What I remember,

what came first for me


a deep, peaceful,

dark sleepy coldness

that is what came first for me

I slept in my coldness, content and safe

till the burning came

Then I burned

burned with agony

the pain whose like

shall never be felt again

it consumed my body, and I melted

becoming liquid

too quick for me

I was terrified,

and I screamed, a scream none heard

then the burning began to fade

and I became whole once more,

not the same, though

and my coldness hadn't come back

it wasn't there

I panicked, tried to claw my way out of the darkness, the darkness I had just seen

which I had known before

but it scared me now

it didn't reassure me

like it used to

Then I crashed

I was jolted, and a crack appeared

I clawed, frantic and trapped

and then I was blinded by the light.

People ask me what I remember first in my life. Was it becoming a Skylander? No. Was it meeting Bash? No. Well, then was it hatching? No.

What I remember first was, before becoming a Skylander, before shooting Bash, before hatching, what I remember first is... cold. Deep, peaceful cold.

That was my first memory. And after that? Heat. I was burning, burning alive. I don't know if I screamed, but it was so painful I must have.

Nothing I have felt since, and nothing I will ever feel since, will come close to the sheer agony. I was overwhelmed by heat haze and pain, pressure and maybe even fear, because I was changing.

My body was burning, and I was becoming something else. My body had been solid, and now it was liquifying, and as the heat began to fade, I realized that I wasn't solidifying into what I had melted from. Which was terrifying.

Then there was a jolt. I was solid now. The meteorite cracked open. And I was blinded, blinded by my first look at sunlight. And then I saw Bash.

Out of impulse, some instinct I'd never known I had, I raised my tail over my head and fired a shard of crystal. It hit him and he disappeared. Later I realized I'd shot him off the edge of the island I had landed on, and he had fallen onto another.

Crystal. I had become crystal. I examined myself, from head to wing to tail, with fascinated horror, my eyes stretching wide. When I took a step forward, I felt pain.

Then I collapsed.

'Flashwing… how could you still be…' I shivered, staring at her with wide eyes.

She lowered her head, too lost in her memories to really register what I had said.

She did, however, notice when I pressed my scales to hers.

She froze, the whiteness of her cheeks tinged with pink. She looked at me.

And I pressed my head against hers. 'I promise, I'll be here for you. I'll teach you about Skylands, and understand everything. I'll help, I promise. Even if you don't love me like I do, don't care for me much, I'll help,' I told her softly. Then I pulled away.

She looked at me with a startled expression, then she asked, tentatively, 'Then… explain this… this wanting to protect you, to keep you safe, and yet always by my side... is this what you call love?'

And she kissed me.

'Yurmf,' I murmured, unwilling to break the kiss to reply.

Flashwing is considered alien by some. Even Hex, even Chop Chop and Drill Sergeant, who are robots at best, understand emotions and are better at expressing them than her. But...

At least she's my alien, the one who makes my heart fly, the reason I'll never want for wings again.

My flank against her flank, my tail twisted with her tail, my cheek against hers. My heart soars, and I look at the stars, flying with them, thanking them for bringing me Flashwing.