"So who are we looking for?" Echo asked

"We are looking for a Quarian named Talo...or at least that is the name that this data pad gives us"

"Why all these code names?" Echo asked, he was pretty sure that Warden's real name wasn't Warden, and his codename was Echo even though it wasn't his real name...maybe it is...it doesn't matter anymore, I don't remember it after all.

" Well if one of us gets captured you don't want that person, spiling his guts about all the others...you know addresses, family, all the good stuff"

Warden answered and looked forward again.

Echo nodded and looked down at the catalyst in his hand...or at least a more broken version of all the catalyst he had seen.

It was a piece of wood which he had put some power in to make it work as a catalyst.

Logan had been teaching him that you could make a catalyst out of wood lying around, so he did.

And it did not look good, it was working...but it didn't look like it could hold to much.

He sighed.

'Well now I have a talisman and a catalyst...'

'I only need the Uchigatana now...that sword...

He still had his rings.

The Cloranthy ring and the Ring Of Fog.

He of course didn't use the Ring Of Fog...because he wasn't sure how they would take seeing a semi-transparent hollow.

"Were here Echo" he hit Echo on the shoulder who had been lost in thoughts again making him jolt in his seat.

"Eh...yes Warden" Echo quickly got out of the car and was behind Warden, his footsteps going intact with Warden's.

"Look out for the Quarian, he should wear a black suit" Warden said and started un holstering his pistol, aiming it down.

"Why are we preparing ourself for an attack?" Echo asked un holstering his Claymore sword, and silently casted Chameleon on himself, morphing into a metal dumpster.

If Warden was too look behind him he would have noticed that he was now being followed by a metal dumpster.

But he was too busy looking in every vent and every corner in front of him as he had aimed his gun.

"Talo is an very skilled assassin and marksman, though he only kills blue suns, we don't know why, but we definitely need him" Warden said, ending the conversation with the dumpster behind him.

"Talo!" The Warden yelled, hoping they could not start a fight with someone that was much more skilled than both of them.

"Talo we just want to talk, come out!"

A man stepped out of the shadows making Echo stick to the wall, standing completely still, so he maybe could do a surprise attack, or even a backstab.

"Who are you? Blue suns?" The person, now confirmed as Talo by his black suit had his rifle aimed at Warden's head.

"No, we are not the blue suns, we are working for Aria" Warden said this in a fast but understandable voice.

"So, you are one of Aria's lapdogs...where did your partner go?" Talo was threatening Warden.

Warden looked behind him and was surprised to find the hallway empty except a trash bin.

'And last but not least Chameleon' the words went through Warden's head but his face betrayed no emotions.

"I don't know" he lied and then noticed that the trash can was moving every so slightly, but it didn't seem like Talo noticed it.

"I don't believe you, tell your "friend" to get out here Batarian" he said the last word with venom in his voice, which made Warden cringe.

The trash can was now out of his sight, and suddenly the trash can deformed and morphed into Echo again.

"Drop your weapon" Echo's voice was cold, as he pressed the steel against the Quarians windpipe.

"What the hell?" Talo was definitely surprised he didn't expect Echo to have made it behind him, without him noticing.

"How?" he slowly lowered his weapon as he muttered these words.

"Talo, we don't want to fight" Warden said this calmly with his arms crossed.

"Then what do you want?"

"We need your help, we are assembling a squad, and thought it would be a good idea to pick you up first as you are a skilled assassin"

This made Talo laugh

"Skilled? I just got beaten by a goon with a sword" he nodded his head backwards, Echo's sword was still centimeters from his neck.

"Echo Sheathe your weapon, we are here talk, not fight"

Echo sheathed his sword, making Talo massage his neck.

"So who are we fighting?"

"I will tell everybody when we assembled them, I guess you don't really have a choice but to follow us or get eradicated by the blue suns that are coming in about half an hour?"

Talo laughed again, this time more dryly.

"Got that right, they got really riled up when I took out one of their lieutenants"

"Well then...let's go" Talo said, and started walking towards the place we came from, Echo and Warden not far behind.