In the streets of a small town near bristol, 2012, a man known by Thomas Bergandine awaited for his daughter Jessica, who had gone to a friend's house. As time pass the sun began to set, and the skies darken, Thomas knew that Jessica always came home before the sun drops, he pulled out a cell phone and called The ones Jessica visited, "Hello Ben." Tomas greeted, "Listen sorry for calling, but it's getting late and I Jessica needs to Get home." He Informed

"S-She's not with you? but I haven't seen Jessica in a while." Benjamin answered in a confusion

"What?! What do you mean you haven't seen her?" Thomas asked in a concerned demand.

"I mean she left about half an hour ago, I haven't seen her sence, I thought she went home." Benjamin answered the grim news.

"30 minutes!" Thomas shouted out in disbelieve his eyes completely widen, "Did you know what road she took?"

"It was the road in the forest, she said she was trying to get the fast route." Benjamin answered.

"I going to go look for Jessica, call the cops and keep a look out please Ben." Thomas begged, as he gathered anything that is useful for him to search for his lost daughter. He hung up the phone and prepared to scope the woods for her. Hours of search passed, and The sun now was gone and night's darkness was all around the woods, Thomas screamed out Jessica's name, hoping to find his lost child. He felt his surroundings getting cold, he felt his stomach getting sick, and a freezing shiver down his spine. Thomas heard the wind howl, and something amongst the shadows and darkness moving, he moved away from the trees. Thomas looked around trying to see what was lurking in the dark, but all he see was trees and pitch black surroundings.

"J-Jessica, is that -y-you?" Thomas studded with cold fear down his bones. Thomas shun his flash light around all corners, he knew that he was not alone in these woods. He turned back to the main path and seen a finger, it seemed to be a man in a suit. Thomas squinted his eyes, the man was far from him to see clearly. "excuse me, You sir! Can you help me!?", Thomas loudly begged to the man far in the Dark woods, but the man disappeared in the shadows. Thomas try to fallow, he thought to himself this man could lead to Jessica, but he stopped as he was infront of a tall slim, pale white creature, the ones they call the Faceless phantom, the ones they call the Slender man.