A/N Bonjour. So, this is pretty much just something I wanted to do for fun and isn't high up there on the update list. It's a Naruto and slight Tales of Vesperia cross. There is only one character from Tales in this and there will be techniques from the game as well. But other than that it will be all Naruto aside from the occasional reference.

Instead of a dozen chapters of flashbacks I'll just reveal some bits of the past using smaller flashbacks during chapters so the story doesn't become stagnant.

If you haven't played a Tales game before, don't read this, go get your ass on that instead! They're much better than anything I could write anyways.

Tales techniques will be in bold.

Naruto is older than canon and everyone else is Shippuden age.

Due to a certain person's influence, Kumo never tried to kidnap a Hyuga.

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*A grassy field near a forest, unknown country*

A middle aged man with grayish brown hair in a spiky ponytail could be seen lying in the middle of a grassy field. He was dressed in an odd purple coat with a lighter purple shirt under it and a pair of black pants that oddly puffed out near the ankles. It seemed as though he had been peacefully sleeping in that spot for hours and would not be getting up any time soon. This illusion was quickly broken when, at the sound of a twig snapping nearby, the man bolted upright and aimed his oddly shaped bow at a small child who had run into the field.

"Hey there kiddo. It's dangerous for a young lad like you to be out here by yerself." The strange man said as he lowered his bow, the child merely looked at him in shock before fearfully covering himself and starting to cry. Cursing at himself for upsetting the kid, the strange man soon got up and went to the child's side. "Now now kiddo, no need to cry." He said in a surprisingly gentle voice. "Now how's about you tell ol'Raven why you're out here all alone?"

"B-bandits have my village hostage…" The child muttered out before bursting into tears again.

"Hmm, well that won't do. I'll go give them a stiff talking to." The strange man said as he comforted the child with a soft pat to the head and a goofy smile. Before the child could respond, the now named Raven walked towards the village (easily finding the trail of broken twigs and bent grass the child left in his escape).

*Village square, a short time later*

"That's all of them boss." A large and rather ugly thug said to a slimy looking man in an expensive suit. Within the heart of this village, the villagers were all tied up and surrounded by thirty or so armed thugs who took a sick pleasure in seeing the fear in their victims' eyes.

"Good. Soon the cages will be ready and we can take this new batch out to sell. After having a bit of fun, of course." The slimy looking man said as he ogled a few of the younger girls.

"You know, there is just so much wrong in that sentence. Didn't your dad ever teach you how to romance a girl?" A lazy sounding voice echoed out as everyone who could, turned to look at an odd man in purple lazily walking towards the mass of humanity.

"Who the fuck are you?" the 'boss' said with disgust in his every syllable. Even in his disgust, he eyed the strange looking bow the man had…

"Me? Just an old man who knows how to treat a lady… unlike you Mr. Fancypants. But I guess the rest of you can call me Raven." The man said with a large smile.

"Get rid of him." The thug boss said as he made an arrogant waving motion at the strange man known as Raven; even if he lost a few thugs, there was always more. Half a dozen of the closest thugs heeded his call and ran towards the still smiling Raven.

"You know, I wonder how I should punish this Crime." Raven said in a cheerful tone before, with a smooth and singular movement, he drew his bow and simultaneously fired six arrows that found a new place within the throat or face of the approaching thugs.

"GET HIM!" The thug boss said in a panic as he recovered from the shock of what he had just seen. From the skills Raven had shown he could only be a shinobi… But he had never heard of one using a bow of all things… The thugs on the other hand, grew angered at the loss of their own and figured that if they could get close, then this bow wielder would be screwed. He couldn't hit them all could he? As one, they charged while howling a battle cry reminiscent of feral animals.

"I wonder if their voices can ever reach the Azure Heavens." Raven said with a bit of melancholy as he fired an odd glowing arrow into the sky. A few of the thugs laughed, thinking the man had finally lost it, only to be surprised as a hail of arrows fell down upon them. This unexpected attack tore through the horde as each arrow found a place to rest within a once living thug. As everyone was distracted by the nonchalant slaughter of the thugs, Raven himself muttered out Glimmer of Heaven and fired another oddly glowing arrow into the sky.

"W-who the hell are you!?" The thug boss asked as he felt himself rooted in place by fear. Fear of this cheerfully smiling man who, using a weapon most would have disregarded as obsolete and near useless, slaughtered his group of thugs as easily as a harsh wind blows away leaves.

"Hey, it's rude to forget someone's name so easily!" Raven said with mock indignation as he approached the center of the square where the amazed hostages were.

"H-here! Take it! Take all of it! Just let me live!" The thug boss said as he threw a fat bag filled with ryo and jewels at Raven's feet. Raven stopped in his tracks and quickly grabbed the bag to inspect its contents.

"Thanks a bunch. I needed this!" Raven cheerfully said as he turned around and started to leave, much to the dismay of the still tied up villagers. "Oh! Before I forget! You should look up." Raven said with a final look and smile as he turned for a brief moment.

"Wha-" The thug boss said before he looked up as a single arrow pierced the middle of his forehead and relieved him of his mortal coil. As Raven continued lazily walking away, he saw the young child he had met earlier. Standing as still as a statue after having seen someone he thought was probably just some bum annihilate the entire group that had captured his village.

"Hey kiddo, I think you should go untie everyone before they get too uncomfortable." Raven calmly said as he gave the kid a pat on the head and continued on his way. 'Damn. I am just too good.' Raven smugly thought to himself as he disappeared into the forest. It was about time he dug up some info on just where the bloody hell he was. He didn't recognize this place at all! Something like that should be nigh impossible considering his feet had left imprints pretty much everywhere on Terca Lumireis…

*Six months later, a small bar in Yugakure*

Raven was calmly sipping some incredibly good sake he had gotten as thanks for dealing with some thugs trying to rob the bar he was now in. As he savored the flavor, he thought back on the past half year. He had found that he was no longer on Terca Lumireis. Instead he was in some place called the Elemental Nations, a place that was even more screwed up than his home world considering all the things he had seen and heard. He had learned that the people here used some strange thing called 'chakra' instead of aer as a power source for their techniques. The other thing he had learned was the reason why he was able to travel and live rather well; this world was constantly on the brink of or in a war which led to an incredible hunger for information… 'I love being an old hand at the spy game sometimes.'

"What he's having barkeep." Said a rather tall man that had just taken the empty seat next to Raven; the man was certainly odd looking with his Kabuki styled clothing and long white, spiky hair held in a ponytail. "I'm sorry. I forgot to ask if this seat is taken?" The man genially said to Raven.

"Not at all. Besides, it gets rather boring drinking by yerself. Too bad you aren't a comely maiden though." Raven replied.

"If comely maidens are what you're looking for, well I know all the best peep holes in the hot springs around here." The white haired man said with a wiggle of his eyebrows. At this Raven stopped his drink midway to his mouth and looked at the man. An intense stare off happened that immediately set everyone on edge as they felt themselves in the presence of two powerful beings about to engage in a glorious battle…

"I can tell we're going to be great friends." Or not. At Raven's beyond happy response, all who were listening in (sans the Kabuki man) face faulted.

"Well then, let's go see some of Kami's gift to the world!" The Kabuki man said as he grabbed the bottle of sake he had ordered and got up to leave.

"By the way stranger, the name's Raven." Raven said as he held out his hand for a handshake.

"And I am the gallant Jiraiya!" Jiraiya said as he grasped Raven's hand with his own. Both not realizing the brotherhood of perverseness that would come from this meeting…

*A year later, a small dango stand in Kawa no Kuni*

Raven was enjoying some dango and tea as he waited for Jiraiya to arrive. A few days ago he had received a hastily written message from one of the man's toad summons that gave him directions to this dango stand and begged him to come. Raven would have come anyways since, while neither would ever admit it, they had become like brothers over the past year. Both were spymasters, perverts and could understand the complexity that was loving someone that didn't quite feel the same way... It was nice to finally have someone around his own age that he could relate to.

But right now, Raven was worried. Jiraiya was a goofy bastard that was almost never serious and certainly never frantic… Whatever it was that could rattle him this much was certainly not good… After waiting for a few more moments, Raven finally saw a haggard Jiraiya arrive.

"Jiraiya? What happened to you?"

"He's gone Raven. Minato's gone…" Jiraiya's broken tone rang out as he sat near a shocked speechless Raven.


"Not here. Follow me." Jiraiya said as he stood and left. Raven quickly followed, wondering on how to help his first real friend in this new world.

*Nearby clearing*

"… So a masked man attacked, released that Kyuubi thing and Minato and his wife fell sealing the beast into their child?" Raven summarized what Jiraiya (who only numbly nodded) had told him. "I'm sorry for your loss Jiraiya. I know how much Minato meant to you."

"Thanks. But, I can mourn later." Jiraiya said as he gave Raven the most serious look he had ever seen on the gama sennin. "Raven, I need to call in a massive favor."

"…What's the favor?" Raven responded somewhat hesitantly. After all, it was stupid to accept every favor presented. Jiraiya responded by making several hand signs and thrusting his palm onto the ground. As the smoke from the summoning cleared, it revealed a heavily armored battle toad holding a small bundle. Jiraiya then took the bundle, and after offering his thanks, dismissed the toad.

"I need you to take care of Minato's child, Naruto." Jiraiya said as he presented the small bundle to Raven.

"… You're joking right?"

"No. As much as I love sensei, I know he won't be able to keep watch over him. You've heard of what happens to jinchuuriki's… So please, take care of him for me."

"Why can't you do it?"

"I won't have the time since Konoha is in such shambles and I don't know anyone else who could handle this as well as you. So please…" At the final please, Jiraiya bowed his head.

"… Kami dammit. You better help pay for baby supplies." Raven finally relented as he took hold of the bundle and looked at the small child slumbering inside. Bright blonde hair, six whisker marks and cute chubby cheeks filled his vision as he wondered what the hell he had just agreed to…

*Sixteen years later, a beautiful meadow on the outskirts of Hi no Kuni*

"You aren't dissuading me from this uncle Jiraiya." A decently tall for his age blonde boy said. He was garbed nearly exactly as the man he had called father (having adopted the look in honor of the man). The only difference being that his pants were standard shinobi pants instead of those odd puffy ones his father Raven had preferred.

"I know Naruto. But, I doubt you want to leave before I give you this." At 'this' Jiraiya had thrown Naruto a scroll filled with items Raven had entrusted to the gama sennin in case of his untimely demise. "It's everything he wanted you to have. Including his special bow."

"Thank you uncle." Naruto said quietly as he tightly gripped the scroll, as if it was the greatest treasure to ever exist.

"Take care of yourself Naruto. And know that you can always call on me. We're family after all." Jiraiya called out as the blonde young man gave a soft nod and then left the meadow that had become sanctified by housing the remains of the man who had the biggest hand in making him who he is.

The man who's kindness and cheer helped make his life so bright.

The man that was a legend in his own right.

The man that he would always proudly claim as his father.


*2 Years later, a bar in Kaminari no Kuni*

Naruto had aged well in the eighteen years he had been alive. He stood at a good five foot eleven inches and was solidly built with lean muscle. His chiseled face and azure eyes made women blush the moment he came into their field of view. He also wore his hair in a short spiky ponytail reminiscent of Raven's signature hairdo. And his easygoing and cheerful manner certainly helped in making sure he made both his father and uncle proud…

Naruto was currently in this small bar to meet up with some shinobi from Kumo who would then take him to see the Raikage. Naruto didn't understand why the Raikage was so distrustful of him; after all, they had been personally dealing with one another since he took over his father's contacts a few years ago. And even before that the Raikage, both the sandaime and yondaime, had dealings with his father… 'Ah well. At least he pays well.'

"Shut the hell up Omoi!" Was suddenly heard as a silver haired and dark skinned young man was violently punched through the door of the establishment. At this, Naruto smiled widely as he instantly knew who it would be escorting him.

"Not cool Karui." A cool and stoic tone said as a tall blonde woman with an incredibly generous bust said as she entered the bar.

"Hey! He called me flatchested again! Blame him not me Samui!" An angry girl with vivid red hair and dark skin yelled as she also entered the bar. She was followed by an incredibly large dark skinned man with shades and seven swords strapped to his back. He was softly chuckling at his student's actions and at what was about to occur…

"I-I just thought it was weird your shoulders hurt when you had such a flatchest." Omoi said with honest confusion from his position on the ground. Obviously not knowing when to stay quiet.

"Why you-"

"I wondered who A-kun would be sending to escort me. He certainly didn't disappoint." A deep and smooth voice cheerfully said as the two kunoichi of the team froze and slowly looked at the source. Their thoughts were confirmed when they saw Naruto happily waving at them as he sipped his sake. "Hey. Been a while."

"N-Naruto." Karui muttered out in greeting as she hastily looked away with an embarrassed blush blooming on her face as she berated herself for acting this way in front of the whiskered blonde.

"Naruto-kun." Samui said with a touch of gentleness in her tone before she glared at her sniggering sensei who had not informed them of the person they were meeting…

"Hey bro." Omoi and Killer Bee both said in unison. Although one was picking himself off the floor while the other was chuckling.

"So, wanna drink? Or should we head out?" The clearly amused Naruto said as he eyed his friends.

"Unfortunately big bro wants us to show, so we have to go." Killer Bee said with a bit of sadness. This little bar was famous for the quality of its sake…

"Ah. Lead the way then." Naruto said as he finished his drink, paid his tab and for the broken door (much to Karui's embarrassment).

*Road to Kumo*

"So how have you all been?" Naruto cheerfully said to his companions.

"Could be better. Karui keeps punching me through stuff. I don't know why though…" Omoi said before starting to ponder on Karui's actions. Around him, a deadpan stare was his only response.

"I was promoted to jonin a few months back." Samui said in order to get the conversation back on track.

"Really? That's awesome Samui-chan!" Naruto said as he gave the girl a tight hug that she happily returned with a blush on her face. Karui could only grit her teeth in jealousy.

"What about you? Anything interesting happen with you?" Omoi asked as he snickered at Karui's jealousy.

"Not really. Just the usual stuff. Although I did help the priestess of Oni no Kuni fight a giant demon. That was fun." Naruto casually said as everyone stopped to look at him. "What?"

"Not giving details is uncool." Samui said simply as her team nodded.

"Well if you say so Samui-chan. It all started when I was wandering around a forest and was then mistaken for a bodyguard…"




"…and that's about it." Naruto finished with a thinking tone.

"…Naruto-kun?" Karui said with a sickly sweet voice as a massive tic mark appeared on both her and Samui's heads. Off to the side, Killer Bee and Omoi had shoved their knuckles into their mouths to help hold in the laughter.

"Yes Karui-chan?" Naruto answered with a smile.

"Why did you accept that hussy's- I mean that woman's offer to help 'pass down her powers to the next generation'?"

"Well, Shion-chan is a friend. And I always help my friends." Naruto said with a nod and a shrug as both Omoi and Bee finally lost it and fell down laughing. They knew Naruto would not notice the hole he dug himself into until it was too late…

"Not cool." Samui said as she slugged Naruto in the gut and walked off.

"ARGH!" Naruto yelled out as he fell to his knees in pain. He then looked up as Karui offered him a hand. "Thank you Kar-" Naruto started before his outstretched hand was roughly grabbed and he was thrown onto his back in a painful judo throw.

"Hmph. You owe Samui and me dinner." Karui said simply as she walked towards a nodding Samui.

"S-sure." Naruto weakly said from the floor as he raised a shaky thumbs up. Bee and Omoi were now laughing even harder as they proclaimed Naruto their favorite entertainment.

It's good to have friends who care.

*Outside the Raikage's office, sometime later*

"Mabui-chaaaaaan!" Naruto happily yelled as he enveloped the beautiful older woman in a tight hug. B and his team having left earlier since they had other duties to attend to.

"It's good to see you too Naruto-kun. Now, could you let me go?" Mabui said as she was starting to feel embarrassed at such an open display of affection. If only they had met somewhere a bit more private…

"Why Mabui-chan? Is my body no longer good enough for you? I understand… I guess I've let myself go…" Naruto said with mock sadness as Mabui's faced burned a charming scarlet. Before she could respond, however, the door to the Raikage's office was opened as A himself came upon the scene.

"… Just get in my damned office." He said simply before closing the door. Mabui was now completely mortified as Naruto let her go and started to walk towards the office door.

"Oh right!" Naruto said to himself as he quickly turned and reappeared next to Mabui. "Nearly forgot." Naruto then softly kissed Mabui's cheek before entering the Raikage's office. Leaving a near catatonic from embarrassment Mabui in his wake. It wouldn't be until an hour or so later that she noticed the small gift bag Naruto left her with both a coupon for a day at a nearby spa and a bottle of high quality sake inside of it.

*Raikage's office*

"You took your sweet damn time." A angrily said as he eyed the standing blonde. It amazed A at just how similar the blonde was to his father. If they were similar strength wise as well then A was glad he had decided to be in business with the two.

"A man must always take care of a lady first and foremost." Naruto replied simply. "And Mabui-chan is one hell of a lady." Naruto finished with a bright smile.

"… I'm going to get down to business before I end up killing you." A said as he rubbed the bridge of his nose. He could only thank Kami above that the blonde didn't rap. Otherwise he may go on a killing spree… "Now, I'm in need of your services for a very delicate matter."

"Oh? And what could this matter be A-kun?" Naruto said with a mischievous glint in his eye. He loved playing poke the bear with insanely strong shinobi.

"Tch. Impudent brat. I need you to go to Nami no kuni. It has the potential to become a major hub for trade and ever since Mizu no kuni became embroiled in the civil war of its hidden village, Kumo has been suffering a bit…" A said gravely.

"Ah, so you want me to go there and persuade them to give Kumo a try. Seems simple enough. Which begs the question, why bother hiring me?" Naruto said with a serious expression.

"Because Nami is right next to Hi no Kuni and while we may be on somewhat good terms with them, a group of Kumo shinobi appearing there would make more than a few people tense."

"So you may as well take the safe route and use a 'trusted' but technically unaffiliated person like me huh. Especially since, due to my near constant travels, no one would ever question why I would suddenly appear really, anywhere." Naruto said with a predatory smile.

"Yes. So, will you do it?"

"It'll cost you an arm and a leg considering distance and the whole delicacy thing." Naruto said with a kind smile as he knew he could jack up the price.

"When don't you overcharge me brat? The only reason I pay is because you get the job done." 'And do insanely good work…' but it hurt to even admit that much in his head so A sure as hell wouldn't say it out loud. If only he were a shinobi under his command… He could force him to work and beat some respect into him.

"Hey, quality is expensive A-kun. So what's the time frame on this?"

"You need to leave by tomorrow morning at the latest. Report back as soon as you reach a favorable agreement."

"Tomorrow morning? Damn. Karui and Samui won't be happy. Ah well, I'll deal with that when I return. I should visit Yugito-chan tonight though." Naruto thought aloud, perfectly aware of A's irritation at the names he mentioned but ignoring it because it was funny. It should be noted that the reason A did not trust nor like Naruto very much was because of his overprotective tendencies as a father. His daughter Karui, both his nieces Samui and Yugito and even his baby cousin Mabui had fallen for the bastard. Why Kami? He thought he had managed to scare off anyone stupid enough to dare try to sully his little angels but then this blonde gigolo comes along…

"I'm gonna kill you one day Naruto." A said through gritted teeth as Naruto headed for the door.

"Meh, I know you love me. Well, at the very least Karui, Samui, Mabui and Yugito do. Hehehe..." Naruto said with joy as he quickly moved out of the way of the very large dumbbell that flew uncomfortably close to his head. Naruto made sure he left the building rather quickly after that. A had stupidly good aim with those dumbbells…

*Streets of Kumo*

'I wonder where he could be right now. Does he think of me often? If at all?' Was the thoughts of a blonde haired kunoichi as she walked to her apartment. This was the jinchuuriki of the Nibi, Yugito Nii.

"You know kitten, you should just tie him up and lock him away in your bedroom. I'm sure you could turn him into your love slave given enough time. Fufufufu…" A smooth seductive voice purred out as Yugito's cheeks started to redden. Nibi had been generous enough to provide images of the things a dominate Yugito could do to a tied up Naruto…

'Nibi!' Yugito spluttered out as she tried to avoid making a scene as passerby's looked at her oddly.

"What? You humans are so finicky. You love that slab of sexy man meat right?"


"Then proclaim him as your mate and give me some hot action to watch and some kittens to dote on!"

'It isn't that simple… Karui, Samui and Mabui have a thing for him too…'

"… Then share him. Problem solved." Yugito could only stop mid-step as she heard Nibi's reply. Her mind having frozen at the suggestion before she started to think on it a little seriously…

"You have a seriously cute thinking face, Yugi-chan." A husky voice suddenly said in her ear as she jumped several feet in shock and turned in mid-air (silently thanking Nibi for the agility boost) before landing gracefully to stare into the amused face of the man that was constantly on her mind. "Yo."

"N-Naruto-kun! W-when did you get here?" 'Stupid Nibi! Filling my head with dirty thoughts! Now I'm so nervous…'

"Hey, you say that now but when you're touching yourself later you'll thank me for these images."

"Well I got a job from A-kun and I have to leave tomorrow for it. So I figured I would see you before going." Naruto said with a foxy grin that made even Nibi blush and allowed Yugito a chance to get her mind back on track to the current situation.


"Well yeah. Now come on, there's a new place I want to try." Naruto said as he grabbed the blushing girl's hand and ran off towards a restaurant. It would be a wonderful night for Yugito as she would lord this 'date' over her competition (Karui, Samui and Mabui) for weeks to come. Although Nibi would complain that she should have pushed Naruto down and had her way with him…

*Several days later, Shores of Nami no Kuni*

Naruto had just arrived on the coast thanks to the help of a fishing vessel that agreed to smuggle him into the country. Now he was wondering on just how the hell he was going to convince this country to enter a trade agreement with Kumo… Deciding to shelve that for later, Naruto decided he may as well find a place to stay.




Naruto had become lost as he wandered through the forest. He was currently wondering on why he hadn't asked for directions from the helpful fisherman that brought him to this country. 'Eh, I'll run into someone eventually. Hopefully it'll be a pretty girl.' Naruto finally concluded as his thoughts became reality a few moments later as he came upon the sight of a pretty young woman in a pink kimono that seemed to be picking herbs. Naruto had a sneaking suspicion on who this lovely damsel was and decided to test out his theory…

"HEY TRAP-KUN!" He yelled loudly at the now startled woman who jumped up and sent several senbons at his general direction in reflex. Naruto nimbly dodged them with a smile on his face as his suspicions proved right.

"Dammit Naruto! Why do you keep calling me that!?"

"Because you're a guy who's prettier than most women?" Naruto responded as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.



"Well you are Haku. Make peace with it." Naruto said sagely as Haku tried not to facepalm. It was always an ordeal dealing with Naruto… Then again, childhood friends were often like that.

"What are you doing here Naruto?" Haku finally sighed out in defeat.

"Eh, got a job for Kumo. You?"

"Some scumbag hired us to take out a bridge builder. Although that bridge builder managed to get backup…" Haku said sadly before a hopeful spark came into his eyes. "Say Naruto-kun, would you like to help out a childhood friend?" Haku said with a charming smile that in no way should be on a man's face. Naruto merely sighed. Why did he make friends with people who knew how to manipulate him?

XX Omake: Shion's offer XX

Naruto and Shion stood together on top of a mountain, overlooking the destroyed remains of what had once been the demon of Oni no Kuni. Both looked ragged and roughed up but they had incredibly happy grins on their faces.

"Well that was fun." Naruto said with a stupid grin as he had gotten to cut loose on a powerful enemy for the first time in a while.

"You have a strange definition of 'fun' Naruto-kun." Shion said with a sweatdrop. Then again, for the entire time she had known the purple wearing blonde, he had always been strange…

"Well my other definition of 'fun' shouldn't be said in public." Naruto said with a shrug as Shion's face became red at realizing the meaning behind his words.

"…W-well, can I ask something of you Naruto-kun?"


"Oni no Kuni still needs a priestess for the next generation, so would you like to help pass down my powers to the next generation?" Shion asked before turning away with a blush.

"Of course!" Naruto instantly replied as he gave her a thumbs up.

Around the world, many women suddenly became filled with rage and destroyed the nearest purple or bright yellow object around them.

In Heaven, Raven wept in joy as his son made him proud once again.


A/N So, How'd you like my little vanity project? I tried to blend Raven's personality in with Naruto's and got a slightly pervy, but ever cheerful flirt. A flirt that can become deadly serious and will tear your goddamn head off if the need appears.

Naruto's fighting style will be a lot like Raven's with the occasional jutsu thrown in and a few surprises... So yeah, badass Naruto.

What couldn't Jiraiya dissuade Naruto from?

How the hell does Naruto know all these people?

How many women will Naruto charm?

Stay tuned to find out.

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