1. The Wrong Spell

Jaq was left behind after Cinderella left the stallion. He was not happy, because he had never got to help Cinderella now that she was a Princess. Once upon a time, while he tried to get on the horse the Princess was getting on, the horse chucked Jaq away by the tail. Now Jaq was wandering the garden, murmuring to himself.

'Cinderelly has no time for mice! Mice mice aren't big enough! She's a princess now!'

Jaq arrived at a bench where he continued talking.

'Jaq Jaq never gets to help Cinderelly!' Then something came to his mind all of a sudden. 'That's it! If mice mice aren't big enough, then humans are! I wish I was big!'

Immediately, Fairy Godmother appeared, sparkles of light sprinkling as she did so.

'Now, Jaq,' she said sweetly. 'I have heard your prayer perfectly well, and I'm here to make it all better. Now, I've heard you don't like being small.'

'No, no!' replied Jaq. 'Jaq Jaq definitely doesn't like being small. Small's not good! Once I'm small, I can't help Cinderelly at all!'

'But, Jaq,' Fairy Godmother explained, 'you've help Cinderella many a time since you are small.'

'Now, humans are helping her more than me!' said Jaq. 'I wish I was human! Humans are bigger! The bigger the better!'

'Alright, suit yourself,' said Fairy Godmother, waving her wand and pronouncing the magic words, 'Bibbidi ... Bobbidi ... Boo!'

Suddenly, there was an explosion at the background. The explosion came from out in the village. Jaq looked surprised, and felt a bit... well - something.

'What was that supposed to do?' he asked.

'Sorry, Jaq, wrong spell,' said Fairy Godmother. Then recited the words as she waved her wand, 'Bibbidi ... Bobbies... What the...' Fairy Godmother then looked confused with herself. 'My mind's gone clear.'

'Well, hurry up!' yelled Jaq.

'Be patient, dear,' exclaimed Fairy Godmother calmly. Then she tried the lesson again, 'Bibbidi ... Bobbidi ... Boo!'

Magic sparks blasted at the mouse and all of a sudden, he was big! Sure he was big, but not human.

'What?!' Fairy Godmother screamed. 'Hey, this not the right spell! What have I done now? It's the wrong spell!'

Her wand was getting out of control; it kept sending massive chunks of magic throughout the castle.

'What's happening to my wand?!' she cried.

'Don't worry, Fairy Godmother,' said Jaq, impressed. 'Jaq Jaq happy now.' Then he wandered off into the castle.

'No, Jaq; come back!' Fairy Godmother called.

'Don't worry, I'm big enough to help Cinderelly now!' Jaq called back, and he was gone.

Fairy Godmother's wand was dragging her back and forth, left to right, never taking a rest. It just spun out of the castle.

Meanwhile, Cinderella was out at the building progress. There Fairy Godmother was crying out for help. Cinderella was too busy working with all the crew around the area. The builders were watching her spin out of control though, but only a few ignored her and continued on the with the building.

'Cinderella!' Fairy Godmother cried out, which Cinderella began to realise just then.

She turned around to face Fairy Godmother coming her way from the left.

'What's wrong, Fairy Godmother? What's happening to you?' Cinderella asked.

'It's the wrong spell, Cinderella!' she explained. 'And it's gone wrong! Help me, Cinderella; help me!' Then the wand continued dragging her around.

'How can I help?' said Cinderella. 'I haven't a power to stop it!'

Fairy Godmother was being dragged into the woods and there she disappeared completely. The clock bell rang out in the distance and it was time to go back to the castle. So Cinderella hopped back onto her horse and rode off.

It's such a shame Jaq couldn't come, she thought while riding.

Meanwhile, at the castle, the sparks of magic was spreading all around the mice. It made Gus huge; it made Mary huge; in fact, it was making all the mice who were Cinderella's friends huge. When Luke tried to hide in the mouse-hole, there was no way he could escape because the sparks of magic would get him even when he was hiding. That destroyed the wall. The two woman on the other side of the room, Beatrice and Daphne notice that and one of them, named Beatrice, said, 'What in heaven's name is that?'

When Luke was removed from the wall in Cinderella's bedroom, the woman noticed the giant mice scuttling around in there. Their skin began to turn white and they started to scream, which gave a notice to the mice. Eventually, somebody was at their door, knocking hard on it, and the owner of the knock called, 'What is going on in there?!' It was Prudence.

'Oh, dear,' whispered Daphne, and the two women tried their best to push their wardrobe in front of the broken wall, as to not see the mice at all. Prudence opened the door once the wardrobe was in place.

'What were you two screaming at?' asked Prudence, irritated.

'Oh, we were just having fun, mistress,' said Beatrice. The wardrobe door slipped open, but she shut it then.

'Just having ... fun?'

'Yes, mistress, we're just having...' Daphne was interrupted when the other door opened, then she shut it tightly. '...fun.'

'Well,' Prudence warned, 'one more irritating sound, and you two'll wish you weren't ever born.' The cupboard doors kept opening, which irritated her more. 'And get the servants to fix that wardrobe, will ya?'

'We will,' both Beatrice and Daphne promised at the same time, then Prudence left.

The two women checked inside the wardrobe to see why the doors kept opening all the time. Then they saw what they realised, the mice were making another hole in it. Beatrice and Daphne were just about to scream again until Perla and Suzy wrapped cloth around their mouths. Then Gus dragged them both away from the wardrobe and onto a sofa.

'Be quiet!' he commanded, then he stalked back into the wardrobe and shut it completely. Beatrice and Daphne unwrapped the cloths around their mouths and breathed out again.

'Did you hear him?' asked Daphne, breathlessly.

'I'm not sure, I thought I might've imagined it,' said Beatrice, also breathlessly.

'Who the heck would keep talking mice in this castle?' Daphne wondered.

They both sat up from the sofa and walked out of the room. They came before the door to Cinderella's bedroom, where each of the women took a peak through the key-hole. They watched the mice cheer and jump around excitedly. All of a sudden, both Beatrice and Daphne fainted, hitting the ground hard so they could be unconscious for several moments.

Prudence returned and discovered the two women lying dead on the floor.

'What's this?' And then, even she peaked through the key-hole and noticed the mice cheer and jump around excitedly. She gasped frightfully. 'What? But ... this can't be true. Mice. Giant mice!' she screamed and rushed off.

The mice opened the door and stared at the screaming Prudence running away. Then they noticed Beatrice and Daphne lying dead on the ground. (And would one of them peak through the key-hole and scream to God? Absolutely not!) They dragged the two women in the room and shut the door. At that same moment, Jaq was back and he entered the room.

'Look at me!' he cried out. 'I'm big! Huh!' He noticed that all the other mice were also big. 'Maybe Fairy Godmother's wand made you all big.'

'Fairy Godmother did this?' wondered Mary.

'Zuk-zuk, I guess,' replied Jaq. 'But anyway, big is fun!'

'No, no, no!' Gus cut in. 'Everyone's scared of us.'

'Well,' said Jaq, smiling as if it were a secret smile, 'they'll have to get used to us mice mice.'