I didn't ask for this life. I didn't ask to move half way across the world to live somewhere completely foreign. I didn't ask for people to know my name everywhere I went.

But that's how it is now.

My life was changing rapidly around me. But I was happy.

I huffed as I brought the last box up the stairs and set it on the ground.

"I gotta remember not to pack so much stuff!" I exclaimed.

The door to the bedroom swung upon to reveal his smiling face. To me, he was my boyfriend, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg. But to the world, most importantly, 20 million bros, he was PewDiePie.

He was the number one subscribed channel on YouTube. He was in the big leagues.

And I was there beside him through everything.

I smiled at him and gave him a small peck on the lips. We had recently moved to Brighton in the United Kingdom to get away from our pasts.

I heard Maya and Edgar run into the room and laughed as they tackled each other to see who would beat who to my legs. Edgar, being the silly thing he is, tripped on his own feet and let Maya have the win. I scooped her up and held her in my arms as Felix began to pet her.

"You know, I can't thank you enough for doing this with me." He said.

"It's nothing. Really. I wanted to come with you." I replied.

"I just hope the internet connection is better." He said as he walked back into his game room.

I rolled my eyes. The internet was his top priority.

But I couldn't blame him. It had brought him to fame.

And it may have had a hand in giving me success as well.

All of our stuff was almost unpacked. I just had a few more boxes to unpack full of my clothes, shoes and knick knacks.

I sat on the floor and set Maya beside me as I grabbed my camera and began to record. I hadn't vlogged in awhile so I figured now would be just a good a time as any.

"Hey there everyone! Maddie here. I'm just here with all these boxes full of crap. I don't know where I'm gonna put everything. I'm doomed!"

I could hear Felix scream from the other room, obviously playing a horror game. I just laughed and rolled my eyes.

"Ignore him, guys." I said to the camera.

This was my crazy life.

So how did you like it? Sorry it's so short. I was just trying to write a little introduction in there. I promise there will be some drama coming soon so look out for that. I won't make it boring :P Leave a heart or a comment if you enjoyed!

P.S. If Pewds and Marzia are moving from Brighton to somewhere else, I'm sorry! I was just trying to write around wherever they were recently. Lol.