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"And next up, reading some Shakespeare, our second guest star: spandex-wearing heart throb of the city, trained by Batman himself, the one and only, Robin! Oh, and literature background, I have no idea."

All the girls were yelling frantically and were turning their heads to look for him.

Now, Raven raised her eyebrows so high, you would think they were floating above her head.

"What." That's all she said, rather bluntly.

"That's pretty much my reaction too when I found out that I had to recite tonight." Robin replied in a daze sending a short glare at Iris who only smiled and waved back in return.


Third Person POV

Robin approached the stage, unsure of what he was about to do. He fished through his mind, looking for a poem by Shakespeare.

"Okay, hey guys," Robin started, he just smiled easily to the crowd to hide his nervousness. All the girls were shrieking. His eyes searched the crowd for Raven, who, at the time, was rolling her eyes at the crowd's foolish actions.

"Well, I guess I'm here to read some Billy Shakes, huh?" Robin started again. This earned several chuckles from the crowd. But really, he was just trying to buy time as he searched frantically through his mind for something by Shakespeare- a poem, a monologue, a sonnet, anything, he just didn't want to make a fool of himself in front of the crowd, especially Raven.

"I will be reciting All the World's a Stage," Robin decided as he shifted in the stool and leaned towards the microphone to recite:

"All the world's a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances,

And one man in his time plays many parts,"

Raven raised an eyebrow. "Did he call the legendary playwright William Shakespeare, Billy Shakes?!" She turned to Iris, who was innerly fangirling.

"Yes! He did it! I mean, I knew he could do it, but I mean, I didn't know if he could do it," Iris rambled on. Raven looked at her and almost smiled: Iris signed Robin up without his consent much like how he signed Raven up without her consent. Raven weighed the situation in her hands and she decided not to scream at Robin on the way home.

"Is second childishness and mere oblivion,

Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything." Robin finished. He walked back to his seat next to Raven.

"You recited something? Boy Blunder just recited Shakespeare? This is a bit much for me to handle," She said sarcastically while still being surprised in general.

"Well, what did you think I used to learn in English class before I became a superhero," Robin said quietly, with a hint of teasing. Raven decided to avoid that subject, seemingly anything before "Titans'-time" was off limits as a conversation… at the moment.

Robin turned to her, hoping to make some small talk. But what to talk about?

"How was it like in Azarath?" Robin asked abruptly. He never really asked about Raven's past or private life, nor did he know much about her. So of course, Raven stumbled a little once she heard this question.


"I guess it's because I don't know much about you, yet you know some of my deepest secrets," This was sadly true. The day Raven went into Robin's mind. He saw glimpses of his past: the Joker, Batman, and most awful moment in his life: his parents dying.

"It was…" she swallowed, thinking about the past. "usually loud and boisterous in the streets, with all the parades and what not, celebrating only Azar knows what. But in the palace, it was quiet, peaceful; probably because the monks forbid anyone to talk or make the tiniest of sounds. But I have to say it was eerily silent most of the time," Raven replied.

"Do you think it's still like that now?"

"Azarath was destroyed by Trigon, Robin," He didn't react, no. That isn't it. He did react, but not with a reaction. Instead, he put on a stoic face: the one he learned from Batman to avoid those "touchy-feely moments". There was quite some tension between them now, both not noticing the fangirling Iris.

"And now, we have two finalists: Raven and… Robin!" The speaker announced.

"Oh, I would never have guessed." Raven said sarcastically. They both made their way up to the stage, greeted the audience, then sat down on the two stools set up for them.

"I would like to recite A Pæn by Edgar Allen Poe," Raven started, with her usual emotionless face.

"How shall the burial rite be read?

The solemn song be sung ?

The requiem for the loveliest dead,

That ever died so young?"

Robin looked into the crowd, finding everyone mesmerized by Raven. Well, almost everyone. In the corner, he saw a frantically waving Iris who was mouthing: "That's her most famous reciting!" Her voice dropped her usual deadpan and was almost even filled by a ring that you could call "emotion".

"They loved her for her wealth -

And they hated her for her pride -

But she grew in feeble health,

And they love her - that she died.

They tell me while they speak

Of her 'costly broider'd pall'

That my voice is growing weak -

That I should not sing at all -"

Robin kept his eyes on her, loving that now is a great opportunity to see Raven as herself. Though it may be taking advantage of her vulnerability, it is the same with all great reciters and artists: taking down their walls and pouring their heart out into the art.

"Therefore, to thee this night

I will no requiem raise,

But waft thee on thy flight,

With a Pæan of old days."

As she ended, she put on her usual emotionless face and stared out into the audience. He sucked in air and said into the mic, "Now how am I ever gonna beat that?"

The audience chuckled. Raven had on a small smile.

He sucked in more air and recited with a slight stutter and crack in his voice,

"Come away, come away, death,

And in sad cypres let me be laid;

Fly away, fly away, breath;

I am slain by a fair cruel maid."

Gradually, his voice got stronger and Raven could only watch as he was trying to build up his walls again.

"Not a flower, not a flower sweet,

On my black coffin let there be strown;

Not a friend, not a friend greet

My poor corse, where my bones shall be thrown:

A thousand thousand sighs to save,

Lay me, O, where

Sad true lover never find my grave

To weep there."

Robin finished, his eyes cast down towards his feet. He lifted his head and said into the mic, "Oh, and by the way. That was Dirge by my main man, Billy Shakes,"

His smooth and charm act was put up once again while the audience laughed.

Raven could only stare.

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