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Magic Council Chambers

Siegrain gritted his teeth in frustration as his watched his fellow councillors bickered pointlessly on how to handle this new crisis, the survival of the Tower of Paradise. Once the news had reached the chambers of the survival of one of the towers, as well as the name of the architect of the entire plot, the entire chamber had descended into madness.

"ENOUGH!" Siegrain stood from his seat, his hands slamming forcefully on top of the table the councillors were seated around. All eyes focused on the angry young man, his body trembling as his gaze focused on each mage seated before him. "Weaklings... all of you are weaklings! Dispatch the army? It's too dangerous, for our men and the situation. There is only one way to destroy the Tower of Paradise!" Siegrain glared at each councillor before he slammed his fist into the table once more, an action that caused several of the older members to jump in surprise. "Satellite Square... Etherion."

Siegrain stood his ground as many councillors turned towards him, their ire focusing on the man that had dared to suggest such a powerful weapon. Siegrain was about to speak once again when Org stood as well, his expression grave as he rubbed his chin thoughtfully. "Well then, there's nothing for it. We're going to have to use our most powerful weapon to end this... 'incident'." Placing his hand on the table, Org closed his eyes as a magical seal appeared before him. Moments later, a large communication lacrima appeared in the centre of the table, multiple councillors looking on in surprise at the recent turn of events.

"Org, what are you doing? We do not have time for this, if your agreeing with me then we must go to the control room and prepare to fire Etherion!" Org looked towards Siegrain, his head shaking back and forth slowly as he reached his hand towards the recently arrived lacrima with a faint smirk.

"Siegrain, I never said that we should use Etherion, I said we should use our greatest weapon, which I'm sure you remember is..." Siegrain's eyes widened in surprise, the young man falling back into his seat as he whispered a single word.


Chapter 9

Racer panted heavily, the speedster hiding behind a boulder as he tried to catch his breath. The ground heaved mightily amidst a series of explosions, the tired mage throwing his arms over his head as pieces of rock and earth rained down on him. "He's no mage, Uzumaki is a freaking monster... dammit Brain, this is all your fault! I never should have agreed to the 'favour' you wanted to give Jellal!" Looking over the top of the boulder, Racer watched as Cobra dodged the various blades and elemental attacks that Uzumaki was throwing at him, the grimace on the Dragon Slayer's face showing just how desperate the situation was. 'Even with my Slowing magic we're barely staying ahead of Uzumaki! Not even Cobra's Sound magic is helping us against this guy!'


Naruto dodged to the side, multiple scales formed from Poison magic sailing harmlessly past the shinobi. But just as he was about to rush towards the pair, Cobra intercepted the blonde, his poison drenched hand reaching for the blonde's neck. Naruto's eyes widened as the Dragon Slayer continued to press his attack, somehow managing to foresee every move that the shinobi was making. 'The hell? Is he reading my mind, or is he just that good?' Naruto's eyes narrowed as Racer tried to get the drop on the shinobi while he was distracted by Cobra, another knife appearing in his hand as the speedy mage looked for an opening. Naruto sidestepped Racer's clumsy thrusts, his hand grasping the dark mage's wrist in a firm lock. Naruto grinned mentally as he applied pressure to the joint, fully intending to break the man's wrist, when Cobra sent a wave of poison towards the shinobi, forcing him to leap away from Racer. 'Dammit, , he did it again, as if he knew what I was gonna do!'

'I dunno, kit. I mean you have seen some pretty strange mind shit before, remember the Yamanakas?'

Naruto watched in surprise as Cobra's eyes widened in shock, the maroon haired man staring intently at the shinobi. "Who was that? What the hell is inside of you!?"

'Shit, he CAN hear us! Quick, you know what to do!' Naruto grinned as Kurama began to chuckle malevolently, the the ominous sound causing Cobra to step back in fear.

"What the hell are you planning on ... AHHHH!" Naruto grinned for a moment as he watched Cobra clutching at his ears, the blonde disappeared from sight before appearing before Cobra. Naruto smirked as he he grabbed the back of Cobra's head, pulling the man towards him as he slammed his knee into the mage's stomach. Cobra gasped for air as Naruto release him, the dragon slayer gasping as he tried to back away from the grinning blonde. "That... horrible voice... how can you stand to listen to that atrocious... Kami, I cringe at the fact that I have to call that singing! And they call us evil, you evil, sadistic, bastard!"

'THIS IS THE SONG THAT DOESN'T END! YES, IT GOES ON AND ON MY FRIEND! SOME PEOPLE STARTED SINGING IT NOT KNOWING WHAT IT WAS, AND THEY'LL CONTINUE SINGING IT FOREVER JUST BECAUSE THIS IS THE SONG THAT DOESN'T END...' Naruto forced himself not to break out into uncontrollable laughter at the completely tone deaf voice of his partner belting out the song he had chosen, his gravelly voice butchering each note as he continued to... 'sing'.

'"Simple, when you've ignored the same voice for over ten years of your life, it's not so hard to block it out! Now, how about we increase the number of people you can listen to, Kage Bunshin no Jutsu."

Cobra's eyes widened in fear as a horde of Naruto's appeared, the Dark mage clamping his hands over his ears as the blonde grinned at him. "Now, how about we get back to the fight?"

End flashback

'Didn't take long for Cobra to stop using his Sound Magic after that.' Racer watched as a wide wave of poison forced the Fairy tail mage to retreat, his insane speed allowing him to slip away from the attack. Standing on his feet, Racer rejoined Cobra as they studied the confident looking man before them.

"Oh come on, that didn't work before, what makes you think..." Racer blinked as Uzumaki's voice trailed off, his gaze focusing on the hem of his coat. Racer and Cobra both followed his gaze, the pair smirking as they watched the garment hiss and bubble as Cobra's corrosive poison ate away at the fabric. Naruto grunted in surprise, the blonde ripping the coat off of his body as the poison quickly spread across the garment rapidly, destroying the garment within moments. "Shit, Mira gave me that! Ok, no more..."

Racer watched as Uzumaki paused once more, this time a look of annoyance crossing his features, the blonde holding out his hand towards his opponents. "Son of a bitch... hang on a minute, I gotta take this call." Racer looked over at Cobra, the Dragon Slayer shrugging in confusion before he raced towards the stationary member of Fairy Tail.

"Tsk, eager bastard, is this a Dragon Slayer thing? Kage Bunshin no Jutsu." Racer watched as a dozen clones appeared, the original Uzumaki pressing a finger against his ear, his stance relaxed as he spoke aloud once more. "Talk to me, ossan."

Council Chambers

Org cocked an eyebrow at Naruto's flippant attitude, the various councillors surrounding the man either groaning out loud or shaking their heads in exasperation. "Yes.. well, Naruto-san, we have a very important matter that we need you to look into."

'Seriously? You guys could not have picked a... dammit, knock it off you stupid fucking bastard! I already owe you for destroying my coat, Mira's gonna kill me for losing it! Seriously, Org-ossan, this is a really bad time... dammit, DO NOT ACT LIKE I DON'T SEE YOUR SKINNY ASS BACK THERE, RACER! BUSHIN DAIBAKUHA!" Org's eyes widened as a loud explosion occurred on Naruto's side of the Lacrima, a pair of pained screams following the sound of the powerful detonation. "There, that should hold the stupid bastards for a minute or two... yes, yes, go kick their asses while I take this call... ok, Org-ossan, you got about, what? Two minutes? Yeah, two minutes before they get back up from that, so you better make this quick." Org swallowed loudly as he looked at his fellow councillors, the majority of which were staring wide eyed at the communication lacrima.

Naruto turned away from the squad of clones he had just sicced on Racer and Cobra, the blonde touching the gem placed in his ear as he listened the Org explain the situation.

"Wait, WHAT?! Ah dammit, of all the stupid... shit, this is why you should have let me train the WHOLE, freaking army! This is the shit I was talking about, your fancy weapons and spells are no good against things like kinda shit! So, where is this hell hole I'm gonna have to blow up? Wait, wait, wait... where?" Naruto spun around, his gaze rising towards the sky as he looked at the Tower of Paradise.

Org cocked an eyebrow as the other councillors shared a look of confusion at Naruto's response.


"Naruto-san... NARUTO-SAN, STOP LAUGHING! This is no laughing matter..."

"...already there..." Org's eyes widened as he rose form his seat quickly, a shocked expression appearing on Siegrain's face as he looked at the glowing Lacrima.

"Wait, what did you say?"

"Hahaha... I'm already there... oh, this is priceless. Well, looks like this is gonna work out in your favour after all. Small problem though, I've run into a pair of... annoyances. Oracion Seis, maybe you've heard of them? Gimme a... wait, what? You wanna fire THAT? OH, HELL NO! I've got other people here on the island with me, if it was just me then sure, I could survive a shot from that! Oh yes I can, don't make me step in front of the blast just to prove you wrong!" Naruto sighed as he watched both Cobra and Racer defeat his final clone, the shinobi's eyes narrowing as he watched the dark mages cautiously approached him. "Ok ossan, gimme some time and I'll see if I can stop this mess. But... dammit, I can't believe I'm actually saying this, keep Etherion primed... just in case." Naruto lowered himself into a ready stance, his gaze hardening as he studied the pair's furious expressions. "So, we done playing yet?"

Meanwhile, inside the Tower...

Natsu growled loudly as his flame coated fist slammed into another guard, the unconscious man falling to the ground in a heap of tangled limbs. Looking over his shoulder, Natsu saw that Lucy, Gray and Juvia had managed to take out the rest of the guards without any trouble. "Feh, talk about lightweights. These guys are way weaker than the newest member of Fairy Tail, and she's the weakest of us all."

Lucy nodded slowly as she studied the groaning men surrounding the group, that is until she remembered that she was the newest member of the guild. "HEY!" Natsu grinned as he flashed a victory sigh at a growling Lucy, the dragon slayer stepping closer as he continued to poke fun at the indignant blonde. Gray sighed loudly, the ice mage turning towards the doorway just as another squad of guards showed up.

"Ok you two, knock it off! We got some more weaklings..." Gray trailed off as several bodies flew through the air, the guards at the rear of the approaching formation screaming out in pain and fear. Moments later Erza slid into the room, her scarlet hair trailing behind her like a comet as she tore through the terrified guards. Gray breathed a sigh of relief as Mira calmly walked into view, a knowing smile on her face as she watched her friend continue 'working'. "Never mind... Erza just took them all out on her own. Good to see some things never change."

Natsu turned away from an angrily pouting Lucy, his arms folding over his chest as he waited for Erza to finish off the last of the guards. Panting lightly, Erza's dismissed her longsword as she looked at her friends. "Wha... what are you all doing here?!"

Natsu narrowed his gaze as he stepped forward, his hand reaching out as he firmly poked Erza's armoured shoulder. "YOU were captured... did you really think we'd leave you behind?" Erza looked at the strangely calm teen before her, the S-class mage turning towards Mira in surprise.

Mira shrugged her shoulders, a giggle passing her lips as she studied the group arrayed before her. "Well Erza, there you have it, your friends and family are worried about you. Now, how about we get out of he... wait a second, where's Naruto?"

Just as Gray was about to open his mouth the Tower of Paradise shook violently, each mage falling to the floor in surprise from the powerful tremor. Several moments passed before the shaking stopped, each mage slowly rising to their feet as they looked at each other.

"Oh, there he is, never mind. Excuse me a moment, I need to talk to my boyfriend." Mira looked around the room, a smile forming once she found a window. Opening it up, Mira looked outside, spotting several flashes of light directly below her. 'That must be Naruto, he always has to use the flashy stuff in a fight.' Taking a deep breath, Mira leaned out the window once more as she voiced her opinion on their current situation. "NARUTO NO BAKA! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING, YOU'RE GONNA DESTROY THE ISLAND!"

Natsu snickered softly as he watched the normally calm Mirajane lay into the shinobi, the shocked expressions of Erza, Gray, Lucy and Juvia causing the Dragon Slayer to laugh even harder. Mira suddenly backed away from the window, a squeak of surprise escaping as she watched Naruto clamber inside the tower. Mira glared at the grinning shinobi for several moments before sighing in defeat, her boyfriend rising to his feet and kissing her gently. "Missed ya, baby." Mira smiled lovingly as Naruto pulled back, the shinobi brushing at his dirt covered clothes until he was satisfied with his appearance. Several explosion echoed through the night air, every eye focusing on Naruto as he laughed aloud. "Stupid bastards don't even know their fighting a clone, it should keep them busy for a while. And as for destroying the island, that was the point. The council said to blow the shit outta this place or else they'd fire Etherion." Erza nodded slowly, a sword reappearing as she started walking towards the stairs.

"That's it, I'm putting a stop to this. I'll handle Jellal, the rest of you get out of here. Especially you, Mira, you're in no condition to fight." Erza stopped as a hand grasped her shoulder firmly, spinning her around until she was face to face with a furious Natsu.

"I am not leaving Happy! Where is that Block bastard?" Erza glared at the Dragon Slayer, trying to force the teen to bow to her whims, but Natsu stood his ground, his glare increasing in intensity as he waited for Erza's answer. Naruto also approached the silent requip mage, a smirk on his lips as he patted Erza's head condescendingly.

"Erza, Erza, Erza... there's only one woman that can order me around, and even she doesn't always get her way."

"Oh really?" Mira glared at Naruto, the shinobi grinning cheekily as he returned to Mira's side. "What if I cut you off for a month when you don't follow my orders?"

"Bullshit, you'll cave within a week. Remember what happened the last time you did that?" Naruto leered at the brightly blushing Mira, the take over mage punching his arm in annoyance at the mention of the 'incident' in question.

"Shut up!" Naruto smirked as he turned towards Erza once more.

"Erza, I don't need to know what happened, just that it was something that hurt you, badly. I can see it in your eyes, you hide it well... but it's easy enough for someone that's been through the same kind of trauma to recognize the signs." Naruto paused as Erza sniffed softly, her hand gently brushing a few tears from her eyes as she stared at Naruto. "If you want to talk about it later, we'll talk. But for now, we have to... oh wow, that is one BIG guy..."

Everyone's eyes turned towards the doorway, Erza's gaze widening as she fell in a ready stance as one of her oldest friends entered the room, his turban covered head lowered as he approached the group. "Simon!"

Gray growled softly, his hands slamming together as his magic seal appeared behind him. But a gentle hand on his arm caused Gray to hesitate, his gaze turning towards a serious looking Juvia.

"Wait, Gray-sama. Juvia doesn't think that he is our enemy. He knew that you had used an ice clone, yet he still attacked it. No self respecting mage would have fallen for such a childish trick," Juvia said, Gray's cheeks reddening in embarrassment as the other members of Fairy Tail snickered softly. "So Juvia came along to confirm this. And to learn this man's true intent."

"Remarkable, I can see why you were one of the Elemental Four. You are correct, I knew it was an Ice Clone, I must thank you for making your death more realistic. After all, I had to find a way to fool my friends into thinking I was serious about harming you all."

"What? You were just trying to trick us?" All eyes turned to the doorway, the card magic mage trembling as he entered the room. "All this time helping Jellal and you throw it away... for HER?"

Simon turned towards Shou, his intent gaze freezing the smaller man in his tracks as he waited for an answer. "Yes, I trust Erza. Always have, always will."

Shou backed away, his head shaking back and forth as he tried to deny Simon's words. "No... no! Jellal, he saved us! It was his warning that got us off that ship before it sank, a ship that ERZA booby trapped! He told us that your magic had driven you mad, that you had abandoned us and everything to do with your old life!"

Lucy stepped towards Shou, her expression grave as she stared at him. "Does that really sound like something that Erza would do?"

"NO! We built this tower for Jellal, because he saved us! We did this for him! Are you saying this is all a lie?"

"Yes." Shou's wide eyed gaze focused on Naruto, the the shinobi's stoic expression forcing him to take a step back. "He lied to you, played you, used you. Because, Erza wasn't the one to go mad," Naruto turned around and walked towards the stairwell, Shou's gaze following the shinobi's every step. "Jellal was." Shou bit his lip as his tears fell, the card mage looking at a smiling Erza as she walked towards her old friend. As the requip mage pulled Shou into a hug, the young man finally broke as he realized that his life was a lie, his loud cries causing Naruto to nod as he ascended the stairs. Mira ran after the shinobi, catching up with him quickly as Simon and the other members of Fairy Tail followed him. After several minutes Erza appeared, a small smile gracing her lips as she join Naruto at the head of the group.


Laughter echoed throughout the chamber that sat atop the Tower of Paradise, the hooded man seated on a high backed throne shaking as he let his amusement flow out of him. Another man stood at his feet, his expression worried at the sudden change in his employer's behaviour. "Jellal?"

The shadowed man sighed as his laughter petered out, his elbow resting on the arm of his throne as he rested his fist on his cheek. "Ah, Erza, you've grown into such a fine, young, woman. And this Uzumaki, truly he is a worthy foe. He didn't;t even need to lift a finger to take Shou out of the game. The two of them together form a nearly unstoppable pair... which will make their defeat all the more crushing. We will have to see how the game plays out, will they win? Or will my plans finally come to fruition?"

Cobra and Racer stared at their foe in surprise, the blonde had steadily become more and more aggressive as he fought before he suddenly stopped, a maniacal expression appearing as he threw his head back and cackled madly. "Not... bad, you two. I'm... whew, getting a workout from this. But I think it's time to stop playing! I'm already dead since you destroyed that coat! I'm taking you two assholes with me!" Naruto slammed his hands into the ground, a complicated array forming around his hands before it surrounded the entire island.

Cobra looked at the glowing ground fearfully, the Dragon Slayer hanging onto Cubellios tightly. "What the... YOU'RE GONNA COMMIT SUICIDE OVER A COAT? WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!"

Naruto smirked as the brightness of his seal intensified, motes of power flaring up around the shinobi as he poured more of his chakra into it. "Simple, fashion is very important to my girlfriend, I have to treasure all the clothes she gives me! Don't worry, it'll be great, WE'LL GO OUT WITH A BANG! AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!" Naruto began to cackle loudly once more, his expression sifting to one of total madness as the glowing seal continued to grow.

"Shit, he's flipped! I didn't sign up for a suicide mission, we need to go, now!" Racer immediately leaped atop Cubellios, a grimacing Cobra signalling his mount to rise into the air. As the two leaders of Oracion Seis quickly rising into the night sky, Naruto's cackling slowly trailed off as the dark mages disappeared into the night sky.


In the air

"You're insane if you think that he'd kill his own..." Cobra paused, the sound of a massive detonation drawing his gaze towards the slowly shrinking island. A brilliant flare lit up the night sky, it's brightness nearly blinding the Dragon Slayer as he raised his arm over his eyes. Moments later, the blast's shockwave hit the members of Oracion Seis, Cubellios wildly flipping through the air like a puppet that had it's strings cut, the three of them crashed roughly into the ocean. Racer coughed loudly as he rose to the surface, his gaze focused on the smoking crater that had once been an island. Cobra soon broke through the surface of the water, the mage coughing loudly as he cleared the seawater from his lungs. Both mages stared at the smoking crater that had once been the Tower of Paradise before looking at each other.

"You were saying? We'd better tell Brain about this."

On the island

Naruto's clone snickered as he continued to pump chakra into the seal he had created, the array finally having enough power to make it self-sustaining. Rising to his feet, the clone shook his head as he studied the array once more. "Fuin: Genjitsu kuchiku-kan (Seal: Reality Destroyer). I may suck at using Genjutsu myself, but damn, I sure can craft some intense seals to make up for it. Never mess with a prankster, or else we'll unleash hell on ya! Hehehehehe..." The Naruto clone quickly disappeared in a puff of smoke, his chakra exhausted from the energy requirements of the seal.

Inside the tower

Naruto suddenly began snickering as he ran up the stairs, his friends looking at the manic sounding blonde as he ran up the stairs. Mira giggled as she nudged Erza, the ivory haired woman sharing a wink with her friend. "Enough power to take out a town without breaking a sweat, and he still acts like a little kid." Erza giggled softly as she nodded, her gaze focusing on the still snickering shinobi.

"Don't ever let him go. If you do, I won't be held responsible for what I'll do to make him mine." Mira gave Erza a sidelong glance, a smirk appearing as she continued running.

"It'll never happen, but I can't blame you for how you feel. Hell, if you had gotten to him first I'd feel the same way." At the top of the stairs, Erza and Mira paused for a moment as they studied the bizarre scene before them.

Naruto was intently staring at a wide eyed Milliana, her hands trembling as she reached towards the blonde's whiskered cheeks. Natsu was fighting against Gray's iron grip, the Ice mage holding the fiery young man back as he tried to rush Wally, the polygon mage levelling his gun at the flame spewing dragon slayer. "LEMME AT'EM! I'm gonna barbeque his ass for kidnapping Happy!"

Wally began to back away slowly, his gun sweeping over the people arrayed before him while sweat rolling down his forehead, the mage realizing how badly he and Millianna were outnumbered. "Millliana, we need to... Millianna? Oh no, this is so not dandy." Wally looked over at the cat crazed girl, his head shaking as he watched her succumb to the temptation of stroking Naruto's whiskered cheeks, a hopeful smile appearing on the young girl's face.


Naruto looked over his shoulder at Mira, the take over mage shrugging her shoulders at his questioning gaze. Turning back towards Milliana, Naruto raised an eyebrow as he cleared his throat. "Nya?"

"KITTY!" Naruto was bowled over by the enthusiastic Milliana, the shinobi letting out an indignant squawk as he fell to the ground. Mira giggled loudly while everyone else watched in surprise as the shinobi struggled in the cat crazed girls grip.

"GAH! Lemme go! DAMMIT, STOP PULLING ON MY CHEEKS! THOSE ARE ATTACHED!" Wally pointed his gun at Simon, the tall man standing still as he faced off against his old friend.

"Simon, so you've betrayed us, just like Erza. This is not how a man should act, it's not dandy."

"Wally..." Wally's eyes narrowed as he raised his gun, his thumb cocking the weapon as he continued to back away.

"Jellal gave us everything! He saved our lives! Gave us purpose! And you're throwing it away for... for a childhood crush? Erza is still playing you Simon, she always could. We knew it, Erza knew it! There's still time. Join with me and we can stop them, together! Together, we can..." Wally's voice trailed off when he felt a arm drape itself over his shoulder, a sigh echoing in the square man's ear.

"You know, you remind me of someone I knew." Wally swallowed loudly as he turned his head, his gaze filled with the sight of a nostalgic Naruto. Eyes wide, Wally's head spun towards Millianna and the pouting man trapped in her arms. "Oh don't mind him, that's just a clone, they always want to get people's sympathy. Anyways, this guy that I knew... he was strong, devoted and completely without feelings. I hated his guts when I first met him, but after a while he grew on me. We became friends, he even started to show emotions when he was around us. And you know what? That was when he realized what he was doing was wrong. All because he questioned the one that taught him, raised him. The man that had been using him for all of his life. Just like Jellal is using you."

Wally looked at Naruto, his hand shaking as he pointed his gun at the shinobi's forehead. Naruto yawned loudly, his eyebrow cocked as he studied the trembling man. "So, what's it gonna be, Wally? Do you really think that Jellal is doing all of this out of the kindness of his heart? Do you really think Erza would have betrayed the ones that she saw as family?" Wally bit his lip as tears trailed down his cheeks, his body slowly falling to his knees as he dropped his gun. Naruto crouched beside the man, placing his hand on Wally's shoulder as he grinned. "So, do me a favour and get everyone else out of the tower, things are gonna get a little..."

"Dangerous?" Naruto looked over at Erza, a confused expression appearing.

"Well, I was going to say explosive, after all I need to blow shit up or else I get cranky, you know how it is, don't you Natsu?" All eyes focused on the dragon slayer, his arms now crossed over his chest as he nodded sagely.

"That's right, explosive. Very explosive. With screaming, you can't forget the screaming."

"Oh, your right, I forgot about that. The screams always annoy me, especially the shrill ones."

"Naruto, that wouldn't happen if you didn't break their bones when you fight them."

"Oh... good point!"

Erza and Mira both looked at each other, sighing loudly as they shook their heads and spoke as one.


Jellal studied the game board placed before him, his hand knocking over several pieces before he looked up. "Hmm, it seems I underestimated this Uzumaki. He's managed to turn several of my men against me as well as successfully driving off the extra security I acquired from Oracion Seis. I'm almost worried now, maybe he will be my greatest obstacle to my plans? Vithaldas, I believe it's time for you and your own to greet our... guests."

Vithaldas grinned evilly as magical energy whipped around his body, a scream of joy passing his lips as his body was obscured in smoke. Several moments passed before the smoke dissipated, showing just how much the normal looking Vithaldas had changed. His once pink skin shifted to a pallid, chalk white tone. His lips and eyes were rimmed with dark makeup, the markings giving him a wild, crazed look. Normal robes had been replaced by spiked shoulder guards and bracers, leather pants and greaves over top of leather boots. "YEAH! TIME TO SEND THEM ALL TO HELL! OH YEAH!"

As the transformation finished, Jellal grin grew in size as a pair of new arrivals appeared beside the now transformed Vithaldas. The first of these didn't appear to even be fully human, his head resembling a large brown owl. A pair of large rockets were strapped to his back and the only thing protecting his modesty were a pair of shorts. "Who-who whoo.."

A beautiful, pink haired woman stood beside Vithaldas, her elaborate kimono seemingly out of place next too the extreme clothing that Vithaldas wore. Her hand held a nodachi firmly, a confident smirk gracing her lips as she awaited Jellal's orders. "Perhaps it is the fate of both love and life to to scatter on the wind...tonight shall be a festival."

Jellal nodded happily as he approached the trio before him "Trinity Raven, it's your turn now. Now, to inform our players of the rules."

Naruto took advantage of the fact that no one was paying attention to him, the shinobi slipping behind Milliana as he swiftly jabbed a senbon needle into the girl's neck. The cat crazed girl let out a surprised shriek before quickly calming down, the sleeping drugs she had been doped with quickly taking effect. The clone she had been using as a cuddling pillow disappearing in a puff of smoke, but not before he sent a look of gratitude towards his creator. Naruto sighed happily as he brushed his hands clean, the shinobi pausing as he met the incredulous stares of his friends and allies.

"What? DO you really think I wanted her climbing all over me in the middle of a fight? Fuck that, I already got enough problems keeping Natsu under control..."


"I don't need a crazed young girl draping herself over me... wait, that actually doesn't..." Naruto's voice trailed off as his danger sense started going ballistic, the shinobi looking towards his faintly glowing girlfriend. "... sound like anything that I would enjoy, unless it was my amazing, beautiful, loving girlfriend, Mira." Naruto adopted an innocent look, similar to a wide eyed puppy, as he stared at a scowling Mira. Several tense moments passed before the angry woman's resolve cracked, her arms pulling the still pouting Naruto into her arms as she cuddled with him. Gray and Natsu watched the scene, the teens jaws dropping to their chests at the fact that the shinobi had escaped a beating. Naruto gave the pair a shit eating grin before he buried his face in Mira's chest, a move that caused the take over mage to giggle loudly. Both teens glared at the scene, their thoughts strangely in synch regarding the blonde shinobi.

'That rat bastard! It's not fair that he gets out of a beating for saying stupid shit!' Naruto pulled himself out of Mira's cleavage, the barmaid grinning saucily at the blonde as he leaned in for a kiss.

"Good evening everyone and welcome to the Paradise Game." Naruto paused just before his lips met Mira's, his gaze narrowing as he carefully looked towards the walls in annoyance.

"Game? This has to be the shittiest game I've played in a while. How about next time you try something a little less illegal, like shogi." Naruto's gaze narrowed as multiple mouths grew from the walls, surrounding the group.

"If only it were possible, Uzumaki. But unfortunately, we do have a schedule to keep. Now that you have taken out my first line of defence, I've had to active my final three players."

Looking at Simon, Naruto's gaze narrowed as the large man shrugged his shoulders helplessly. 'So, he didn't even trust his 'buddies' with the names of these guys. Which means...'

'Which means that this is probably gonna suck for us. Tell me again why we can't just blow this place up?'

"Now, this would be a seven on three battle, since Millianna, Shou and Wally have all been sidelined..."

Naruto grinned once more as he stood tall, his arms crossing over his chest as he faced Mira. "Bah, this'll be easy! Wait... there's eight of us, where the hell did he learn to count?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, a small detail must have slipped my mind. We wouldn't want to make this too easy for all of you, so I have a small 'side quest' for Uzumaki to fulfil."


"In three hours, the Magic Council will fire Etherion, decimating this island and all who are on it. After all, they are waiting for word from Uzumaki that the situation has been handled, are they not?" Naruto looked at the walls suspiciously, his hand slowly rising towards his ear as he tapped the lacrima resting inside of it. Erza and Mira's eyes widened as the shinobi screamed loudly, the blonde ripping the gem from his ear and throwing it at the ground.


'Just relax while I regrow your eardrum. Again. Three times over the last six months, that's a new record...' Mira stepped forward, placing a hand gently on Naruto's forearm as the shinobi continued to swear softly.

"As you've most likely discovered, your fascinating communication lacrima is being jammed, Uzumaki. Now there's no way to reach the council except on foot, but if you don't leave soon you'll never make it." Naruto growled softly as he picked up the lacrima at his feet, pocketing the item.

"That clever bitch. Dammit, I've got to get to the Council... Erza, you ready to lay the smack down on that bastard?"

Erza took a deep breath, her shoulders squaring up as her gaze locked onto Naruto's. "Of course, he's messed with our family, he has to be stopped. Stop Etherion, I'll handle it from here." Naruto nodded resolutely, his hands latching onto Mira's as he pulled her into his arms.

"Hey, I gotta go. I'll be back, ok? Keep those two knuckleheads in line for me, ok? And no heroics, I won't be around to pull you out of the line of fire." Mira smiled warmly as her hand cupped Naruto's cheek gently, the ivory haired woman leaning in close and planting a soft kiss on his lips.

"Don't worry, I'll be fine. This is becoming a trend with you, isn't it?" Naruto grinned as his hand rested over the one Mira placed on his cheek, the shinobi squeezing gently before he backed away.

"Hah, you should have seen me when I was younger! I was a real chaos generator, strange shit always happened to me! But, I only used to have a bad ass bark, now I have the bite to back it up!"

Naruto continued to back away from Mira, his eyes never leaving the woman as he neared an open window. Juvia pointed timidly at the unconcerned shinobi as he continued to backup. "Uhh... Naruto-san? Juvia thinks that you should... AHHHH!" Juvia screamed shrilly as Naruto fell out of the window, the water mage rushing towards the window in a panic. Lucy joined the Water mage a moment later, her eyes wide with fear as she watched Naruto plummet towards the ground



Naruto rotated in the air, grinning like a loon just before he hit the ground, his body spinning around rapidly as his feet slammed heavily into the rocky terrain. The tower shook gently, the two worried girls watching in fascination as the blonde casually strolled out of the shallow crater his fall had produced before making his way towards the shore. Both girls turned around, their incredulous expressions setting off a round of giggles from Mira as she shook her head in exasperation.

"That boy... you two are going to have to learn, never underestimate that man and the insane things he will do. Now, we better get a move on! Natsu, go find Happy, then join up with us so we can take on these 'Three players'. Wally, you get Shou and Milliana out of the tower, we'll take it from here! Now move out!"

Hope you enjoyed it, till next time!