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The team had pulled up to the races almost a half hour ago and somehow Dom already had Letty pissed off. She was leaning against her car with a pair of leather shorts and red fish net top showing off her black bra, the ensemble showed off both her belly ring and tattoo. Mercy was sat on the hood right by her wearing high-waisted jean shorts and a cropped jersey trying to calm her down some.

Letty ignored her friends reassuring words and glared at her boyfriend whose attention was on some blonde skank who had probably 100$ worth of makeup on her face and skirt so short it would be better as a belt. She whispered something to him and he grinned laughing lightly. He then turned to the other girl who was currently under his muscled arm. The busty Asian blushed and giggled when he kissed her cheek. Letty rolled her eyes at the trio and the surrounding girls who were trying to push past and get closer to the king of the streets hoping to get a chance with the fastest racer ignoring the fact he was taken.

"You know it don't mean anything girl, he's just frontin'.", Mercy tried.

"He don't need to be feelin' up anybody. I know he's just an attention whore but it still bothers me! I don't get why he always does this shit when he knows it pisses me off."

Mercy rolled her hazel eyes at her friends jealous antics, she knew that Dom only did it to get a reaction out Letty. "Just ignore it Let, he wants you to have a reaction like this!", she tried to explain but Letty was already pissed and it was too late to change her mind on the subject. This was not a new occurrence, Mercy had been in this situation multiple times before when she would play messenger owl between the two lovers. The same thing would happen, Dom would flirt with the skanks, Letty would complain and then run off with some guys to get back at him, Mercy would go and warn Dom that his behaviour may get him in trouble and he would spend the rest of the night trying to get her to forgive him and to go away from whatever buster she was with.

Letty gritted her teeth eyes still throwing daggers at her boyfriend who still had the blonde and busty Asian in each arm. She decided to get payback the best way she knew how, beat him at his own game. She had used this tactic multiple times before. flirting with other guys sent Dom's possessiveness to the roof and usually got him to stop flirting and turn his attention to Letty. Although some buster usually needed up with a bloody nose and a skank with a hand print on her cheek and some extensions pulled out, at the end of the night the couple would be together and all would be forgiven.

Letty looked around at the different guys at the races. A group of Asians surrounded Johnny Trans car, there were some Latinos over by Hector's crew who were mostly surrounded by girls. Some boys from the hood hung around the back mostly watching the races and getting girls. But none of that mattered because somewhere in the middle they all gathered watching the races, racing their rides, and checking out the sluts who prowled around in all areas looking for someone to take them home. Letty noticed a group of younger guys surrounding a blue Nissan GTR and black Honda civic. They must have been relatively new since she couldn't remember seeing them and being the queen of the streets you knew everyone someway.

She tapped Mercy's shoulder before pointing to the group and strutting over. Mercy huffed at the impending fight that would take place. "Letty! Letty wait!", she yelled jumping down stumbling on her wedged heels trying to catch up to her friend before she started World War III. Before she could yell out to her again Letty had made herself known to the group and they were grinning down at her not so discretely checking her out. Mercedes's hands dropped to her sides and she let out another huff before deciding to find her boyfriend making sure he wasn't up to the same antics Dom was.

Letty twirled her hair in one hand as the other stayed at her hip grinning up at the boys. She had to admit, they looked good. Two dark haired and a blonde, all decently fit and tan. They were a good few inches taller than her and all had a boyish charm to them. And by the surprised look on their faces when she was walking towards them they knew who she was. At first she was mostly just chatting with them, a few touches here and there, after few minutes she was leant up against the Nissan and two of them were beside her and the blonde was in front of her trapping her in. She liked them enough, they were funny and respected her space. The older dark haired one Justin had decided that her touching his arm for a few moments gave him a free pass to slip his arm over her shoulders. She glanced at him smirking but said nothing letting him know she was fine with it and he grinned cockily at his friends.

Mercedes decided Letty's game had went on long enough and kissed her boyfriends cheek then trotted over to Dom who seemingly was looking for his girlfriend seeing's as his arm had dropped from the Asians shoulder and was no longer paying attention to them. Mercy glared at the two girls closest to him before scowling up at Dom making him cock his eyebrow.

''Hi.'', she bit out.

''Hey.'', he smirked at her. ''What's wrong? Shouldn't you be over there with Dustin?"

''No, I was just over there actually.'', she snapped then smirked. ''Oh and just to let you know your girlfriend is pissed right now and if you still want to have one you may want to go over and get those punks off her.'', Mercy replied icily before turning on her heel retreating back to her boyfriend and crew.

Dom's head snapped up instantly as the words tumbled out of the redheads lips. He knew how she got when she was pissed and did not want to be sleeping alone tonight. With his dad out of town and Mia at a friends he had been looking forward to some time alone with his Latina lover. His eyes narrowed and his jaw tightened when his eyes finally landed on the group taking in his girlfriend being surrounded and touched by some unknown guy. He took a deep breath before stomping over.


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