Well, here's a small Prologue for a story that's bouncing around in my head. This story will be published more slowly than my other one, Unpredictable Treasure Hunter, as I'd like to get that at a certain point before working on other stuff. But, I just had to write this out and share it. So, read, review, tell me what you like or hate and if there's enough interest I'll see about putting this out as well as my other story. Later all!

Naruto narrowed his gaze as he stared at the dense cloud roiling before him as he felt the familiar burning sensation from inhaling the smoke that surrounded him. Blood sluggishly flowed from several gashes in the shinoibi's skin until the familiar burn of Kurama's chakra began coursing through his battered body, the powerful energy healing the more severe wounds that he had sustained during the ongoing fight. As he slowly raised his arms once more, the undaunted shinobi formed a familiar hand seal and smirked as a pair of clones phased into existence, the two copies not looking any better off than their creator but still eager to fight. 'Even when it's just a clone, I guess I'm always ready for a fight.' Just as Naruto began to relax a little, hoping that his final volley of senbon had disabled the last of his opponents, a brief chill swept through the room that caused the shinobi's eyes to widen in surprise. 'Oh, son of a...'

"Aisu Meiku:Ransu!" Naruto's eyes widened as dozens of sharpened spears of ice pierced the dense smoke, both the clones and the original dodging wildly before they could be skewered by the fast moving weapons. As the trio landed once more, Naruto pointed to the smoke and made a swift gesture with his hands, his clones nodding as they raced inside of the cloud of smoke, the dense cloud enveloping the pair as soon as they entered. Several moments later, a short yell of pain caused Naruto to shake his head sadly at the sound of a body hitting the ground.

'Never stay put after you launch an attack, who taught these guys how to fight? I mean come on... OH SHIT!' Naruto's eyes widened as he saw the smoke take on an angry, red color just before a young man burst through the smoke, his hand wreathed in brilliant flames as he launched himself towards the wounded shinobi.

"Karyū no Tekken!" Naruto gritted his teeth as he sidestepped the oncoming blow, his wounds screaming at each movement the blonde made. Naruto didn't have to wait long as the pink haired young man charged in once more, a grin forming as the blonde spun around the powerful right cross, his momentum bringing him behind the charging youth. A glowing hand slammed onto the attacker's back, the blow staggering the youth as a seal rapidly spreading across his clothing. Naruto panted loudly as he watched the pink haired youth struggle against his Gravity Seal, the muscles in his legs twitching wildly as he fought against the seal. Naruto sighed as he bent forward, hands resting on his knees as he tried to catch his breath. Tired blue eyes scanned the smoke filled room, the currently lost and confused shinobi noticing that something was missing.

'Wait, wasn't there a redhead in armor?' Naruto's eyes widened once more as he dropped to the ground, a few severed locks of his hair fluttered to the ground as a wickedly sharp blade rushed over his head. Naruto paused for a moment when a second sword sank into the charred wood between his legs, the shinobi gulping at the close call. 'Well shit, looks like someone decided to stop playing.' Naruto leaped to his feet as he saw the red haired girl appear before him, a pair of silver swords in her grasp lashing out with pin point attacks in an attempt to cripple Naruto's limbs. But, after several moments of dodging, the young woman growled before she changed tactics, her blades cutting off any avenue of escape for the dancing shinobi in an attempt to box him in.

'Heh, nice try but I'm not the most unpredictable ninja for nothing!' Naruto ducked unto another vicious slash and slammed both of his hands into the ground, a small twister of wind enhanced chakra sending debris and smoke flying around him, covering both of the combatants in a shroud of smoke. Naruto grinned once more as he shunshin'ed behind his opponent, his arms grabbing the woman in a full nelson before she realized he was even there. Naruto gritted his teeth as the girl screamed and thrashed against him, demanding that he let her go. Several moments passed before the young woman finally stilled, her defiance having petered out as she remained trapped in the arms of her opponent. Naruto tightened his grip slightly and was rewarded with a whimper, the young woman's swords dropping to the ground as she finally surrendered to the blonde.

"Finally. Now, where am I and, more importantly, why the hell did you attack me?!" Naruto sighed in annoyance as the redhead in his grasp growled loudly, her struggles returning with a vengeance as she attempted to free herself from her captor's iron grip. "Look, I can keep this up all day, just answer my questions and I'll let you go." A smile slowly appeared as Naruto felt the young girl's struggles weakening, until she finally signed in resignation.

"All right, I'll talk. You are currently in Magnolia, more precisely you are in the Fairy Tail's Guild Hall. And the reason we attacked you was because you attacked one of us! Were we just supposed to let that slide? We're family and we all look out for each other!" Naruto sighed as he released the young woman, the shinobi taking a few steps back as the young woman slowly stood and faced him.

"Where the fuck is Magnolia?"

Flashback – Two hours earlier

The hot noonday sun shone down on Myōbokuzan as the hidden home of the toads played host to the one of their most treasured friends. The young man that had been instrumental in the thwarting the plans of both Uchiha Madara and Ōtsutsuki Kaguya, Uzumaki Naruto, had arrived after wandering the continent for the past year, the former Konoha shinobi decieding to spend the day with his summons.

"Kici! More sake!" Gamakichi sighed as he slowly sipped from his sake dish, watching as his father and Naruto appeared to be participating in some kind of drinking game, the pair laughing uproariously before Naruto lifted a dish of sake that was easily five times his size.

'Well, it looks like a game... sorta. Probably more accurate to say dad is trying to kill Naruto via alcohol poisoning. Who knew someone so small could knock back so much sake?'

Naruto had never been this drunk in his entire life. And it wasn't the kind of drunk where you'd start thinking, 'Wow, I'm getting a buzz and I feel really, really, good' . Oh no, this was a 'Look at the awesome flying pink elephants! Let's go ride one' kind of drunk.

Two years had passed since the 4th Shinobi War had ended and Naruto was celebrating his eighteenth birthday with the toads on Myōbokuzan. Everything was going well until Gamabunta brought out the special Fire Sake that was only brewed on the summons mountain. Needless to say, the party quickly degenerated into a drunken celebration and it was one of the only times Naruto could recently remember where he was actually enjoying his free time. Ever since the defeat of Tobi and Madara, Naruto had been saddled with the title of the Nidaime Rikudō Sennin, a title that carried a heavy burden.

Naruto drained the remaining sake before tossing the dish over his shoulder, his thoughts returning to the day that he had left Konoha. As a bearer of the rank of Sage, the blonde was forbidden from residing among his fellow shinobi lest one of the Kage's try and use him to upset the delicate balance of power shared between all the villiages. All of his friends had gathered at the gate in an attempt to give their savior a proper send off. Naruto smiled sadly as he remembered the numerous hugs and tears from people he had come to consider family, a sigh working it's way past the jinchūriki's lips as shakily stood on his feet.

Bleary eyes focused on the distant gourd that containted the potent brew that the young Sage had been imbibing. The normally somewhat graceful shinobi swayed drunkenly as he made his way towards the nearby gourd, the teen having made excellent progress getting completely smashed today so he could drown out the sad memories. But just as he reached the vessel it rose in the air as Gamabunta took a healthy swig of the powerful alcohol, the boss summon letting out a self satisfied belch as he dropped the empty gourd to the ground.

"Damn ya Bunta! I wash gonna drink that!" Naruto's bleary eyes focused on the empty vessel as he listened to the boisterous laughter of the massive summon, an idea for a prank quickly forming in the blonde's sake addled mind. Naruto closed his eyes as he focused on collecting Nature chakra, the process having become as easy as breathing for the blonde. Moments later the young Sage had hefting the massive gourd with ease, the drunk blonde flinging the heavy item at the laughing Bunta.

"You snooze you... KISAMA!" Bunta slapped one of his webbed hands over his sore cheek, the boss level summon growling lowly as he listened to Naruto laugh maniacally loudly. Leaning forward, Bunta glared blearily at a still laughing Naruto, the summons ire rising as he lashed out at the distracted summoner. Many of the toads laughed at the spectacle of the violently drunk Bunta, many of them thanking any deities that were listening that they were not the recipient of the power toad's ire. As Naruto crashed to the ground in a heap, his bleary eyes looking up at a tall stone arch that was half buried in the ground.

"I musht of hit m'head... I think I'm sheein a huuuge shtone ar...ar... thingy in the ground..." Naruto giggled softly as he fell on his ass, his eyes focusing on the curious sight before him.

"Naruto-chan, you are seeing a large stone arch in the ground. It's been here since we have lived on this mountain, but even we have no idea what it does." Naruto squinted as he turned around, a grin splitting his face as he saw Fukasaku land at his side.

"PA! Juss th' toad I wanna shee! Gimme more shake... or shomething I can hit Bunta with, damned bashtard blindshided me... when did it get sho dark?" Naruto looked up, his eyes blinking owlishly as he came face to face with a glowering Bunta, the massive toad growling softly at the sight of the blonde shinobi at his feet. Another powerful bitch slap sent Naruto hurtling towards the large stone archway, the plastered shinobi growling in anger as he flew through the air. But just as the blonde neared the ancient structure, something unexpected happened. A blast of natural energy flung Fukasaku and Bunta away from the monument, the pair watching in shock as a glowing tunnel formed in the center of the archway, a tunnel Naruto passed through from his uncontrolled flight. As soon as the blonde passed through the portal the passage collapsed, causing both Bunta and Fukasaku to look at the now inactive stone structure in shock. Fukasaku glared at the drunk Toad boss and sighed.

"Well that can't be good. Congratulations, Bunta, you've just volunteered to tell Ma what happened to Naruto-chan. Don't worry, I'm sure she'll be very understanding when you explain what caused our summoner to disappear like that."

Naruto swiftly closed his eyes as he passed through the portal, the flashing colors surrounding the blonde eliciting a groan as he struggled not to throw up. After several moments of weightlessness Naruto finally hit solid ground, the blonde rolling to a stop against a set of closed doors. Groaning softly, Naruto staggered to his feet and looked around the bright room, his sake addled mind trying to figure out where he was. All he could see was a blinding light that surrounded him, a situation that didn't mix well with his current inebriation. Pushing against the stone doors, Naruto growled loudly and heaved, his enhanced strength throwing one of the doors wide open as he fell to the ground once more.

"Nevah again... nevah gonna drink again..." Naruto let out a deep breath as he lay on the cold stone floor, his ears picking up the faint sound of laughter overhead. Pushing off of the surprisingly comfortable floor the shinobi saw a set of stairs leading... somewhere. As the plastered shinobi staggered to the top of the stairs a large wooden door barred his path, the portal apparently barred from the other side as it refused to budge. One wind chakra coated fist later and the door exploded, the drunk blonde staggering into the large open room.

As Naruto stumbled into the new room, his eyes swung back and forth as he noticed the surprised expressions that were aimed at him, the blonde growing annoyed at the scrutiny. 'Whassamatta, nevah sheen a drunk man before? Buncha pusshies... wait, ish your hair'sh pink?" Naruto staggered towards a group of teens, each of them watching in wide eyed surprise as Naruto pointed at a pink haired boy standing among them. "HAH! Jusht like a girl!" Naruto closed his eyes and laughed loudly as he pointed at the young man that stood before him, his drunken state allowing the young man to catch him by surprise with a powerful punch to his face.

As Naruto painfully hit the ground, the blonde reached up and dabbed at his sore nose, the blonde growling as he saw his blood that coated his fingers. Rolling over on his stomach, Naruto's eyes closed as he dove into his mindscape, the blonde growling as he kicked a sleeping Kurama in the ass, causing the Biju to awaken with a start.

"Dammit kid, I was sleepin... what the hell happened to you?" Naruto dabbed at his nose again, a glare his only answer as he stemmed the flow of blood.

"I need you to burn the alcohol out of my system now, someone deserves an ass whupping!" Kurama grinned evilly as his potent chakra flooded Naruto's coils, the alcohol quickly burning off as the potent chakra from Kurama filled the jinchūriki. Naruto rose to his feet, his mind finally clearing as Kurama purged his system of the alcohol. Every eye turned towards the noew glowing blonde, a smile gracing his features as he reached for his weapons pouch. "Now, time to play."

End flashback

"Did you really think I wouldn't beat the shit out of pinky here when he decked me? I can see you're all fighters... well, sorta. Anyways, he should have expected it! And it's your own fault for jumping in, it was his fight!" Erza growled as she gestured at the dozens of fallen mages around her.

"And what about them? Did they deserve it too? HUH!?" Naruto sighed as he rubbed the back of his neck before he gestured at the other mages that had joined in on the brawl.

"Oh come on, I just used a simple poison to put them to sleep, they'll be fine in an hour! Well, they'll have a massive headache, but that's besides the point! I still have no idea..." Naruto's tirade was cut off as a massive shadow began to fall towards him, the blonde looking up with wide eyes as a very tall man leaped towards him. Naruto's eyes tightened as he raised his arms to block the oncoming youth when the falling boy's arm glowed brightly, the shinobi's eyes widening at the massive steel arm that had replaced the teen's normal flesh. The powerful blow caught Naruto flat footed as the blonde crashed through a distant wall and was soon buried under it's debris. Erza shook her head in exasperation as she watched Mirajane and Lisanna run up beside their brother, the elder sister flashing the stunned swordswoman a shit eating grin.

"Oi, Erza, looks like you..." Erza growled angrily as she jabbed a finger into Mirajane's chest, the ivory haired teen glaring angrily at her rival.

"Mira, what do you think you're doing?! I was talking him down, you whitehaired skank!"

"Sure you were, you clanky bitch, that riff raff attacked our nakama and he got what he deserved! Don't worry, he won't get up after ... a hit... oh no." Erza spun around and watched in fascination as the rubble that had buried the blonde shifted, when a blast of wind sent the destroyed wall careening towards the four teens. Elfman was the first to fall as a large section of the wall struck his head, the young man immediately falling to the ground. Lisanna cried out for her fallen sibling, the youngest Strauss sibling raising her hands so that she could heal her brother when she slumped on top of her brother, snoring lightly as if she had fallen asleep. Mirajane focused on the sight of the blonde teen as he stood over her siblings, a growl passing her lips as she began tossing Evil Sparks at the blonde. But each blast missed it's mark as the young man danced around spells, the sight of his smirking face causing Mira to grow even angrier.

"DAMN YOU! STAND STILL AND TAKE IT LIKE A MAN!" Erza's eyes widened as she watched Naruto appear behind Mirajane, the young woman about to call out a warning when she realized who she was about to save. Naruto gave the angry young woman a firm slap on her ass, causing Mira to screech as sh spun around, her hand covering her rear in case he tried that again "PERVERT!"

Naruto chuckled as Mira threw a punch at his face, the blonde leaning away from the strike as he glanced towards Erza. "What happened to 'Family looks out for each other'?"

"Heh, that midriff baring bitch dug her own hole, she can climb out of it herself." Naruto blinked rapidly as he watched Mira turn away form him, her eyes intently focusing on a glaring Erza before both of them raced towards each other, their hands locking together as they tried to over power each other.

Naruto paused for a moment, a look of confusion appearing as he watched the two girls fighting before him. "Ok, now I'm really lost. Are you family, or enemies? Not that there's much of a difference between the two sometimes..."

"MY GUILD HALL! NOOOOO!" Three sets of eyes glanced towards the door, the sight of the shortest old man Naruto had ever seen causing the blonde to blink in surprise. Said old man was on his knees, tears streaming down his cheeks as he looked at the destroyed guild hall. As the two young woman reluctantly put the fight on hold, the blonde shinobi chuckled nervously as he raised a hand in greeting.

"Well, looks like your guild members bit off a little more than they could chew. Sorry about the mess, I think it's time for me to go..." Naruto's voice trailed off as a large sword suddenly rested on his shoulder, it's sharp edge resting dangerously close to his jugular. Moments later a scaled hand rested it's sharpened claws on the other side of the blonde's neck, the shinobi swallowing loudly as he looked back at the old man. "On second thought, how about we have a little chat?"