The Doctor quickly looked over and saw nothing, but trees and an empty road, he turned back to amy " what is it?" The Doctor asked, lifting an eyebrow, "hold that thought" he said to what ever was on his false phone, putting it away in the box.

Amy took her eyes off the faceless walking Condominium turned, "What do you mean,don't you see-!" Amy cried out, but when she turned back to the direction of the man, but was silent when she saw nothing whare the slim Giant was. "It was right there! That slender man was right there!" Amy roard pointing at the Direction.

"Amy calm down, listen, I know, I believe you, just relax." The Doctor said trying to calm his companion down.

Amy try to calm her breathing down, but looked around knowing that the Suited phantom was still around their surroundings.

She focused backed to the Doctor, but saw the Slender man infront of her and behind the Doctor, it's arms stretching like branches, it's massive hand reaching towards the Doctor.

"Doctor!" Amy screamed, as she quickly grabbed the Doctor by the arms and powerfully pulled him out of the way, causing him to stumble into the ground.

"Amy calm down what has gotten the matter into you!" The Doctor screamed.

Amy looked back, seeing the faceless ghost once again vanish.

"Amy! What happened, the Doctor screamed his question, trying to get up.

"Doctor, I swear, I swear, what ever that thing was in the Asylum, it's here." Amy said, sounding completly frightened.

"Amy calm down, nothing is going to happen, I believe you, just get to the TAR-" The Doctor try to bring her back to the TARDIS, but wasstunned when he saw his Time Machine covered in drawings of the Slender man, and a wording in a side of the TARDIS 'Get out!', and the Phone rang once more.

The Doctor couldn't believe under a matter of seconds, behind his own back, His TARDIS has been vandalized by a creature he has never faced before.

"Amy get in the TARDIS." The Doctor said, pulling out his key.

"What are we going to do?" She asked in curiosity.

"We need to get back to the town, what ever that thing is, I bet it started there." The Doctor respond, opening the TARDIS Door

"Then what?" She asked.

"I do what always do." The Doctor answered briefly, entering the TARDIS.

"You have no idea, do you?" Amy gave a slight laugh, but he grin disappeared as she saw in the corner of her sight the Slender Giant staring at her through the thick trees, it's head, tilting at an unnatural angle.

Amy quickly ran in the TARDIS, the Slender man gave her the coldest chills in her spin. As the TARDIS Dematerialized, but as the TARDIS came back to the spot near the town.

The Doctor walked out first, but in the his eyes widen more then ever, as he saw in the TARDIS' police sign tainted in wicked lettering, 'You have been Warned.'