Author Notes: After the Triwizard tournament tragedy Harry Potter falls into a deep depression and come out of it vowing to become stronger and the defeat the Dark Lord Voldemort.

Chapter 1: The Worse Day

It was a hot in July in Little Whinging, Surrey. Inside the house of Private Drive four in the smallest bedroom was Potter. To many in the neighborhood area is a small orphan boy who lives with his aunt and uncle with their son Dudley. However the Dursley feared their nephew, Harry. He was a wizard and their greatest fear was that he would turn them all into toads.

That all changed when Harry return for the summer from his magical boarding school, Hogwarts. Harry didn't say a word but Petunia and Vernon Dursley knew at once something was wrong with their nephew.

For Harry it was difficult. He wasn't sure how he could cope with the fact that he led someone to their deaths. In many ways he should have foreseen this coming. He knew the Dark Lord had set in motion to capture him. It was only by luck that he managed to escape.

Ever since he came back for the summer holidays, Harry has lock himself up in his room and just sat down staring at the floor lost in his thoughts.

A knock on the door caused Harry to turn to look at the door. The door opens to see his Aunt Petunia standing there.

"Boy… I mean, Harry… are you feeling alright." Petunia asks.

Harry looks back at the floor and stares at it.

"I think it would be best if you went outside and spent some time at the park." Petunia said.

"Why." Harry croaked out, it was clear these were the first words he has said in weeks. Harry knew at once this was not his usual voice as he hasn't spoken since returning to Private Drive. He couldn't talk to the Dursley, not only did they not understand the magical world, but they hated anything that had to do with magic. He was also sure that they wouldn't be able to help Harry cope with the tragedy of the Triwizard Tournament. If only he could get in touch with Sirus, but Harry hasn't gotten a single letter from Sirus. The most news he has gotten was from Ron who let him know he was staying elsewhere, but other than that he has just said Mrs. Weasley has had him cleaning and doing his homework.

"Don't ask questions." Petunia snaps, "Just do what you are told."

Harry gives a sigh and gets up with some difficulty.

"Make sure you back for dinner." Petunia says leaving Harry alone in his room.

Harry gets up and leaves the house before deciding to go to the park like Petunia requested. Harry walks to the park and could see Dudley and his gang near the park entrance. Knowing at once they were up to no good and wishing not to get a part of it, Harry slip through the side and sits on a swing.

Harry grinned his teeth as he went down to memory lane and heard the words follow by a green light that killed Cedric Diggory. Harry grabs his head and tries to shake the memory out of his head.

"Well, well… look who we have here." A voice said, causing Harry to look up. His eyes suddenly filled up with rage and anger. Dudley's gang had come to him and they were jeering down at Harry.

"What's the matter freak? Did something happen to you that…" Dudley began but he stop short when Harry revealed he had his wand with him. Harry was giving Dudley a dirty glare, as if daring him to touch him.

"What are you afraid of Big D, he just got a stick." Piers said. Harry stood up and pointed his wand at Dudley's temple causing Dudley to lose the color in his face. The boy started laughing but they stop when something came over them like a whisper. The air became cold and Harry knew they could feel as if ice was creeping up underneath their skin that sent their spines into its coldest shiver. The stars went completely dark as if someone had taken away all the lights and a dark veil appeared over their eyes blinding them to all things.

"What did you do?" Dudley half demanded in fright.

"Let's get out of here." Piers shouted as the boys all started to run away.

"Quiet Dudley, don't run." Harry hissed. Dudley started to whimper as Harry cast a cheering charm on himself and on Dudley but it was clear the effect would not last.

"What are you doing, I'll tell dad… I swear."

"If you want to live then you'll do exactly what I tell you Dudley." Harry hissed but he fell silent knowing at once what he was hearing. They were not alone in the park, something was coming. Harry could feel it, and he knew without need the answer, it was coming for him.

"Get down Dudley, lay on the ground." Harry hissed, but a second hoarse breath caused Harry's hair to stand up on the back of his neck. There were two of them.

Dudley did as he was told and started whimpering on the ground.

Then Harry saw them, coming out of the park's tunnel, they came. Harry raised his wand and cried out "Expecto Patronum!" But only silver vapor erupted from his wand before disappearing. Harry began to hear someone laughing, a high cold terrible laugh. He could hear his voice inside his head.

"Come Harry, bow… bow to your death. It might even be painless, I do not know, for I have never died."

"Expecto Patronum." Harry gasp out loud, trying to focus on something positive. But it was no good, and the Dementors knew Harry wasn't happy.

Ron and Hermione's face blurred into his face and for a moment he felt sad that he wouldn't see them again but that thought quickly disappeared. A dark whispered filled the back of his mind saying "Friends who don't even talk to you when you need them to?"

Soon another memory came up, just as the Dementors began to reach them. Harry cried out into the abyss, "Expecto Patronum!" This time an animal came out of his wand, but it wasn't a stag like it used to be. It appeared to be a horse but with wings. At first Harry thought it was a Pegasus, but then he realized it couldn't be as the wings weren't made of feather like materials, but rather more… bat-like.

The Patronus was giving off a warm feeling, and was keeping the two Dementors at bay.

Harry then urged his strange new Patronus forward causing the two Dementors to flee after a brief struggle.

Harry gave a sigh of relief and looks at Dudley who was cuddling at his feet.

"Get up, Dudley, they are gone." Harry said but Dudley could only give a whimper. Harry gives a heavy sigh and picks up Dudley.

Harry looks up and sees the night sky was clear again, telling him the Dementors were gone. He looks around and sees Mrs. Figgs coming right at them. Acting quickly and knowing muggle aren't supposed to know about magic, he hid his wand in his back pocket.

"Don't put your wand away boy, what if they come back. I swear I'm going to kill Mundungus Fletcher." She shrieked.

"I'm sorry?" Harry said not sure what he just heard was correct.

"That drunken fool left, left to see someone with a batch of cauldrons that fell off the back of a broom! I warned him if he went I would flay him alive. Now look at the mess you're in, Dementors! It's just lucky Tibbies on the case, but we haven't got time to stick around quick now. We must get you back within the wards."

"Are you a witch?" Harry asks as he tries to follow her but Dudley wasn't making it easy.

"I'm a squib, as Mundungus knows full well. So how on earth was I supposed to help you, I'm only to keep an eye on you." Mrs. Figgs says.

"This bloke Mundungus has been following me around?" Harry asks half annoyed.

"Of course, did you think Dumbledore would just let you wonder around on your own after what happen to you in June. The Order has been keeping a close eye on you."

Now this made Harry angry, Mrs. Figgs clearly could see it and said no more.

They reach the front door of Private Drive Number Four and before Harry could enter a loud crack and Harry's nose was filled with the smell of heavy alcohol and stale tobacco. An unshaved man appeared holding a silvery cloak that Harry immediately recognize as a Invisibility Cloak.

"Sup Figgy? What happen to staying undercover?" he said staring at Harry then at Dudley.

"I'll give you undercover you useless dragon dung." Mrs. Figg cried as she waved her back and began to hit the man. "Dementors attack this boy on your watch. Dumbledore was afraid this might happen, and you just had to go buying stolen cauldrons."

"Yes, but… it was a good business opportunity…" He said but covered his face when Mrs. Figg began to hit him again.

"Get off of me, someone's got to tell Dumbledore."

"Yes they have, and it better be you and you can tell him why you were gone when it happen." Mrs. Figg shouted.

"Alright, I'm gone, see."

With another crack he disappeared.

"I hope Dumbledore murders him. Get inside the house Harry. Remember this, no more magic; the Ministry has ways to detect underage magic and do not leave the house no matter what happens." Mrs. Figg said. Before Harry could ask a question she disappeared down the street.

Giving a heavy sigh and knowing what was going to happen wasn't good Harry opens the door and enters his prison.

"Diddy, about time you got home, I was starting to… Diddy, what's the matter?" Aunt Petunia shrieks as she came out of the kitchen.

"Help me get him on the couch." Harry said in a hoarse voice. Aunt Petunia said nothing but move aside as Harry moved Dudley to the couch and set him down.

"Vernon, Vernon come quick. Something's wrong with our son." Petunia said as she rushes over and hugs her son.

Harry got up and moved to the kitchen cabinets where he knew Aunt Petunia kept the sweets. Harry grabbed a small Hershey bars and breaks it in half.

"Boy get in here." Vernon shouted.

Harry walks in holding the chocolate in his hands.

"Dudley, eat this, it will help you." Harry said handing the chocolate to Dudley. Vernon however knock the chocolate of his hand.

"What did you do to my son?" Vernon bellowed.

"Nothing, if anything I saved your son… we were attack by…" But at the moment a screech owl appeared and drops a letter at Harry's feet before taking flight again.

Opening the letter, what Harry read made his blood boil.

'Dear Mr. Potter,

We have received intelligence that you performed the Patronus Charm at twenty-three minutes past nine this evening in a Muggle-inhabited area and in the presence of a Muggle.

The severity of this breach of the Decree for the Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery has resulted in your expulsion from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Ministry representatives will be calling at your place of residence shortly to destroy your wand.

As you have already received an official warning for a previous offense under section 13 of the International Confederation of Wizard's Statue of Secrecy, we regret to inform you that your presence is required at a disciplinary hearing at the Ministry of Magic at nine am on August 12th.

Hoping you are well,

Yours sincerely

Mafalda Hopkirk

Improper Use of Magic Office

Ministry of Magic'

Harry knew one thing; he would have to fight for his right to carry a wand. Hopefully, he could explain to them what happen.

"What's in that letter boy."

"I'm in trouble because I used magic. However the situation…"

For the second time that night, a letter flew at Harry from an owl who crash into the kitchen. Ignoring his uncle's yellow of 'Owl's' Harry opens the letter and to his disappointment sees it was Ron's father.


Dumbledore has just arrived at the Ministry, and he's trying to sort it all out. Do not leave your aunt and uncle's house. Do not do anymore magic. Do not surrender your wand.

Arthur Weasley.'

Harry was getting angrier and angrier. He needed information, news about what was going on, not being told like a child to stay put and stay out of trouble.

"What did you do to Dudley?" Vernon bellowed after a few moments of silence.

"Nothing, I didn't do anything it was…"

"Was…" Dudley began. Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia turn their heads instantly to their son.

"Go on son, what did he do?" Vernon said trying to encourage his son to go on.

"Pointed his wand at me… all dark… everything was so dark… and then, I heard…. I heard things. Things inside my head…"

Vernon and Petunia look at each other with a worried expression. They clearly thought Dudley was losing his mind and they did not like the sound of that.

"What sort of things did you hear pumpkin?" Petunia asks her son, but Dudley seemed unable to say what exactly he heard.

"Why did you fall over son?"

"Tripped. And then… horrible… cold, really cold." Dudley said and immediately Petunia places her hand on Dudley's forehead to feel his temperature. "I felt as if…. I felt… as if… as if…"

"You'll never be happy again." Harry said in a bored tone of voice.

"Yes." Dudley said, his voice still trembling.

"So," Uncle Vernon said as he turns to face Harry who was standing there with an angry expression. "So you put some crackpot spell on my son so he'd hear voices and believe he was, was doomed to misery or something did you?" Vernon said in a threatening tone of voice.

"Are you all really that draft? If that was the case why would I bring him back here? I could have left him in the park. No, I've been trying to tell you, we were attack by a couple of dementors."

"A couple of what, what are you talking about boy?" Vernon snarled.

"Dementors, two of them."

"And what the hell are they?" Vernon barked.

"They guard the wizard prison Azkaban." Aunt Petunia said before she clap her hands over her mouth as if she said a disgusting swear word.

Harry could only stare at his aunt. Mrs. Figg was one thing, but Aunt Petunia was another.

"Where did you learn that?" Harry demanded.

Aunt Petunia turns to Uncle Vernon as if she was making a silent apology. "I heard… that awful boy, telling her about them… years ago." She finally said.

"So what do these, Dementy's do exactly.

"Dementors, and as you can see, Dudley is showing signs of being briefly expose to them."

At that moment however, another owl fell onto Harry's head.

'Dear Mr. Potter,

Further to our letter of approximately twenty-two minutes ago, the Ministry of Magic has revised its decision to destroy your wand forthwith. You may retain your wand until your disciplinary hearing on the twelfth of August, at which time an official decision will be taken.

Following discussions with the Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the Ministry has agreed that the question of your expulsion will also be decided at that time. You should therefore consider yourself suspended from the school pending further inquiries.

With beset wishes,

Yours sincerely

Mafalda Hopkirk

Improper Use of Magic Office

Ministry of Magic'

"What's going on?" Vernon asks.

"I've been sentence to a hearing for using magic."

"Does your lot have the death penalty?"

"I suppose."

"And they'll sentence you there?"


"I won't give up hope then."

"Good, now I got to write some letters." Harry said.

"No you don't I want answers." Uncle Vernon yelled.

"What?" Harry yelled back at his uncle.

"Dudley, I want to know what exactly happened to my son!"

"Fine." Harry shouted as sparks flew out of his wand. Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia flinch and backs away from their angry nephew.

"Dudley and I were in the park talking." Harry said slowly. That's when we felt the dementors come. I told Dudley to stay still but he fell backwards on his own two feet. I then had him lay on the ground while I fended off the dementors."

"What do they do?"

"They are emotion feeders. They suck and eat every pure energy inside a person. They are among the foulest creatures to walk our earth. If they get the chance, they'll kiss you."

"Kiss you?" Vernon said narrowing his eyes slightly. F

"We call it the Dementors Kiss, and its when they use their worse weapon on a person. It's when they suck out your soul and feed on it." Harry said.

"His soul? They didn't, Dudley still got his…" Petunia said looking at her son.

"He still has his soul because I protected him."

"Did you fight them off son? Did you give them the old one-two did you?"

"You can't hit a dementors, it's like trying to hit a ghost. The only thing that works on them is the Patronus Charm which I cast to protect your son."

"But what were they doing here if they guard… your kind of prison?"

"All I can tell you is that someone must have sent them. Why I do not know, but I do have a slight suspicion."

"Who?" Vernon asks.

"Voldemort. The one who murdered my parents." Harry said.

"But's he's gone. That giant bloke said he was gone." Vernon replied.

"He was never truly dead. How he is back, even I do not know." Harry said.

"Then that makes things clear for me. Get out of my house." Uncle Vernon roared.

"What?" Harry cried out.

"You heard me, get out! I should've done this years ago! Owls treating the place like a rest home, puddings exploding, half the lounge destroyed, Dudley's tail, Marge Bogging around on the ceiling, and that flying Ford Anglia. Out!"

Harry crush the letter in his hand and stared at his 'family'.

"Wise Uncle. If I leave the very thing that protects your family from the dementors will collapse." Harry said in a calm tone of voice.

Harry paused to let those words sink in.

However before anyone could say anything another owl came in the room. Harry made a grab for the letter but instead it turns course and drops the scarlet envelope on Aunt Petunia.

"You might as well open it, I'll hear what it says any way. That's a howler." Harry said calmly as Petunia looks at the scarlet envelope.

"Let it go Petunia! It could be dangerous!" Vernon half shouted.

"It's address to me Vernon, look. To Mrs. Petunia Dursley The Kitchen, Number Four Private Drive." Petunia said.

"Open it," Harry urged as the envelope began to smoke. "Get it over with; it's going to happen anyways."

"No." Petunia said as she looks like she wanted to run. It was too late as the envelope burst into flames causing Petunia to shriek as she drops the envelope.

"REMEMBER MY LAST PETUNIA!" A loud voice said.

Petunia let out a gasp and collapse on the couch.

"The boy, the boy will have to stay."

"But Petunia dear."

"If he leaves, the neighbors will ask awkward questions. They will want to know where he has gone. We'll have to keep him."

"But Petunia dear…" Vernon began. Petunia turns to Harry.

"You're to stay in your room, and you're not to leave the house. Now go to bed."

Harry knew better than to stand and argue with her, so he did what he was told.

Authors Notes: A new story, not sure what I'm going to do with my other ones, I might work on them at some point. I also haven't decided on a pairing. I want you, my readers to decided.

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