Rated T: For cuteness and half-nakedness


Wolf Pup: Daddy to the Rescue

By: Fanficer21

Chapter 3


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But, anywho! On with the show


3 days passed before Robin showed any signs of returning to the land of the living. It started with a twitch of his fingers. When Wolf noticed it for the first time, he licked the boy's hand before nudging it softly. Next came the moving eyebrows when the he tried to open his eyes, but they refused. When he did open them, they were unfocused and glazed as he stared at nothing in particular. Wolf never left his side. When Robin was awake he would rest with his head on the matress, sometimes his front paws found their way on the bed. And whenever Robin was asleep he would curl up on the floor beside the bed, making sure nothing happened in the night. The only time he left his little one was to go potty, other than that Superboy brought him food and water, and his bed.

When Batman came to visit he would talk to Wolf while watching over his son. He was glad that Robin had someone besides him to keep an eye on him. Everyone considered Wolf the boy's guardian angel since the mission. Batman was also starting to bond with the beast. They both loved the little bird dearly and would do anything to protect him. When Robin was coherent enough he was taken off the IVs and mask.


One day while still in the med-bay, Robin was having a nightmare about the mission. It was the scene of the hyenas over and over again as they charged him and attacked. The russling of the sheets and the whimpers from the boy woke Wolf and Batman, who both slept in the room. Batman jumped up and attempted to calm the boy. Wolf put his front paws on the bed and licked the boy's cheek. This action, however, caused Robin to scream and open his eyes wide. He hugged his father's body as he cried into the man's chest. Batman shushed him softly while running his fingers through the ebony locks. It wasn't until Wolf's whine that Robin noticed him. Remembering the dream and then when Wolf saved him, the boy pulled out of his father's arms cautiously before looking at the beast. New tears fell down his face as it scrunched up, before he launched himself at the wolf. Wrapping his arms tightly around Wolf's neck, Robin sobbed into the thick fur.

"Y-You s-saved me-e!" Wolf responded by wagging his tail happily and licking his chops. Batman smiled at the bonding of the two, before getting up to leave the two alone.


A week later, Robin was on his feet again, though he was still sore. He gained a few new scars from the hyena bites and the cut to his side, but they no longer caused him pain. Wolf refused to leave his 'pup' for the next month, much to Robin's dismay...sometimes. He followed the boy everywhere. The kitchen, the living room, but not the zeta tube. Batman didn't want the wolf in the manor. He knew Alfred would not take kindly to it. So when Robin came back to the mountain, Wolf was sleeping in Robin's bed. Waiting patiently.

As soon as Wolf caught his 'pup's' scent he bolted off the bed and ran down the hall, his tongue flopping in the wind as it hung out. He skidded to a halt in the briefing room when he spotted the little one talking with the big mouth red head. He was about to trot up to his baby until he caught the scent of something else, another dog, coming from his 'pup'. He couldn't help but feel jealous, espcecially if little one was cheating on him, finding a new 'dad'. So he cautiously walked up to the boys.

"Hey boy! What's up...okay what's wrong?" Robin asked Wolf who sat at his feet with big puppy dog eyes. Wolf's response was a whine as he nudged the boy's stomach with his nose. Both boys gasped a littled when Robin was suddenly pinned to the wall by the beast, sniffing the red sweatshirt he was wearing. Brown fur littered the fabric. After all he did hug Ace just before coming here.

"Dude! Do you think he smells Ace?" Wally asked, snickering slightly, watching as Robin tried to wiggle his way out from under the nose. "You think!" The boy growled a little, causing Wally to laugh. "I think he might be a getting jealous!" He laughed again as he whipped out his cell phone, snapping a picture. "Hey! If you're just going to stand there, you might as well-" Roibn was cut off when Wolf suddenly backed up, an intense look in his eye. Not paying attention to it, Robin turned to snap at Wally, that is until he felt something grab the hood of his sweatshirt and pull. Falling backwards, Robin looked at Wally. "Hey! A little...help!" He whined as he was dragged down the hallway. "Sorry dude! You're on your own!" The red head chortled, snapping a picture, before running off to show the others the picture of the boy wonder being dragged by Wolf.

Robin blew a raspberry to the air and he folded his arms, his feet dragging on the floor. Just where was Wolf taking him? He got his answer when he spotted his room coming up, making him get a little curious. Why his room? His jaw dropped at the sight of his now destoryed room. Chew toys littered the floor. His bed sheets and pillows were now torn off the corners and lay dismantled in a messy pile, some of the sheets fell over the side of the bed and touched the floor. Dog food covered parts of the floor, and going under his dresser. Basically it looked like Red Tornado farted in there. He better not let Batman see this mess, the man would be pissed. Scratched that, Alfred would choke him with his duster.

Robin was torn from his reverie when he felt himself pulled onto the bed, laying beside Wolf. "Wolf, how long have you taken residency here?" He asked with a smirk. But Wolf didn't seem to listen, he continued to smell him.

'It's time to remind you who 'daddy' is little one. And first things first, you need a bath. You smell like dog.' Wolf thought as he licked his chops. Robin giggled when the beast's tongue licked his face all over, making his bangs spike up. His sunglasses were once again pushed up, exposing his baby blue eyes. "Wolf! Stop it! I have training soon!" He laughed, trying to push Wolf's nose out of his face. But Wolf was relentless, and continued to lick his face. Robin gasped when the glasses fell off his face and hit the floor. "Crap! Wolf look what you di-" He was silenced when the big tongue ran up his chin, over his mouth, nose, between his eyes, and into his hair. Robin spat as he tried to roll over the edge of the bed to grab the sunglasses. However, he didn't get far when Wolf placed one front leg over his waist, the good side. His other front leg rest over the boy's left elbow, pinning him in place.

"Wolf!" Robin grumbled, he layed his head back against the dismantled sheets. Things couldn't possibly get any worse. Oh wait! They can! Robin jerked his head up when he felt a tug on his sweatshirt. Eyes grew wide when he spotted said shirt in Wolf's mouth, the beast pulling his head up, trying to tear the fabric. "No! I just bought this one! Don't you da-" Too late. Wolf tore a large hole in the sweatshirt exposing his collarbone and upper chest.

Wolf just ignored Robin's glare as he licked the fabric out his teeth before moving to the bottom half of the sweatshirt, which he tore apart with no effort. So now Robin lay there on his bed, under a giant wolf. Half is body looking like it could slip off the bed any moment, in fact one arm did hang over the edge. His brand new sweatshirt he just bought yesterday torn in half, one side of the shirt hung down his arm that was limp beside the bed, providing Wolf with the sight of the boy's entirely bare chest and stomach. He licked his chops again, before going in for the kill. Robin laughed and struggled as he tried to escape the beast's grasp, his back arched in his attempts when something big and wet touched his skin. After several attempts at trying to wiggle his way off the bed, his back began to slip over the edge, his head hung down awkwardly causing his chest to heave up and down with his struggled breath. He continued to laugh as the tongue brushed over his pectoral
muscles before working its way down the boy's stomach. Robin's stomach muscles tightened with the cold touch, causing him to squeak loudly.

The sudden click of shoes echoed in the hallway. Remembering his sunglasses were still on the floor and that the door was still open, he quickly squeezed his eyes shut. The footsteps stopped in the doorway followed by silence. Oh gee! Robin didn't even want to know what his situation looked like. He could still feel Wolf licking his stomach. He only hoped that he wouldn't get tormented by this, that is if was Wally. But the silence remained strong until he heard the person inhale deeply.

"Robin! What are you doing? You're late for training!" Batman's deep voice sounded in the room. Snapping open his eyes, Robin saw the man upside down. Smiling awkwardly he tried to break the thick awkward silence that followed the man's question and statement.

"H-Hey...sorry...dad! Wolf must have smelt Ace, and I think he got a little jealous." He said softly, feeling Wolf's soft fur tickle his skin as the beast rested his head on top of the boy's exposed flesh. Robin closed his eyes, he just couldn't stand the man looking at him in such a weird position. Suddenly he heard the footsteps enter the room, followed by strong hands worming their way beneath his back and under his armpits before he felt himself being pulled out from under the wolf's large body. Once he was on his feet again, he felt even more awkward as the torn sweatshirt slid down both shoulders, leaving him practicly half naked.

"Better not let Alfred see this!" Batman smirked while looking around the room. "He might just choke you with that duster of his." Batman pulled the sweatshirt off his son's arms before throwing it in the garbage. "I just bought that one too!" Robin mumbled, shivering slightly from the dog slobber. "I'll buy you a new one! Now go wash up! Meet the others in the training room in 10 minutes." The Dark Knight said while bending down, picking up the sunglasses before putting them back on Robin's face. He then ruffled his son's hair before glancing at Wolf, still laying on the bed. He gave the beast a smirk before shaking his head and leaving the room. Robin sighed before going to the closet to grab one of his many uniforms before heading off to the showers.


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