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Chapter 1: Goodbye's are never easy

Harry walked outside, his cloak blowing behind him from the small cold wind. He stared up at the sky, sighing to himself. All Dumbledore had taught him, all the power he possessed, he thought that it would make him feel more.confident, and less afraid. But it didn't, it increased his fear and made him feel different. He scanned the grounds; people were walking around, chatting calmly with each other. Christmas break was due to start in three days and people were enjoying themselves outside. Harry was rather happy, for once. Nothing absolutely crazy had happened to him this year. He had joined the order, and been dubbed the most powerful wizard on earth.he had been trained to use wandless magic and to use advanced spells that only Aurors knew. He was the only student that had been accepted. Suddenly a high-pitched scream echoed through the night. Harry turned quickly around and saw a group of about 10 death eaters storming across the grounds. He growled under his breath and shot a curse backwards, closing the great hall doors. He charged forward and blew about four of the death eater's sky high with a curse Sirius had taught him. The death eaters split up, at least the remaining six. Two went towards the great hall, two into the forest, by Hagrid's house and two towards the green houses. Harry sped off after the ones heading towards the green houses. When he arrived they had cornered two students, who were, to his surprise, Slyhterins. Harry was even more surprised when he discovered it was Pansy Parkinson and Draco Malfoy. The leading death eater pointed his wand at Malfoy and Harry fired a spell. The death eater froze. The other turned, just in time to see Harry fire that same spell at him. Once both of them were frozen Harry told Draco to tie them up. He nodded and smiled at Harry, beginning to tie the two men up. Harry shook off his confusion and headed back towards the grounds. Then he spotted Voldemort; he was holding his wand at Dean and Parvati. Harry paled and ran forward

"Let them go Voldemort!"

Harry spat. Voldemort turned around and smiled

"Ah, Harry Potter, long time no see! I'm glad you showed up, you see I want to make you an offer."

His smile widened

"Join me Potter, leave Dumbledore"

Harry glared at him


He said in a deathly quiet whisper. Voldemort sighed

"All right then, if that is your choice.AVADA KADAVERA!"

The curse shot forward and hit Dean; he fell to the floor dead. Parvati screamed, then Voldemort killed her too. Harry watched in horror.


He yelled, running towards his friends. Voldemort chuckled

"That's not the half of it, by now my death eaters will have killed off that stupid giant, this is just a warning, but if you never fall to my wishes, they will keep dying."

Then Voldemort turned and ran off, disappearing into the forest. Harry was bending over Parvati and Dean who were both lying dead before him. He turned towards the forest and saw a large bump on the ground just outside Hagrid's hut. A wave of sadness overtook him, but he didn't cry, he wouldn't cry. He stood up and ran towards the castle. He kicked the doors open after undoing his spell and sped past all the students and teachers, watching him in shock. He made it to the tower and shouted the password. Once inside his dorm he packed up all his things. His mind was made up; he wasn't going to live as a wizard, not with his history or his memories. He took out his broom and his cloak and shrunk the trunk so it would fit in his pocket. He shoved it in his pocket, opened the window, mounted his broom, threw his cloak over himself and sped out of the window, away from Hogwarts. ~*~ He landed outside of a town and removed his cloak. He shrunk it and his broom and put them both into his small trunk. He put his wand and his trunk in his pockets and turned into the small, fluffy black puppy he always became. He waddled into the town, looking for a safe place to stay. After a while a girl that looked to be about his age picked him up.

"Oh, you're so cute! Are you lost?"

Harry licked her hand and she giggled

"Well, you can come home with me"

She scratched his ear and carried him off towards her house. After a few weeks Harry figured out that the girl (Emma) was a witch that graduated from Durmstrang only last year. She lived alone and she seemed to be the perfect person for him to stay with.

(I know this chapter it really short! But It had to be, the following chapters don't tie to it at all! I promise the rest will be longer! I'll have another chapter up soon! ~ Kay)