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I closed the door beside me and leant to it. What did just happen? I shook my head and was trying to catch my breath. My arousal was still hard of Bella's body against me.

"She's going to be the death of me." I whispered to myself as I sat down on my bed.

I went with my hand through my wet hair and fall back on the soft, silk sheets.

My cock didn't seem to back down as I was trying to get rid of my thoughts of Bella. Not that I could.
I grazed with my hand down to the towel and untied it.

I remembered Bella's eyes as she was looking at me with full desire as I reached down to grab the length of my rod. I started moving my hand up and down and let out a small moan.

How she was pressed against my chest and how my arousal was pressed against her thigh. I imagined her without clothing on and moved my hand faster. "Oh, Bella." I said softly.

Why was I so horny of this girl? I imagined her mouth against the tip of my cock as I entered her pussy with my fingers. I moved faster and faster and moaned louder and louder. "Bella, Bella, Bella" She was now sucking my cock and moving her head up and down over my cock. Then she sucked really hard as she looked into my eyes.

I left out a huge moan as I felt my warm cum dripping over my hand. "Oooohh. "

What did just happen? I was getting myself off by only the thoughts of this girl.
I catched my breath and wiped my hand on the towel. I closed my eyes and thought how It would be to be inside Bella, fucking every inch of her sweet pussy. With those daydreams I instantly fell asleep.


"What happened to you?" Alice asked me when I got out of the bathroom.

Think Bella, come up with something… "I-" I was all out of breath and was trying to find the words.

"You?" She frowned at me. "I just got my period" I said trying to look ashamed. Ashamed I was though, her brother's arousal was just pressing against my thigh in her bathroom.

She smiled at me. "That's what you so ashamed off?"

I shook my head, "It's just I totally forgot about it and don't have anything with me."

She nodded and walked into the bathroom. My heart finally calmed down and stopped racing.
Alice came back with a pack off tampons and she shoved them in my hands.

"Thank you" I said quietly. "Don't worry dear, I'm always prepared" I smiled at her. Of course she was, she's Alice.

Suddenly her phone rang and I went into the bathroom to pretend using the tampons.

"Hey Jake" I heard when she answered the phone and I shut the door. Is that the Jacob guy whom is in my class? I leaned with my ear against the door. You shouldn't do this Bella, that's bad, I shook my head and placed my ear back on the door.

"Tomorrow?, Well I don't know, I got my friend over and I don't know when she's leaving actually." I heard a sad sound in her voice. Was Jake asking Alice on a date?

I opened the door and walked into the room and saw her looking at me with her pink cheeks. I raised my tum "Go go!" I whispered. She smiled at me and nodded.

"You know tomorrow is fine, maybe my friend will tag along though, you don't mind right? It will be a double date, she's taking my brother." Alice winked at me as my mouth felt open.

DOUBLE DATE?! Is she crazy? we just had a heated up moment in her bathroom and now she's planning a double date for me?

"Only if you see it as a date of course." I saw her twinkling her eyelashes at her phone. Alice that doesn't help he can't see it. She was flirting with him like an idiot, but I was happy for her. She really seemed her self with Jake.

"Oké than, see you tomorrow eight o'clock." there was this ridiculous huge smile on her face. She hung up the phone and looked at me. Her smile became even brighter and then she jumped up and down a few times.

"I got a date with Jacob." She screamed. "Now we got to ask my brother out" she said as she winked at me.

She walked through the bathroom towards Edward's door. I followed her closely, maybe I can catch a glimpse of that insane good looking chest of his?

She opened the door and she walked inside. I shouldn't walk in, this was his own room, I should respect his privacy. "Edward!" I heard Alice saying like she was ashamed of something.

"What is it?" I heard Edward saying after he yawned deeply. I stood still next to the door trying not to peek around it.

"What were you doing?" Alice asked with a loud voice. Oke, she was kind of making me curious now.

"I fell asleep after my shower, what's so wrong with that?" I heard his bed creak and footsteps towards me on the floor. "Edward!" Alice shouted.

I turned, facing the door and there he was, right in front of me. I looked into his eyes as he ran a hand through his messy but sexy hair. "Hello Bella, you still here?" he said as he blinked a few times. Even half asleep he looked like a god.

He patted my head and walked by me towards the shower. I turned around following him with my eyes, then I noticed he was completely naked. He had a nice butt though.

I laughed as Alice ran towards him with a towel. "Edward, you just had a shower!" she said and tossed the towel to his head.

He turned around to face me and Alice. My face turned completely red as I saw his erection. It was perfect, nothing compared to what I've seen before.

He looked down at his erection and then looked up to me as I met him with my eyes. There was a smirk on his face as I turned red. "What are you smirking for, you're naked!" Alice sort of screamed.

"Brother, you're embarrassing me in front of my friend." He snorted. "She doesn't really seem to care." I snorted as he grinned at me.

"Not something special" I lied. I saw the smirk disappear on his face and his eyes turn darker. Oh, I hit a soft spot. "That's not what you would have said an hour ago." And the grin was back on his god like smug face.

Alice turned to me with a confused face. "Nothing" I said to her as she was trying to figure out what was going on.

Edward tugged the towel around his hips again and I kind of felt disappointed. "So why did you wake me up Alice?" she smiled at him and I felt like I was hit by a ray of sunlight. She really liked Jacob a lot.

"Are you free tomorrow around eight?" Edward stared at her like she said something stupid and then looked at me. "Why?" He turned back to Alice again.

"Are you yes or no?" she said trying to sound angry. "I am." he responded.

"Good then you're going out on a date with me, Jacob and Bella." Edward looked at me and smiled. "Sounds good." He said without hesitation. I blushed and smiled back at him.

"Where are we going exactly?" I asked as I turned to Alice. "The twilight bar and grill, Jacob works there and we will eat there when his shift is done." I nodded. "There is also a bar with pool tables and stuff. It's an awesome place, our parents took us there when we we're little." She said to me with a smile.

I just remembered the pictures she showed me of when they both we're around the age of 15. They said at a table and they really looked like a happy family.

Then I heard Edward let out a sigh. "I wouldn't call a teenager little." He said.

"But remember with my sixth birthday? We - oh." I looked at Alice when she suddenly stopped talking.

She looked at the ground and I faced Edward. His jaw was clenched together and he had this angry look at his face. He turned around with his back towards us. I heard a small sigh from his direction.

"I'm sorry brother, I forgot." Alice looked at me with a panicked out face like she said something she shouldn't tell.

When I looked at Edwards back again I saw these tiny white scars. I didn't notice them un till now.

"Bella can you leave us two for a minute please?" I heard Edward hiss under his teeth.

"No." he turned around and frowned at me. "Why not?" he said angry.

"Well you look like you're going to punish Alice." Alice snorted.

"Would you rather want me to punish you?" he grinned at me and I saw Alice looking up at him.
As she saw his smile she smiled too.

"I just want to talk to my little sister Bella." his voice was calm and it made me trust him.
I nodded and walked back into the room and closed the door behind me.

I set on Alice's bed and let me fall on it. It was soft and I felt my hair tickle in my neck.

What happened to Edward? Where did those scars came from? What was between Alice and him just now? So many questions I had, I never could ask him.

Suddenly the bedroom door opened and I sat back up. There was this large, body building type in front of me, he had blond hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a sweat pants with a simple white t-shirt on it.

"oh" he said like he was confused. "Is my sister Alice here?" I nodded he must be Emmett.
He walked towards me and looked at me from top till bottom. "Hmm"

"What?" I asked him a bit irritated because it seemed like he was judging me already. "Nothing, you kind of pretty." He said without blinking.
There was this awkward silence as I looked at him like he said something weird.

He reached his hand out to mine. "I'm Emmett." There was a smile on his face that reminded me of Alice. I grabbed his hand. "I'm Bella." I smiled back at him, he seemed very kind.

"Brother." I didn't even notice that Alice was back in the room as she shouted to Emmett. I felt Emmett let go of my hand as Alice walked towards him and gave him a small peck on the cheek.

"Nice to see you too little sis." He grabbed her and lifted her in the air as he turned around. They must have a special bond together because they seemed different then with Edward.

I looked at Alice as she smiled at me. "It's all good Bella, sorry for what just happened. I said something I shouldn't have said." I nodded, even though I still didn't completely understand.

"Edward oke?" Emmett asked Alice as he was still holding her like she was precious. She nodded, "I just said something about when we we're little, when Edward wasn't here." He gave her an 'Ah' look like he understood.

I frowned not knowing what they we're talking about. Edward weren't here? Where was he then? With family or on vacation. My mind was running wild and it gave me a small headache.


I went into the shower when Alice left the room. Even though I showered a hour ago, I needed to calm down of my frustration, it wasn't Alice's fault that she forgot I didn't grow up with them.
She will always see me as her brother even though I'm not.

I turned on the hot shower and let the water drip over me.

Alice was special so was my mom, dad and Emmett, they weren't my real family but they we're still my family. I just didn't want to talk about the past, especially with Bella there. If she would learn about how damaged I am, she would never want to be close to me again.


"So you met Bella I see" Emmett nodded, "Yes, she's quite something" he grinned.

I'm still in the room and he didn't seem to care, he was a flirt, so not my type. He reminded me of Jasper, he was a flirt too at the beginning.

"So, what's for dinner?" Alice came down next to me on the bed.

"Well, maybe I can cook Italiano for our Bella here." I smiled at him. Flirt.

Alice looked at me and frowned. "Are you even Italian?" I giggled.

"Of course she is, her name is Bella." Emmett said. Was he that stupid?

"Do I look Italian at all?" I said laughing. "Hmm" Emmett came closed and almost touched my nose with his. I did my head back. What in the world was he doing?

"Well, you have dark hair and big brown yes. I would believe you if you said you were." he said while standing up straight again.

"Well, I'm not." Alice patted my head. "Obviously" she said. I raised my eyebrows, why is that so obvious? Am I that typical American?

The door behind Emmett opened and Edward walked in. "Eddie!" Emmett said and Edward immediately looked irritated. "I told you not to call me that." He said as he punched his arm softly.

They both laughed as they gave each other a manly hug. Emmett grabbed his shoulder. "So, how are you?" he asked politely.

"Doing fine, nothing special' he said as he looked at me. What was that supposed to mean?

Emmett looked at him as he raised a brow and then at me. I blushed but I didn't know why.

"I see" Was the only thing he said when he got back to Edward.

"I'mma going to cook dinner then. since mom and dad left me in charge."

"Hey, you're the best cook, you shouldn't have let Rose teach you cooking then." Edward smiled to his brother as he was teasing him. "She's not coming by the way?"

Emmett shook his head, "She's with her dad at the hospital, he still didnm't wake up from his surgery." Edward nodded and Emmett's smile dissapeared.

"Shouldn't you be with her then?" Alice asked Emmett as she grabbed his hand and squeezed it tight. "No, I haven't seen you guys in 3 weeks, she told me to stay here for 2 days because she would be sleeping at her mom's place anyway if her dad doesn't wake up, so that her mom won't be alone." Alice and Edward nodded.

Poor Emmett and his girlfriend, I couldn't imagine losing my dad.

He sighed and then smiled at us. "But I'm with my favorite brother and sister now!" Edward laughed "We're your only brother and sister!" and we all laughed along.


Dinner was delicious, Emmett made his own Italian salad with Spaghetti. He made a delicious chocolate pudding as desert.

"You like chocolate Bella?" Edward looked at me as i licked my spoon off. "I do very much. It's like my little secret desire." Alice and Emmett laughed and Edward looked at me very serious. "What?" I asked him.

"Nothing" and he grinned. I took another bite, closed my eyes and let out a small sigh when i swallowed it. When i opened my eyes i saw Edward studying me.

"You really like chocolate don't you?" He whispered. I nodded and smiled.

"Well, then tommorow i order you something with chocolate." He licked his lips and smirked. My body shivered as i saw his tongue stroking his lower lip. I would love to lick it for him.

Right the date. I wonder what that's going to be like...

We finished dinner and Alice and I went upstairs, we watched The Notebook together, talked and laughed. It really felt like a girl evening that i haven't had in a while.

"I got the perfect little dress for you tommorow" Alice said out of nowhere. I smiled at her not sure what i should say. Normally i would refuse to wear a dress but this is Alice. I was afraid to say no.

She walked to her closeth and grabbed this dark green dress, with little straps over the shoulder and black lace that felt over the total length. It was beautiful and not too short. A little under my thigh.

I smiled and nodded. "Its perfect" I said. "What is your shoe size?" she asked me. My feet are too large for her shoes too fit. "I think you can fit my mother's shoes." She went out of the room.

Not thirthy seconds later she was back with some pair of shoes with a small heel underneath it. One that was walkable for me, they we're black with one line of gliters. They matched perfectly with the dress.

She hung the dress op for me to wear it tomorow. "You will look beautiful in that dress Bella!" I smiled at her. "Thank you Alice." She smiled back very bright as usual.

At twelve we decided to go sleep. I rest my head against the pillow and thought about tomorow. A new day with Edward. A date with Edward. Oh no.

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