KG: Oh great lightning, you popped the ball, way to go.

Lightning: I never wanted to be a part of this.

Sigina: What do we do now?

Ryu: I have another one.

KG: awesome, now then let's take the ball and play volleyball!

KG: All humor and nothing else.

Dear Fans of Fanfiction

Oh I'm sorry I thought I was a human being, not an animal. I thought I had my self-respect, but apparently I was wrong. I'm just a DUMB, PINK-HAIRED HOWLER MONKEY COUNCIL MEMBER!

What did I ever do to any of you fucktards? When did I ever say that I was a council member?

When did I ever shout like a monkey for my supposed hatred of Naruto Uzumaki? I don't know what you people do with your brains, or lack thereof, but I'm sick and tired of you assholes writing me like I just a piece of shit to everyone I meet. I have some nice qualities as well.

I DO NOT HAVE PINK HAIR! I AM NOT NAMED SAKUNO, SAKUYA, or SAKUHA! My name is MEBUKI HARUNO! I have blonde hair dammit! I didn't know that you people were fuckin' color-blind as well. You might want to get yourselves checked for whatever disease your brain seems to have.

I DO NOT CONDONE SAKURA HITTING NARUTO! I do not hate Naruto Uzumaki! Stop writing that I do and that I wish for him to go die in a ditch somewhere. What is wrong with you guys? I didn't even do anything to any of you! I'm not even a council member. Stop writing me in this fuckin' positions. It gets boring assholes.

Let me guess you people suspect that because my daughter has a violent temper then that just means that she got that from me right? Oh yeah, sure whatever. Go fuck off somewhere.

Also would you people make up your minds! Either I'm going to hate Naruto or I'm going to love him. Both of which disturb me down to the very depths of my soul, but I suppose I have no choice, but to submit myself to the whims of you bastards. Especially since I'm MARRIED! I guess that counts for nothing to you people does it? Hmph fuckers.

Sakura's 'inner voice' is not a kekkai genkai and there is no Haruno Clan. Get it through your fucking cement-thick heads!

Signed Mebuki Haruno

P.S. I swear if you people don't stop that Harunocest, Sakura-Mebuki lesbian shit then I'll really show you all something much worse than you could ever imagine! MY FIST!

KG: Yeah well Mebuki, the sins of the daughter are traced to the parent lol. Sorry, but it seems to work most of the time. No excuses HA! It might actually keep happening no matter what you say. But that NarutoxMebuki thing, now that's original.