A loud clang jolted Felicity out of her reverie. The bow that Oliver usually took such meticulous care of had been recklessly thrown onto the metal table behind her. She turned in time to see his mask being flung beside it.

Felicity raised her eyebrow in concern as she watched Oliver put away his Arrow gear with such vehemence. His anger didn't make sense. He had just gotten back from a successful mission. She knew because she had talked him through every step of the way. It had gone well enough that he had given Diggle an early night off, but Felicity could feel the angry energy simmering under his skin.

Felicity had noticed he had been a little off his game for the past few days, but he didn't seem to want to talk about it. In fact he didn't seem to want to talk to her at all.

Deciding now was a good a time as any to break the ice, she asked, "So how long, exactly, do you plan on not talking to me?"

He'd been distant and standoffish since she got back from visiting Barry in Central City. She had let him stew in his surly mood for a while, but enough was enough. It was time he got over whatever hang-up he was dealing with this week.

"I am talking to you, Felicity," he growled impatiently without turning to face her.

"No, I'm talking. You're snarling, and I think it's time you talk it out or I'm taking some more time off until you can get over your issue-of-the-week."

When she got no reply, she tried again. "What exactly happened while I was gone?"

Oliver continued to ignore her as he unwrapped the Velcro holding his gloves on.

"Hey!" Felicity snapped, tired of being shut out. She tugged on his arm, forcing him to face her. "I'm trying to talk to you here!"

Even in her furious state, she could see the slight wince on his face as he turned. Looking down, she saw the cause of his pain.

"Oliver, you're hurt! Why didn't you say anything before?" she asked as she moved to get the first aid kit.

Grabbing her arm, Oliver stopped her. "It's nothing. Don't worry about me."

Felicity tilted her head at him in skepticism. Oliver returned her look in silence.

Then, realizing he still held her arm, he let go and turned back to his task.

Studying his leather-clad back, Felicity decided to push him against her better judgment until he cracked and let her in.

"What happened while I was gone, Oliver?" she asked softly.

Oliver jerked off his glove and slammed his palm against the table. The sound reverberated in the otherwise silent room.

"Nothing." The word sounded as if it were ripped from him. "Nothing happened. Is that what you wanted to hear?"

Whirling on her, Oliver glared at her with more emotion than she had seen from him since Sarah left.

"Did you want to hear how Digg and I fumbled one mission after another? Did you want to hear how a little boy got shot in the Glades because of a glitch in our comm link, when I was 20 yards away and could have saved him?"

The fury in his eyes had her backing up until she bumped into the table behind her. It wasn't fear that had her retreating; it was the pain evident on his face.

"Did you want to hear how I sat here for hours every night trying to remember how I used to do this without you? Is that that what you wanted to hear, Felicity?"

Oliver's eyes bore into hers as his fingers lifted to graze her cheek.

"Did you want to hear me say how much we needed you while you were off playing doctor with Barry?"

Felicity's breath caught when he cupped her face in his palm and took another step into what she considered her personal space.

"Oliver," she whispered, watching mesmerized as his face moved closer to hers. "What are you doing?"

Oliver looked from her eyes to her lips. "Nothing you haven't wanted me to. I'll do whatever it takes to make you stay from here on out."

Up until that moment, every word out of his mouth seemed to wind around her and draw her more and more into him, but Felicity was no one's toy, and Oliver had pushed just far enough.

"No!" she yelled, pushing him back. "You do not get to do that!"

Oliver gritted his teeth, realizing she had caught onto his game. "What are you talking about?"

"Don't play dumb with me. You know exactly what you were doing."

Walking around him, Felicity crossed over to her desk and started to gather her things. She huffed in frustration with Oliver and herself.

Why are you so stupid, Felicity? She asked herself. Why do you let him do this to you?

Turning off her computer, Felicity reached for her keys as she vented.

"You know I'm attracted to you. That hasn't exactly been a secret around here, but I'm not going to let you use that as a weapon."

Grabbing her purse and coat, she walked back to where Oliver stood staring at her, his face hard enough it could have been carved from stone.

"You do not get to use my attraction to you against me," she said, jabbing her finger into his chest. "I'm not your play-thing, Oliver. You can't seduce me into staying with you."

Her piece said, Felicity turned to walk out on him, but Oliver whirled her around to face him once more.

"Don't walk out on me again, Felicity!"

"What the hell is the matter with you?" she asked, jerking her arm out of his hold. "I was gone for a week! A week! You're acting like I abandoned you! And I will go visit Barry any time I damn well please. I may work for you, Oliver Queen, but you are not the boss of me!"

Felicity started to walk out again when she realized she wasn't done putting his ego in place.

"And another thing, don't ever try to use my feelings against me. Much to my disappointment, I can't exactly control how I feel about you, but I do know that the man you are in this moment is not a man I want, so don't try that again lest my better judgment catches up."

She had made it to the door this time before Oliver erupted.

"You think this is all one-side?" Oliver asked as he walked up to her. "You think I walk in here everyday or look up from my desk at Queen Consolidated and see you and not… see you?!"

Trying one more time, Oliver hesitantly lifted her chin to face him.

"I see you, Felicity," he said brokenly. "Every damn day, I see you. And sometimes I find myself wanting more than I should."

A thousand questions ran through her mind. What? How? Why? Felicity bit the inside of her lip to keep from saying something she might regret.

She was no fool. She knew she wasn't even in the same league as Oliver. Nor was she his leggy-model type. So she couldn't help but wonder if his words were true, or just another ruse to get her to stay.

Oliver seemed to be oblivious to her inner turmoil. His hands moved to her hair and he twirled a strand around his fingers. This was the first time he was able to touch her for his own pleasure and not for her comfort. He wondered how long this would last.

"I guess that's what was wrong with me," he said, his brow creasing at the realization. "I missed not seeing you. You're the brightest part of my day, and you took your light to someone else, and left me in darkness."

Exhaling on a shudder, she asked incredulously, "What are you saying, Oliver?"

Taking a deep breath, Oliver considered his words. He knew that what he said next could potentially make or break them. After going without her for the past week, he had realized just how much this girl in front of him had become his lifeline in this new life of his. He couldn't lose her again.

"I'm saying that I'm fighting a battle between needing to keep you safe and wanting you here with me. And I don't know how this one ends."

Felicity lifted her hand to grasp his wrist. "You're going to have to decide whether your want outweighs your need."

Oliver nodded slowly, knowing he had to sort his feelings out before he hurt her. Moving closer, he rested his forehead against hers and sighed. Just having her back was enough for now.

"What are we doing, Oliver?" Felicity whispered, genuinely curious.

"I don't know," he answered honestly, liking the way their breath mingled. "But I'm sure you'll help me figure it out. You always do."

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