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A few people came up to the top-level to their cars and one or two looked over at Katniss and Peeta, dressed in a ball gown and tux, sitting on the ground with their railing at their backs, two older girls who came up saw them and exchanged smirks, probably thinking back to their own prom night shenanigans.

While they passed Peeta's flask back and forth, Katniss suggested playing the game 'would you rather…'

Peeta questions were innocent ones like, "Would you rather eat pizza or cheeseburgers everyday for the rest of your life?" or "Would you rather be able to fly or turn invisible?"

Where Katniss's questions ranged from "Would you rather fall into a pit full of snakes or a pit full of spiders?" and "Would you rather lose an arm or a leg?"

Neither were sure how much time had passed but it was more the fact that Peeta's flask was empty that drew their attention to how long they had been up there.

Peeta texted Darius, 'Hey'.

Darius texted him right back, '?! what happened. We're getting ready to head out.'

Peeta smiled, the look on Darius's face had been priceless when he saw Peeta leaving with Katniss. "I think Jo and Darius are ready to leave… do you still want to go to his brother's?"

"If that's alright."

"It's more than alright," Peeta said and quickly typed out a response to Darius, saying that him and Katniss would meet them by the car if they were ready to leave the dance.

He couldn't help but smile when he visualized Darius's reaction to the text, learning that Katniss was not only still with him but that she was going to come with them to Finnick's.

There was a pause of a minute or two before Darius texted back that he'd see them in a bit.

They walked down the stairwell, when they were on the level that Cato was parked out they could hear someone throwing a fit, swear words were echoing off the concrete walls of the garage. Katniss peered through the glass door and could see Cassie standing with her arms crossed next to Cato's car looking annoyed, Cato must have noticed the pilfered whiskey and perhaps the stolen joint also, or else he was just pissed that Katniss had taken his keys and left his car unlocked with the keys easily visible inside.

Katniss couldn't help but laugh as she quickly ducked out of sight, she gave Peeta a long kiss.

"This night has been awesome!" She said before turning to continue down the stairs. She didn't care what the repercussions of tonight would be, it wasn't likely that Cato would rat her out for stealing whiskey or a joint when he'd get in trouble just as much as her. It was more likely that him and Cassie would snub her and if she was honest with herself she couldn't think of a better outcome. She had spent the school year trying to please her Mother and Step-Father and she'd had enough and wanted to let loose and have fun.

Peeta followed behind the girl that he'd been dreaming about since the first day of school, thoroughly baffled about everything that had happened since she walked up to him and invited him to an Iron Maiden concert.

Johanna and Darius were waiting by Darius's car when they got there.

Katniss felt completely at ease, in her mind the night couldn't get any better and she was beyond worrying about how she'd be received by Peeta's friends, "Hey, I'm Katniss… Is it cool if I join you?"

Both Darius and Johanna were taken aback, Darius recovered, saying, "Sure, hop in." While Johanna kept looking at her in disbelief.

They were driving down the road a while later when Johanna finally spoke, "So what happened with your Prom King boyfriend?"

Katniss gave a laugh, "Did he get Prom King then? Bravo to him, that'll be the highlight of his life."

Darius laughed at the jab.

Darius's older brother, Finnick lived with his girlfriend, Annie in a small townhouse near the University, he let Darius and his friends come over every now and then to hang out.

Finnick answered the door and greeted the formally dressed group. Peeta introduced Katniss to him, Finnick shook her hand, noticing Peeta's hand on her back and he gave Peeta an obvious wink before saying to Katniss, "It's very nice to meet you, Katniss. Come on in."

His girlfriend Annie was curled up on the couch, her brown hair pulled back in a messy chignon and she wore a dark gray lounge pants and a plain white tank top.

"Hey, how was prom?" She asked as Johanna came in and took a seat next to her.

Johanna shrugged and then made a discrete nod in Katniss's direction and an eye roll, she wasn't exactly pleased with the sudden new addition, it wasn't that Katniss had ever done anything to make Johanna dislike her, it was more based off clique prejudices and perhaps partly because of Peeta's attention/borderline obsession with her all year and though she'd never admit it, Johanna felt slightly jealous of her.

Annie looked over at Katniss with surprise, in all the times that Darius had brought his friends over, it had always just been Peeta and Johanna.

"Peeta brought a new friend," Johanna said under her breath.

Peeta lead Katniss further into the living room and introduced her to Annie.

"Well kiddos, can I get you a drink?" Finnick asked, "We've got beer and I think Annie might have some wine left."

Everyone answered for a beer and Annie held out her wine glass and asked for a refill.

"Um, is there a place I could change?" Katniss asked, motioning with her bag.

"Of course, there's a bathroom first door down the hall, so you can, uh, slip into something a bit more comfortable," Finnick said and gave her a saucy wink.

"Finn," Annie said in a mock stern tone.

When Katniss had left the room, Johanna took the opportunity to turn to Peeta with a sharp questioning look.

"What?" Peeta asked, he couldn't stop himself from smiling, which only added to Johanna's ire.

"What?" Johanna asked in a hushed tone, "How about you explaining why we have to deal with Miss. Priss?"

"She's not a priss," Peeta said, "She just wants to hang out."

"She just wants to hang out?" Johanna asked with disbelief, "You know your going to get your ass kicked Monday. She's probably texting Cato now."

"Who's Cato?" Finnick asked passing around the bottles of beer and giving Annie her glass of white wine with a small bow with a quiet, "Mi lady."

"Her boyfriend," Johanna said nodding to the closed bathroom door, "And the top jock strap of the school."

Finnick looked over at Peeta with newfound admiration, "Peeta, you rascal."

"It's not like that," Peeta said, still unable to stop smiling.

"Oh really, so is that your lipstick that's smeared on your neck then?" Johanna asked raising an eyebrow.

Peeta's grin widened and he just gave a shrug, Darius gave him a high-five and Finnick gave him a playful shove.

"So what happened?" Darius asked.

"She wanted to leave the dance… I guess Cato was off with Cassie... So, we broke into his car, drank his whiskey and smoked his joint," Peeta gave a small shrug and finished in an off hand sort of way, "And then we made out on the hood of his car."

Darius burst out laughing, "That is epic, man."

"Sounds like she using you to get back at her boyfriend," Johanna said and Annie nodded in agreement.

"So what?" Darius said with a laugh and Finnick gave a nod in his agreement. Darius continued in a quieter tone, more explaining to Finnick and Annie, "He's been jonesing after this girl since the first day of school."

"I don't like her," Johanna said leaning back on the sofa and taking a drink of her beer.

"You don't know her," Peeta said defensively.

"You don't really either," Johanna snapped back.

"Just try to be nice," Peeta asked, Johanna just rolled her eyes, and he went on, "Or at least try not to be overly rude, alright?"

"Whatever," Johanna said.

Katniss came out a minute later, formal gown gone though her hair was still hanging in loose waves around her shoulders and cascading down her back, she wore a simple pair of low slung jeans and a cropped silver tank top that showed off her toned midriff.

"Your beer," Finnick said handing it over to her.

"Thanks," Katniss said with a half smile.

Johanna stood up and walked past Katniss without looking at her before going to change out of her own dress and into her shorts and long tank top.

The guys had it a bit easier, they had shed their jackets and ties and unbuttoned the top few buttons of their dress shirts to get comfortable.

Finnick suggested they go into the basement, that was usually where he and Annie took their guests because the basement was where they smoked and where they had the Play Station, ping-pong table and stereo, the living room on the main floor was where they hung out when it was just them or when they had their parents visit.

Finnick grabbed a few beers from the fridge and Darius did the same while everyone else followed into the basement.

Annie and Jo each grabbed the controllers for the Play Station before anyone else had a say in the matter, while Finnick grabbed the bong from behind the couch.

Several minutes later, a thick haze of smoke hung in the air, Annie and Jo were still trying to keep their focus on their game Grand Turismo, while the others were sitting around mind numbed.

Finnick stood to turn his iPod, that was plugged into speakers by the TV, to play Rolling Stones 'Sticky Fingers'.

Peeta sat next to Katniss and tried to appear casual as he laid his arm along the back of the couch, right by where Katniss was sitting. He scanned over her face, before tonight, the closest he had been to her was sitting behind her in Health class, now he was mere inches from her and, not long ago, he had been even closer.

He was watching her lips when suddenly they gave a little twitch into a teasing smile and she turned to look at him.

In a stage whisper she said, "You're staring."

Finnick, who had been cheering his girlfriend on, heard Katniss and laughed and looked at the two of them.

Peeta felt his face flush slightly but his was a little too drunk and stoned to care much, feeling bolder than his sober self probably ever could he let his arm fall to her shoulders and leaned in right to her ear and whispered, so that only she could hear it, "I can't help it, you're beautiful."

Katniss seemed to be fighting a huge grin that was threatening to take over her face at the same time that Johanna swore because she momentarily lost control of her car.

"How about we play a drinking game," Darius suggested, "Beer pong?"

Annie and Johanna didn't want to leave their game but grudgingly agreed, Johanna was even less pleased when it was decided that it would be guys against girls.

The ping pong table was set up and the beers standing at the ready.

Despite Johanna's complaints the teams turned out to be evenly matched. Although Peeta quickly decided that he preferred the girls to win because then he got to see Katniss's (slightly drunken) victory dance, she raised her arms over her head, making even more of her stomach visible beneath her crop top as she swayed her hips and jumped around next to Annie who was celebrating with her. After beer pong came two rounds of tippy cups, where Katniss impressed even Johanna with her chugging abilities, and by the end of the second round Johanna was joining in with Annie and Katniss's over exaggerated and completely drunken dance.

Katniss stepped out of the bathroom and started crossing the living room to go back into the basement when Peeta came across her path. Feeling more than a little buzzed he immediately wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her close, "Hey," He said leaning towards her.

"Hey," She said with a smirk. She laid one around his neck and with her other hand, weaved her fingers through his hair.

He closed his eyes at her touch and let out a long exhale.

"I like your hair," She whispered by his ear, gently dragging her fingernails over his scalp.

"I like everything about you," He said responded, a drunken admission.

She was biting her lower lip and looking at him as if trying to figure something out.

"I've always like everything about you," Peeta said, a small voice in his head was seemed to be trying to tell him to stop talking but he didn't want to listen, "I remember seeing you before school on the first day, you were the prettiest girl I'd ever seen."

Katniss gave a nervous sort of laugh, embarrassed, "OK, I think you're a little drunk."

"No - well, maybe, yeah, but I'm serious," Peeta said firmly, he reached up to cup the side of her face with his hand, "I wanted, so much, to know you."

The short silence that followed left Katniss feeling like he was waiting for a response, she had never been good at saying stuff, especially anything about feelings, so she tightened her arms around his neck and shoulders, pressing herself closer to his and brought her lips to his in a long lingering kiss.

Someone clearing their throat, broke Katniss and Peeta apart, their arms were tangled around each other still, Peeta's hand had scrunched Katniss's top up so it was just barely covering her bra, while his other hand was on the curve of her butt, Katniss's was holding on to his strong bicep with one hand and the other was on the back of his neck.

"Sorry for interrupting," Johanna said, not sounding the least bit apologetic.

"Sure you are," Katniss says with an eye roll.

Peeta lowers his hands as Katniss removes hers from him.

"We were wondering where you two had gone too," Johanna tells Peeta, then clears her throat and gives a meaningful glance at Peeta's crotch, "Maybe you want to go to the bathroom before joining us downstairs."

Peeta's face flushes, embarrassed and annoyed with Johanna.

"We'll see you in a bit," Johanna said with a smirk.

While Peeta ducked into the bathroom, Johanna turned to Katniss fixing her with a stern glare, "So."

Katniss not intimidated by Johanna said, "So."

"I don't know what your game is or whatever, but if you're just using Peeta to get back at Cato-"

Katniss interrupted Johanna with a scoff, "I'm not."

"Then what are you doing?"

"Well I was having a good time," Katniss said hotly, "Despite the glares you keep sending me."

"The whole year you don't give Peeta a second glance while he's been infatuated with you. You better not be planning on going back to ignoring him and acting like your too good for him."

"I never acted like I was too good for him, and I'm getting a little tired of you acting like you know me."

"Oh please, it's not like you or any of your friends are exactly complex. The only things you preppy rich girls know how to do is shop and think of yourselves."

Katniss scoffed, "You know, you shouldn't act like such a know-it-all about things you know nothing about, it just makes you seem bitchy."

"Bitchiness is just part of my sunny personality," Johanna said with a smirk, "So is this where you start crying about being the black sheep in your family and how Daddy doesn't have time for you?"

Katniss fixed her with a hard glare, "My real Dad is dead, so shut your mouth." She roughly brushed past Johanna and headed downstairs.

Darius was sitting on the couch with his brother and Annie was curled up in the armchair looking sleepy.

Finnick said that him and Annie would probably be calling in a night soon, "Feel free to hang out for a bit to get a sober head."

"I think I'll be alright," Darius said, he drank some more of the water he had been nursing, "It's a pretty straight shot home." Him, Peeta and Johanna all lived within four blocks of each other.

Johanna came down the stairs and took her seat without looking at anyone, Peeta came down a few minutes later, Finnick and Annie took that time to say good-night.

"It was nice meeting you, Katniss," Annie said before heading upstairs.

Katniss gave her a little wave and mumbled something along the lines of "nice to meet you too" before turning her focus on drinking the rest of her beer.

"You guys want to head out?" Darius asked after a minute or two of silence.

"Sure," Peeta said when neither Katniss or Johanna said anything, Johanna was messing with the label on the beer with a scowl on her face and Katniss had made any move to acknowledge anyone apart from Annie since Peeta sat down next to her.

The car ride was silent, Darius was focused on driving straight and keeping under the speed limit, and Johanna in the front seat sat with her arms crossed and looking out the window, while Peeta and Katniss were in the back seat.

Peeta reached over and took Katniss's hand and gave it a little squeeze, she turned her head and gave him a small smile.

Darius pulled into his driveway, "Do you guys want to come in for a bit?"

"No, I'll head home," Johanna said opening her door.

"We can walk to my house and I can drive you home," Peeta said quietly to Katniss.

"Oh, sorry," Darius said honestly, "I'm so used to Jo and Peet being able to walk home from here, I didn't think about you. Do you want me to-"

Katniss shook her head, "It's alright."

"I'll walk you home, Jo," Darius said.

"Don't be stupid," Johanna muttered, "It's not even a five minute walk."

"Night Jo," Peeta said.

"Night," She said then hesitated for a moment, "Bye Katniss," She let out a quiet but annoyed sigh, "And sorry."

Katniss looked over at her and held her gaze for a moment then said, "It's fine. Bye."

Peeta looked over at Darius questioningly, wondering if his friend knew what the girls were talking about but Darius just shook his head.

"Goodnight," Darius said to Peeta, his eyes flicked over to Katniss and then back to Peeta and gave his friend an obvious wink.

Peeta ignored him and took Katniss's bag from her and threw it over his shoulder, she had unceremoniously stuffed her prom gown in it, a piece of red tulle was caught in the zipper and sticking out by an inch or so.

They both walked silently, as they passed by the street that Cato lives on, Katniss instinctively glanced down it, she didn't see his car parked in the drive, he was probably still out partying and wouldn't be "home till morning.

"So," Peeta said, "What'd Jo do?"

"Nothing," Katniss said, "It's no big deal."

She didn't want to get on the subject and with the thought of distracting him she wrapped her arm around his elbow and gave him a warm smile, "I had a great time tonight."

"Me too," Peeta said, "You know, I wasn't looking forward to Prom at all. I almost didn't go."

Katniss gave him a nudge, "I'm glad you came."

"God, me too," Peeta said with a breathy laugh.

"I still would've asked you to the concert, it would've been in health class though."

Peeta thought back to a few couple of days ago in health class when he would've be thrilled if Katniss had ask him to borrow a pen, never mind asking him he wanted to go out.

"Your Iron Maiden shirt is my favorite of your shirts," Katniss told him playfully, "I remember you wore when I first saw you."

"Y-you remember when you first saw me," He asked, he suddenly felt like he was walking air.

Katniss gave him a small smile, "Yeah… you weren't the only one paying attention ya know."

"But," Peeta took a breath to steady himself, she had been paying attention to him, had she liked him all this time? "But, why? I mean you were with Cato." He spoke his name with disgust and hated himself from even saying his name but he had to know.

Katniss rubbed the back of her neck nervously, "I never really wanted to stay with him. I mean, it started out just because he asked and all the girls acted like it was a huge deal, and then Mother and Seneca met him and liked him, and it's always easier to make them happy... "


"Mother's husband," Katniss's expression hardened a little, she hadn't wanted to mention him, "But anyway," she gave her head a shake to clear her thoughts, "That's done and gone now, thank god."

"And your parents? I mean your Mom and Seneca, what will they think?"

Katniss scoffed, "I don't care right now… I mean the deal was that I'd get good grades and not get in trouble again, so they can't really get mad and banish me just because I dumped a loser."

He was processing what she had just said, 'get in trouble again' and 'banish her', he wanted to ask more about it but could tell that she didn't like talking about it. He decided to switch back to the other thing that he particularly was interested in, "So you really were watching me?"

Katniss laughed, "Well, not in the creepy stalker way, but, yeah."

"I can't believe that I didn't notice," Peeta shook his head in disbelief.

"Well, I was a bit more discreet than you were," Katniss said, she had started smiling so wide that her cheeks were hurting, while thinking of all the times she had noticed him looking at her.

He came to a stop suddenly, "This-this is my house."

"Oh," Katniss said, stopping and looking up at the well kept ranch house they were standing in front of.

He looked over at her, he didn't want to take her home, "Um, I can drive you home if you're tired… or do you want to come in and hang out for a bit?"

Katniss smiled at the invitation, "I'd love to."

"Great, I mean, cool… I can take you home whenever you want," Peeta said and put an arm around her, "There's a door to the basement in the back, we can hang out down there so we won't disturb anyone."

He grew nervous on the way around the back of the house, he hoped that his brother wasn't up and watching TV in the basement, it was late but he knew that it would just his luck to have his brother be sitting on the couch, when he brought Katniss in.

The lights were all off, so that was a good sign. Peeta unlocked the door and held it open for Katniss. She walked past him and into his house.

Is this real? Is Katniss really in my house now?

Peeta flipped on the light of the downstairs family room, evidence that his brother had been there earlier was littered on the coffee table, a partially crushed soda can, a crumpled bag of potato chips and a used cereal bowl that still had a bit of milk and cereal bits sitting in it.

"Sorry, my brothers a slob," Peeta said and he rushed throw the trash away and set the cereal bowl on the stairs going up, he turned back to Katniss, who was looking around the room.

"Um, do you want anything to drink?" He asked.

Katniss shook her head and looked at him.

"Um, we can watch a movie or something…" What he really wanted to do was kiss her again but that didn't seem like the appropriate thing to ask.

Katniss looked at him for a moment before turning to the TV, "Sure, how about we see what's on?"

"Oh probably not much," Peeta said sitting down and picking up the remote and turned the TV on, "We don't get the movie channels or anything."

Katniss sat down next to him, right next to him, but not close enough to be touching, he cleared his throat and started scrolling through the guide, he felt stupid, he had made out with her a few times tonight, why should he feel nervous about kissing her again?

Katniss leaned closer to him, he let his arm that was holding the remote drop as she kissed his neck.

He didn't know exactly what sound he made as she kissed her way up his neck to his ear but it sounded like a cross between a sigh and a groan. She gave his earlobe a kiss and then whispered to him, "I don't really want to watch TV."

"Me either," Peeta said and quickly bent his face down to crush his lips to hers. Whatever inhibitions or nerves that he'd had were gone and the two of them quickly picked right up where they had left off in Finnick's living room.

Several minutes later, they were interrupted by the TV suddenly getting louder, Katniss was straddling a shirtless Peeta and had accidentally knelt on the remote, Peeta quickly grabbed the remote and muted the TV, then both sat still, catching their breaths. Katniss's shirt had been removed and her strapless bra was pushed down exposing her breasts that Peeta had been lavishing attention on, and Katniss had just finished unbuckling Peeta's belt when her knee hit the volume button.

"I guess it is getting late… do you want me to take you home?" Peeta asked.

Katniss bit her lower lip and then shook her head, "Do you think I could crash here?"

"God yeah," Peeta breathed, he couldn't believe the way this night was turning out.

"Thanks," Katniss said.

Peeta closed his eyes as Katniss moved off him, he instantly missed the feel of her and let out a small groan but opened his eyes and stood, "My room is just over here." He walked over to the door, while she fixed her bra and retrieved her top, "And the bathroom is right next to it." He opened the bathroom door and let it swing in. He had never been so happy to have the basement bedroom, he couldn't imagine trying to quietly get her upstairs.

"I can get you something to sleep in, if you want," Peeta said.

"That'd be great."

He opened his t-shirt drawer and dug through until he found the top he'd been looking for and then rummaged around looking for the smallest athletic shorts he had and then handed them to her.

"Thanks," She said as she took them, she immediately noticed the shirt and held it up, it was his Iron Maiden shirt that she had mentioned.

He just grinned and said, "I'll go grab a glass of water, do you want something to eat?"

She shook her head no and went into the bathroom.

Katniss couldn't take the grin off her face while she slipped out of her clothes, folding them up in a nice pile, the shorts looked too ridiculous, hanging off her petite frame and going past her knees, so she folded those back up. She used her fingers to comb out her hair as best she could and then rinsed her mouth out with water to get ride of the beer and whiskey aftertaste that was lingering from earlier in the evening. When she opened the door, Peeta was just coming downstairs, he stopped short when he saw her.

He faintly hears her saying that the shorts didn't fit but he does little more than vaguely nod, as he takes in the sight of her wearing nothing but his t-shirt.

She crosses the room and takes the glass of water that he had gotten for her and takes a small sip, "Thanks," She says and turns to head into his room.

"Your welcome," He says several moments later after she's already in his bedroom.

He follows and sees her set her clothes in the chair near the door, she sets the shorts she had folded on top of his dresser and she makes her way to his bed. He can only watch as she crawls under his covers.

Inside his head there is a giddy voice practically chanting, "She is in my bed. She is in my bed."

He steadies himself and get his own pajamas ready before going to the bathroom. He tries to hurry but he feels as if he is all thumbs while trying to undo the toothpaste cap and brush his teeth , so he feels like it's been forever since he last saw her. He silently says a little prayer, that she wouldn't have disappeared in the time he was gone.

He stepped out of the bathroom and went into his room, she was laying on the left side of the bed, the side that he usually favored but like he was going to complain about that! He drained the glass of water on the nightstand and was just turning to go to the bathroom to re-fill it when a voice stopped him.


Peeta froze and slowly turned to face his Dad standing in the doorway.

"H-hey, Dad," Peeta said quietly.

His Dad's eyes went from the clothes that Katniss had folded and put on the chair by the door to his bed where Katniss's dark hair was splayed out on the pillow, and then to Peeta with a raised eyebrow, "You have a guest?"

"Well, we.. I.. Yeah, I do," Peeta fumbled with his words.

His Dad motioned for him to step out of his room, which Peeta nervously did.

"And who is it, may I ask?" His Dad didn't know of Peeta being friends with any girl apart from Johanna and he could tell from the length of hair visible that it wasn't her.

About a week or so ago, Peeta had been talking to his Dad about Prom, saying that he was just going to go as a group with Darius and Johanna, his Dad has asked why he didn't ask a date, Peeta confessed that there was a girl that he wished he could ask but couldn't.

"Katniss," Peeta said, unable not to smile a little as he said her name, a part of him couldn't help but be thrilled with the fact that he was telling someone that Katniss was in his bed, but another part of him registered that he was having to tell his Dad that, which dampened the mood a bit.

He hadn't mentioned her name to his Dad at the time, but his Dad must've been able to tell that the girl that Peeta had been talking about, was this girl, the girl that was currently in his bed because his Dad mouth twitched in a knowing smile before returning to the stern fatherly look.

"We didn't - I mean, it's not what it looks like," Peeta said his face turning red.

His Dad fixed him with a stern look for a while, he seemed to be enjoying watching Peeta squirm uncomfortably, before saying, "Just make sure your Mother doesn't see when you take her home in the morning."
Peeta breathed a sigh of relief and said that he would.

"And Peeta, I expect that this won't happen again."

Peeta nodded, eager for his Dad to leave.

His Dad then gave Peeta's arm a little slap, "Sounds like you've had quite the night."

"Yeah, it has been," Peeta said, he was unable to stop the smile from taking over his face now that he knew his Dad wouldn't make a big deal out of it and make Katniss leave or worse, wake up his Mom to bring her in on the situation.

"Goodnight, son," His Dad said before going back upstairs.

Peeta stepped back into his room and closed the door and turned the lock.

"Well that was awkward," Katniss said, her voice muffled under the blanket.

Peeta let out a shaky laugh, "Yeah."

"I wasn't sure if I should keep faking sleep or if I should get dressed and climb out a window," Katniss said rolling onto her back and sitting up.

"It's fine," Peeta said, "Dad is pretty cool… plus, being the third son, they've seen just about everything already so he's probably a bit more understanding with me than with Jed."

Peeta climbed into his bed and pulled the covers over him and then rolled onto his side to look at Katniss. They just looked at each other for a while before Katniss raised an eyebrow, "What?"

"I can't believe that this is real… I feel as if when I wake up you'll be gone."

She scooted closer to him, her bare legs skimming his, he rolled onto his back and she laid her head on his shoulder and wrapped her arm around him, "I'll be right here."

He wrapped his arms around her and held her tight, "Good."

Katniss felt her entire body relax into his, she decided then and there that she loved being in his arms like this. Him holding her while they were kissing was great and made her insides go crazy with fluttering but leave.

He stroked her hair for a few moments until her breathing regulated and deepened, Peeta lay awake for a little while after that, he didn't want this night to end but his eyes finally drooped closed while Katniss was still enveloped in his arms.

When he awoke it took a moment for him to register what had woken him, he had felt a pleasant warmth of pressure on his lips

"Morning," Her quiet voice said next to his ear, followed by another kiss, this time on his neck.

His eyes snapped wide open then and he turned to look at Katniss, who had just awoken him with a kiss

The whole evening came flooding back, and he gave her a smile, "Morning, Katniss."

"I think someone is up," She said looking up at the ceiling where she had heard people walking around.

"It's probably just my Dad," Peeta said stretching then reaching over for his alarm clock and blinking a few times before he could register the time, 6:30. He laid his head back on his pillow and closed his eyes.

She rested her chin on his shoulder, "I should probably get home."

He opened his eyes and looked at her, "Do you have to?"

"Yeah, I should."

He groaned and closed his eye again and wrapped his arms around her.

Katniss laid her head on his chest, "I know it was only a few hours but that was probably the best I've slept in a long time."

"Let's do it again sometime," He joked.

"You read my mind," Katniss said and twisted her head slightly to give his chest a kiss.

"Wh- really?" He asked, suddenly feeling wide awake, "I was kidding."

Katniss lifted her head off his chest and looked at him her eyes open wide in a look that she was trying to pass off as innocence but there was still a little bit of sauciness visible, "You mean you wouldn't want me sneaking in here in the middle of the night?"

Peeta laughed, "God I'd love that… I just can't believe that you'd want to."

Katniss gave him a small wink and then sat up, "Alright, you do need to take me home now."

"Can't you just spend the day here with me?"

"Don't you think your Dad's going to check in?"

Peeta shrugged and tried to pull her back down to lay next to him, she felt too good, too warm and soft, to willingly let her leave the bed, "I don't care."

"Well I want to get home to shower and eat."

"I can grab you something to eat upstairs, and by all means, I would love for you to use my shower." The thought of her naked and wet in his bathroom affected his whole body.

"Come on," Katniss said rolling her eyes as she crawled out of his bed. She walked over to her clothes and with her back to Peeta she pulled the t-shirt off and tossed it on the chair.

Peeta sat straight up in bed, his eyes wide and his mouth hanging open as he watched her pull her jeans on and saw her back muscles and shoulder blades contract as she reached her arms back to fasten her bra, she didn't turn to face him until she slipped her top back on.

"Aren't you getting up?" She asked, the look in her eye positively mischievous.

Peeta closed his eyes for a moment, trying to commit the sight of her practically naked form to memory, and then shook his head in disbelief, she was purposefully messing with him, teasing him.

"You're a tease," Peeta said looking at her.

She just smiled and looked satisfied with herself, she walked to the side of the bed, and leaned closer, "Oh come on, would you really have preferred me to change in the bathroom."

He took hold of her waist, she let out a shriek as he pulled her back on to the bed and rolled over so he was on top of her and quickly covered her mouth with his, the image of her near-naked body, her bare back, the brief glimpse of the side of her breasts and the lace of her panties up against her skin, was still swimming in his head, and he put all the passion that sight had created in him into the kiss.

When they finally did leave Peeta's room, sneaking around the side of the house proved pointless as, much to Peeta's embarrassment, his Dad appeared to be have chosen seven in the morning as the perfect time to start cleaning out the garage.

There was an awkward introduction where his Dad shook Katniss's hand and then made a lame joke about cobwebs in the garage taking on a life of their own.

"Dad," Peeta said, then gave him a look that was pleading him not to talk any more.

"Alright, well, it was nice to meet you, Katniss."

"Nice to meet you too, Mr. Mellark," Katniss said nervously.

"And Peeta I expect you to hurry back and help me."

"Dad!" Peeta groaned.

Mr. Mellark had already turned back to his sweeping.

Peeta opened the passenger door of his gray Accord and held it open while Katniss slid in. After he closed the door he looked back over at his Dad who was looking back at him, he gave him a pointed look and Peeta knew that his Dad was going to attempt a father/son 'talk' while they were cleaning the garage.

Katniss gave a little chuckle when Peeta slumped behind the wheel, "He seems nice."

Peeta looked over at her and said sarcastically, "Yeah, he's great."

Peeta didn't ask for directions to her house, Katniss glanced over at him with amusement as he drove straight there.

He didn't even realize what he had done until he pulled into her driveway, "Uh, um… This is it right?"

She raised an eyebrow, "Yes… do you also know which one is my window?"

"No… no, I just," He took a breath, he was embarrassed as he admitted, "I did look up your address once… I promise I don't do creeper drive-bys or anything."

Katniss leaned over the armrest and gave him a kiss, "For future reference mine are the two windows on the right."

She unbuckled her seat belt, "I'll see you later."

Peeta was still flustered about her finding out that he not only knew her address but was able to navigate through the neighborhood and right to her front door with ease, she was already out of the car before he was completely aware of it. He quickly hopped out of the car, "Katniss?"

She turned.

"Can I have your number?"

She bit her lower lip and laughed, "I guess we did kind of skip over that part, huh?" He started fumbling around for his phone to enter her number but couldn't find it. "How about if you give me your number?" She asked quickly pulling out her cell from her bag, she hit to ignore all the missed calls and texts as she typed in his number and then typed up a short text.

"See you at school," She said as Peeta heard his phone alerting him of a new text.

"Yeah, see you at school," He said watching her go.

She turned one more time, "And don't forget the concert Friday."

When she disappeared into her house he got back into his car and found his phone on the floor between the front seats, he opened the new text, she had written, 'you're a good kisser'.

He felt his insides doing the conga and he knew that he'd never erase that text, he quickly entered in Katniss's name to that number and looked at the text one more time now that it had her name above the message. His smile got even bigger and he didn't even care that he had to go back and have an awkward talk with his Dad while cleaning the garage, because everything that happened last night was real.

She really did like him.

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