then she saw it.

Glowing red, invaded her peripheral vision.

His navy blue color almost looked black with the fog rolling off of him.

His attire was all black. He wore a black long-sleeved v-neck shirt, black pants, black shoes, and black leather finger-less gloves.

Glowing red orbs were looking hard at her.

Amy was shook with terror and fear. She screamed the loudest she could but her parents still wouldn't come.

The vision of this…THING had her frozen in place by the door.

She was physically trembling and crying. She had never been so afraid, it was torture. She squeezed her eyes shut and started convulsing on the floor.

The next thing she knew, it was like a blanket of warmth was draped over her.

She stopped shaking and finally opened her eyes. However, she jumped when the thing was knelt down right in front of her.

She screamed again, tears still falling from her eyes.


The thing looked at her with an expression that actually didn't look threatening. Was it confused?

The more Amy looked at the thing, the more it looked familiar.


The thing's expression changed and its eyes seemed to glow even more venomously. The fog seemed to roll off in even thicker clouds.

The skin prickling feeling started to come back.

"STOP! I'M SORRY!", she screamed once more.

She cradled her head and hid herself from the thing.

Almost instantly, the blanket of warmth came back. Amy had somehow concluded that it was safe when she felt this "blanket of warmth".

She bravely looked at the thing. It didn't harm her as yet and just continued to stare at her. Perhaps she could try to talk to it while this warm feeling still existed.

"W-What are you?"


"Y-You're a ghost?"


Did it talk? It's expression wasn't changing. However, Amy knew it's expression COULD change. It had gotten angry when she called it Shadow. Did it know Shadow? She wouldn't dare ask about it again anyway.

"W-What is your name?"


All it did was stare at her with those glowing red eyes.

"D-Do you talk?"


Amy was feeling a bit more confident and sat up properly. She was leaning her back against the door and hugged her knees to herself.

She didn't ask another question as yet. She looked at the thing. It wasn't ugly. It COULD be scary but right now it looked, dare she think it, handsome. It looked not too old either.

Suddenly she felt self-conscious. She was in her underwear in front of the thing.

Then she saw the thing smirk. The thing actually SMIRKED!

She looked at him in disbelief.

"Just what are you smirking at?"

Amy gasped at herself. Her hand flew to her offensive mouth. She hadn't meant to let that out. The thing would kill her now she just knew it would!

Then she heard it. It LAUGHED!

Her eyes were huge.

"Y-You can understand me?"



The thing smiled.

"So this is the real you huh?"

She gasped again.

"I really wish you wouldn't react like that."

" can talk!"

Not only could he talk but his voice was, dare she think it, sexy.

"Yes, I can talk."

"So why wouldn't you answer me before?"

"It was fun to see you squirm."


The thing laughed again.


"My name is Sonic the Hedgehog."

The gears started turning the moment she heard that. The name was familiar. Why was it so familiar?

Then it hit her. That was the name she saw on the gravestone before she passed out. That was the last thing she remembered.

"Y-You...I saw your name on a gravestone. YOU'RE DEAD!"



"There was something about your energy. Many have crossed my path but never before was there someone who had energy like yours. It was so unique. It was very easy to lock on to you."

Amy's mind was spinning. What the fuck was going on? She should be running for her life, she should be trying to escape, but she was sitting there entertaining conversation with the thing…or should she start calling him Sonic.

"W-What do you mean lock on?"

"My soul is not the average soul. I do not rest in peace. Instead, I waited for the opportunity when I could attach my soul to someone who was compatible. So that someone could revive me. So thank you."


"Your energy is the one that called upon me so I can't just leave you alone. I won't allow you to do what you were just about to do either."

For some strange reason, Amy's cheeks flushed with rosy color. It, well he, had seen. Was that what summoned him? Did that have to do with the energy he was going on about?

"Why are you in your underwear anyway? It's teasing me you know."

Amy gasped and finally attempted to cover herself.


The thing, well he, laughed.

"You have a lot of false preconceptions."

"Actually NO! You're just figment of my imagination! I'm going to close my eyes, open them, and then you'll be gone. I'm just going crazy that's all."

Amy closed her eyes tightly, counted to ten, and then opened her eyes again.

The thing, well Sonic, was even closer to her now. He was sitting directly in front of her.

"I suppose you're still going crazy?"


Sonic laughed.

"You're quite bossy."


Sonic laughed again.

"I haven't laughed this much in hundreds of years."

Something clicked.

"Wait…hundreds of years?"


"Y-You lived for that long? But wait, how long have you been dead and when where you born?"

He smirked.

The air suddenly felt uncomfortable. The warm "blanket" wasn't quite warm anymore. In fact, the prickling feeling was slowly coming back again.

Then she saw it.

Slowly he smiled, and then she saw it.

Gleaming, shining, white, FANGS!

Amy screamed.


Amy screamed.


Amy's mother came running into her room.

"Are you alright?"

Amy looked stunned and she was struggling to catch her breath.

"Y-Yeah, I just had a bad dream that's all."

"Do you want to talk about it?"

Amy smiled.

"No, it was just a stupid dream. It wasn't real."

"Well ok. Go get ready for school then."

Amy looked at her alarm clock. The red numbers read,

6:50 A.M

She sat in bed for just a few minutes more.

The dream was so real. She remembered all of it. It was a nightmare!

It was so vivid! She looked at her pillows and saw wet spots on them. Had she actually been crying?

She could believe it. The dream was damn scary!

Her parents were so vicious! Her father was drinking himself to death and her mother just didn't care. She said such hurtful things to her!

Her friends acted like she wasn't even there! It was scary that lately she had actually been feeling that way.

Shadow was the most realistic out of all of them. He acted just like he did in reality. They paired up, just like reality. He was dressed just like in reality.

And Sonic? She had never heard the name before. Was he actually a person?

No of course not! Because real people didn't have fangs and they weren't…


Amy rushed out of bed and into the bathroom. She wouldn't think of the dream anymore. It was a dream…nothing more.


1 Week Later

Amy walked into class looking good as new.

Over the past week she had been on edge and she was constantly thinking about her nightmare but by the end of the week, she was back to being herself.

She had actually had a good weekend with her parents and it cured her of any left over worry that she had.

She was ready to start the week anew.

"Hey Amy!"

"Hey, Cream!"

"How was your weekend?"

"It was good actually."

"Well I went out with Tails and we found this cute restaurant that sells sandwiches in the shapes of cute characters. After we asijopasfjoapsid…"

Blah Blah Blah. That was all she heard lately. Whenever her friends spoke, all that came out was bragging and more bragging.

They did ask her about herself but that was once in a blue moon. And once she answered that was it. They would reply with a novel of a story about their own lives.

It was like none of them noticed how alone she felt lately. She didn't expect them to. They were always busy with their boyfriends.

"Amy! Hey!"

Rouge waved at her, hand in hand with Knuckles.

Amy waved back.

"You're a little late Amy. Secret rendezvous with someone we should know about? Shadow perhaps?", Blaze teased.

Amy restrained herself from groaning in annoyance. It was times like this that made her remember how unhappy she was slowly becoming.

Not only did she have to deal with her friends and their boyfriends but lately they constantly teased her about Shadow when she didn't even like him.

He started hanging around them a lot more and they would always pair them together.

Like in the dream…

Amy shook her head. No, she wouldn't think of the dream. She was SO over that dream!

The class got restless waiting for their teacher. She was definitely late.

Amy sat there doodling in her notebook while her friends conversed with their boyfriends who ALWAYS sat next to them.

It was a shame that she got so used to being by herself.

"Goodmorning class!"

Everyone looked up and sat properly in their seats.

"Sorry I'm running a little late. I was just acquainting myself with our newest student who will be joining our class."

The teacher signaled for the student to come in.

"Now I want you all to be nice and welcoming. I'm sure I can count on you all to show our student around and teach him the ropes."

She was frozen. Her skin prickled and to her horror, goose bumps broke out all over her arms. She felt cold…so very cold.

Her hands trembled, her heart punched her chest, and she even felt like she would vomit.

His color

His clothes

His eyes...

"This is Sonic the Hedgehog."


This is a brand new story! However, I had initially written it months ago with the intention to post it as a oneshot.

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