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Naruto: the Blind Swordsman


Blind: True pain is only experienced

It was a night unlike any other, the wind picked up blowing a more aggressive gust of wind, the sky was pouring rain, drenching anyone who stood outside, and the smell of blood was apparent through the alleyways.

Normally in Konoha, or also known as the Village Hidden in the Leaf, it was clear and starry in its own right but not today, god felt sorry for the one boy who lost his life today and was weeping for the poor child who just turned 5.

In a dank alleyway, pinned to the stone wall was a young blonde who had four kunai's dug into his hands and ankles, effectively pinning him to the wall, but that wasn't the worse part. His skin was peeled back, revealing his naked muscles and rib cage, his tongue was cut out, allowing the now useless appendage to bleed profusely.

The final piece of work that was noticeable was two dull kunai's were shoved into the eyes of the now unconscious Naruto Uzumaki, all and all it was a gruesome and bloody sight for the Hokage and his ANBU to find.

With a heavy heart, the old Hokage known as Hiruzen Sarutobi ordered his ANBU to determine if the poor child was alive or dead which they answered with a simple, "No".

The Hokages heart sunk to the lowest parts of his stomach, he couldn't believe it, they really did it this time. Over the years many of the villagers - normal and ninja - have voiced their undying hatred for the known vessel of the Kyuubi known as Naruto, some would even gather to rough him up a bit which was soon broken up by a loyal ANBU who loved the boy like his own son, but now, this was too far.

Since the Hokage was bogged down by his mountain of paperwork and his ANBU's were off trying to break up an Anti - Naruto riot who was trying to burn down Naruto's apartment complex they were completely unaware of this brutal and ungodly beating taking place almost a yard from the Hokage Monument.

They pulled the deep kunai's from his hands and ankles from the concrete and started to lift the dead corpse of Naruto only to be pushed back by the bubbling red aura that started to engulf Naruto. Unknown by the ANBU's who stared dumbly at the amazing scene playing out in front of them was the kunai's they pulled out were enchanted with anti-Youkai energy which can only be bought by...high class joinin.

All that filled the alleyway was a muffled scream of Naruto who was feeling his skin being fused together very roughly until his tongue regenerated and it became a full on walle from the child.

Once the final fiber of his tissue and skin fuse back together on his stomach the boy passes out on the ground with his breath slow and ragged, he truly came from hell and back. Even though his skin was healed back the minor cuts and broken bones were still evident, the Kyuubi must have only had enough reach at the time to heal him half way, Hiruzen knew what he had to do.

Sarutobi clan house - guest room

As Naruto laid in the bed, still unconscious from his ungodly ordeal, A nomadic medical nin stood next to his unconscious body, this nomad was the only one who could help the poor boy.

The proclaimed Slug princess, Tsunade Senju, started to heal his minor and shallow stabs and broken bones while she also turned her attention on his eyes which were still closed and bleeding.

Once after hours of work she told her old Sensei that their was nothing more that she could do, the was it, they could only hope and pray he would pull back from this monstrous abuse.

Sarutobi was lucky, that day was the day Tsunade was going to leave with her apprentice Shizune, once Sarutobi begged and pleaded with the busty blonde to help his grandson she had no other choice.

Naruto mind

Naruto laid in a pool of knee deep water that surrounded him mental body, he soon opened his eyes only to see a paw hovering over his body, a very large red paw that had enlarged claws.

Naruto slowly started to rise but was stopped by the booming voice of what seemed to be a Demon, "Stay still child, i have not finished healing you" he decreed unknowing that naruto was freaking by the deep voice.

"W-w-who are y-y-you?" questioned Naruto who could only stutter and cower under the paw that hovered over his small unmoving frame. "It doesn't matter kid, Damnit!" the beast yelled, curling his hand into a fist almost scratching the small boy by the gut but missed by an inch. "Its not enough! My chakra can't heal your internal organs, the are too damaged, you won't make it Kit" The beast announced with a solemn and depressed voice which was betrayed by his deep and menacing voice.

"What's wrong?" questioned the boy who started to move only to feel a burning inside in his organs which wouldn't die down, it was ungodly, a true debilitating pain which was now traveling through all of his body parts, from his toes all the way to his head.

"Kit! I said stay down" The voice boomed again which fell on deaf ears thanks to the pain blocking everything from Naruto's mind. "W-w-what's wrong w-w-with me?" he howled while wrapping his stomach with his arms hoping the pressure would calm his pain only to find out his arms weren't moving, he looked towards his arms to see blood pouring from them a truly gory sight for a child to see.

"They truly did a number on you didn't they Kit? Normally i would be able to heal you but, unfortunately they used a special type of kunai that bounded you to the wall, destroying most of my link too you." The voice said with sadness seeping from every word, he truly cared for the boy.

"I d-d-don't understand?" Naruto was finally able to say only to feel more pain rushing through his small body.

"I will give you the shortest explanation that i can, I am the Kyuubi, the nine tailed fox that was forcibly taken against my will to attack your pathetic country. I was then sealed inside you once i finally regained my true self, and now i stand here before you because your father and mother sealed me inside you." Kyuubi said to the boy who was now flat on his back crying in pain.

Back to reality

"What the hell is happening in here!" yelled the Hokage, rushing into the guest room of his house to see Tsunade holding down Naruto who now was screaming and flailing around. The Kyuubi's red chakra was trying to cover him but was being stopped by four glowing circles that covered his body from the puncture wounds in his arms and legs.

"Sensei! grabs some restraints, if we don't stop him now he will hurt himself!" yelled tsunade who was still on top of the boy, using all of her strength to get Naruto to calm down, "Its okay Naruto, its okay" she whispered to her godson. Right when her words connected Naruto's subconscious the Kyuubi took over for a moment, "Get off now!" The beast yelled from naruto's body.

Soon after, the possessed Naruto flipped Tsunade clear across the room which knocked over the Hokage while they both slid back out of the room. Using the red chakra as a transparent hand to shut the door behind him, "Naruto!" yelled Tsunade, banging on the door with her ungodly strength but was unable to break the now Yokai infused door. "Leave us be! I am saving this brat" Yelled the Kyuubi which shocked both the Hokage and his busty student.


"Annoying pests!" yelled the fox who was now freed of his prison, since his jailer was dying the seal was destroying itself to allow the Kyuubi its freedom. Kyuubi stood above Naruto, who seemed unaware of his presence. He stared at the boy and felt a tug at his demon heart, the only thing that a demon couldn't stand was to see a child suffer.

Once he looked into Naruto's blue pleading eyes he remembered the promise he made to Kushina, his last container.


"K-Kurama?" questioned the bleeding Kushina who was impaled by the Kyuubi's mastrourse nail, In his bewildered haze after being released by the Uchiha who named himself Madara he lunged at the only thing he could see, his only friend in the world, Kushina Uzumaki. "K-Kushina?" he said as a tear came to his deep red eyes, he couldn't believe what he did to his only friend, the only one who wished to know the real person inside the demon, and now he was the one who ended her life.

"It's okay b-b-big guy, y-you weren't thinking s-s-straight" she said, fading in and out of consciousness.

Kurama was about to pull his nail out only for Kushina to let out a petrified scream from the immense pain, "Kushina!" yelled the other who was stabbed through by the Kyuubi's nail, the father of Naruto, Minato Namikaze. "Stop it, y-y-you're hurting her!" Minato yelled to the shocked fox who now was out right crying, of course he would never admit it but Kushina and Minato were everything to the fluff ball.

"Minato, d-d-don't be so mean to K-Kurama. Y-y-you know he is j-j-just a big softy" she said with the trademark Uzumaki smile which could melt the coldest soul. "N-n-now Kurama, I-I want you to w-w-watch over our son. P-p-promise me that much o-o-old friend" Kushina said after coughing up a glob of blood that sunk into the dirt, all the fox could do is shake his head yes.

"T-t-thank you Kurama-chan, t-t-thank you for everything."

Once Kushina say that she gave one last smile only to fall limp and fall forward onto her husband's shoulder, with one last yell from Minato for his fallen wife, he ran through a large amount of handsigns until the Shinigami appeared before him.

End Flashback

One single tear ran down his snout after remembering that memory, it was the only thing that kept him from taking over this boy right here and now, he promised his only friend to protect their son and that is what he will do, believe it!

He shrunk down to a normal fox size and jumped onto Naruto's convulsing chest, "Hang in there kit, i will fix this no matter what" he said with a determined look on his face which didn't go unnoticed by Naruto.

Naruto reached his hand out and roughly rubbed the back of Kyuubi's ear which got a confused look from the small furr ball, "t-t-thank you Kyuubi-san, t-t-thank you for everything" when those words met Kurma's ears he couldn't help but tear up, this kid was truly his mother's son.

Even in the face of death he thanks the beast that caused it all, he caused Naruto to lose his parents, he caused the countless beatings, he caused the hatred he felt everyday from villagers and ninja's alike, and he is the reason he is dying today.

Kurama gave a toothy grin and said with the strongest amount of love he could muster for the boy and Kushina he had, "Its Kurama Kit, and don't thank me yet this is going to hurt." With those finally words spoken he bit down on Naruto's throat, infusing his body with his Chakra which soon became purified by the last remaining bit of the seal his father placed on him.

Naruto let out a massive yell and started to convulse and jerk on the ground until it all faded into black with two words ringing into Naruto's ear, "I'm sorry".


Tsunade took one more swing at the door for it to explode into a thousand tiny pieces, revealing a passed out Naruto, laying in a pool of his own blood, with pointy blond ears and a more feral look on his face.

"Naruto!" yelled both parties who ran into the room and checked the boy for any changes...well any OTHER changes.

Once they thoroughly checked the boy they pulled his unconscious body into a loving hug and began to weep, the hokage because he didn't wish to ever lose his grandson, and Tsunade because she thought she not just failed her best friend in the world Kushina but failed to be the godmother that she was supposed to be to Naruto.

Once they laid Naruto down onto the bed they notice a scroll in his pocket, they reached into it and began to read the bloodsoaked scroll only to gasp at the message.

To whom this may concern,

My name is Kurama Uzumaki,

I am not related by blood to the Uzumaki clan but I was adopted into the family by both Mito and Kushina Uzumaki. Now lets get down to the shocker of this note, I am the Kyuubi No Yuuki and i given this scroll to my new successor, one Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, it contains all the info on his mother, father, and how to control his new Kyuubi abilities. I am truly sorry for all i have brought onto my little Naruto and i hope that he is soon seen as what he truly should be seen as, a hero, a true hero who protected this piss poor excuse for a child abusive village.

Please thank those who watched over Naruto, Itachi Uchiha, Tsunade who tried her hardest to heal him, Hinata Hyuga who loved my boy as much as her little heart could, Kakashi Hatake, and the old man hokage. The other three scrolls are for Naruto's eyes only and will only open with his blood, do not hide this from him! He needs to know the truth, we will have the power to protect himself now and till the end of time.

Yours truly,

Kurama Uzumaki.

Next morning

Tsunade and Sarutobi were woken up by the sound of shattering glass and tiny frantic footsteps coming down the hallway.

They rushed to Naruto's room only to see him running towards him only to see his eyes...they were scared over.

"Naruto what is wrong?" questioned the nervous Hokage,

"Grandpa Hokage, is that you, is it really you?" he questioned with his arms stretched out, trying to touch anything that is an indication that he wasn't dreaming.

"Yes Naruto its me, can't you tell?" he questioned, but he had a good indication on why he couldn't.

"Grandpa, i can't see, I can't see anything!" Naruto yelled after tripping over a nightstand he knocked over, he pulled himself up to his knees only to start crying, he was so scared, what was wrong with him?

"Naruto calm down" Tsunade said pulling Naruto into a hug only to be pushed away by the scared boy.

"Get away, i don't know you, i-i can't see you" he said, fumbling away from his godmother which broke her heart in two, she was too late to grow a bond between the scared 5 year old.

"Naruto, please listen to me. I am your godmother Tsunade Senju, i will protect you" she said reaching for him but he continued to cower in a corner he found.

"Don't hurt me, please don't hurt me" he cried, hugging his knees to his chest in a defencive position he has learned to do over the years, when he could see he could recognise hatred in someone but now...he didn't know anyone.

"Naruto please! Please listen to your godmother" she cried, finally breaking from all the pain she has felt of the years, she couldn't stand to be rejected again, especially from the one person she should have protected.

Just then Naruto noticed something, he could hear her pain, he could smell her sadness, and he felt a wave of sorrow rush over him, he was feeling what she felt. He got up from his balled up position and started to walk, he was starting to see thing in waves, every step he took he could see more and more, nothing in detail but he could see everything. The woman who called herself Tsunade was a few feet in front of him, a man who was outlined like his grandpa Sarutobi behind her and he could notice the tiniest piece of glass that was right below him.

He reached out to the crying Senju who had buried her face into her hands and started to wipe away her tears. Tsunade looked to the blind Naruto who had a small smile on his face, "I-I don't know who you are Tsunade Senju but when i am around you i feel...safe, but also you have a deep sadness in you, you're like me" he said with a escaping tear roll down his face. Tsunade couldn't believe her eyes, she was seeing her now blinded godchild comforting her when she was supposed to be the one doing the comforting.

She pulled the blind child into her arms and held him like he always wished he would be by his mother, "I'm so sorry Naruto, i wasn't there for you. I don't deserve you kindness" she wipped while she continued to hold the beaten and bruised Naruto who still held a small smile on his face.

He wrapped his own little arms around her and said with love in his heart "It's fine... Momma" he whispered out into Tsunade's ear, now snuggling into her for comfort. She tensed up at the word, Momma? she thought while she pulled Naruto in front of her to see if it might have been a misunderstanding, "W-what did you say Naruto?"

He looked a little sad at her question and said "I said momma, if you don't like it i can change it if you want?" he said with the saddest eyes his blind eyes could muster, he was actually opening up to a stranger and Tsunade knew this must have taken a lot from the poor boy.

"No Naruto, I love that name. My son" she said while wiping the tears from his eyes and picking him up in her arms which got a giggle from the small child, he had gone through so much pain that they had forgotten this is still a 5 year old child who still loved to be treated like a normal child.

On that day, Naruto's life was changed forever. He was given power that was unimaginable, a mother figure who could break a grown man in two with just her pinky, an adopted sister Shizune who loved Naruto with all her heart, but this did not go without casualties. Kurama gave up his life to protect Naruto and he has never forget that, he also gained enemies, The council became infuriated when the Kyuubi brat was adopted into the Senju clan and given the money from both his Mother and Father's clans.

Sasuke Uchiha became Naruto's eternal rival unbenounced to Naruto, Sakura Haruno was told by her mother, who leadeds the Civilian council, to seduce the beast so he would bow and scrape to her whim.

All of this and he isn't even 6...his life will only get more complicated form here, now we start his life were every good storyteller should, through a time skip.