Title: Meeting
Author: Pikadaj
Summary: It wasn't the kind of party he'd expect to see someone like her around at - it wasn't the kind of party he would normally be at either, but he noticed her right away. LUCE

It wasn't the kind of party he'd expect to see someone like her around at - it wasn't the kind of party he would normally be at either, but he noticed her right away. The coy smile on her full red lips, her indigo eyes half-lidded. Almost like in a fairy tale their eyes met at the same time, yet unlike in a fairy tale there were no butterflies in his stomach, no sparks in the background, no gentle music suddenly sounding. However, there was a fascination caused by the way her eyes moved away from him soon enough.

A grin grows on Jace's lips, 'Interesting.' He thinks.

His suit would have looked out of place in the club if not for the fact that he's left his blazer at the lobby, his dress shirt having two buttons open at the top, then another at the bottom, the shirt untucked as per usual. Plenty of glances come his way, yet they're not particularly interesting, especially when compared with the lovely lady his eyes landed on.

Her hair shines red, blue and green under the flickering lights, making him wonder what colour it really is. He's betting on a light colour, since his own platinum blonde hair is no doubt reflecting the same colours.

"Hey there," he says when he's close enough, her hips swaying to the music "you look like you might make for an interesting evening." he tosses her a grin that has captured many hearts. She looks like the type of woman to play the same games as he does, a battle of wills of sorts - but Jace does like the challenge.

Her eyes slide over him slowly, her lips twisting into a coy smile. "I don't know, I think Sie might not be able to keep up vith me." Her German accent is there, yet not to the extent there it bothers him. Her voice sounds familiar, though he can't place it at the moment.

His own smirks form a seductive smirk, "Want to bet?"

She smiles at that, pearly teeth showing, and it finally hits him where he's seen her at. He's seen her in a perfume commercial - a German super model. 'Nice,' he thinks 'I haven't had a model yet... well, recently at least.'

"Zen, what does Sie propose?" she asks as she shifts, dancing against him slightly.

His fingers grip her hips loosely as he moves with her and for a moment it's like they're the only ones in the club. "One evening wouldn't be enough for the things I propose, love. I can show you the world."

His voice is low, her eyes widen slightly as his silver eyes glint in the light of the club. For a moment she can almost believe the promise - she can believe that this man really can show her the world, but then the moment passes. Nevertheless, her interest is piqued. "Alright," she tells him, ignoring the voice in the back of her mind which is telling her this is a bad idea "I'll give Sie my evening."

His chuckle makes her stomach clench in something that can be either excitement or fear, yet she can't break the gaze they share, spell bound. "Love," his voice is light, teasing "by the time the evening is over, you'll give me your whole world."

Even though the evening has yet to actually start, Luise can't help but to agree. A 'game over' from the moment their eyes first met, she lost this game before it even began.