KG: Alright, I finally got a good one now. Took a little bit, but it seemed to finally work itself out. I guess we'll have our fun with it.

Hayate: I have the ball.

Kasumi: Great. Now then, time for volleyball, DOA-style!

KG: Here we go again.

KG: All humor and nothing else.

Dear Fans of Fanfiction

Okay, I'm a sensible man. I would like to think that I'm fair and I'm even willing to admit my mistakes in the things that I have done, but you're all idiots!

What did I do to be evil? How am I supposed to hate my own son? You really think I'm going to be this tyrant of an asshole that runs Konoha while his son just takes the mess I give him. That doesn't fit me at all!

Oh really? You're all pathetic if you think I would use the Rasengan, an A-rank technique, on Naruto. Really? I actually shoved it up his bum and molested him all in the same day? Are you idiots weak in that upper story that you call your brain? Oh yeah, let me shove a spiraling, grinding ball that can grind the body into dust right into my own son for my own demented pleasure. Oh sure, the woman are just going to be all over me if I do that.

I would not be a mean father. I don't think I am a mean father and I sure won't change just cause you people can't accept that. I'm NEVER going to be evil. I'm NEVER going to molest my son! Get that straight!

Stop acting forcing me to act out your little abuse fantasies. It's not funny, it's not cute, and it's not cool at all.

Grow up. . .jerks.

Signed Minato Namikaze

P.S. I'm still deeply sorry to my son for pushing Kyuubi into him. You really think I would have wanted to put that life on him? I didn't! Oh and since you all seem to be so smart, then what the hell would you have done to defeat the Kyuubi? Oh wait, that's right. You don't have any chakra!

KG: That just takes the whole 'I'll shove this Rasengan where the sun won't shine' to a whole new level. I still get nightmares about that particular story. (Shivers).