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Chapter 11: The Nightmare

The mood could be described as moody. Gray, sulky even depressing. The house of Godric Gryffindor had just return from the first Quidditch Match of the season only for the entire team to be banned from the new powers of the High Inquisitor. After Draco Malfoy insulted the Weasley family and Harry's mother; George Weasley and Harry beat Malfoy up to a pulp for the insult. This however fell on deaf ears of the High Inquisitor who look happy she could punish Harry and take away something he loved. His teammates were no exception. George for helping Harry attack a member of an important family. Fred for attempting to. Katie Bell, Angelina Johnson and Alicia Spinnet for stopping Fred. All in all, it wasn't a good day for them.

"I'm going to bed." Angelina said after what seem like hours sitting there in silence.

"I hope you're proud of yourself Harry." Hermione said in an angry tone of voice.

"Shut up Hermione." Harry growled out.

"If you only could learn to control yourself properly…"

"I said shut up." Harry roared.

Hermione took a step back when she notice something strange. Harry's eye had somehow changed. She blinks before she thought it was a just a reflection of the fire or a trick by Harry's glasses. However there was one thing she knew, she was afraid for some unknown reason.

Harry got up and went into his room slamming the door shut. It was dark times, and it would only get darker. The thing was, he didn't know if he could trust Hermione or Ron anymore.

The next day everyone was talking about what caused Harry to attack Draco Malfoy. Everyone knew there was no love between them but to attack another student in front of the entire school was almost unheard of. Draco of course had a big smile on his face, due to the fact that he was boasting that he gotten the entire Gryffindor Quidditch Team banned from the game. This however only caused the Gryffindor's to hate Draco even more and before the first lesson, it was rumored he was attack by a couple of seventh years that put him in the hospital wing.

Tension was mounting high between Gryffindor and Slytherin. However Dolores Umbridge wasn't smiling. She was glaring at the Gryffindor Table with such fury that she was trying to find someone to take the blame. She wanted to choose Potter but he had withdrawn himself from the school public opinion. In fact, Harry only appeared during class times. Where he went, was anyone's guess.

Snape quickly appeared as several of his students and the Gryffindor's were ready to rip each other apart.

"Enough!" Snape shouted making his presence known. Everyone stop and return to their side. Some attempted to hide their wands.

"If you cannot behave yourselves then I will be taking all of your wands from you." Snape said. He then ushers them inside.

Harry sat down next to Helena as she came and brought their potion to their table.

Snape address the class once again, telling them the pros and cons of the potion they were making and had them get to work immediately.

Harry made his potion with Snape only giving a sniff and a glare at Harry causing many Slytherin's to turn away in disappointment.

The days began to blur together, and before everyone realized it, winter had arrived.

However the mood was anything but jolly.

Teachers were giving huge amount of homework towards the fifth and seventh years that nearly every student could be seen in the library studying.

Except Harry Potter.

Harry didn't get homework. If he did, he would fill it out during his free time before he vanished on the seventh floor.

Umbridge was sitting down behind her desk and stares at the caretaker of Hogwarts.

"I was told you were good at tailing and finding out where students hide." Umbridge said in a soft voice.

"The Potter kid has always been good at avoid detection. We're going to have to recruit others to help us." Filch said.

"The Inquisitorial Squad. I like it. Very well, try to find out what room he goes to and is using. If he is doing something illegal I want to know at once."

"Do you think Potter is still doing his little group?" Filich asks.

"I'm certain of it." Umbridge said in one breath.

"Then we should get a spy inside his group to report us where these meetings are located."

"There has to be one in the group itself that will come to me. The thirst for power is too great to ignore. Bring me Serverus." Umbridge orders.

Filch bows like he would to a ruler and leaves the room.

Harry fell to his knees as sweat pour from his face. His magical core was getting stronger and he was getting smarter. His body; which was once small and fragile was starting to get tone out really well. However tonight, inside the Room of Requirements; Harry was trying to activate his new magical abilities.

"Almost, almost there." Harry said as he pulls himself up.

Harry gets up and cleans himself with before leaving the room of requirements. Harry check the map to see if the cost was clear, he was surprise to see Ron inside Umbridge office.

Harry pulled out his invisibility cloak and quickly goes to Umbridge office.

"…I knew you would make the right choice. You're brother Percy always speaks most highly of you. Now then, tell me, has Potter preformed anything illegal in these dueling clubs?"

"Nothing so far, he's just been teaching us dueling styles. Different means to tackle situations. As far as I know, he's done nothing illegal. In fact, he doesn't seem to trust me anymore. He keeps his distance, and is keeping secrets. I seriously doubt there's anybody in Hogwarts other than the Headmaster who knows Potter's secrets." Ron said.

"Try to earn his trust again. Report to me where he goes, and what he's doing. I promise you a promising future in the Ministry if you help the Ministry gets Potter expelled for telling his nasty little lies."

Harry left the moment he heard Ron turn around and leaves. Harry watch him go and knew at once, their friendship just died.

Harry said nothing to anyone about Ron's meeting with Umbridge. However he did notice Ron was keeping a closer eye on Harry.

With the holidays fast approaching, the classes finally came to and end allowing others to enjoy the first break they've had since returning.

While the strain between Harry and Ron was going on, Hermione was back to making her usual knitting's for the house-elves. Harry didn't honestly know why Hermione bothered. Or why Hermione understood what she was doing. The House-Elves were now terrified of her. To them, she was their worst nightmare come true. Harry didn't tell Hermione he was chucking her wool hats and socks into the fire when she went to bed. On some occasions, Fred and George would even help out.

Harry was in his private quarters when Kreacher appeared.

"Master, a letter from the dog master."

"Thanks Kreacher." Harry said. He took the parchment and to his joy, Sirus was inviting him over for Christmas. The plan was that he was pretending to go home to his relatives when in truth he was going to Grimmauld Place.

Harry wasted no time signing his name up to go home. Ron it seemed was under the impression that Harry was staying at Hogwarts as usual.

Tonight however, Harry was sitting down in mediation in the Secret Tower. As usual everyone came in. All expect Ron, who was currently asleep in the second floor boy's bathroom.

"Alright, let's begin. Today I thought we do our first real test in a combat situation." Harry said. Everyone began to mutter and talk excitedly. This is something they've been looking forward too. "We're going to create two groups. The goal is to eliminate the other team. How you corporate with each other is up to you. Now I have here, a bowl that has a sheet of paper that has been colored. Blue is one team, while Red is another team. Line up and see your fate." Harry said.

Everyone did so and they quickly formed into two teams.

"Begin." Harry said.

Harry pulled out a palantíri as he watch the teams battle it out in a fog. What they didn't know was that while the fighting was real, it was all in their heads as this was a mind illusion magic.

It was easily the most fun they've had and everyone was had smiles on their face. Harry knew he chose a fog match because it was easy to get lost and confuse.

After an hour of them fighting each other, Harry cancelled the spelled. Everyone woke up from the ground and got up.

"You all did very well. The lesson I wanted you all to learn was how to communicate in a combat situation. Much like the fog, where you were feeling lost and confuse, so you will in a battle. Learn to know what's around you and who's around you."

"What was that?" Smith demanded.

"An illusion spell. I cast it on the paper you picked up. It was too risky for you all to do acuatally combat as we may have unnecessary injuries. So I chose to do an illusion instead."

"Why didn't you tell us that?!" Smith snapped.

"Expecting the unexpected is a lesson all wizards going into a duel should know. It's a lesson I had to learn the hard way. You honestly don't expect a Death Eater to go easy on you do you Smith?"

Many look like Harry made a fair point.

"Harry's right, we shouldn't be expecting it. Adapting to a situation is critical to any tactics in survival." Helena said.

"You should be proud of yourselves, not many can go into a situation like that and do so well.

Everyone went to bed that night, all wishing Harry a merry Christmas.

Only Cho Chang remain behind.

"What's wrong Cho?" Harry asks as he banished the room back to normal. There was no need but Harry did so anyway.

"Oh nothing, just doing all this makes me wonder if he manage to know it all."

Harry affection for Cho just dropped.

Of course, she was still in love with Cedric.

"He did know it. He was pretty good too, however if you think you're a match for Voldemort, than you're mistaken and you don't stand much of a chance." Harry said coolly.

Cho flinch at the name but made no comment.

"You survived when you were just a baby."

"Yeah well, I don't know why nor does anybody else. So it's not really much to be proud of." Harry said calmly.

"I really like you Harry."

Cho moved closer until Harry realized what she was intending to do. Without a pause Harry embrace Cho Chang and the two starting kissing. It took only moments for them to remove their clothes as their passion heat up the night.

Harry return to Gryffindor Tower with a large smile. He bang the Ravenclaw Seeker, and it felt good. Harry went to bed and quickly fell asleep dreaming about him and Cho possibly being together.

Suddenly the dream changed.

He felt cold, calm, and could feel adrenaline racing through his veins. Almost like a pulse of a heartbeat. He was close, so close. He could reach it, leave before anyone could see him and Dumbledore's plan's would failed.

A flicker of light appeared and Harry snap his head quickly at an approaching figure. Harry moved quickly underneath the shelf holding some orbs. The figure came close, oh so close. Just a little further and he could continue on to his goal.

Something was wrong as the figure stop and bend down to inspect underneath the shelf. Something was wrong. He could taste it with his tongue. The light shown in his eyes, causing blindness, but the unmistakable shape of a face appeared behind the light.

Without pause or remorse, Harry struck. Sinking his face deep into the man's throat. Harry could feel something pouring into the man's throat. As well as the feel taste of blood. Letting go Harry fell to the floor as the man collapse. The man raised his wand and Harry struck again. Two, three, four, five bites into the man's flesh, injecting fresh venom into the man. The man lay there, unable to hold his wand no more, and Harry stared into the glass dead eyes of Mr. Arthur Weasley.

Harry yelled as he woke up. Cold sweat was pouring down from his face.

Without warning, his bedroom door burst open and Professor McGonagall came in.

"Potter, what's with the ruckus? Several of your housemates said you were yelling in your sleep and…"

"Professor, Mr. Weasley is trouble. He was attack by a snake." Harry said quickly.

Professor McGonagall gave Potter a calculating look.

"We're going to see the Headmaster Potter."

Harry got up and quickly was out the door with Professor McGonagall.

"I take it you mean Arthur Weasley, Potter?" Professor McGongall asks the moment they were halfway towards the gargoyle statue.


"He's on guard duty tonight. If something has happen, then it's important that we act quickly."

They arrived in mere seconds to the entrance of Dumbledore's office, and Professor McGonagall quickly gives the password allowing the two up the entrance. The moment they reach the door, Professor McGonagall gave quick hard knocks.

"Enter." Came Dumbledore's voice.

They enter the room and Dumbledore looked surprise to see Professor McGonagall and Harry there.

"Arthur Weasley is in danger Albus. He was just attack by a snake."

"How do you know of this?" Dumbledore asks.

"Potter here saw, a vision."

"How did he see this?"

"I was dreaming…" Harry said stupidly.

"You misunderstood me. I meant did you watch the victim from the side, or perhaps from above…"

"I was the snake." Harry said as he narrowed his eyes at Dumbledore. It was almost as if he somehow knew about the dream.

"Professor McGonagall, please get the rest of the Weasley's children. Everard, and you too, Dilys. The man has red hair and glasses. Everard, you'll need to raise the alarm at once. Make sure he is found by the right people. Stick to our Ministry Employee story."

Everad nodded as he and a witch got up and left. Dumbledore walks towards his phoenix Fawkes and the phoenix woke immediately. "We will need, a warning." Dumbledore said.


"What news?" Dumbledore asks at once.

"I yelled until someone came running. I gave the story you came up with, and they found him Arthur. They declared him dead Dumbledore."

Silence enter the office.

"What of the object?" Dumbledore asks in a raspy voice.

"The Dark Lord failed to get it, but it was close Dumbledore. Ministry Officials are looking as we speak for any signs of an intruder as we speak…"

The doors open and Professor McGonagall came in with the rest of the Weasley children.

"What's going on?" Ron said stupidly. "Professor McGonagall said dad's been hurt."

"You're father has died on the line of duty while on duty for the Order. Phineas!"

"Died?" Ginny said in a small voice.

"What is it Dumbledore?"

"I need you to visit your other Portrait again Phineas. I've got another message."

"What message?"

"Arthur Weasley has died on the line of duty, his Children and Harry Potter are coming."

"Got it." Phineas got up and left.

"I am sending you all to Sirus at once. I suggest you sleep until tomorrow. Now then, Portus." Dumbledore said pointing to a rather large cup.

"I trust you have all traveled by portkey before." Everyone nodded. "Good, now then…"

A phoenix feather drop in front of them in a flash of fire.

"It's her." Dumbledore said. "Quickly now."

Without wasting any time they all grabbed the cub and Dumbledore sent them off.

For a brief moment as Harry stares into eyes of Dumbledore and he could feel nothing but hate building up inside of him. A deep desire to strike at the man. Then he was gone.

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