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A chance meeting in an ordinary afternoon started something that transcended the limits of time, reaching out to my aged mind with the sweet ache of love unfulfilled. Even as my memories fade, unwilling victims of the inexorable succession of years, I stubbornly refuse to forget the details of the face I came to adore.

From the past my first love smiles, beckoning me to lie on the grass and gaze at the stars, just like we used to do whenever protect by the shield of trees, lured by the beauty of our bluebell meadow.

I can still smell the unique scent of our encounters, an amalgam of crushed grass, late blooming flowers and life waiting to happen. Sometimes, the voice of my beloved invades my dreams, repeating the words of so long ago, the ones forever imprinted in my brain.

Apart from the world, we abandoned our public personas and were free to just be. On those ethereal moments of existing beyond our self imposed trappings, we defied the odds and shared the intimacy of baring our souls.

Though I never learned the secrets of the body that first awakened my desire, I will forever remain in love with the beautiful soul with whom I shared long conversations throughout my seventeenth summer.

Now, in the twilight of my life, I spend my days revisiting the season when love was a possibility.