Author Note: Originally I was not going to write a continuation after Play The Game. But I do enjoy trilogies and I felt there was more that could be done. I had brainstormed some ideas, and I started to write the outline. There will be a lot going on in this story, more so than in Sinful Behaviors and Play The Game. As a result, this story may end up a lot longer. No guarantees, though.


Jenny, the school nurse, always hated this time of the year. The weather was getting colder out, and soon snow would begin to fall. It was this time when flu infections became more and more prominent. Reports of people falling ill increased during this time of the year, and all because of something that kept mutating every year, making it impossible to be completely immune to it.

It had become mandatory at this school for all students to get a flu shot and be given checkups to make sure they didn't fall ill. Doing checkups didn't usually bother Jenny, but during this time, it was rather annoying. There were hundreds of students here, and she had to check on all of them before she could leave. This meant that she didn't get her usual breaks, except for lunch and going to the bathroom, for obvious reasons. She wished that the principal would come up with a better solution. Principal Stringent never did something like this, but she had retired years ago, unfortunately.

She had already attempted to reason with the new principal, Tyreek, but it was no use. He was determined to keep things remain the way they were currently set up. He said that the health of the students was a priority and she had an obligation to make sure they were all fine. She hadn't tried again to convince him. Tyreek had a strict mind. In some ways, it reminded her so much of Principal Stringent. She wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

She looked up at the clock. The day was half way through. And there were still so many students to check. Her trash cans were filled with so many empty needles. She was amazed they all fit in there. She had to take out the garbage three times, or was it more? And still she had to see many more students. This was going to be an exhausting day. It always was.

As she continued to check student after student, time seemed to blur, and she hardly noticed when two more hours had gone by. And when Rudy Tabootie was the next student to walk in, she felt a wave of relief sweep through her body. This indicated she was getting almost to the end, and soon she would be free for the rest of the day, and not have to worry about this until next year.

Rudy held up his hand and greeted her. "Hello, Nurse Jenny."

"Hello, Rudy." Jenny brushed off the chair. She motioned her hands over towards it. "Please, sit down. This won't take too long."

Rudy did as he was told. He walked up to the chair. He climbed into it and sat down. He pressed his back against it and smiled at Jenny. "It's that time of year again." He watched as Jenny put on her gloves in preparation for the checkup. "Winter is fun for a lot of things. But not so good when it comes to health, am I right?"

Jenny nodded her head. "Oh tell me about it. I wished we live somewhere warm all year round." She picked up her instruments and made her way over to Rudy. "Then I wouldn't have to worry about this."

"Actually..." Rudy lifted up a finger. "It might not be so much better. Penny told me how some disease thrives in warmer weather. You might get it a lot worse if we never got winter here."

Jenny rolled her eyes. Of course, she would never win. It was always something. Germs everywhere. Viruses and bacteria. No matter how cold or how hot it gets, some of those things would survive and thrive. And there was nothing she could do about it. Rudy was right. She would probably experience much worse if she did live in a warm reason, ideal conditions for many a germ to thrive.

She decided not to dwell on it for now. She took out a flat wooden stick and leaned in towards Rudy. She began her checkup. She did the usual stuff. She checked his throat, making sure there was nothing wrong with it. She was pleased when it appeared normal. She checked his blood pressure, which also came back just fine. His eyes, ears, and nose were also checked to make sure nothing was abnormal, and just like the other tests, they all came back normal.

This didn't surprise her. Rudy was usually a healthy teenager. Sometimes he got sick, but those were rare and far between. She was glad that he was doing fine. If he had gotten ill, she would have had to inform his parents and have him be taken to a doctor. And then she'd have to check all the students again to make sure Rudy didn't spread the disease. She had this happen once before, with another student, and it was not a fun experience.

The checkup went by really fast. Before she knew it, she had already checked his heart rate and the way his breathing sounded. And when she was certain there wasn't any problems, she started to put those instruments away. She went over to her desk and began to write down the results of her findings. She had to do this with every student and hand it over to Principal Tyreek. Once she was finished, she went over to a drawer and pulled out a small device to prick Rudy's finger with. She needed to get a small blood sample for checking iron levels.

"Hold out your hand." Jenny said in a gentle voice.

Rudy did so, but he looked nervous. "I always hate this part."

"Yeah I know." Jenny said sympathetically. It was never fun getting a finger pricked. "I'll make it quick."

She held onto Rudy's hand. She placed the device against Rudy's pointer finger. She did not hesitate to press the device shut, driving the needle into Rudy's skin only for a brief second. Rudy winced at this. Jenny then removed the device.

She noticed that she had pressed the needle a little too deeply. The tip of Rudy's finger blood a little more than it should have. Nothing life threatening, but it still had to be taken care of. She reached over and grabbed a small piece of cloth. She pressed it against Rudy's finger. It didn't require much pressure or much time for the blood to clot completely. When she pulled away, she noticed some of the blood had gotten on her finger. She ignored it for the time being, since she was finished with Rudy and she had some time to wash up.

"I'll go test your blood in a bit." Jenny said. She waved a dismissing hand at Rudy. "You may leave."

Rudy nodded at her. He got up out of his seat and walked towards the door. He opened it. He looked back at her and said, "See you later, Nurse Jenny."

"Yeah, see ya." Jenny said as Rudy shut the door behind him.

Jenny was about to go check on Rudy's blood when she suddenly got a pounding headache. She flinched, seething. She dropped the device on the ground, the tiny bit of blood spilling out on the hard ground. She dropped down to her knees and gripped her head. A pounding headache? Now? All of a sudden? She didn't know what was wrong. She felt fine just moments ago.

She closed her eyes and tried to cope with the sudden pain. It was unlike anything she had experienced before. It felt almost like something was crawling into her head. Something cold...and sharp... It spread through her head, from her temple to the back of her head. And nothing she did made the pain go away.

She looked around the room. Her vision distorted slightly, which scared her. It was almost like she was going to pass out...yet she did not. She got up to her legs, her body shaking. She stumbled over towards the cabinet. She grabbed a bottle of aspirin and attempted to take some. But then a sharp pain tugged at the side of her head suddenly and she dropped the pills on the ground. They spilled all over. She didn't try grabbing another bottle out of fear it would happen again.

Her vision darkened a little, like she was wearing sunglasses. She shook her head, trying to get her vision back to normal. Nothing changed it. It remained unusually dark. And then she felt a tingling sensation in the back of her head. It felt like something was working into her brain. She felt something change, something...very unpleasant. She shook her head, trying to get rid of the feeling. But nothing worked. She gripped her head tightly and trembled hard.

Then voices...omnipresent voices all around her. Dark...echoing...coming from all directions. Her eyes widened in fear as she looked around, trying to find the sources of these voices.

"We meet again, dear Jenny... Such promise... wasted... It has been a long time. We had helped you before. Now...We will help you again..."

"N-No.." Jenny whimpered, shaking her head. "You're not're not real..."

Jenny knew she needed help and fast. She attempted to climb back to her feet. A wave of sudden sharp cold stopped her, going up and down her spine. She let out a cry as she fell back down. She kept holding onto her head, hoping that, somehow, she could will the pain away.

"Don't fret precious. We're here. We'll keep you safe. Just give into us. We only wish to help you..."

Jenny shook her head. Her eyes darted around the room wildly. She shut them again, trying to cope with the chilling sharp pain in her head. She wasn't sure how long she could hold out. At any moment, she could faint.

"It is too resist, dear Jenny... You belonged to us will again... Give it up. Let us in. Let us..reawaken you. So much was stolen from you. We will help you get it back. Now..awaken!"

Suddenly, all the pain stopped. Jenny laid on the ground, motionless for a few seconds. She let out a soft groan. She started to push herself off the ground. She raised her head. Strands of her blonde hair was plastered over her face, partially obscuring her. But her eyes could be seen. And as the faintest hint of a twisted smile tucked at her lips, her eyes began to glow black.