Chapter 20: The end

Harry landed in Remus's flat and sighed. It was really over, Hogwarts was over, his school years were over, and he was about to start it off as a real wizard. Not that he would do it alone...he glanced at Remus, Sirius, and Daniel who were staring at him.


He asked, raising an eyebrow

"We know it's hard Harry, you should have seen us our last day"

Remus said. Sirius snorted

"Mcgonagall was bawling, even though we drove her nuts she really loved us. Lily was crying, James looked as though the world had ended. He had to drag Cassi out of the common room. Everyone was hysterical. So we blew up a few things as a good-bye present and the teachers laughed, it was great"

He said.

"But after we left, life was just as good. Lily and James got married, we worked, but we also had a great time doing many things we couldn't do at Hogwarts, trust me, you'll love it"

Remus said, grinning. Harry nodded and followed Daniel to his new room

"We didn't work to much on it since you'll be moving out as soon as we get back"

He said

"No problem Danny"

Harry said, taking out his trunk and enlarging it. He leaned his brooms against the wall and turned around.

"I guess I should get a hold of Ron and tell him what time we'll be picking him up tomorrow"

Harry said, walking out of the room and towards the fireplace. He tossed some powder in


Suddenly Ron's head appeared in the fire

"Couldn't wait to see me again could you?"

Ron asked grinning

"Stuff it. We'll be at your house at nine, be ready, all right?"

"No problem Harry"

Ron said, winking then disappearing

"And WHY are we bringing that dip shit along?"

Sirius asked, entering the room. Daniel chuckled and tossed a pillow at him. Harry rolled his eyes

"You love Ron, admit it, he's just like you, except a red head"

Sirius grinned

"Yep, thaws why I called him a dip shit"

"So now you refer to yourself through Harry's friends?"

Remus asked, smiling

"Are you calling ME a dip shit?"

Harry snorted and walked into the kitchen. A butterbeer was sitting un- opened on the counter. He grabbed it

"I'm having this butterbeer!"

Harry shouted, opening it and taking a sip

"Be my guest!"

Came Remus' reply. Harry rolled his eyes and re-entered the living room. He sat on the floor beside the fire place

"So, where do we go first?"

"Canada...then America, it'll take us a while there, so then we'll high tail it back here and buy you a flat!"


Suddenly the fire place came to life and a body shot out of it, spraying dust all over the room


Harry looked up, it was Cassi

"I hate floo powder!"

"What on earth are you doing here?"

Sirius asked, dusting himself off

"Oh, I came to say good-bye one more time!"

She cried


She hugged Remus, Daniel, and Harry. Kissed Sirius, then disapparated.

"Why didn't she aparate in the first place?"

Harry asked

"Don't ask me how that crazy woman's mind works"

Sirius grumbled, rolling his eyes. Harry grinned. The group spent the rest of the day chatting about nothing, and Harry went to bed early that night. As his eyes closed his thoughts drifted over his life at Hogwarts and a smile grew on his face

"I'll go back"

He whispered, before falling asleep.

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