Kagome had thought the worst when she found herself in a vast red room. It was richly decorated with flame inspired pieces, and the entire thing was in shades of scarlet and black. She could feel her hair bundled in what was no doubt a lovely young noblewoman's style- nothing else needed that many pins.

She was probably some sort of dainty flower, at best a political manipulator in an arena of vipers. She had nothing against the occasional political loop, but medieval political loops…

Only her in-loop instincts prevented her from gaping as her loop memories loaded. She was a Daughter of the Fire Nation, a former schoolmate of Princess Azula and an expert archer.

If not for the deliberate blank expression she'd cultivated over the life, she would have grinned. She hardly ever got to be an archer in a guest loop!

It was just a pity her parents didn't approve of this unladylike behaviour. The knives up her sleeves were a good compromise, certainly, but she hated knowing she had a perfectly good bow and quiver she couldn't use.


Kagome stared down at her feet, doing her best to ignore the lump in her throat. She didn't look up, even as she sensed the approaching presence.

Shippo jumped on the log next to her. "Kagome?" He asked, hesitant.

Kagome put on a small smile for his sake. "Yeah Ship-dip?"

Shippo sounded out the words carefully, unsure of himself. "Is everything okay?"

"Nothing's wrong." Kagome denied. "Nothing that bad anyway."

Shippo didn't let her get away with her pathetic attempt at evasion. "It's bad enough." The kit said, firmly. "How am I supposed to help you if you won't tell me what's wrong?"

"Oh Shippo. I'm fine, really." She tried to laugh. It sounded more like a sob.

Shippo's ears went back, even as he frowned at her. "Kagome."

Kagome couldn't stop the tears if she had tried- but that didn't mean she had to acknowledge them. The salt was bitter on her lips. "It's nothing, I'm just being stupid. It could even be a good thing."

Shippo snuggled himself into her waist, and her arms automatically fell around him.

"If it could be good, then you should share it." Shippo mused, clinging to her.

Kagome laughed again, still ringing falsely. "Souta was Awake last loop. He was so excited to be caught up in one of my strange adventures."

"Oh." Shippo didn't know what to say. On the one hand, Kagome now had a version of her brother she could build their relationship with, who she didn't have to keep secrets from and who she could watch grow up in a way more permanent than the loops made possible for non-awake beings

On the other hand, Souta would now be in the same cycle of tedium and boredom as they were- worse, because he wasn't powerful enough to jump through the well, and the Modern Era didn't provide as many different adventures as the Sengoku Jidai, especially to someone too young to be on their own. It also meant that one day, Souta would be powerful enough to be in this era- of youkai and Warlords, blood soaked battlefields and poisonous miasma, evil plots and hardship.

Finally, Shippo found something to say. "He won't be unblooded forever Kagome. Best teach him what you can to put off his first death."

Kagome scoffed as best as she could through the tears. "Like what?"

Safely hidden from her eyesight by virtue of hugging her, Shippo rolled his eyes. She was forgetting to think like a Looper as well as a sister. "Miroku could teach him staff fighting. Inuyasha could teach him reflexes. Sango could help him with martial arts. I could teach him about running and hiding." He leaned back so that his big green eyes were focused on hers. "And you can teach him almost everything else. There's still lots of things he can learn in the 20th century, and you know most of them already."

"Shippo." Kagome protested, only to be ignored.

"And you're his sister. If anyone knows what he'd be good at, it's you." Shippo finished triumphantly. "Now cheer up, we have shards to find!"

Kagome laughed. This time, it sounded relieved.



Sango was somewhat surprised to Wake Up where she did. Usually, she was in a spar against her father, occasionally against Kohaku, and it was rare to find herself anywhere but the sparring ring.

Wherever she was- there was no sign of anyone else. Just a long road ahead of her, and a load of suitcases behind her. She was pretty sure they were full of food for some reason.

She shrugged and continued onwards. Her memories would catch up sooner rather than later, and there was no point in dawdling in the middle of the road until they did.

Sure enough, she remembered the purpose of her journey. She was on a mission to stop a monster that had been causing trouble in a nearby town- nearby being relative, because the town didn't have a train station or very good roads for carriageways. Hence why she was walking.

She'd gotten the mission from the noticeboard- it paid well. Just short of two million jewels, for a simple monster extermination mission was pretty good. It would buy her a fair amount of food, maybe a new set of armour as well. And rent. That was important too.

Musing on what to spend her reward on, Sango continued down the road. It was a fairly boring trip- she found herself missing her friends. Even Inuyasha at his surliest was still better company than being alone. Hopefully it doesn't last long, new loops are a lot more fun with a friend.

Facing down Dark Guild's was a lot more fun with friends too, Sango thought grimly. She and a team from the Fairy Tail guild had hunted down Eisenwald to thwart their plan to use Lullaby- but had fallen straight into a trap. Now, Natsu and Happy had flown ahead to fight the leader of the Dark Guild Eisenwald, Erigor the Reaper.

That left her, her magic draining through the effort of driving the Magic Four-Wheeled Car along the train tracks. Gray Fullbuster, the Ice-Make mage on the verge of becoming S-class. Lucy, the newest member of Fairy Tail, a Celestial Spirit Mage rumoured to have defeated a monster with only a flick of her hand- a highly exaggerated rumour from Lucy's face when Sango had brought it up. And finally, Kageyama of Eisenwald, who'd almost been assassinated by one of his Guildmates when they'd realised he could get them out of the trap.

It didn't look particularly good- if they didn't stop Erigor, the Guild Master's at the conference would be killed by the demon flute Lullaby's song. Hopefully Natsu would be able to defeat the evil Guild Master- she wouldn't have the strength to do more than stand.

A familiar hand settled on her arm, taking the magic drain from her. "I'll take that Titania, Queen of Fairies."

Sango's eyes snapped up. "Kagome?" She gasped.

The anchor smiled at her. In her sundress and cardigan, she looked like she was prepared for a summer day at her family home. The bow and arrows over her shoulder were an incongruous if familiar sight.

"Don't go catching flies now. I've got a plan." Kagome assured her friend. "Let things play out like in the baseline, and I'll meet you at Clover."

The sounds of a battle drew closer, and Kagome prepared to take off the cuff draining her magic.

Sango's eyes widened in horror. "Kagome, I don't know the baseline!" She hissed.

Kagome smiled. "Just get out to check on Natsu and then don't stop shadow-boy from stealing the car. Don't worry, the Masters are weird, not stupid."

And with that, the archer vanished. Sango grimaced as the cuff began draining her again- but she followed Kagome's plan.

As Kageyama sent the car flying towards the conference, shouts of horrified denial following him, Sango squared her shoulders. I hope your plan works out Kagome, because it's too late to change our minds now.

Thankfully for the Guilds, Kageyama didn't play Lullaby, therefore killing all the Guild Masters who would hear it. Even if he hadn't hesitated, the Masters had been on their guard. They probably had some sort of loose plan other than letting Markarov talk him out of it.

The Demon Lullaby didn't seem to approve of this change of plans however- and changed from a creepy looking flute to a wooden monster the size of a Daiyokai.

"Damn it." Sango cursed. "Natsu, Grey. Let's punch a few more holes in this jerk!"

"Right Sango!" The two agreed, barely even a little afraid of her at this time. They were too eager for the fight.

They'd just started to get serious when a lone arrow shot throw the sky, glowing a familiar brilliant pink. It hit Lullaby- and then it took effect. Lullaby was half purified to dust as it shrieked in horror, and then another arrow was sent out. The demon tried to cast its spell- but the holes the Fairy Tail mages had left in its body ruined its attempt.

Sango hollered in triumph as it was destroyed, swiftly followed by her Guildmates.

Kagome made her appearance then, strolling out of the forest casually as she slung her bow back over her shoulder, and an unused arrow back into the quiver. "So, this is the strongest team in Fairy Tail." She mused, glancing over the boys. Her eyes lingered slightly on the half-naked Grey- but not long enough for anyone else to catch it. "You're certainly a pretty bunch."

Sango stepped forward, grinning. "That was certainly a powerful spell. What type of Mage are you?"

"Spiritual mage. It's not as useful as it seems." Kagome shrugged wryly. "I do a lot of exorcisms and occasionally I get to destroy evil objects. Spiritual magic is only really good against malevolent magic."

Sango clapped a gauntleted hand on Kagome's shoulder. "Seems good enough to me! Have you ever thought of joining a Guild?"

The Master's squawked behind her- she didn't know what for. Kagome glanced to where the fight had been and winced. "Lullaby certainly did a lot of damage." She said, quite loudly.

Sango followed her gaze and winced. The better part of a mountain and a large chunk of forest was gone.

"Still, at least the town's safe." Kagome continued, still a bit loudly. "How about I treat you four to dinner? You must have had a long day."

Sango followed the archer a bit more quickly than she usually would have- Natsu, Grey and Lucy followed on her heels. The Master's kept arguing behind them, with Kageyama shouting something about becoming old and bald.

It looked like a strange loop- but so far, a fun one. The two loopers grinned at each other when their eyes met, still walking as fast as they could without breaking into a run. No need to look guiltier than they were after all.


Shippo tried to remind himself that he was a Looper, and had more years lived than all the Masters in the temple put together. That he'd been raised well, both by his original parents and his adopted family of the Inutachi. That if Inuyasha heard he'd been being a brat, he'd shortly afterwards have a sore skull to worry about. That Miroku would snicker endlessly. That Kagome would be disappointed. That Kirara would huff at him when Sango was unsure of what to say.

None of that helped much. "But Master Yoda, why do I have to babysit them?" The young Padawan whined.

The venerable Grand Master of the Order swatted him with his Gimer stick. "Too good to play with crechelings, are you?" The small green being scowled.

Shippo shook his head violently, padawan braid swinging. "Not at all Master Yoda. And I wouldn't be complaining if it were any group of younglings but the Savrip clan."

Yoda's scowl became a confused yet smug little smile that made Shippo want to stomp his feet in a temper. He refrained, and listened to the Grand Master of the Order.

"Trouble with the Savrip clan, have you?" Yoda queried, continuing down the hall.

"Only four of them." Shippo grumbled. "The Fearsome Foursome have a true talent for chaos Master Yoda. And they've taken a liking to me." He was pretty sure they were Loopers. For the sake of the Awake beings in this loop, he hoped they were Loopers playing a prank on the visitor. The alternative was too horrifying to contemplate.

"Ah yes. Young Obi-Wan is the ringleader, is he not?" Yoda smiled gleefully. He was probably remembering the last time the four Savrip clanmates had caught him out. Master Qui-Gon and Master Dooku had almost split their sides laughing at him when he'd finally stumbled free. How did four initiates get hold of industrial glue anyway?

Shippo nodded at the question. "For the most part. Bant and Garen are fiendish enough on their own however, and Reeft might not take the lead very often but I'm fairly sure he's the one who came up with their 'poison' trick." Dye in his food. His lips, mouth and most of his teeth had been stained neon green. It wasn't his best look.

Yoda stopped and gestured at the nearest door. Shippo sighed. "I have to do this, don't I?"

The Savrip clan smiled at the young padawan from the classroom- four of them grinning in a way that more than lived up to their nickname.

"Force be with you, Shippo Du Crion." Yoda cackled. "Fear not, return your Master shall by weeks end."

Shippo waved after the Grand Master half-heartedly. "Thank you Master Yoda." He called. The Fearsome Foursome were grinning. Force help him.



The young Queen of Naboo didn't even glance at the Jedi Padawan who had entered her throne room, patiently waiting for Master Qui-Gon to finish his report.

"It is most fortunate for us all that you were able to acquire the Hyperdrive so easily." She said, once he had finished. "We were uncertain that republic credits would be accepted by local dealers."

Master Jinn blinked, as if in surprise. He likely was, but mostly at the thought the girl-queen would have any idea of monetary issues. "The dealer Watto was initially reluctant your majesty, but I was able to persuade him otherwise."

The Queen gave him a sharp look. "Mind tricks, I suppose?" She continued, even as Qui-Gon bristled. "Make no mistake, we are grateful that you were able to succeed in your endeavour, Master Jedi. We simply do not find ourselves at ease that the fate of our homeworld relied on a tactic that numerous beings are resistant or outright immune to."

Even as the Master Jedi bowed in order to dismiss himself, the padawan behind him supressed a smile. It was always funny seeing a young girl get the better of her 'elders'.

As he waited for his Master to leave in front of him, he met the eyes of Queen Dewlanna of the Naboo and felt a surge of amusement from her.

"Good morning Ben." His real Master's daughter sent. "I wonder why Great-Grandfather wasn't there?"

Ben Kenobi, usually known as Ben Skywalker, shrugged inconspicuously as he followed Qui-Gon Jinn. "If he hasn't been replaced, I've got nothing. You alright there, Dewlanna?"

Allana, sometimes known as Amelia Solo and now Queen Allanae Dewlanna of the Naboo, sent an impression of a swat on his shoulder. "Don't be a jerk Ben. Dewlanna, like Grandpa Han's mom, Uncle Chewie's distant cousin. I Woke Up in time to choose my own political name."

"Too late to get out of running?" Ben checked- Allana was always hesitant about politics- he wasn't sure whether it was her 'destiny' as the Jedi Queen or her baseline as Chume'da, heiress of the Hapan Consortium which was to blame.

"I recognised where I was- I replaced Lady Eirtae. I didn't expect to win the election against great-grandmother, but I couldn't exactly change my mind after the votes were counted. My dreams of being a handmaiden- gone!" Allana explained cheerfully.

"Only seven years to go." Ben offered. "Unless the Anchor manages to mix things up. Or the Sith kills us, since Jinn won't be expecting him."

He felt a distinct sigh over the family bond. "Let's hope for the first. I've never been an elected Queen before."

Meanwhile, on the Inner Rim planet Taanab, the Agri-Corps branch of the Jedi Service Corps serve the Force by aiding in the farming on the planet.

"So, Consitor Sato. Plant Surge." Kagome mused, staring at the sapling she'd been experimenting with. "I don't think this is how it's supposed to work."

It was still a sapling- all bendy and youthful green shoots. Still, even saplings grown with Plant Surge weren't supposed to be two storeys tall.

"I'd better fix this before someone notices." Kagome sighed, slumping. "And I was so sure it would work." Perhaps she should leave the experimenting to another day though. And perhaps to her own loop as well, so she'd have something to do during boring runs.


8.1- Kagome replaces Mai, in Avatar: The Last Airbender.

8.2- Souta is awake- Kagome's a bit confused on how to feel about this.

8.3- Sango has replaced Erza Scarlet, Titania, S ranked Mage, in Fairy Tail verse. And Kagome is totally allowed to look at the local Stripper if she wants to.

8.4- Loopers. Kids. Grinning. HELP! Shippo is in a bit over his head, since Obi-Wan and friends are Awake. Possibly replaced, in some cases- I decided not to let Shippo in, because I've never read the SW loops, and have no idea who's looping and who isn't.

8.5- Another SW loop. Kagome is being an inadvertent Stealth Anchor here, there is No Chosen One, and Padme and Obi-Wan have been replaced by Allana/Amelia Solo and Ben Skywalker.

AN- Tidied up previous chapters- mostly just the number schemes, but there's a few teeny tiny edits. Literally just moving a few words around.