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Chapter one – The one with the mean girlfriend.

I parked my truck in the parking place near some silver Audi. It looked so shiny as the sun glanced over it. Even though I loved my truck very much I wonder how it would be to drive a car like that. How it would feel to let my long hair blow in the wind when I turn up the speed.

I snorted, "rich people" I mumbled to myself. Somehow I never like people with a lot of money, it got me in a lot of trouble with my ex-boyfriend, and he wasn't the person I wanted to think about now, that was one thing I was glad of. I wouldn't have to face him here again.

My first day of junior year on forks university, it's going to be tough… I moved here last summer with my parents, they always have lived here and since my grandparents past away in March they we're doubting to move back to forks from Los Angeles and when my dad got the letter to join the police in forks as chief it was decided.

They knew I didn't want to go here, the population is like 3000 people, that isn't even close to the population of Los Angeles… But I had to come along because I really wanted to study, and my parents didn't want me to live in dorms if it wasn't necessary, it was also very expensive. Now I'm starting junior year at a completely different town.

With no friends and exactly around my 23's birthday which is next week… I glanced at the window of my car and saw how messy my hair was in the window, I quickly got my brush and started to brush my long, dark, brown hair. I looked again and saw that my deep, brown eyes we're a bit red of almost crying, I didn't want to be here. As I sighed I grabbed my bag and opened the car door.

I swinged my long legs and small hips out of the truck and opened the door further to get myself out.

"Hey watch it!", a voice said when I pushed the door further, there was a girl with short brown hair and deep brown eyes staring at me.

"I'm sorry; I wasn't on earth with my thoughts". I shut the door as I got out.
I looked back at her. She glanced at me for some seconds and then smiled.

"You must be Isabella, I'm .." "It's Bella" I smiled back at her. "I see, Bella, nice name!"

She was glowing from joy, she seemed like a very sweet girl, when I looked closer at her I could see how pretty she was, very pale skin and her face seemed like perfect, she was kind of short and clothed very stylish, I think she was about 20-21 years old. Very much like my best friend Jessica back in Los Angeles only this girl was prettier.

"I'm Alice by the way, you're the new girl right?, I can show you around if you want, introduce you to all the hot guys", She grinned, "unless you have a boyfriend of course" .

I let out a small giggle, "You always talk this much in two seconds?" I asked her.

"Yes" she responded and giggled. "It's so fun to meet someone new, I like you already." She laughed.

I had to admit that I liked her already to, I had a feeling that we could become great friends even though we've only spoke now for two minutes.

She took my arm in hers and started walking towards the school.

"You nervous?".

I felt people staring at me and people we're passing by saying hi to Alice, she must be pretty popular…

"No, it's just that everybody is staring at me..." She giggled "Of course, you're the fresh meat, everybody knew you we're coming, plus they know u are the daughter of the chief of police, they need to be careful around you" she smiled at me.

"Hello Alice." Alice suddenly stopped walking and I was pulled back in her arm, I looked at her, she looked kind of mad.

"Alice, are you okay?" I asked her.

She looked at me and smiled, then she nodded. She turned around to face the person whom just greeted her, "Hello, Tanya, how are you?".

I turned around too still looking at Alice she was smiling only it seemed a bit fake, I looked at the person she was saying hi too. There was this tall girl with blond hair and light brown eyes, she was pale as white and her face seemed like it was picked from the cover of Vogue magazine. She looked beautiful, but something told me she knew that…

"I'm good" As she swept her long hair of her shoulder like a model would do. She definitely knew she was pretty.

"Jeez" I said before I knew it.

Alice looked at me, so did Tanya. "Something wrong, new-girl?" she putted a hand in her side and tapped with her heels.

"No nothing." I said while I turned around and pulled Alice with me.

"Let's go Alice", Alice looked at me like I broke some sort of rule.

"Did you just turn your back to Tanya?", I saw her smiling like a little child, it made me laugh.

"I don't know who she is but she acts like she owns this school and she only said hi", Alice snorted,
"she kind of does with her boyfriend." I saw some sad look on Alice's face.

"Are you ok?" she grinned, "Of course you just totally ditched Tanya, if I would do that my brother will come after me, he's like so obsessed with her" she sighed "that's also the only reason why she's 'acting' nice to me" she said cynical.

So her brother is the girlfriend of that I-know-I-am-so-pretty girl. That's why Alice seemed so popular, she's the sister of the famous manlike-Tanya.

"We're here" Alice broke my deep thoughts, I looked at the door of a room,

"and here is?". She opened the door, "the student desk of course, or you have your class schedule already?" she pointed at my bag.

I nodded and opened my bag; I took out the schedule my dad gave me this morning.

"What's your first class?" she asked, standing on her toes to look at my schedule.

It's chemistry class A-1. "Chemistry with Mr. Malloy?" I looked at her, I didn't even know where to go, she smiled "don't worry I will take you there."

She took my schedule out of my hand. "Hmm, after that u have French and then it's lunch break. You will meet me in the cafeteria?" I nodded.

She turned around and started walking towards the other hallway, the bell ringed and I almost tripped walking after Alice. She pointed at the door end the end of the hall. "There is Chemistry, you will be in good hands with Mr. Malloy, u can ask him where French classroom is." She waved at me as she gamboled towards her own class.

I sighed deeply.

"Here we go, you can do this Swan" I mumbled.

As I walked into the class there was a tall, skinny man with black hair waving at me. "Welcome, Miss Swan?" He said as he walked towards me.

I nodded. "I'm Mr. Malloy, I'll be your chemistry teacher this semester." He smiled; he seemed like a friendly man.

"Nice to meet you" I said with a smile.

Now please make me invisible I thought, as I noticed the other kids we're staring at me.

"Find yourself a seat" I walked towards an empty seat where another girl with black long hair and glasses we're sitting next to by the window. I sat next to her and putted my book out of my bag on the table.

"Hi, I'm Angela." I looked at the girl next to me, there was a smile on her face, and she seemed kind of adorable.
"I'm Bella". I smiled back.

"I know", she giggled.

Mr. Malloy started explaining about some sort of fungus species. I opened my book and looked up and around the class. In the back there was someone staring at me, it was Tanya! Oh god, why am I in class with this girl. She was looking angry at me, I turned my head at Angela whom was very much paying attention like she was enjoying the lesson…

Mr. Malloy asked some questions around the class. I could have paid attention but I already had this subject at my previous school. So instead I was looking out the window waiting for time to pass by.

The bell rang for the second time until I noticed it, As Angela and I we're getting up she smiled at me. "You didn't do very much" she said as she pointed at my book.

"I already had this subject last year" I said to her.

Why would she care? I guess she was trying to be friendly. When I opened my mouth to say something, I saw my book getting pushed off my table on the ground. I looked up and saw Tanya passing by.

She looked at me "Don't get in my way girl", and then she went out of the class. I reached down to grab my book from the floor.

"Tanya is a bitch, don't pay attention to her, it will only get you in trouble." I looked at Angela whom was staring at me, once I got up and putted my book in my bag I told her that I could manage her.

She frowned and smiled "I bet you can".

French went by pretty fast, Mr. Sanford was a nice guy, though his English was very bad. This time I sat next to a boy with dark hair, brown eyes as far as I could see and his skin was like chocolate. He was full of muscles and looked like 24 work out teacher. Not the type I would date. I introduced myself to him as he didn't even look at me.

"I'm Bella" I said carefully. "Hi" was his only response as he was typing on his cellphone. Jeez what's that dude's problem I thought to myself.

Tanya wasn't in this class thankfully. Half way class I heard the chocolate boy mumbling against his telephone, I heard the word shit once and was kind of curious about and to whom he was talking to. At the end of the lesson he looked up to me.

"Oh, Bella right?" I looked at him and nodded, yes his eyes were definitely brown. Maybe he is someone I would date, he was kind of handsome.

"I'm Jacob, you can call me Jake" he smiled at me, his eyes we're very friendly. I smiled at him, then his telephone vibrated and he went back to his telephone.

The rest of class flew by, I always thought French was pretty interesting. Then the bell ringed. I was glad it was lunchtime. I was glad I was going to see Alice again.

As I walked out class I felt arms around my waist from the back. "LUNCH TIME" Someone practically shouted I turned around and it was Alice.

"Did you miss me?" She winked playfully. I laughed.

"Why didn't you tell me Tanya would be in my class?" I knew she knew.

She popped with her lips, "Forgot?" she said with a mean smile.

I smiled, "Let's eat" I said, I felt hungry, I couldn't eat this morning because of the nerves.
Even though my mom made me 2 packs of sandwiches, when I looked at them I felt like puking so it's good I brought them along. Alice guided us towards the cafeteria. As we took our lunch we sat down at an empty table.

Angela came up to us and asked us to sit with us, I looked at Alice as she nodded and smiled at Angela. It didn't seem like she had a lot of friends.

"How are you Ang?" I heard Alice ask. They knew each other?

"I'm okay, under the circumstances". I was kind of curious what happened in her life but I couldn't ask her that. I should ask Alice later.

Alice nodded as she took a bite from her sandwich. "So Alice, what's up with this Tanya girl?, Is she so popular?" I asked her.

She frowned "Yeah pretty much, she always hangs out with the football boys". "My brother was captain of the team junior year from middle school, but he quitted because he goes out with my parents a lot like camping and stuff. I rather go shopping."

I let out a small laugh, I imagined her being the shop queen.

"So she "hangs" out with the jocks huh?" Alice laughed because she knew what I meant.

"Hey, you don't get popular within a finger snap." I laughed as did Angela and Alice. I unpacked my bread and started eating. That Tanya girl was probably sleeping with the whole football crew. Poor Alice's brother…

"Hello little sister", I heard a familiar voice saying. When I looked up I saw Tanya getting down next to Alice. "Where is your handsome brother?" She asked her with a fake smile.

Alice looked at her and snorted. "He's out, you know that". Alice and Tanya we're looking at each other like they could kill each other. Alice looked at me while I was glancing at her she smiled.

She's so kind I thought to myself how can Tanya be so mean? Then I looked at Tanya and saw her staring at me. "Got a problem?" I asked her politely but fake.

She snorted and stood up. "This way I will never like you Alice, if you hang out with the snotty brats" she looked at me and then at Alice.

"What's your problem?" I said while standing up angry.

"Bella it's okay, I'm used to it" Alice said with a small sigh.

I pointed my finger at Tanya, "You don't own this school you know!". She laughed devilish.

"Oh, Honey, I so do, I'm the most popular girl in this entire school, maybe even in the entire city, people adore me."

I snorted, "Hm, why is that exactly?" I said fake interested.

She had a grin on her face, "Because I…" I interrupted her "You used your own skills for that? On the popular boys?" Alice, Angela and some people in the cafeteria, whom have gathered around us now, laughed when I said that.

Tanya turned red, as she walked towards me I couldn't help but laugh at her. "Listen to me you!" she grabbed my arm hard and turned completely red.

"I will stomp you right back to Los Angeles if you don't shut you're crappy mouth!" I pulled my arm back from her grip as she was shouting at me. Alice stood up and grabbed my hand to pull me back.

"And you!" Tanya started as she pointed at Alice. "Just because you're Edwards sister doesn't mean I have to like you, or even have to endure you!"

Alice snored "You don't even deserve my brother". Tanya got so mad she walked towards Alice raised her hand and just as she was about to smack we heard a loud manly scream; "TANYA!".

The whole cafeteria looked at the door, there was a boy well more a man standing in the door opening, perfect, bronze hair all messed up like he just came out of bed. He was wearing a black, neat pants with a flannel, white shirt on it. You could see his perfect body underneath it. He had this deep golden eyes with a strong jaw. I heard my heart race and I was wondering how he would look without clothing on, he seemed so perfect.

He was looking around the room as Alice runned towards him and hugged him. "You're okay?" I heard his manly but gentle voice ask.

As Tanya responded with; "Nothing happened, I was just making her scared, she started talking like a brat to me." Alice's brother looked up at Tanya, his eyes went from confusion to irritation.

"Look around you Tanya, you made a complete scene!" He said quite angry. You could heard voices whispering and people laughing quietly. I couldn't stop looking at the perfect human that was standing in front of me just a few meters away. I heard Tanya sniffing, and then I looked at her, she was holding up her tears. She was going to play the victim here now?

"Edward you know I wouldn't hurt you". She sniffed.

"Not him but her!" I shouted, I looked angry at Tanya and totally forgot all the people around me. What was she thinking? She should apologize to Alice. Instead of playing the victim! Family or not, boyfriend or not, she's clearly insane. What a bitch so self-centered.

I heard a small snort as I looked back and saw Edward looking at me with gentle eyes, his lips parted in a small 'O' as he looked at me and then my imagination runned wild about how his lips would feel against mine or against other parts of my body. This man made me melting and wet only with looking at his lips.

And then, I saw a small grin on his face as my cheeks grown red. "Jesus" was all I could say very softly.