Lost Memories, Reborn Evil

By Hyper Shadow

Hello, as you know already, I'm Hyper Shadow. This is my FIRST Fanfic so please be nice. Flames are only accepted if you say why you don't like my story. Now, let's get down to the more important details.

:Disclaimer: I don't own Sonic. If you know of a story that has something similar with this one, it is purely coincidental.

+-Before the story information-+

First, before I start the story, there are a few things that need to be cleared up. This story takes place 1 year AFTER Sonic met his brother and sister: Sonia and Manic, and he has NOT met Knuckles yet…but there was also a time period before the current one (think, alternate dimension… sort of), in which Sonic knew Tails, Knuckles, Sally, and the others.

Ages: Sonic, Manic and Sonia are 16, Tails is 12, and Knuckles is 20.

+-To Those who don't know what Sonic Underground is-+

In this TV series, Sonic, the main character, has a brother and sister, Manic and Sonia. They each posses special medallions which turn into instruments when the touch them. Sonic has an electric guitar, Sonia has a small piano, and Manic has a huge set of drums. They can shoot lasers with these instruments, and they use them to -Fight for Freedom- from Dr. Robotnik (not to mention, find their mother, Queen Aleena.)

Sonic is mainly the leader. He is headstrong, impertinent, and VERY impatient; he doesn't listen to any of the plans his siblings make and lives his life spontaneously from chilidog stand to chilidog stand. Oh yes, did I mention that he has a HUGE ego?

Sonia, his sister, loves to think of herself as the brains of the outfit, she acts like a rich, spoiled, saucy girl most of the time, but she can be really nice sometimes. It's sort of a backhanded compliment, but it's true, as you will see in my story. Sonia's one weakness is that she hates to get dirty…she's a great fighter though.

Finally there is Manic, he is the mechanic as well as the thief of the group. He doesn't have as big an ego as Sonic or Sonia, but he sometimes gets jealous of them. He can't run, like Sonic, and he can't fight, like Sonia, but he can make one nasty earthquake with those drums of his.

That's all!


Prologue: "Dreams Can Come True, So Can Nightmares"


I know it surrounds me, yet I can not turn to look behind me. This should scare me, I know it should. The message doesn't reach my brain however, all I can feel is emptiness…


The feeling hits me like a club. At least now I know that I'm not dead. You don't feel things when you are dead…or do you? I don't know…I've never been dead…or have I? I can't remember. For all I know I could have been in this dark void since the beginning of time, or maybe it was only 5 seconds. I am not sure. Time does not seem to have any meaning in this place; even I only have a vague conception of what it is…


I cry out and fall to my knees, clutching my head. This only makes the pain in my head intensify though. I can't stand it! It's too much to bear! What is going on? Why is this happening to me? A thousand questions float through my mind (or maybe they are only the same ones, repeating themselves, I don't know). I wish I could make the pain stop. Flickers of images, things that I could only guess are memories, squeeze themselves through the pain.

A picture of a two-tailed fox...a Kitsune?

A picture of an Echidna, menacing me (playfully?) with his large fist…why was there two large spikes protruding from his knuckles?

A picture of a squirrel…female, I think…she looks pretty…

NO! I cry out again, stopping the flow of images. I don't know these people. What is this? What is happening to me? The pain is too much now, I'm going to faint, or maybe even die, since I'm already in this strange world. Just when I think that I can't handle the pain anymore, it disappears. Confusion sweeps over me as I stand to my feet. Where did the pain go? I didn't actually realize that confusion is the only emotion I've felt so far that hasn't been forced down my throat. I sway gently as I stand. I feel dizzy, but since there is nothing to lean on, I end up back on my knees.

Again I am looking in front of me, but this time something is different. I realize with a start that I can move. It feels as though some barrier that was confining me has disappeared and, along with having these strange visions, I can move as well.

The darkness in front of me ripples, like a huge drop of liquid splashed on it. The ripples catch the light (where did the light come from?) and sparkle. I watch in awe for a few minutes, until I realize that the ripples, instead of getting smaller, are getting larger. The light is getting unbearably bright, and more colors are gradually being added to it. Like a giant prism. I shade me eyes and look away, worrying that I will be blinded by the light.

I had nothing to fear though.

The light soon dulls to a bearable level. I peek between my fingers slowly…

And gasp.

WOW! I stare at what is before me.

A green field, with a beautiful lush forest surrounding it. A small, sparkling stream winds its way through the field, small fish with shiny green-and-blue scales playfully swim and churn the river, while larger, more graceful fish swim majestically through, making sure the smaller fish know who is boss. All throughout the field are beautiful flowers: rose bushes outline the border of the grassy plain, small forget-me-nots wind pretty patterns and outline trails through the field, and bushes of bleeding hearts dot the field, making the field look as though someone had spent years planning every detail. I know that there are many more variations of plantation in the field, but I can not remember their names. I look towards the trees, curious to see if there are more surprises awaiting me there. There are. The trees have small yellow dots on them that, upon closer inspection, turn out to be cute little flowers. What is the name of that type of tree? I remember hearing it once, long ago…la…lab…luburnium? Laburnum… that was it… a laburnum. I blink. What is this place? And why does it feel so familiar?

Green Hill…

The name flitters through my head. Green Hill? I know that name…from somewhere…I don't have any time to brood on it however, because a loud crash interrupts my thoughts. What the…? The crash is accompanied by a huge robotic foot crashing into the field, destroying flowers, killing fish, uprooting the ground, and creating large craters in the ground. I scramble backwards, not realizing that the robot was in the screen and could not get to me. In my panicked flight backwards, I happened to glance upwards into the cockpit of the giant…


I know him. I don't need some delusional images to tell me the horrors he has caused. He was the one who separated my siblings and I from our mother! He was the one who, with his crazy idea of world domination, roboticized a good portion of Mobius! And turned it into Robotropolis! But then…what is he doing here, in this strange world of beauty?

Somehow though, I know the answer. He is destroying Mobotropolis.

A portion of my brain is screaming at me, asking me how I know this, and that such a thing never happened.

Another part of me, a stronger part is telling me the opposite. It DID happen.

Long, long time ago.

I realize this now.

From then on, the screen seems to play in fast motion, but I still catch every detail. First it shows how I, with a few friends, stopped Robotnik and destroyed his machine. Then it shows me how Robotnik came back, bigger and stronger than ever, and with a robotic double of me. Again, we foiled his plans, except this time, I traveled with a certain two-tailed fox. I also noticed that I collected seven emeralds that I used to become the invincible Super Sonic.

Chaos Emeralds, I realize. I see myself and my fox-friend (Tails) as we traveled to a floating Island, no, floating isn't the right word. Flying, now that's more like it. We met a hostile Echidna, who proved to be not only a worthy opponent, but a faithful ally as well. That is, when he found out Robotnik betrayed him. I also found out another interesting fact at that time: I could become Hyper with the miniature Super Emeralds. Even while the real ones were safely stored in the Hidden Palace, on the Floating Isle, with the Master Emerald (this one kept the Island flying). After this long adventure, I see the other freedom fighters (just like my siblings and I are now) and myself, trying to settle down and get some well-earned rest.

This was not to come though.

Only a few weeks later, the Floating Isle crashed into the water, and an 'all new' adventure began with a chaos-hungry water beast. Apparently, Robotnik had been fooling around with ancient echidna history, and in doing so, he released the monster, Chaos. Chaos was a water beast that absorbed the negative energy of the chaos emeralds, the "God of Destruction", as Robotnik, oh-so-lovingly christened him. The screen flashed, showing me as Super Sonic. What? I thought I needed the emeralds' power to-…oh, wait, I can now recall, that in order to reach Super, I had to use the positive energy of the chaos emeralds. It made sense, it battle, we would cancel each other out, but then… wouldn't I be dead? As I watch, I see the positively-charged me and the negatively-charged Perfect Chaos (what the monster became after absorbing all the chaos emeralds: a huge lizard-shaped water demon) engaged in battle in the flooded city of Station Square. Astonishingly, when I won the battle, Chaos and I did not cancel each other out as predetermined, rather, I turned him "good" so that they (Chaos and an ancient echidna, Tikal) could be re-sealed into the Master Emerald. The battle had been taxing, and I don't think I ever looked at water the same way again.

Not even now.

Of course, it didn't take long for Eggman (as we called Dr. Robotnik to spite him) to cook up another plan to destroy me, and get Earth (Mobius was a part of Earth) under his control. He released a strange Hedgehog, who was not who he seemed to be. This Hedgehog matched me in every way, and he wasn't even robotic! This adventure proved to be the most exciting, and emotional, of them all. It led me all over the world, and soon I ended up in outer space. In the end, the Hedgehog learned his true goal, and sacrificed himself to save Mobius. I alone, returned to the spacecraft alive. Now I realized that there was a problem. As I watched the screen, I saw myself and 5 others trying to decide how to get back to Earth. (Eggman and I had reached a temporary truce, since Rouge the bat, his so-called ally, turned out to be a government spy. I think he was just trying to save his own skin.) Suddenly the screen shook, and the entire space colony ARK, along with Earth, was pulled into a black hole.

I think, strangely enough, that the little me on the screen had been killed for sure, but then the screen flickered and changed. I gasp at what I see.

We were alive! The Black Hole turned out to be a giant time warp, which was soon going to warp us back in time. Somehow, the others and I were all aware of this, but none of us knew exactly when the Warp would take us to. Or whether we would remember anything. So taking special care, we hid 6 of the 7 Chaos Emeralds, so we could get them if we ever remembered this. We also hid them so that if we didn't remember anything then we wouldn't accidentally destroy the world with their power.

So, that's what happened. I close my eyes. We were sent back to the time before any of this happened, before I was born. Apparently, when we were sent back we regressed in age, and somehow, Mother became the Queen, instead of King Acorn, and I got a brother and sister. I wonder how the change affected the others. Is Tails OK? Is Knuckles evil? D-did Shadow come back to life?

Somewhere, far-off an alarm sounds.

I open my eyes and look up. Already the world around me is starting to twist and blur. Slowly, the darkness lifts, and brightens. Soon, this will all be just a dream. At least I know what really happened now. I sigh. I guess it's time to wake up now…

Sonic woke up with a small shout, sweaty and slightly unnerved by what had happened. A small whisper escaped his lips…

"I remember…"

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