Your laughter filled the area as a squirt of water hit you from across the room. The green spray bottle in the Vocaloid's hand now half empty as she continued to press the handle repeatedly to soak you.

"Miku! Stop!" You laugh, the turquoise haired girl shakes her head, her hair brushing the floor as she takes another step and aims the bottle at you. You smile, grabbing your soda off of the counter and running from the kitchen, Miku following close behind. "Rin! Help me!" You yell for your best friend through a giggle fit. You receive more water from the Vocaloid as you turn a corner and run into the large living room, multiple others lying or sitting on the floor in front of a large flat screen TV. You jump over the bodies and dive behind the couch as others stare at you in wonder.

"(name)?" Luka's voice fills the empty, confused silence. Before you answer, Miku leans over the wall, then running in and bouncing over Len Kagamine and her brother.

"Where is she?!" A large smile grows on her face as she raises the bottle. You peek out and begin to laugh, causing your friend to dive forward and begin spraying the couch. Her brother stands up, walking over to Miku with a smile before extending his arm and taking the bottle.

"I think (name) has been soaked enough, Miku."

"C'mon! Your no fun, Mikuo!" The girl pouts, plopping herself down beside Rin and Luka. Mikuo smiles before stepping back over to the other Kagamine twin.

"Okay, I'm starting the movie everyone." He leans down to Len, "go get your girlfriend hiding behind the couch." He winks at the blonde as a blush grows on the boys face.

"She's not my girlfriend, Mikuo..."

"YET!" Rin calls out, "WE KNOW YOU LOOOVVEEE (name)!" Len's head snaps into her direction, glaring daggers towards her. She stands up and leans over the side of the sofa and grabs your hand, motioning for you to come. You stand as well, following the mirror image as you step over other Vocaloid's. She stops in front of her 'brother' and tells you to ask him for a staring contest.


"Just do it! You'll thank me later~"

Your eyes held confusion as you set yourself down in front of him, doing as Rin says.

"Staring contest?" You smile, Len looks up to the girl towering above you both, a hand over her mouth as she giggles before nodding politely to you. You gaze into his eyes, slowly being captivated by the sparkling within them as seconds tick by. Same to him...

"Now!" A pair of hands rest themselves on your back, shoving your body forward and causing you to land on top of Len. Both of your lips brushing slightly. Both of your eyes are now widened, you quickly break the kiss, blushing madly as your heart rate quickens.

"L-Len, I'm sorry...I-" You begin to apologize, Len raises his hand and places a finger to your mouth.

"It's o-okay..." He interrupts with a heavier blush. "just blame Rin." You smile a bit, your gaze meeting the ground as you nod.

"Alrig-" Lips crashed into yours again, your heart rate quickening as you feel the passion and slowly kiss back.

"I enjoyed it~" The whisper comes through the kiss, making you smile again.

"I love you, Len."

"I love you too, (name)"