Name: Assassin's Creed Black Fox

Author: GhostCrystal

Story Summary: I once served a Kage, and was forced to obey people of privilege and wealth that hate me.

Now, I bend my knee to no one. The women that shattered my dreams and wished to enslave me will learn the hard way with blood and steel that I will take back what is mine. I will stand up to the powerful, and make them fear me. As long as empires and our enemies generate wealth and riches, we will be there to bleed them dry. My name is Naruto and I am an Assassin and Pirate, I am Black Fox.

Pairings: I have not made a decision on it yet.

Rating: T

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"Talking." 'Thoughts.'

Chapter Sequence One,

UBISOFT and FanFiction and Shonen Jump Presents

A story by GhostCrystal

Hidden Leaf Village of Fire Country, Six years after the attack of the Nine Tales Fox.

The rain fall hard in the Hidden Leaf Village as a young boy no older than six years of age cried as he held on to his mother who laid on the ground at this moment in time holding her wound closed and she tried to comfort her young child.

The redheaded green eyed woman put her hand on his cheek and wiped away his tears, "Be safe be strong my son, we will see each other one day again... Until that day my son be strong and survive, in time you will be gifted with our bloodline and will be able to bring those who did this to justice... I love you, I love yo."

Right at that moment she started to sing to him to calm him down, "I remember tears streaming down your face when I said, I'll never let you go."

The young boy held on to her tighter as she began that next part, "When all those shadows almost killed your light, I remember you said, don't leave me here alone. But all that's dead and gone and passed tonight."

She then looked him in the eyes as she began the next part despite how hard it was to remain conscious as she continued to comfort him, "Just close your eyes, the sun is going down, you'll be alright. No one can hurt you now, come morning light, you and I'll be safe and sound, hold onto this lullaby."

At that moment the light left her eyes as she passed away as the young boy could no longer hold back the tears and emotions that assaulted him, the young blonde haired blue-eyed boy looked up only to see several men in strange animal masks that were looking at him, he then looked up to one of them as the rain continued to full down upon them even harder now.

The look of fury upon his young face was directed at only one of them though.

The leader of the group who had a dog mask on and silver hair then walked up to the young boy with and without a word punched in the face sending him into the land of sleep, but for this boy it was the land of nightmares and truths to be revealed in time.


Hidden Mist Village of Water Country, Seven years after the attack of the Nine Tales Fox.

A large number of people in chains are currently being escorted into a large courtyard where a gallows station has been set up for use, many of the people are are incredibly scared as they look out upon people once they thought they could trust many of them who were accused were in fact blood line users, next to the gallows stands a man reading off a piece of parchment to them as they are led in groups of five to their untimely ends.

"In order to effect a timely halt to the deteriorating conditions here in the Land of Water and for the common good of all a state of emergency has been declared for this territory, by decree of Lord Lee Sc duly representative of our Daimyo all persons found possessing a bloodline or of piracy or assisting the rebellion."

Everyone who was present listened hoping to find some way out of this situation as they were led on and on and watched as the first group was set to fall ending their lives in the process as the men spoke once more for all to hear, "By decree of martial law the following statutes and rights are hereby suspended, right to legal counsel suspended."

The sound of a another group of people being dropped is heard by all as he continues, "Right to a jury of peers suspended, by decree all persons found guilty of piracy having a bloodline or aiding the rebellion piracy or the blood line users shall be hanged by the neck until dead."

With this said a new group of people who brought forward to meet their ends among them was a young man no older than 16 and held in his hand a small coin with two unique symbols upon it one of them being an unusual A and in the center of it what looked like the symbol for the Land of Whirlpool.

The young man himself had spiky red hair and vibrant green eyes that told what rare clan he was from.

He looked out upon the many more people and felt a defiant streak entered his body and began to sing, "The Red Cross Knight and his men stole the Fox Queen from her bed, and bound her in her bones. The seas be ours and by the power... Where we will we'll roam."

The executioner then began to put the noose around each of their necks as a another person then began to sing, "Yo ho all hands... Hoist the colors high."

Suddenly everyone else began to sing as well unnerving the guards around them, "Heave ho Assassins, Thieves and Slaves never shall we die."

The singing continued as the guards became more concerned about the situation, in a small section not far away several men all stood looking out upon the scene before them a young officer ran up to them and said, "My Lord they have begun to sing Sir, what shall we do?"

One of the men wearing a mask with a single eye hole holding a cross with a red interior simply said, "Nothing for now, continue with the executions."

As the man walked away one of the others simply turned to his companions and said, "Finally brothers it has begun, may the father of understanding guide us."

At the center of this group set a man in a regal looking chair with a smile upon his face in the him a sinister appearance but it was his eyes and their different colors that sent a cold chill up other people's spines as he thought, 'First the assassins and then I will deal with you lot in due time but for now I need you Templars to bring me the key of 10 that the six path sage did such a good job hiding from me, and then maybe I can finally be with my beloved.'

The young redheaded teenager closed his hand around the coin and prepared for the end knowing that this was not over even if he was not among the living anymore, "Never shall we die?"

The executioner then walked toward pulling the lever back.

The coin he had been holding then fall to the ground hard making a almost musical note as it landed on the ground and came to rest, a young Naruto awoke from this strange dream and had in eerie feeling that it was more than that is everything was still quite vivid in his mind despite feeling that for some reason he would forget soon he then rubbed the middle of his back unaware of the strange glowing marks upon it as he tried to go back to sleep which brought him into strange dreams of men in white fighting tyranny against a group wielding red crosses.


Hidden Leaf Village of Fire Country, hospital present day.

"How long has he been in this state?" the voice of the Fifth Hokage Tsunade asked a nurse.

Both of them were currently looking down at a young boy laying in a bed with blond spiky hair and what looks like whisker marks on his cheeks, "It's been almost 5 days now my Lady and we don't understand what is going on with him?"

"What do you mean?"

"It's like he's in some kind of enhanced state of some kind, and it appears that what is happening in there Is where time is moving faster than out here and we've already tried to have someone go into his mind to see what is going on only for them to be shoved out, but that's not all we discovered the remnants of a memory seal on his back that has been shattered for the lack of a better word?"

Tsunade was surprised by this bit of information and then asked, "Has anyone tried to put a new one on him?"

"Yes my Lady by order of the Toad Sage himself but it was destroyed as well." The nurse said to Tsunade who was now very concerned about the future and already knew that she would have to make a terrible decision soon.


On the first day of his coma Naruto clearly remembered a message that played and felt a strong sense of the betrayal especially to those he had come to respect, he then saw the image of a red haired woman with green eyes and felt the memory seal break on him and instantly knew who she was as the message began.

"Naruto my son, if you are experiencing this message then I have passed on from this world and left you alone and for that I am sorry. But know that while I cannot be with you I will always love you."

The next image that came before him was that of a young man in a white jacket, "Thanks to this man our ancestor Desmond Miles we possess a rather unique bloodline called the Animus which allows us to relive the memories of our ancestors as well as gain their skills and knowledge, you see we are descending from a great order called the Assassin Brotherhood who was charged with protecting mankind's freedom."

The next image was of a man wearing a strange white robe and attacking a heavily armed man with a red cross on his chest, "The first ancestor he relived the memories of was Altair Ibn-La'ahad a men who change everything for our order."

The next image was of a young man in fancy looking clothing walking down the street of the market, "Then he relived the memories of our ancestor Ezio Auditore who suffered greatly at the hands of our enemies but did much good in his time."

The next image was that of a young man in clothing that looked like it had been made from animals showed him progressing from child to adult, "And finally he relived the memories of Ratohnhake:ton or Connor as he became known to many and helped birth a great nation."

The next image showed three more people, "But they were only the beginning through our bloodline you will experience many more including my memories son, take what you have learned from them and go back to what is left of our homeland and restore it. Find a man named Raven near Snow Country who is currently keeping something of mine safe and sound as he can help you along your way, and remember my son that the sea is our ally and friend and will guide you to our homeland. Remember to relive the memories of your ancestor Edward and if possible those of your grandmother as it will help you and make a path for yourself as well my son."


One month later, Land of Fire, Konoha Hospital.

It had been One month after falling into the strange Coma that Naruto finally opened his eyes only to see that no one was in the room to greet him or see how he was doing, however before he could even set up two ANBU entered the room and immediately grabbed him out of his bed and took him to the bathroom with a change of fresh clothing to wear.

He was surprised after spending so long in bed that he had little trouble moving about and realized it must have been something to do with his ancestor Desmond and what had happened to him, in fact he was still trying to come to grips with what he had seen but decided to keep it to himself just in case.

After putting the new clothing he had been given on he was immediately escorted by the two ANBU out of the hospital and into the Hokage tower, he was surprised to see the Shinobi and Civilian Councils as well as the Elders and the Hokage herself all sitting in their places waiting for him.

He also noticed the presence of a young girl with blonde hair that was spiked looking at him with contentment as he entered the center of the room.

Tsunade could only imagine what was going to happen as she then said, "Naruto Uzumaki, rank Genin you now stand before this Council of Konoha accused of insubordination and failure to carry out your duty which was to bring back your former teammate Sasuke Uchiha as well as your reckless behavior in using the Nine Tailed Foxes power while on the mission, how do you plead?"

Naruto could only look at everyone with contentment in his eyes as he then said, "I am innocent of course."

However before he could have any kind of hope in this strange meeting he heard the young girl who was about his age speak, "Your fate has is already been decided, this council has reviewed all the evidence and has come to a decision that I favor greatly as it was what you carried that took my father from me."

He turned his head to look at her with nothing but contentment as he then spoke in a darker tone, "And who would your father be?"

"The Fourth Hokage, but don't think you're beyond redemption boy." She said to him with cruelty in her voice.

Tsunade then said, "I'm afraid she's right Naruto and for that I am sorry as I did try to stop this from happening... It is the decision of this counsel not me that you be banished from not only the Hidden Leaf but also the Land of Fire. If you return you will be executed publicly, however this banishment will only be for three years and you will be forced to return to us but I also must tell you that the Third's law has been revoked effective tomorrow as you are publicly banished as well as branded with a tracking seal."

The young girl had a shit eating grin upon her face as he then said to her, "You should have no say in this girl."

She was surprised by his tone of voice and then looked him in the eyes as she then spoke "You were supposed to be this village's hero, it's savior and you chose to ignore that duty."

"I never asked for your father to sacrifice me girl, and if he had been so noble he would have used you instead of ME." She now had a look of shock upon her face at what he had just said to her.

Even the council themselves were shocked by his statement as he then spoke once more, "None of you have my respect and never will at this rate, I was curious to discover that I have the remnants of a memory seal on my back that kept from me all these years the memories of my mother and how someone in this village murdered her in cold blood, maybe even one of you standing in this room right now did the deed and I have had no justice in this matter at all and to discover that no one has tried to even solve my mother's murder sickens me to my core."

Everyone who knew about this incident was now very concerned as it could come back to bite them in the ass and realized that their current plan had also backfire on them as they then heard the young man continued, "So to everyone here do your worst, but remember from this day forward you have shattered all I held close and I will never serve any of you again, I will not bend my knee to anyone in this room and I will fight back because I know a few things myself."

Everyone in the room now had looks of concern for their basis as he then spoke a warning, "And for those of you who were involved I will seek justice on you even if it flows in a crimson river if you get my point!"

One very fat Council member decided to put his own two cents in, "How dare you threaten us boy, you should be thankful to even be alive!"

To his immense surprise Naruto cleared the distance between them within the second and brought his fist home right in the man's face breaking his nose as he then proceeded to grab the man by the collar of his shirt literally slamming him into the table breaking it in the process and then held one of his kurai to the man's throat and spoke in a deadly tone to get his point across not just to him but to all of them, "You have no rights in these affairs you fat miserable excuse for human being, and if I find out you had anything to do with the seal or my mother's death there will be no force on this planet that will stop me from ending this miserable thing you call a life... And with that said if anyone ever comes after me I will end them as well, this village can fight its own damn battles from now on."

He was about to go when he decided to also give another warning, "Oh and as for Sasuke Uchiha, I intend to collect the bounty on his head whether he's dead or alive just to let you know ahead of time."

With that said he walked out of the room not caring to listen to any of them and took the necklace that the Hokage had given him and dropped it upon the ground as he exited the room and disappeared among the crowd as the young girl ran over and picked up the precious jewel and turned to Tsunade who was at a loss for words, the Hokage then turned to one of her ANBU and said, "I want someone keep an eye on him at all times that we can trust and bring him to me before the ceremony."

The ANBU nodded to her and went about his tasks unaware of what would happen.


Before leaving the village he had decided to go see his teammates and friends only to be even more disappointed and depressed upon hearing them speak as he used his ancestors unique abilities, his pink haired teammate and one eyed sensei had been less than encouraging as they had flat out blamed him for everything and it was clear how much he had been neglected in his overall training.

Kakashi continued to talk to the other assembled Jonin and their teams as he then felt eyes were upon him and them, he then turned his head to see his only other student walking out of the bar with a disgusted look on his face as he went.

Naruto could feel the eyes of the popular upon him as he tried to make it back to his apartment only to feel a hand grabbed him by his shoulder and instantly knew who it was by the lazy tone, "That's not very polite now is it Naruto, listening in on other people's conversations... I think we should go see the Hokage about this!"

But before he could say anymore he and everyone was shocked as the young blonde haired boy turned around and delivered a very strong and fast haymaker to his former sensei's face breaking his nose in the process which was then followed by a quick blow to his arm breaking it as well, as soon as Kakashi could regain his bearings he looked up to see the young man with a serious look on his face and what appeared to be tears coming from his eyes.

His former pink haired teammate was also surprised by this sudden turn of events and at first had been quite happy to see him being scolded by their sensei only to see it turning into absolute shock of his actions they then heard him speak, "You were supposed to protect us that night, but instead you let her die I had to watch my mother be murdered before my eyes all because of you!"

Everyone who had stopped to watch the scene play out were now shocked at what the young boy had just said to his former sensei and he was far from over, "I don't know why my mother ever respected you, you don't even preach what you say if you ever come after me I will surely kill you and as for the man who took her from me, I will find them and end them... After all you did their dirty work and left my world in darkness!"

Hatake could only look at his former student in shock realizing that the seal was now gone from him and tried to talk some sense into the young man hoping to give Jiraiya a chance to talk with him, "Naruto please wait."

The young boy turned to him and screamed out for all to hear, "No, I hate you!"

He then turned and ran through the crowd and simply disappeared from view leaving everyone in shock.

He also wanted nothing to do with Jiraiya anymore as the unlocked memories revealed what the old pervert had done to him after the death of his mother, there were only a few people he could honestly still trust in this village but knew that it would be far too dangerous to go see them and knew that his time was running out.

But before he what he decided to pick up one item that he knew would still be in this place even after all of these years, and what was left of his old home he discovered hidden behind a wall the small music box shaped like an eagle with the brotherhood's symbol upon it.

He then opened the box listening to the music being played and was assaulted by his memories once more remembering when he and his mother would sit there listening to the music as he was trying to go to sleep, both the tune from the box as well as the song that she sung on the date of her death haunted him still as the tears fell freely from his eyes.

It had eventually made the decision for him to leave the village all the easier for him as he successfully made it out of the village and noticing that much of the security was not up to par.

Despite how well trained the ANBU were they were still no match for Naruto's impressive stealth abilities and with recently reliving the memories of his ancestors these skills had taken a quantum leap and wasted no time in fleeing the village as fast as he could knowing that they would be watching him.

Within a hour he made it to a small river and created hundreds of his clones and sent them in all directions and continued upon his own following the river to the secret base that his mother's great Aunt had set up when she had first come to this country using the memories he had seen thanks to his bloodline, within a matter of 20 min. he was up the side of a cliff without the use of his chakra as it could quite possibly reveal his location to his enemies.

With in a few minutes he reached the entrance to the base and opened it thanks to his Eagle Vision and entered the sanctuary, as soon as he entered he was impressed to see how large the cavern was as well as how well stock it was on supplies.

Naruto walked deeper into the room noticing that there were everything from statues to storage scrolls all over the place as well as books and realized that he could stay here for quite a bit of time learning to hone his new skills, he walked forward to see a small wooden chest containing the most iconic weapons of the Assassin Brotherhood, a set of Hidden Blades and one Hook Blade.

He placed both one of the Blades on and then the Hook and then activity them to see that they were still quite functional.

The blades and hook were however jet black in color and flat so they did not reflect light of either day or the moons light of night.

He could only smile and realized that he would be quite busy preparing for his future.

He eventually found a set of scrolls that contain clothing and fabrics, next to the scrolls sitting on the wall was the sword he had seen his grandmother use in one of the memories that he lived and knew that it was called the Maelstrom.

He then noticed a set of weapons that resemble the old guns from his memory's but appeared to be of later design with much more power behind and force and some more weapons of the Brotherhood and even a training and shooting course that he could use, he immediately created up to eight shadow clones and went to work.


Jiraiya the Toad Sage of Konoha was surprised to find out that one of the most important Jonin's of the village had been so easily defeated by his own student, as soon as he entered the hospital room containing the copycat ninja he was surprised to see the level of damage done to the man in question.

"What the hell happened to you Kakashi?"

The copycat ninja turned to look at the older man only for Jiraiya to see that the once blue mask was now stained crimson from his beating, as a doctor repaired his arm he then spoke, "Naruto did this to me."

Jiraiya was surprised by this and then asked, "What? Are you sure about this."

"Very, and he knows about his mother's murder and I think the seal broke."

"Emotional stress... If it was strong enough It could in theory break the seal as well as the others like a domino effect." The old pervert said as a group of ANBU entered the room and delivered a message to him.

Kakashi was curious and asked, "What is it?"

"She wants to see me and I think I know what it's about."


The ANBU teams had just known that something like this was just going to happen to them, and had fun time for them to bring the young Uzumaki boy to the Hokage as she had instructed them to do.

They now could not find the young boy at all now, one of the Inuzuka and her Nin-dog that had accompanied them on this mission had followed the trail only to come to a dead stop at a river and turned to the team leader and said, "I didn't know he was this good."

Before all of them was a huge river where the scent trail had ended, the lead ANBU was still surprised this had happened to them again as one of his subordinates couldn't help but comment on this situation, "Sir do you think he plans it all out or just make's it up as he goes along?"

"I don't know anymore?" The ANBU Commander said as he watched the Inuzuka and her Nin-dog move across to the other side of the river and gave a even more shocked look.

"Oh no, what is it?"

The two partners looked around the other side of the river realizing just how serious the situation had become, she then said, "His sent is everywhere and it's going all over the place, how is this possible?"

The ANBU Commander immediately knew the answer, "It's his Shadow Clones we know that he can make up to hundreds of them maybe even thousands, and I bet they have his sent all over them."

One of the other ANBU then said, "So there's no way to know which one is the real one?"

"I'm afraid so and I'm not about to waste our time looking for him in this wild goose chase, he could be anywhere we need to get back to the Hokage right now!"


Tsunade was not a happy camper as she read the report on Naruto's escape and realized that they had all greatly underestimated his skills, however it was the realization of what the memory seal had been used for that was truly making her mad and the realization of who had put it on him in the first place.

Needless to say a certain Toad Sage was currently taking himself out of the wall with the young blonde girl watching at the sides in total shock, Jiraiya was trying to figure out what had happened now and would have made her so angry in the first place but was also not happy to see the young girl was here as well knowing that something else had occurred.

"You do know that hurt a lot right Princess?" He asked her in a innocent like voice.

"Oh shut up you old pervert, I want to know why you put a memory seal on the back of Naruto's back and covered up the fact that his mother was murdered by someone in this village?" She asked him in a somewhat sweet like voice that did nothing to hide her anger at him at this moment in time.

As soon as she uttered those words the color drained from his face as he was about to make a suggestion that the young girl leave the room until his old teammate grabbed him by the throat and said in a much darker tone, "Oh no pervert she stays right here as she's also an issue at this moment!"

Jiraiya now realized whatever had happened she had had a hand in it and felt his age catching up with him, "There are things happening here Tsunade that are much bigger than any of us, but how do you even know about the seal?"

At this moment she released him from her grip and said in a even more menacing tone, "Not a whole lot at first, at least not until the seal itself broke and it was reveal to me."

Jiraiya walked forward and picked up the scroll and began to read, 'To whoever is reading this scroll please understand the terrible decision I was forced to make to protect one of the people under my care, the Council as well as one of my students feels that this young man's memories are just too dangerous to be left intact.

They all fear that he will become a dangerous threat to the village if he is not neutralized in some way, but wall I have been forced to go along with this plan I do not find it effective or even a good idea as it seems to be benefiting a certain group of people in all honesty.

Nevertheless I am compelled by the law of our land and village to carry this sentence out, but my own desire to set things right have put a another plan into action and if which my other student plans to execute his own way not caring about the consequences it may create in the process.

While my student plans to release the seal over time when he is already a Shinobi of this village for some time my alteration to the seal will release over a longer period before my student can even get to seal which will give young Naruto a fighting chance, I fear that my student will not restore everything to this young man.

As such I am using my skills in the sealing arts to ensure that everything is restored to him in full, I am well aware that this was not what we agreed upon but I cannot victimize him anymore knowing that no one will attempt to solve his mother's murder or even help them without some kind of agenda I only pray that my actions have succeeded in giving him another chance that this village has so desperately tried to take from him.

With his unique bloodline he will be able to hunt down those responsible for his suffering and bring them to justice, even if it is in a crimson River of blood.'

Jiraiya and the young girl finished reading the note and were in shock at what they had just learned, "Oh my God Sencei what have you done?"

Tsunade could not help but laugh at this as she then spoke, "It seems the old professor didn't trust you enough to execute your plan."

"This was my responsibility to bear Tsunade, I had no intention of keeping everything from him I just needed more time so he wouldn't be unstable."

"So that's why you didn't even see him for all of these years until now, I know my excuse you old pervert but what is you's. And who the hell is she anyways, she claims to be the Fourth's daughter." She said.

He quickly turned to the young blonde girl grabbing her by the arm forcibly and bringing her to him, "What did you do Akima?"

"I just wanted."

"What the hell did you do granddaughter?" He shouted shocking even his old teammate.

"Granddaughter, how?"

He looked into both of their eyes honestly trying to find a place to begin, "As you know Tsunade Minato was set to marry Kushina when he first found out that she was pregnant with Naruto, however when he became the Fourth Hokage many of the guys took him out to celebrate that night and that's where he met my daughter."

The two women listened intently as he continued his story, "The two of them were old friends thanks to me but that night they got so drunk that one thing led to another and as can see Tsunade my granddaughter was conceived that very night."

Tsunade then looked at the young girl and said, "I have a feeling that when Kushina found out about this she was beyond angry."

"Oh she was and then called off the wedding as soon as she found out about what had happened, but needless to say she did not blame my daughter she blamed Minato and as you can imagine he did not take it too well."

"I bet."

"However the three of them worked something out, but as you all know all hell come to us sometime later in the Nine Tales attack upon the village and you know the rest."

Tsunade could only nod her head in response and then said, "So I take something happened to her mother and their carefully laid plans went to ruin?"

Her old teammate closed his eyes in pain and then spoke, "Because of the Nine Tales attacked she had received a set of injuries that proved to be too severe even for someone like her and after giving birth she passed away leaving my granddaughter here in the care of her aunt."

But before any more words could be said by the Toad Sage a group of Fire Samurai from the capital of the Land of Fire entered the Hokage's office with a clear objective about them as they then grabbed the old pervert and told him in place as a more regal looking man entered the room and gave the old pervert a disgusted look as he then spoke, "Jiraiya of the Sannin by order of the Lord of the Land of Fire you are hereby ordered to report to him at once due to the reporting banishment of one Naruto Uzumaki, this order is non-negotiable and will be enforced by any means necessary."

Jiraiya was absolutely speechless as he could only nod his head in compliance and walked out of the room with the Fire Guard, the elegant looking man then turned to Tsunade and gave her a show of respect and spoke once more, "Lady Hokage, the Fire Lord would like to extend his gratitude for attempting to stop the banishment and wish to inform you that you will have all the support to do with the civilian counsel if you decide to take action against them for this travesty."

Tsunade nodded her head and thanked him as he then turned to the young girl and spoke, "As for you young lady for instigating all of this you shall be punched, we are also aware that your mother's sister was primarily responsible for this action as she will face the most severe punishments that we see fit to give her, you however will have to deal with the Lady Hokage here as she will decide your fate." This with this said he then walked out of the room closing the door behind him leaving a stunned young girl wondering what she had done.


3 Days later, Township of Phoenix's Nest harbor, Land of Fire.

Naruto had decided to spend at least three days in the cave not only working on his new clothing but also practicing with some of the scrolls and equipment that was present as well as getting the feel for his Hidden Blade and Hook blade, he had also spent some time getting adjusted to the firearms that were present and after a day have become an excellent shot with the pistols but knew he could still improve.

He knew that if he stayed in the Land of Fire any longer it would only make matters worse for him in the long run so he made a decision to leave the country as soon as possible heading for one of the many places that he had helped in his short Shinobi career, one of his first thought was to head to the Land of Wave but then decided against it as it was still too close to Land the Fire and would be one of the first places they would look for him.

He then remembered his mother's message and decided to go to Snow Country now known as the Land of Spring to find this man named Raven, he had decided to also travel incognito knowing it might be his only chance to leave the country without being captured.

Ever since waking up he had noticed lines of red appearing in his hair and also used a simple makeup kit to hide his whisker like marks upon his cheeks as he walked about the town, he had even come up with a good alias calling himself Fox asked his first name and giving a family name of Kenway.

As he walked through the town he noticed that there was a large amount of Fire Samurai patrolling the town and were obviously looking for someone, it was at this time that he noticed wanted posters with his face upon them.

Out of mild curiosity he walked up to it and read, wanted for questioning, Naruto Uzumaki. High reward for any information upon this young man's whereabouts.

Thanks to reliving so many memories from his ancestors he instinctively ripped the wanted poster off the wall and then crumbling it in his hand and tossing it into a nearby trashcan, he did this several more times before making it to the dock where the ships were.

He then walked up to the harbor master and asked, "Excuse me Sir do you know if there are any vessels that are headed to the Land of Snow by any chance?"

The harbor master looked at him a bit surprised then came to a realization and then spoke, "Oh you mean the Land of Spring."

"Yes so far as I have heard but I want to see it with my own eyes as I used to live there long ago before all of the trouble started, are there any Ships headed there at this time?"

The harbor master then pointed to a two masted ship and spoke, "That one, the Blue Sea is headed that way and I hope you find what you're looking for?"

"So do I Sir and thank you." This said he then walked over to the ship hoping to gain safe passage and find this mysterious Raven that his mother had spoken of.

As he approached the loading ramp of the ship he noticed that many of them were quite busy loading large quantities of cargo, the Congo appeared to be Fire Country sake which he knew thanks to his mother was a highly prized commodity among the other nations of the elemental nations or as the seagoing area had become known as the Neo Caribbean among its many sailors.

One of the sailors who appear to be quite old noticed a young man just standing around waiting and looking for someone to speak to, he then decided to see what this young traveler wanted and approached this young man and catching his attention as he did, "May I help you young men?"

Naruto was surprised by his calm and kind demeanor as it was not something that he was truly used to and then spoke, "Oh yes I am looking for passage to the Land of Spring Sir, oh and where are my manners my name is Fox Kenway."

The old sailor took a moment to give him a once over and found the name he used quite interesting and then spoke as he motioned for the young men to follow him on board the ship, "Well it is a pleasure to meet you Mr. Kenway, my name is Solomon Dornez current quartermaster of the Blue Sea, now this way please I'll introduce you to our captain."

Naruto nodded his head in a polite manner as he followed Solomon to the back part of the ship where the Captains quarters were located, Solomon then knocked on the door awaiting a reply which came allowing them to enter the cabin.

Upon first glances Naruto could see an older gentleman with slicked back black and gray hair and a strong goatee next to him was a much younger woman who appeared to be just entering her 20 with long black hair and violet eyes, Solomon then spoke, "Mr. Fox Kenway allow me to introduce you to the ship's captain and his first mate who happened to be his daughter as well, Capt. Cyrus Rail and his daughter Sortiara."

Naruto nodded his head in respect and then heard the captain speak, "Tell me young man what do you want with me and my ship?"

Naruto then spoke with a air of confidence about him, "I seek passage to the land of Snow I mean Spring Sir, I used to live very very long time ago and I have the money to pay for passage but I also one mind catching up with my sailing skills again if you allow me to also be a temporary member of your crew."

Cyrus nodded his head in understanding and then spoke, "that can be arranged Mr. Kenway, I'm actually curious to see her abilities on my ship but I know how to inform you that we will not be heading to the Land of Spring right away I have several other ports of call to attend to first is all right with you?"

Naruto gave a genuine smile and then said, "It is most generous Sir, I must also asked of you Sir do you know if someone named Raven has survived in the Land of Spring."

This caught the captain's attention as he then came to a realization of just who this might be and smiled even more as he said, "I might know someone by the name but we will have to get the Land of Spring first."

Naruto was now hopeful that he would be able to meet this man and then heard the captain talk to Solomon, "Mr. Salt please show this young man to one of the passenger cabins so he may deposit his belongings and then take on deck and begin his refresher course on how to sail a ship he also knows nothing of our own vessel so please teach them what he needs to know to operate her properly."

"Yes captain, follow me Mr. Kenway."

Naruto turns to the captain and gives him a bow and then exited the cabin as the young woman and says to her father, "Do you think it's him father?"

He turned to look her in the eyes and said, "I believe he is one of them my daughter, but what disturbs me is that he is clearly fleeing the Land of Fire something has happen to him and we will not push the issue at this time."


Volcano City Capital of The Land of Fire.

It had been 3 days since Jiraiya had been brought before the Fire Daimyo by armed Samurais who were under direct orders by the Fire Lord himself to ensure that the Toad Sage not only cooperated but did not cause them any problems, however that have been three days ago and he had currently spent a great deal of time thinking over what was going on.

As Jiraiya set partly on the couch being brought before the waiting room of the feudal Lord and had to admit that his patience was beginning to wear thin but he kept himself in check knowing full well that even someone of his caliber was no match for the sheer number of bodyguards and high level Samurai right that inhabited the residence of the Fire Lord.

Just at this moment the door opened to reveal a young man in rather regal looking clothing was now walking out of the room and then standing directly before him, "Jiraiya of the Leaf the Fire Lord will now see you."

The old pervert immediately got up from the couch he had been sitting on and walked into the room hoping to discover why he was here in the first place but at least had some idea as to the reason why and including his cursed luck as things have not gone according to plan, the Fire Lord himself set behind his desk with a pair of glasses on reading several reports that did not seem to improve his mood at all.

The Fire Lord then took off his glasses and set back and then leaned back into his chair even more to get comfortable and gave the old pervert a once over before he spoke. "Tell me Jiraiya, do you know why I have made sure that you were to wait to see me this long over this matter?"

"I do not know Sir?"

The Fire Lord let out a small growl of annoyance as he then spoke once more, "I made you wait so I would not have you executed right away upon seeing you and do you know why that is?"

The old pervert could only nod his head in a negative as the man spoke once more, "Then perhaps you can tell me what you think this is all about, please enlighten me?"

The feeling of dread that had gripped Jiraiya's soul returned with a vengeance, "I assume it has something to do with Naruto Uzumaki?"

"You assume?"

"Yes my Lord I assume that is why you wished to see me?"

The Fire Lord then looked him in the eyes and said, "And you would assume correctly, do you have any idea of what kind of political backlash we are going to get because of not only your decision to seal his memories so long ago but also of the decision that the Hidden Leaf Councils has made regarding him which has resulted in his banishment order... So maybe you can tell me what. The. Hell, is really going on?"

"It's very complicated Sir?" Jiraiya said realizing that a great deal of things were going to be revealed this day, and he would be lucky to walk out of this with his life as well as his limbs.


Personal Diary Entry or Log of Uzumaki Naruto.

My first day aboard the ship was spent getting to know the many crew members who lived upon her, needless to say I was both curious and excited to see if I could truly master the knowledge that had been passed down to me thanks to the bleeding effect of my bloodline.

Unfortunately I was also subjected to a bit of anxiety as I learned we would be spending the night in bay for a little bit longer which made me a bit more concerned about being captured, thankfully we set sail the next morning where I learned that we would be making several different stops along the way and our first destination was to a small island called Minnows to pick up several supplies that had been chartered to be delivered to the Land of Waves which put a smile upon my face knowing that I would be able to see an old friend again and tell her about what had happened to me.

On her way to the first stop we spent two days at sea which as it turned out was quite beneficial for me in mastering the skills my memories had taught me, once we were on route to Wave which I learned would be another two days until our arrival.

During this time I learned how to handle everything forward even down to both staring and navigating a vessel and had to admit I had become quite good at it, don't get me wrong I wasn't perfect or anything but I was good and getting better all the time.

However I felt that my captain his daughter and old salt knew more about who I was then they let on and decided to just wait until they came clean about it, but at the moment it would have to wait as I look out upon the sea and see the coastline of Wave itself.

For some odd reason I felt the need to be on guard here as we pulled into ports and immediately went down to try on my assassin outfit and the weapons I had come to know so well thanks to my time in that vault or cave.

I walked out onto the deck of the ship and told my captain that I would be in the town seeing an old friend who might also want to come with me and made my way in not knowing the adventure that awaited me.

Assassin's Creed Black Fox

End of Chapter Sequence One

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Story Development Diary:

right from the beginning the decision to write this new story was based upon the fact that I had set the other story along a very particular path, around chapter 4 I was still developing story ideas for The Black Fox but came to the realization that some of them were so good but would not work for that particular version of the story.

I also realized that I had neglected to create an origin story for the original version however I liked the original story so much I did not wish to abandon my work so instead I continued to develop both the original version and this new one which would be a much more darker and serious take on the original story, another factor was playing the new videogame Black Flag and reading the ACE Novel by Oliver Bowden and special content in the special edition strategy guide that revealed a great deal about the future of this series and new enemies for the assassins to fight.

Even with all of this I still have to develop the new story and decided to take my time in writing it and also deciding what the story would present, my first decision was to decide what to keep and what to not keep in the new version of the story, since I needed to tell an origin story as well as the fight when we get more towards the original stories point in time.

To this end I decided to keep first event that sent him on the path of both pirate and assassin by keeping the death of his mother but decided to make this the opening to the story and reveal more and more about what had happened that night over time in both the first chapter and the rest of the story as to not reveal everything right from the word go, another decision was to see which characters would be returning and to define their place in not only the story but any future sequels to this story.

To do this I changed great deal of what has happened and decided to keep him as a ninja in the village for a little bit longer and developed the seal idea as a way to not only develop his skills as an assassin and future sailor much faster but also to create a bit of mystery about what is really going on.

Another decision was to make what had happened to him a much larger affair even involving the fire daimyo and to the conspiracy controlled by the current Templars to make him a weapon or to keep them under control, because of this decision he is not called Black Fox right off the bat and doesn't even have his own personal ship just yet.

In fact I made a decision to make sure that he developed into that character very slowly as he is still trying to figure out who he is as well, a big inspiration for this was the first dark Knight movie as it showed Bruce Wayne having to develop everything that ultimately made him the Batman and wanted the same kind of premise in the beginning of this story since it is part of the origin story, first part that made this possible was him taking on the alias of Fox Kenway which is the first step towards becoming the Black Fox.

With that said I made several decisions to the length of this story out much more not only in the size of the chapters but the sheer number but also wanted to keep some of what the games presented as well, and wanted to depict that the world that this story takes place in his huge contract probally bigger than the Caribbean from the last game just to give you a hint as well as to just how many locations he will have to visit.

Another decision is also because he is not reliving memories I was free to write about other characters and their own agendas as the story progresses since it's directly related to what will happen to him, however any time he relives a memory or memories will always be from the perspective of following the ancestor either in the first person or third.

With this said I am still developing new ideas and even rework certain aspects of the story to make things much better as it progresses, also I like to apologize for not having very much action in this particular chapter but it was really meant to at least start his journey and these are sometimes the hardest things to write since you need to be very careful and I have spent a great deal of time not only developing the first chapter as well as many more but also to proof it and while I may not get every mistake I hope to at least make it enjoyable.

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