KG: Hmmm maybe KyuubiGoku should try this. Everyone let us thank the lovely author, PhoenixDiamond for granting KyuubiGoku the all-clear to proceed with this. Oh this might be more fun than my cream-soda filled heart can take.

KG: All for humor and nothing else. Also graciously given the blessing of PhoenixDiamond.

Dear Fans of Fanfiction

Ya know, as I think about it I have to come to the conclusion that you are all disturbed, asshole writers who like nothing more than to make my life a living hell.

It's not even about the fact that so many of you actually seem to want to pair me up with the famous Duck-butt of Konoha, but you also seem to want to pair me with any other guy that suits your fancy.

Ha HA HA! It's so damn funny isn't it? Funny how I'm always forced on my knees to 'beg for it like I know you can, Naru-uke-chan' by Sasuke, Kakashi, Iruka-sensei, Konohamaru, and even Jiji!

What is wrong with you sick, demented people?!

If you people are going to screw with my damn life then can I at least be a damn man about and be attracted to the appropriate gender?! Oh my mistake, I think I was asking for too damn much.

Sorry for wasting your time, DATTEBAYO!

Signed Naruto Uzumaki

P.S. If anyone, and I mean anyone, dares write about me and the Tsuchikage then I will fuckin' shove this Rasengan where the sun don't shine. GOT IT!

KG: Trust me, that NarutoxTsuchikage thing is real dammit. Don't you dare ask me how I know either, but it's REAL and it's fuckin' scary!