6. It starts all over again

That night at the castle the royal members celebrated the return of the Princess. The Prince and her sat close together; well, duh, because they were a married couple now. But while they were eating their supper, Cinderella groaned in pain. Everybody in the whole dining hall froze and stared down at her with shock.

'Cinderella, what's wrong?' asked the Prince.

'Something kicked me inside my stomach!' cried Cinderella.

'How is that happening?' asked the Prince once again.

'Well, I've never wanted to tell anybody about this but... here it goes.' She paused for several seconds, with everybody waiting for her answer. 'Your Majesty, I'm pregnant,' she whispered to the Prince.

'Pregnant!' the Prince cried out, making all the other people hear every last word he had spoken.

The King stood up suddenly and cheerfully. 'Pregnant?!' he shouted with joy. 'Why, my new daughter's going to give birth soon!'

The whole dining hall gave a round of applause. Cinderella felt relieved that nobody was somehow going to act much more different than that was. Before she had felt very nervous about telling everybody that she was pregnant. Also, that was the reason she had said she was sick because she hadn't decided to talk about what really had happened.

'Birth of the next Prince/Princess!' everyone cheered, holding up their cups of liquids.

'A toast to Cinderella then!' cheered the Prince, and all the other royal members in the castle clacked their glasses to the one's next to them. And each one of these great persons drunk form their glasses.

After the journey to the castle - they had to go all around the village to get there. All the villagers around them had freaked out once they spotted the rodents now that they were enormous. They even took some bread away to have for lunch. They also had been chased around the areas by some other creatures or a few humans and eventually escaped. - the guards who were guarding the gates were still standing in front of them.

The mice were miles away from the palace as they were spying on those guardies. Each of those rodents were trying to figure out a plan as to how they will ever get passed them and how they will ever retrieve Cinderella. Where would she be hiding and how would they find her? But that wasn't the plan right then, recently they had to figure out how they were going to get passed the guards first. They knew that everybody (not exactly everybody but most people) were afraid of mice, and that was when Gus got the idea.

'Let's just scare them off,' he suggested.

'How are we going to do that?' asked Jaq. 'They'll just remain there.'

'No, everyone's afraid of mice mice,' Gus said, 'so we'll scare guard guards away.'

'Fine, Gus Gus, whatever you say,' said Jaq with a sigh.

All the mice hopped out of their hiding place (which was between two buildings) and simply wandered toward the gates. The guards did not remove themselves from them; they just permanently stood behind the gates, blocking the mice from getting inside.

'Halt!' one of them ordered.

'But,' said Jaq, looking confused. 'Aren't you afraid of mice mice?'

'Certainly not!' replied the other. 'We're not afraid of anything!'

'The King made us not!' the first speaker agreed.

'But we are friends of Cinderelly,' explained Mary.

'Sorry, but only the members of the palace can pass these gates,' said the other guard. 'Since you are not one of us, you cannot get through. You.. how many are you anyway?'

'That's hard to explain' replied Jaq.

'Ok,' said the same guard awkwardly. 'You all are villagers and villagers have never gone passed these gates unless there is a royal ball. There is not one tonight but they are celebrating the return of this ... did you say, "Cinderelly"? I thought her name was Cinderella.'

'Cinderelly is just mouse talk,' said Jaq. 'Anyway, mice mice are friends of Cinderelly, and we can go through.'

'No you can't, mice,' said the other guard. 'None of you are allowed to just trespass this place immediately. It is against our rules; and I believe you were all the criminals that kidnapped the Princess. How dare you all!'

All the mice jumped away with fear.

'But we didn't kidnap Cinderelly,' Jaq lied, 'honestly we didn't!'

'We still have no choice but to disbelieve you!' shouted the guard, who was the second to speak at first. 'Leave this place, in the name of the King!'

And so all the mice rushed off obediently and frightfully. They were all shaking: caused by the guards' shouts. They were then near the gates to the garden Jaq was first grown over-sized at by Fairy Godmother. There was nobody guarding those gates, thankfully. So Jaq beckoned all the others to follow him inside, then he opened up the gate and trespassed.

Back in the royal dining hall, the light was starting to go out and there was a strange noise in the castle. Then each and every one of these royal people had spotted mysterious figures coming out of the darkness. Each of these figures wore tuxedoes, they were sandy-coloured, slimy, and they were all mouth-less and eye-less. Nobody made a noise; not even a scream. But the King started to glow red in the face, making the Grand Duke hide himself from him.

'What is the meaning of this!' he bellowed.

'Die!' one of the figures growled.

'What should we die for!' commanded the King.

'We will take over the world!' the other creature growled. 'There is no ssstoping usss!'

'And is there another message you want to give us?' asked the King, a bit more calmly as before.

'Tell Cinderella,' one of them told him, letting Cinderella herself hear every word, 'that the mice are going to catch her oncsse again!'

'How do you all know that?' Cinderella cut in.

'One of usss has been there!' one of those creatures replied. 'One of usss has disssguised ourselves as one of them!'

'What are you all?' asked Cinderella.

'We are the ssSilence!' one of the Silence answered. 'I was Perla! She isss still in the castle! Be warned or they will come after you!'

And in an instant, there was a rush of air like a sand-storm blowing. All the candle lights were back on and everybody's memory of the Silence were wiped out of their minds so suddenly. So they all continued eating their supper.

While wandering around the halls of the castle, Jaq had discovered Perla and Suzy walking down together cheerfully. Jaq didn't understand; he just realised they were in the palace the whole time he and the other mice were at the twin ch√Ęteau.

'Perly, Suzy, you were both here all this time?' he said.

'Well, yes, Jaq, we have,' said Perla. 'Didn't we, Suzy?'

'Perly is right,' said Suzy. 'We were here this whole time... hang on, I don't think I was in big castle this whole time.'

'Where do you think you were before?' asked Jaq.

Suzy shook her head. 'I don't know,' she replied. 'I just think I was out of here before.'

'Well, we're looking for Cinderelly, and you're all coming with other mice mice,' said Jaq.

'Ok,' replied Perla simply and happily. Then those two females joined the other mice down the hall to find the dining hall.

Back there, the lights all went out again, with the Silence reappearing. A few of the royals gasped because now they knew them and had no idea why they couldn't remember them before. Suddenly they were all interrupted when Jaq opened the door. They disappeared instantly, making all the candle-lights flicker once again, and making everybody forget. Now Cinderella noticed the mice coming in, that she said, 'What are you all doing here? I'm not going back with you!'

'Too bad, Cinderelly!' said Jaq. 'We are taking you back home!'

'Oh, I just can't stand mice!' screamed a woman, jumping out of her table and running around.

All the other royal people of the palace started doing the same, creating a chaos and a food fight after tipping over the large table. Everybody in the dining hall struggled to get rid of the rodents. When somebody was throwing food at Gus, he would simply gobble it up because he was so greedy also because he became chubby years ago.

'Why is this all happening!' bellowed the King, rising from the pile of food. 'Oh, it's just a living nightmare.'

Now Perla and Suzy grabbed Cinderella and started off for the door.

'Help! Somebody help!' she called out.

'Don't worry,' said the Prince, jumping onto the tipped-over table and holding a sword. 'I'll stop them for you.' Then he charged out for the females.

Fairy Godmother happened to be watching this chaos happening from up the chandelier. She was feeling rather bad from making the mice over-sized now. She had seen everything that had happened since then mysteriously, and now she became angry about it.

'That's it!' she yelled to herself. 'I'll just pretend this never happened!'

And all of a sudden, there was sparks flowing all around the world and Fairy Godmother was back at the garden; the same time she was going to make Jaq become human. There she was just standing as if she were a statue. Jaq was beginning to become annoyed that he yelled, 'Well, hurry up!'

Fairy Godmother cleared her mind from Lala Land then said, 'Oh, yeah, you want to become human.'

'Zuk-Zuk, Jaq Jaq told you earlier!' yelled Jaq.

'And now it will begin,' said Fairy Godmother, raising her wand and reciting, 'Bibbidi... Bobbidi... Boo.'

And all of a sudden, there was a growth and change of Jaq. He was now a young man, still with the scruffy hair though but a handsome young man that the woman who hated mice would fall in love with. He took a look around his new form.

'Zuk-Zuk! I'm human!' he cried, then he wandered off cheerfully.

'What an extraordinary lad,' Fairy Godmother remarked to herself. She turned around to then face a Silent. 'Oh, yeah, and I forgot about you. Also, how did I forget you?'

Oh, no! Looks like the world will be in trouble now. It is unknown what will happen next so I guess this is THE END!