I am pleased to announce that I have recently discovered an adversary of equal level to Rutans and Moonites. Cockroaches. I have a mild suspicion that these creatures are aliens, due to their extremely high rate of reproduction, the ability to resist a wide range of weaponry and their strange appearance.

Yesterday, I waged a minor war against them in the human room of food preparation. I fought valiantly, considering that it was one against, well, a lot (I suppose the boy was right about having the intellect and skill to count above 27 was important).

It had all started when I saw a spy trespassing upon our territory. I tried to guide it over a pressure mine, yet it was a crafty little being and escaped my control, into a crevice in the wall. I demanded that it come back on face me like a true warrior, but, alas, nothing. Instead, I decided that I should pursue the (rather admirable) survivor, so I widened the cockroach's escape crevice in the wall with nearby utensils so that I could reach inside. I felt its hard armoured shell slip under my digits, causing me to curse (in Sontaran, not the guttural language of these humans) its species to be forever damned to tread the battlefields of Sontar.

Not being one to submit, I further widened the gap with one of the boy's utensils (called a lay-del, I think) so I could fit my arm in. Try as I did, I had no luck. The critter continued to crawl out of my reach, mocking me with its strange 'antenna' appendages. Angered, I continued digging away at the wall until I could crawl in. Inside, it had all but disappeared into the darkness. Or that's what I thought had happened. What, in fact, had happened was that the one little spy had summoned more and more of its allies to try and swarm me in the darkness!

I am ashamed to report that I panicked. There I was, trapped in a small pocket in the wall with hundreds of puny soldiers invading my private space and riling up for an attack! I scrambled out of there as quickly as I could and launched all the grenades I had on-hand through the hole. Not wasting more time, I also retrieved a substantial amount of grenades from my collection upstairs as well as my laser gun for singular targets.

It took very little time to use up my grenades to try and obliterate the pests. After the smoke cleared, there were countless pieces of cockroach everywhere, like the confetti of war! Yes, ok, the wall was also now nearly non-existent, but I had single-handedly destroyed an invasion!

I heard the door click open, indicating that the Madame and the boy had arrived home from purchasing rations. Eager to show them my success, I rushed out to greet them and inform them of the victory, all the while pushing them towards the room of battle.

I will not disclose what happened next. I will only report that it has been one of my harshest punishments so far

After countless confrontations with these arthropods, I have concluded that they're definitely trying to conquer the household, and no matter what the consequences will be, the area must the cleansed of them. Therefore, perimeter marches and scouting sessions have to be increased threefold. Hopefully, the Madame and the boy will realise what dire situation they are caught in, and appreciate my efforts to keep our barracks uninfected.

Soldier's Footnotes: With thanks to the same anonymous soldier that supplied to the last report. SONTAR-HA!