9- A Miko and her Werewolf

Kagome blinked as an unfamiliar bedroom materialized around her. Checking her loop memories, she realized it was probably a fused loop rather than a variant.

She was American, and had just moved from her mother's house in Phoenix to her father's. Her mother was a teacher, although she was between jobs as her new husband was likely to transfer soon. Phil was a baseball player. Her father, Charlie Swan, was a police Chief in…

Realisation hit harder than Genma Saotome's infamous stop sign. "Please Fenrir-sama." She pleaded, eyes screwing shut. "Not Twilight."

It had been a while since she'd read the book- the general consensus among loopers was that at least it wasn't Eiken, but thank the admins that it wasn't a common variant. She'd only heard of two occasions there'd been a Twilight variant actually, and one of those had quickly been ended in favour of Eiken.

She'd rather not do the same until it was absolutely necessary. Which also meant avoiding being killed, wasn't the vampire obsessed with Swan's blood? And not in the semi-philosophical Buffy way of 'it's always about the blood', but one-step-from-writing-odes-in-it-about-it way.

Before she could start either brainstorming or panicking, Charlie knocked on the door. At least, she hoped it was Charlie.

"Come in." Kagome called out.

Her current father opened the door and leaned against the doorway. "So." He began awkwardly. He was dressed for bed, looking like he'd almost been ready to go to sleep but decided to come talk to her instead. She was fairly sure that hadn't happened in the book.

"So." Kagome replied. "You're Awake this late?" If he didn't catch her meaning, she'd continue with his early mornings as Chief of Police. A weak excuse, but he wouldn't have any reason to suspect her.

He relaxed. "Awake and ready. Welcome to Forks."

"Thank you. I've heard a lot about it." She replied. Not much of it good.

Charlie seemed to guess at what she was thinking and snorted. "It's not too bad a loop. Fairly quiet though, if we don't get involved with the Cullens."

"I could do with some quiet." Kagome laughed. "My usual loop is in the Sengoku Jidai- the warring states period of Japan." She explained.

Charlie nodded in understanding. "That sounds like a stressful one. Let me know if you need anything. Our usual anchor is Leah Clearwater, and from my memories she should be around here. I don't think you're our only visitor though, Jacob isn't Billy's son this time."

Kagome nodded, hoping it was someone she knew- preferably not Kouga. She hadn't seen Cloud Strife in a while... "Anything major I need to worry about Charlie?" She asked.

"Edward's mind reading and Alice's visions." He stated immediately. "She'll get 'concerned' if you think too long about too many otherworldly stunts, since they'd only show up if they were possible, and if they're possible you have to be either dealt with or kept an eye on. Even if Edward can't read your mind, you'll slip under the radar so long as you don't pull anything big."

"And so long as Edward doesn't snap and rip my throat out." Kagome pointed out dryly.

Charlie smiled. "Leah traded something a few loops back for a formula that can change your scent- I don't know how it works and I don't want to- but I do know how to use it. It'll do if you can't think of anything else."

"Have you used it before?" Kagome asked.

"A few times." He answered. "But it's been known to backfire- once, our visitor ended up as Rosalie's Singer." And with that, he said goodnight and left the room.

"Huh." Kagome mused. "Okay, let's try and avoid attracting any vampires. I'm sure I can come up with something…"


"Hey." The girl- Leah Clearwater, Harry and Sue's daughter Seth's sister- greeted.

Yasha Black shrugged. "Hey yourself."

He wasn't a big fan of fused loops- sure, he could probably use this loop to do the High School thing, maybe stock up on Ramen or other foods if he felt like it, but most of what he could learn here wouldn't be useful back in their own loop. Besides, he liked his loop.

God this was going to be boring.

"So, what's there to do around here?" He asked Leah. Hopefully she was one of the local Loopers, and not just being weird.

She smirked at him. "This time next year you're going to be a werewolf."

Yasha blinked. Okay, that one was new.


"So." Kagome began, hand linked with Yasha's. "Want to go to the dance with me?"

Yasha laughed. "I guess we've never done that before. Sure, why not?"

Kagome slowed down to look at the ocean. They were far enough away from the group that even Inuyasha's ears would have had trouble making out their words, so long as they didn't start shouting. Even the Wolves wouldn't be able to eavesdrop easily.

"How've you been?" She asked, pulling him down to sit on the sand.

He humoured her. "Alright I guess. Leah's helping me prepare for the wolf thing, but it's difficult because we don't really know what's going to happen if I Shift as an Alpha, or if I end up as one of the pack. If I end up with those messed up instincts, it's going to get ugly fast."

Kagome frowned. "And I'd help you." She swore. "I don't like the idea of you being enslaved that way."

"Yeah, at least you stuck with that damn rosary." Yasha joked.

She punched him in the shoulder- not exactly lightly either. "Jerk."

He laughed. "True though."

"Is not." Kagome protested. She shifted slightly. "Well, only a little. And only the first few loops."

"Feh. First fifty at least."

She blinked in confusion. "First few, first fifty, not much difference."

Inuyasha shook his head. "Anchors."

"Speaking of." Kagome began. "What's Leah like?"

"Alright. She's still quite new, but her first fuse was in Equestria with the full set Awake."

At first, that sounded like a calm fuse. Then, Kagome remembered who else was in that loop. Trixie, whose fondness of explosives was legendary among Loopers. Pinkie Pie, who once conquered the Universe with Parties. A host of others, each with their own niche talent and millennia of discovery behind their talents.

"That must have been interesting." She noted.


Kagome didn't hiss as she felt her wards activate- if only because she didn't want the creepy bastard to hear her. She counted to ten, and felt rather than saw the world flash pink. There was a distinctly male yelp and a muffled crash from the direction of the forest.

Charlie called out from his room. "Edward again?"

"Yup. Tenth day in a row." She answered, rolling over in her bed.

"Isn't there something you can do to make him stop?" Charlie demanded, only half joking. "It's not funny anymore."

She rolled onto her back. "Only thing I can think of is to remove the memory charm from the wards. And that would bring the rest of them down on my head!"

She could practically hear Charlie's sigh through the walls. "Dammit. I'm calling Leah and that boyfriend of yours in the morning. Maybe if they're hanging around more often Cullen will take a hike."

Kagome settled back into her pillow. "Sounds like a plan. Good night Charlie."



Leah sighed. "Plan C time. Dammit, how did watching Cullen get blasted through the air get boring?"

Charlie handed her another beer from his recliner, ignoring the vampire staggering upright from where he'd fallen. Cullen wouldn't see them under the concealment field in any case, and he'd seen the same thing over a dozen times already. "It's been a month. Anything would get boring. So, any plans for college this time?"

Leah grinned at her sometimes stepfather. "Not this time, I'd rather hang out with other loopers while I can. I'm thinking of winning the lottery next time and spending some time abroad, maybe do the foreign studies thing."

"Kagome says Toudai is an excellent university." Charlie volunteered. "What are you planning on studying?"

Leah leaned back into her own seat. She loved her father, but it was nice to have a parental figure in the loops. Especially one as steady as Charlie.


Thanks to time spent in vicinity with a Cullen, however briefly as the intruder was thrown away from the Swan Household, Inuyasha phased earlier than Jacob would have.

Thankfully for him, he hadn't phased into a Twilight Wolf.

"Damn Inuyasha." Kagome grinned, healing Leah's arm where his claws had caught her as he'd shifted in the middle of their spar. "You look like a smaller version of Sesshomaru's true form."

"But with your own ears." Leah interjected, flipping through an entirely too familiar manga with her free hand. "It's cute."

Inuyasha growled.

Smaller was relative of course- Inuyasha in his new form was easily as tall as Kagome's shoulder, if not Leah's, much taller than even an Alpha Twilight wolf. Cute was also relative- even with the white fur and the 'adorable' ears, any sane person would have run in the opposite direction screaming bloody murder.

There wasn't a sane looper in all of Yggdrasil.


Was reading the MLP loops when I just had an image of Kagome/Bella and Inuyasha/Jacob getting caught making out by Charlie, and an amused Leah hearing about it. That image didn't make it through to the final cut, but I hope I've done the MLP-Looper Leah justice.