Chapter 26: The End

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Seth's POV

"Drew?" I ask, glancing at her.

"The road!" she yells even though I didn't swerve in the least. Sighing, I keep quiet. It was all in a matter of seconds...

Not to disappoint, Drew slams the front door loudly. "Can we talk?" I voice quietly. She turns with fury in her step, causing me to back up. "Look, Drew, I'd never - I am sorry about the team. I didn't think."

"No Seth, you didn't and because of that they think I'm just the moody pregnant lady who thinks she know soccer," Drew cocks out a hip. I look her over, wondering exactly what I'm supposed to do.

"No you aren't. You are the hot soccer soon-to-be mom who has serious skills," those words should not be in the same sentence, but they are for Drew.

"Now that's promising. I have a bunch of high schoolers ogling over me," Drew plops down in a chair. All this stuff she doesn't even care about. We are just skirting around the main topic.

"That and you have me, your husband," I remind her as if she can forget. She smiles weakly and runs a hand through her hair.

"Seth, I was going overboard earlier. You'll be a great dad, a crazy, childish dad, but a great one. Just...just promise me I won't end up being the bad cop," Drew worries. I am surprised by her confidence in me. Bad cop? How could I ever l pose her as that?

"I promise," I say, taking her hand in mine. A smile comes onto her face. After our showers, we unroll the useless huge comforter. Ever since Drew has gotten pregnant, she claims I make her way too hot when we sleep. Sometimes it's so bad that I have to go to the couch. I don't mind because it's not often, but ever since then we lost the comforter.

I climb into bed to find Drew staring at me blushing. "Why don't you ever sleep shirtless anymore?" she questions. She'll flip when she finds out. Watching my expression, Drew slides into bed.

I blurt, "You drool." Her jaw drops and her hand flies to her mouth. "No! It's adorable, but I don't notice it as much when I have a shirt on."

"Oh and that's supposed to make me feel better? Since when did this start?" Drew says, dumbfounded. I chuckle at her expression and her outrage like she did some crime.

"The first time you got pregnant," I shrug like it's not big deal and turn out the lights to lie down. Drew stays sitting there. "Baby, it's not that bad."

" snore," she points out. My eyebrows rise.

"I do?"

"No," she huffs, looking defeated. Instead of laying her head on my chest like normal, Drew turns the other way.

I flip her around so she's forced to look me in the eyes. "I want your drool on my chest every night so you better get comfy," I demand. Shooting me glances she settles back on my chest and snuggles into my side. I love this feeling. It's like my whole world had stopped. It actually had. Drew and our little baby. They are my entire world. And they're stopped, held still in my arms.


"Emily! Please, please, please help me," I whined, pulling her to the side of First Beach. Her eyes wandered on her baby until Sam came to her. Drew stomped after us, in a much slower pace. I offered to help or even carry her, but she wouldn't let me.

"What do you need?" Emily asked once Drew was over. Drew was seven months pregnant and huge. I looked to her, telling her to speak. She sniffed and looked away. I sighed.

"Drew thinks I won't, uh, have…"

"He won't have sex with me because I'm huge!" Drew threw her hands up. Yeah. That. Emily's mouth fell open. I growled. That was not it at all. I just haven't been in the mood for sex for the last four days: bite me.

"Seth!" Emily scolded. I knew what was coming. "You know that woman's sexual needs increase during pregnancy. I'm surprised; I thought you'd do anything for Drew. You won't get much time for this after, so I'd use it wisely."

"That's not it!" I protested.

"Drew, I love you, but please go to anyone else for this," Sam begs. Emily shoots him a glare and he shuts up.

"I'm so tired by the time I get home," I defend. I've been doing double shifts in hopes to actually buy the stroller Drew wants without the Cullen's insisting on giving us boatloads of money.

I love them, I really do, but I am fully capable of supporting our family. Despite my wishes, Drew let's Alice go shopping and pay for things for her. We aren't poor. We aren't rich. I don't see why they have to bud in so much.

"Then take a day off," Emily advises. I glare at her. They know how I feel about getting extra money. "Okay...Sam do you think you could fill in for one of his patrols?"

"But -," Sam protests, his face forming into disgust. I wouldn't want to personally plan time for my sister to get laid either. Emily bats her eyes. That's a win for her. "Seth, I'll tell Jake that you need to skip tomorrow." I nod and follow Drew into the living room. I pick up little Sammy immediately and sit on the couch. He is so much bigger now and squirms from my lap. Sammy ends up sitting between Drew and I.

"Hey little guy," I smile. He frowns. "Big guy," I correct. "We are going to have one of you soon."

"Unless it's a girl," Drew reminds me. I frown at her. She really wants a baby girl and sometimes I worry it is just to get over our Sarah. I on the other hand am dying for a boy. We'd go on fishing trips and go hunting, even though I never really loved those thing. It was something I always did with my dad just to be around him.

"You can't have one of me," he defends himself.

"You wanna bet?" I say before tackling him into a tickle war. His little giggles are so adorable. Sammy's fingers are actually a threat. Spending time with him makes me so anxious to finally have a baby of our own.

Emily clears her throat, getting my attention. "Seth," she says. "Didn't you mention going to visit Jared and Kim."

"No," I said too quickly. They aren't my favorite people to visit for obvious reasons. Emily makes a face.

Sometimes she treats the boys in the pack like they are all her kids and when somebody says something bad about the other, she's gotta step in. "Jared and Kim are ALWAYS going at it and don't think to stop until we are at their doorstep. It's gross!"

"Seth, you are an adult now. I'm sure you can put up with it for the minute of walking there," Drew scoffs, pulling my hand. "I'll see you later Sammy!"

Then I remember why I am supposed to bring Drew to their house! Of course...

"No!" Sammy stomps a foot. "Don't leave or I am going to shoot you." He makes a cute hand gun and pretends to aim. "I'm warning you...too late! Boom!" Drew and I both pretend to be injured as we limp out laughing. He doesn't take much easily. It's all got to go to Sammy's guidelines. Just like his daddy.

"What do you think of names?" I ask hesitantly. She eyes me suspiciously. The doctor advised us not to think about names up until Drew was a week away from her due date to help ease the pain invade we were unlucky and got another miscarriage.

"Seth," Drew warns.

"I know, I know. I have a good feeling about this little feller," I rest my free hand on her stomach. It's so big now. There is no way a little girl can take up that much room. "If it's a girl, her name should be special. Exotic."

"Why not an exotic boy name?" Drew laughs.

"No. That's just odd. Unless it has some cool story behind it," I nod and begin blasting the music.

"What are you doing?" Drew yells, covering her ears as she turns it lower, but I turn it back up.

"When the baby comes, we can't blast music like we used to," I say, speeding along the road. It would only block out her hearing for so long before they were too close. I wanted it to be a surprise. When we get out of the car, Drew is popping her ears.

"Dammit Seth that hurt," she smacks me on the shoulder. Quiet. That's what's in the house. Duh. I forgot that they were also expecting her. "Are they even home?"

"Sure they are," I push her towards the door. She opens it and turns back to me with a look of worry.

"I told you. Kim and Jared are never home along not fucking their brains out," Drew whines. With a sigh, I grab her hand and yank her into the house. That's when everyone pops out, causing Drew to fall back into my arms, and they yell surprise.

"Congrats," a sign says. There's words under it. "I'm a surprise!" And it points to a big baby with a pacifier.

Kim walks up to us with two strings that have a little pacifier on it the size of a tooth. I know this game. You aren't allowed to say the word 'baby' or whoever picks up on it will take your necklace. The one with the most at the end wins. "Here's your baby shower!" she grins.

Jared pops up at her side. "You said it! Give me your necklace," he exclaims. Kim fakes a sad look.

"Jare-bear," she pouts. His face falls instantly. I crack up.

"That's mean Jare-bear!" I laugh so hard I'm clutching my stomach. That is one of the worst nick names I've heard.

"You did this for me?" Drew gaped, walking past them. The entire pack is here, along with her mother and father. I walk over to Collin and Brady. They are in charge of the gifts. My eyes widen in fear, fear that Drew will make me open them with her.

Emily, Sam, Sammy, and Liz show up and they say that's the last of them. Sammy and Jason, Jake's little man, are the comedians of the group. They hate each other. H. A. T. E. It's rather funny. An Uley and a Black. Of course they'd have some cold blood between them.

"I brought him here! He's mine," Jason, who has very little sharing interaction, yells, pulling on the action figure. One of their most common objects to argue over is Liz herself. They both think she is better friends with them self. I'd bet my right arm Jason marries that little girl.

Rachel comes to me, her protruding belly as large as Drew's. Paul follows behind her. Poor Rachel has it bad. Her back pain is far worse than Drew's, probably because I insist on carrying Drew around the house while I am at home. Paul doesn't get much time off considering his job is the same as mine and he doesn't have rich in-laws. Paul works over time currently. It will be much better once Rachel is back at her business, which brings in a good amount.

"Looking good. Carry that baby well, I have a feeling our boys are going to be good friends," I say as Drew appears at my side. She snorts at my assurance of our baby's gender. We already know Rachel's having a boy. Paul's excited about that, but I'm honestly scared for the kid. He'll end up being a hothead like his daddy no doubt.

"Seth, give me your necklace," Rachel adds mine to the mound around her neck. I'd have to say she will be the winner. Rachel had her baby shower a couple days ago but I opted for patrol. No need I go to two showers in one week. Yuck.

"Again why I think it'll be a girl. She'll need a guy friend like I had," Drew nudges me. I frown. That didn't settle well on me.

"Your 'guy friend' also ended up being your sex friend, boyfriend, and husband. Fine by me, Tanner will need the practice with the restrictions Rachel'll put on him," Paul snorts. He is still raging over his long years of straying from sex. Rachel just grins and pats her stomach.

"You already named him?" I choke out. They nod. Apparently they are the more prepared couple.

Later that evening, Drew and I stare at the mound of gifts waiting to be opened. We look at each other, give one hearty laugh, and dive in. Drew eventually gets into the idea. Clothes are given in twos. One boy outfit and one girl. Drew wants to keep the other outfit. She says this when I ask why, "We are having more than one baby right?" It never came to my imagination that she was thinking of this already. "They can't be spoiled." She has a point.

"How many do you want?" I am treading on thin ice. She may get the idea that I don't want enough. In all honesty, I can only focus so far ahead. Right now I want a boy, so obviously I will love to have another kid in the future if it turns out being a girl.

"How many do you want?" she snorts, looking at the set of pacifiers. "Do you think latex is bad for babies?"

"Depends," I shrug. "Hey, I asked first."

"I'm asking now," Drew says. "I just know more than one."

"All I know is that I want a boy. So when the baby comes, if it's a girl, then I'll definitely want two," I nod. Drew laughs, climbing over the gifts to me. I pull her onto my lap and take a break from the gifts.

"Sexist," she smirks. I kiss her cheek and pinch her side. "Don't you want a little girl who you can get mad at for dating the wrong guys and being the over protective dad and intimidate her boyfriend? Don't you want to see her all dressed up?"

"That sounds nice, but it will be hard if we a have a girl. She'll always have to compare to your beauty," I whisper in her ear, causing her to shriek with laughter.

"You are sweet Seth," Drew accounts. "For now, let's focus on two."

"Three. We can't have an even number. That's too easy," I remark. Drew sighs and leans against my chest in bliss.







"I told you names aren't fun to deal with," I remind her. She squeezes my hand hard enough to let me know to shut my mouth. "Are your feet any better?"

"I wouldn't know considering I can't see them!" Drew whines, pointing at her fat belly. Frowning, I massage her swollen feet and ankles. Personally I have ordered Drew to be on bed rest and of course she doesn't listen much. I tell her to stay in bed and I'll carry her to the bathroom. She walks up and complains about her back and feet more. She's due any time now. In two days we'll have our little bundle of joy.

Let's hope post-birth is better than before because Drew is a wreck. My poor wife has been throwing up every single day for the past month. Her cravings have me up scrounging the super market all night long and then learning how to cook the darn things only to find she no longer wants them but has an urge for something even more complicated.

"Tanner is huge," I tell her. They had him just yesterday so I went to see him this morning. I hate to say it, but he'll be one cute little feller. "He has manly cry for somebody so small."

"He better be cute," Drew informs me. "Our girl has to have somebody handsome." I roll my eyes at that with a laugh. "Oh! Feel there...not there idiot that's my boob."

I knew that. Grinning, I roam my hands over her protruded belly to fell a little thump and then again. He's kicking and it's hard. That's totally a man's kick. Smiling, I wrap an arm around Drew and kiss her cheek. Soon. Soon we'll have our baby. I couldn't be more excited.


I wake with some liquid dripping on me. Jerking up, I find the full baby bottle sitting upside down in my lap. There's a light knock at the door. I quickly open the door once I check on Drew. She is sleeping with the last bits of sweat finally drying on her forehead. A doctor is standing there with a slight grin. "It's feeding time," he whispers. I roll my neck to get loose. Sleeping in a chair isn't the most comfy thing ever. "Have you discussed names yet?"

"No. Drew is still sleeping," I say, standing by her side to wake her up. A nurse comes in, rolling the cart holding our bundle of joy. Gently, after washing my hands, I pick up our little girl. I'm still at a loss of words. After so long, we finally get to have her. Nine months is a long time.

The doctor wakes up Drew while I pick up our little girl. I remember what went through my head only hours ago. First, and I'll never tell Drew, I was slightly freaked out by the image of her vagina. Don't get me wrong, child birth is a beautiful thing, but that image is burned into my mind forever. Knowing Drew, whenever we do want to hit it off in the bedroom again, she'll quickly make me forget about it.

When I saw the locks of short hair and the absence of a penis, things didn't go as expected for me. Instead of being sad, it felt like my whole world flipped upside down. She was my little girl. She'll never stop loving me. She'll hug me and kiss me. I'll always be there for her when she's sad, when she's heart broken, when she's lost.

"Everything is looking well. We need you two to pick out a name. You do have a car seat ready?" the doctor says in a bored tone. Drew looks at me and I nod my head. He leaves shortly after.

"Exotic," I remind her. Drew sits up wearily and pulls her hair back into a ponytail. She smiles and motions for me to bring her over.

Drew begins feeding her as I gaze at our beautiful darling. She has dark brown eyes like mine and she is a large little girl. Sturdy, just like Drew. Still, she seems so delicate. I can't believe she is actually part of me. He dark locks prove it though. Much to Drew's disappointment, she looks so much like me. I asked if it was because of my bad look, which she punched me weakly in the arm for.

Sliding in next to my girls, I try to figure out what name can match the perfection that is my girl. And then I know. I just know. "Piper," I sigh. Drew's head snaps around.


"Piper. That's her name. Please baby, can we name her Piper?" I beg as if she is a dog that I must have even though we both know she's much more than a dog. Tears form in Drew's eyes and she nods kissing our little Piper.

It may not be exotic, but nothing else can fit our baby. "You aren't sad she's a girl are you?" Drew bits her lip as Piper wails. Like any good mother, Drew gets up to charge her. I stop and take over considering Drew still looks so pale she could faint.

"She's our girl, our baby. I couldn't be sad if I wanted to," I say and then smell the stink. "Oh man, she sure knows how to pack a smell. Guess we know where she gets that from..."

"Wow, Seth, wow," Drew is ready to smack me as I laugh. "That was only because you have me food poisoning!"

"Oh come on honey, don't take shame," I wrap up the diaper and settle down beside Drew. I undo her bra and she takes back Piper to feed her again.

"Since when did you learn to change a diaper?" Drew says in a baby voice. I'm shocked by how soft Piper's skin is. She has that new baby smell that makes me smile.

The door opens softly and Leah shrieks, "Ah, boob!" She scurries out of the room. Laughing, Drew glances at the clock.

"It's almost time," I say. There's a certain time for when it's enough for the baby. Drew gets her clothes back on just as Leah, Matt, Mom, and Charlie come in. It's clear he feels odd being here, but I'm sure Mom insisted. They are married now and poor Charlie doesn't have much of a say in his actions. "Who wants to hold her first?"

Mom grabs Piper from Drew's arms instantly. "It's official. I feel old," Mom sighs.

"What's her name?" Matt asks. I gaze down at my baby and remember to answer.

"Piper," Drew sighs. "Crap! We need to give her a middle name."

"Hey, I already came up with the first name," I defend myself. Leah is dancing in preparation to hold Piper.

"How about Lee?" Drew muses, gazing at my sister. Her head snaps up in surprise. That also was the name Sam had called her wen they dated. Hopefully she let go of that since Matt came along.

"I think it's beautiful. Piper Lee Clearwater," Leah grins, finally snatching Piper out of Mom's arms. "Oh my gosh."

"Damn. Seth is better looking as a girl," Matt cackles with laughter.

"I know. She doesn't look a thing like me!" Drew frowns. Mom has tears in her eyes.

"No sweetie," Mom hugs onto Drew tightly. "Do you notice how her hair has curls? That's just like your hair. See how she grips people's hair? It's like when you gripped onto Seth's shirt when you were younger and slept together. She's just like you."

I can tell she's going to have a mom moment. Matt and Leah disappear into the corners of the room and Charlie checks out the cafeteria. I make myself scarce in the corner of the room with my beautiful girl in my arms, cooing and making baby noises that most of the pack will make fun of me for.

I notice the moment out of the corner of my eyes. Mom takes Drew's hands, tears in her eyes, and says in a hushed tone, "There will never be a way to thank you for giving me a grandchild and making my own boy happy. Without you…"

Drew beams at the compliment. "There's no need to thank me. In all honesty, I am just going along my own selfish path and it just so happens that it fits in to yours and Seth's," Drew laughs, lightening the mood, but I can tell how much that comment means to her. Moving in quickly, I hold a sleepy Piper as Drew reaches for her. She is the first person to rock her to sleep, singing a soft lullaby.

"You know I was a part of making your grandchild," I inform Mom as she gazes at Piper. Drew's face heats up, which dumbfounds me. How can she be so gutsy in the bedroom and be embarrassed about it so easily. I didn't even mean it like that.

"I love you son, but we all knew from the beginning Drew simply had to be the one there to help you through the process," Mom pats my leg before jumping into the hallway. They are strict about visitors here. I chuckle along with Drew.

"They always knew we'd end up together, huh?" she sighs. I gaze at the two important women in my life and nod. They always knew, so why did it take us so long to figure out? I suppose it had something to do with fate because fate moves with the wind in different directions, twisting and turning in confusion patterns for those mixed up in the wind, but in the end, it meats its goal. The goal of love.

The End

I had so much fun writing this. I've always dreamt of a best friend relationship, but I am going to say again that I do not support pre-marital sex so that's the part I'd swap, along with the whole wolf business. If that made sense to you… I may do an epilogue depending on how many reviews I get on this one. Recently they went down, which made sense because it was coming to an end. SEVEN reviews for an epilogue. I am sticking to this because I seriously don't feel compelled to write one and probably won't unless I get 7 reviews