Title: Drunken Nights
Author: Pikadaj
Summary: Just keep calm, and get drunk. What is everyone like when they have had a little too much to drink, I wonder?

A glass shatters against the wall, "What was that," her eyes are blazing as she leans towards Seven who is slumped over a bar, a glass of Jack Daniels in his hand, a miserable expression on his face.
"Huh?" Vesta narrows her eyes, their foreheads almost touching as she glares. "Got something to say, punk!?"
"It's all my fault!" Seven's eyes fill with tears. "It's always my fault, I'm sorryyyy...!" He lets out a sob before dropping his head onto the bar, the thud going unnoticed under the sound of the booming music.
"Hey! Look at me when I talk to you, damnit!" Vesta shakes him harshly.
Her hand gets removed from his shoulder by a big and warm hand, their fingers laced. "Come on, love~ Let him sleep, hm~?" Jace purrs, his eyes half lidded as he gets a little too close to comfort. "Instead, focus only on me~"
The ring around Vesta's finger flashes and her crossbow appears around her hand, "I will kill you, you son of a-"
"SIE!" Luise stomps on the ground hard enough to startle even Seven into lifting his tear-stained face a little, before he drops his head again. "Voz does she have zat I don't, huh!?" Luise demands, pointing at Vesta with a shaky finger, her white wine long since forgotten on the table at which she has left her brother.
Jace's fingers slip from Vesta's as Jace sashay's over to Luise, smirking a little as his hand hits the wall behind her, trapping her between the concrete and his own body. "Don't worry, love. You know you're the only one for me~" he purrs, reaching up with his other hand to stroke Luise's cheek, effectively turning her into a happy puddle of goo.
"Jace..." Kailah says timidly from behind Jace, her bright green eyes on the floor as she bashfully hides her hand and chainsaw behind her back.
"Hm?" He tilts his head to look over his shoulder.
"For you..." She removes her hand from behind her and holds out a bottle of high quality red wine.
Jace pushes himself off of the wall, "Thanks, love~" he purrs out as he brushes his lips over hers while taking the bottle.
Blushing, she ducks her head while Luise seethes, "Vot does she have zat I don't!?"
"Wine," Jace blows her a kiss before leaving the two females behind. His eyes land on Ludwig who is at his table, shoulders slumped as he sips his beer, looking like he's sulking.
"Luddy-kins~" Jace calls in a sing-song voice.
Ludwig looks up and almost immediately his hazy eyes brighten up slightly before he is suddenly attached to Jace's side. "Sie vos gone!" He complains.
"I'm back now though~" Jace grins as Ludwig's arms wrap around him tightly, as if the other male has no intention of ever letting him go. "Just as I thought, you really are the best!" Jace declares before pouncing.

The bartender watches with a rueful eye as a peach haired girl kicks the chair a boy is sitting at hard enough to break it, while a blonde woman shakes a too-happy looking red-head. This really is the last time he'll just sit back and watch exorcists get drunk.