Chapter fifteen

Harry woke first the following morning and looked down at Severus with a huge smile on his face knowing he would always wake up next to the man he loved. Harry gently ran his hand down Sev's hair, when he saw him slowly waking up; he bent down and kissed his lips.

'Morning Sev.'

Severus smiled up at Harry, 'It's real, not a dream.'

'It's real babe, we're married and we shagged at Hogwarts.'

'I still can't believe it, that we actually got married.'

'You better start believing it Sev, but it is late, so we should shower.'

'Yes, so I might shower, unless you want to shower together?'

Harry laughed, 'If we did that, we'd never leave these rooms, but we can definitely do that tonight.'

'You're on,' Severus got up and stretched.

'Do that again and you won't leave these rooms,' Harry growled softly.

'I'll have to remember that,' Severus kissed Harry, then went into the bathroom.

Harry sat up on the bed for a couple of minutes then slowly stood up and stretched. He couldn't believe how good he felt and knew when he asked Severus to marry him it was the right thing to do, he felt it right down into his soul.

'Alright, you shower, I'll dress so I can hear this explanation,' Severus kissed Harry again, watched as he walked towards the bathroom with no clothes on, 'Hmm, you've got a cute arse Potter.'

Harry laughed loudly, then wiggled his backside, 'It's all yours Sev, now go before I pull you back to bed,' Harry blew him a kiss, then stepped into the bathroom. Harry couldn't stop smiling as the water ran down his body. Before he went through the light, he was tired, listless and couldn't deal with anything. Now he was full of energy and he had already put everything behind him and was ready to start his new life, a life with Severus and friends, his family. When Harry dried, he stepped into the room and saw Severus sitting on the bed waiting for him.

'I found these outside the door, Minerva must have brought your clothes down.'

'That was nice of her,' Harry tipped his bag onto the bed, grabbed his clothes and dressed, 'Let's go eat, then I have to tell all of you the amazing thing that happened to me.'

'Yes, you do because we can all see the change in you.'

'You'll understand soon Sev, come on,' Harry put his arm around his husband and they walked down through the castle and came to the kitchen where the house elves kept bowing, but Kreacher pushed his way through and put plates in front of them, 'Thanks Kreacher, did you hear we got married?'

'Master and Master's wedding was beautiful, Kreacher can't wait to serve the house of Potter.'

Harry saw Severus scowl, a face Harry was very familiar with, 'It doesn't mean you're a Potter Sev, it's just the way house elves are.'

'I know, so after some time I will explain it to him.'

The two men started eating, when they were done they walked up to the great hall where the staff, all his friends and of course Albus Dumbledore's portrait was waiting for them.

'Well the married couple finally made it out of bed,' Ron laughed.

'What do you expect from a newly married couple, so is everyone ready to hear this story and I already know a lot of you won't believe it really happened.'

'We're all anxious to find out where you've been for the last week. You had us all thinking death eaters caught you,' Hermione said a little stiffly.

'Okay, but first, Dumbledore, did you know I will need to show a memory, is that why your pensieve is sitting on the table?'

'Yes as I know what you will tell us will be hard for most too believe. So now why don't you get to your story?'

Harry grinned then faced everyone, 'Well to me it was only a day, not even a full day,' Harry and Severus sat down on the last two chairs, 'I'd been having a hard time, I kept talking to Dumbledore, sitting next to his tomb and talked. I did that every night, just sat there telling him everything. Finally I realised I had to face the forbidden forest. So I went in there and knelt down right before I came to the spot Voldemort hit me with the killing curse. See when that happened, I thought I was going to die, I actually went in there to die, but I survived again. That's another long story that I will tell everyone later. Right when I was about to step into the clearing, I saw a light, so I walked towards it. It was this large shimmering circle of light, about as tall as Aberforth and the same in width. I put my hand straight through it, then I decided to find out if I could see anything. It was about ten o'clock at night, but when I put my face through, it was the forbidden forest, but it was day time. So I stepped through and made my way back to the edge of the forest. The first thing I noticed was Hagrid's hut was gone and looked like it hadn't been there for a long time. I saw the castle, but it wasn't wrecked at all. But something told me there was danger, so I stayed in the forest until it got dark, then made my way to the secret door in the quidditch changing rooms.'

'Don't give away our secret's Harry,' George said.

'Sorry, but I need to explain. So anyway, ever since Dumbledore told me to keep my cloak on me, I still do, it became a habit. So I made my way inside the castle and up the first flight of stairs, death eaters were everywhere and I mean hundreds of them. I snuck past and made my way up to professor McGonagall's office, Voldemort was in there with more death eaters. I was really shocked and confused, so I quickly got through the tunnel to Ab's place, out the window and headed to the Burrow, it was gone, burnt to the ground. So there I stood wondering what was going on and I needed to figure out what to do. So I decided to go to Godric's Hollow so I could think. When I got there, the house wasn't wrecked and my parents were inside but with me, another me. I still had no idea if I was having a nightmare of something. Finally I thought if this was real then Dumbledore might be alive as well, so I knocked on the door, at first my father wasn't going to open it, but he recognised my voice. He let me in, but kept his wand on me, along with my mother and the other Harry. He finally got my mother to get Dumbledore, but also Sirius and Remus. I spoke to them, explain how we just finished our war and Voldemort was dead. So of course Dumbledore wanted to know everything. In that world, Voldemort tricked Dumbledore out of the castle twenty two years before letting him think his partner was in trouble. Dumbledore went but found Dorian dead, then Voldemort and his death eaters took over Hogwarts and turned it into a death eaters training school. I explained about the horcruxes, but in that world, Neville was the one Voldemort went after and killed him as a baby, not me. So between a lot of talking and watching my memories of our meetings and the fight, I went with Dumbledore to show him where he found the first horcrux. It was the same, but we were attacked, I saved Dumbledore, got him back to my parents place. So we knew everything was the same as here, he just had control over everything. Anyway, we found all the horcruxes except the ones that were in the castle. The diadem, Mad-eye found a dagger that belonged to Gryffindor, he found that in the orphanage. We found the diary Ginny used, but in that world, Malfoy never gave it to Ginny because Voldemort had control and the Weasley's, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley and their three children were killed. So some things were different, but the horcruxes were the same. Dumbledore, Kingsley, dad and me went and destroyed five horcruxes in the chamber, then I destroyed the diary before Dumbledore made me go keep mum and the other Harry safe while they took care of the snake, then Voldemort. Dumbledore killed Voldemort, Bellatrix killed Dumbledore, Sirius killed Bellatrix, but everyone else survived. After that, dad, Sirius and Remus came back to the house, I spoke with all of them for a while, then I came home. I stepped back through the light and into the castle where all of you saw me. That's basically it, but I realised the moment I stepped back into my world, that someone allowed me to save my family, mum, dad, Sirius and Remus, I got to save them this time,' Harry felt Severus squeeze his hand, but he noticed everyone looked either worried or sceptical.

'Um, Harry, alternate worlds don't exist, you must have been dreaming. You probably fell asleep in the forbidden forest,' Hermione said looking concerned.

Harry nodded, stood up, 'I knew none of you would believe me, so let's watch my memory.'

Everyone watched as Harry took his memory from his head, then placed it into the pensieve before he waved his wand and they all saw Harry staring at a large shimmering light before he stepped through into daylight. Every single person gasped when they realised that Harry really did go to an alternative world. They all watched as Harry got to laugh with his father, Sirius and Remus, how he explained to Albus Dumbledore how Harry's world won their war. Everyone was mesmerised and just couldn't stop watching until they saw Harry hugging his parents, Sirius and Remus before he finally stepped back through the light to his world before he looked to the sky saying thanks before he stepped into the ruined castle and back to his friends and that's where the memory finished.

'You were really there Harry, with your family?' Hermione asked as she stared at Harry with tears in her eyes.

'Yeah, I was. Ab was there, Kingsley, but he wasn't minister, just an auror. Mad-eye was alive, but sorry Professor, you weren't, but you are here,' Harry smiled at McGonagall, 'But I helped them win their war with the information Dumbledore gave me. Then he literally sacrificed himself to ensure they all survived. So between both of us, we saved everyone, but I saved my family.'

'I always believed there were alternate worlds,' Albus Dumbledore gave Harry a small bow.

Ron stared up at Harry, 'You really did go there and save them.'

'Yeah, I did. Even though I never got a chance to ask my parents anything, I realised it didn't matter. I got to spend all day with them, talked to them, joked with my father and Sirius. Made the other me jealous until he realised I wasn't taking his place because I couldn't. That was his world, I had to come back to mine. So I helped them then came home to my family,' Harry smiled at everyone that was sitting there, 'All of you are my family,' Harry looked at Severus, 'and us Sev, we will be adding to this family in a few years. The moment I stepped back through, I felt you instantly. Then I realised someone or something let me save them but also let me come back to you, to all of you. I smiled, said thanks, then the light vanished. But I felt it, I felt everything was going to be alright. That all of us can finally have the life we want and live the way we want to live, it's over, our war is over and we're all going to be okay,' Harry gave everyone a huge smile before looking back at Severus and knew in his heart, everything was perfect.

The end: