"What do you need a secretary for? You have always done everything yourself, I don't like the idea of someone new being involved in Manticore business, why do you need a secretary?" Max demanded of Logan who rolled his eyes exasperatedly. Even after knowing her all these years her stubbornness and attitude towards outsiders had not changed one little bit, something that Logan was both grateful and resentful for especially at times like this. Logan had screened and interviewed his new secretary thoroughly and she had been perfect - young, flexible and willing to do anything to help Eyes Only. She seemed trustworthy as well but Logan knew that only time would tell whether she would be trustworthy enough to know the secret of Max and Alec. At the thought of Alec, Logan couldn't help but feel the small tinge of jealousy that Alec seemed to have so much more in common with Max than he did and it unnerved him. Sometimes he just wanted Max all to himself but he knew now that he had to share her with Joshua and Alec and the rest of her family. Lucky for him Max held nothing but contempt for Alec.

"It's getting too much for me, its always been too much for me, and besides I want to get out more to help you and Alec out, do you know how much it pains me to be the one on the sidelines cheering you on?" Logan asked trying to talk some sense into her as he reached for her absently and she instinctively cringed away from him. After so long, the realisation that she was finally allowed to touch him still had not sunk in. She could not believe that only a week ago they had found the cure to her virus for Logan. For all they had been through to find this mysterious cure, the cure had been a simple glass of orange juice. Not a strange concoction of liquids, no, just a simple glass of F**KING orange juice. Max felt like slapping herself for not drinking it sooner as she thought back to all the time that her and Logan had wasted looking for the cure. All that they had risked. But Max's job and revenge on Manticore was not complete. Oh no, not by a long shot. Her, Alec and Joshua were going to find 'father' or 'Sandman' or whatever he called himself these days if she died doing it and Max didn't want to risk Logan being hurt in any way shape or form. She cared way too much for him to risk him being hurt. When she found 'father' she wasn't sure what she wanted to do to him but she imagined right now after all this virus business she just wanted to strangle him for being the cause of all her problems.

"You belong on the sidelines," Max snapped at Logan grumpily her thoughts still on finding 'father'. She sat down moodily on Logan's desk and crossed her legs impatiently.

"No Max I belong beside you," Logan said reaching out for her again and Max looked deep into his eyes as he stepped closer to her and rested his two hands on her legs while his eyes still held her gaze. The warm eyes that she fell into every time she looked at him. They both leaned closer to each other and Logan took another step towards her and lifted a hesitant hand to caress her face and Max didn't move away from him.



A knock interrupted their moment and Max jumped off the desk giving Logan a dirty look. She shrugged on her black leather jacket in annoyance and stalked to the door throwing it open to reveal a young girl, about eighteen years of age. She was small, frail-looking with wide emerald green eyes, pouty lips and short black hair that reached the collar of her white blouse. She wore thin glasses and her wide eyes flicked nervously at Max then behind Max to Logan who gave her a friendly wave before running his hand through his already rumpled hair.

"Angel, I'd like you to meet Max," Logan introduced the two and Max just stared at Angel who immediately wiped a small hand on her knee-length black skirt then held it out to Max who glared at it.

"H...h…hi," Angel stammered under Max's harsh gaze and Max ignored her and turned back to Logan who gave her a disappointed look that she also chose to ignore feeling a little guilty for the way she was acting.

"I gotta go Logan, see ya," she said and Angel stepped out of the way just in time as Max stormed from the apartment.

Angel and Logan stared after her in an embarrassed silence before Logan ran his hand through his hair again and grinned sheepishly.

"I'm sorry about her," Logan apologised a little embarrassed and more than a little confused. Sometimes he didn't know what Max was thinking. But he loved her in spite of everything; he loved her so much that he knew he would risk everything for her. He just wished that she could be more accepting of change. Angel shifted her weight nervously from one foot to the other.

"You can't take responsibility for other peoples actions, my father always says that," Angel said softly and Logan smiled ruefully at her comment.

"He's a wise man," Logan commented and Angel let out a tinkle of laughter.

"I wouldn't say wise, so where would you like me to start?" Angel asked looking around and Logan gestured to his computer.

"My computer files are all messed up and pretty vulnerable, I was wondering if you could check them out first and do what you can to keep them more…private," Logan said and Angel walked into the apartment shutting the door behind her and putting her bags onto the floor removing her black work jacket as she did so.

"Will do, and Logan…" Angel said stopping and Logan turned to her on his way to the kitchen to find something to eat.

"Yeah?" he asked curiously and Angel gave him a sweet innocent smile that Logan immediately warmed towards.

"Thanks for allowing me to help Eyes Only, it really means a lot to me and my father," she told him honestly and Logan grinned back at her knowing soon he could tell her the truth that he was Eyes Only, there was something about her that made Logan want to trust her.

"No problem," he said wandering into the kitchen to open the fridge while Angel sat down behind the computer screen and began typing faster than imaginable. Logan continued peering into the fridge trying to decide what to eat while Angel continued typing. After getting himself a sandwich together he wandered back out to find her still typing furiously a frown marring her tiny features. Her olive complexion was smooth and clear and she was continuously reaching up put her glasses back up on the bridge of her nose.

"Oh, this is all wrong," Angel muttered more to herself than to Logan who hurried to stand behind her watching letters and numbers fly across his computer screen so fast that he couldn't read them. He stared amazed at the speed that her tiny fingers flew across the keyboard.

"What is?" he asked and Angel paused to hold a finger towards him telling him to shut up for a few more seconds before starting to type furiously again.

"Give me a few moments," she said again pursing her lips then licking them as she typing began to get more intense. After a few more minutes of silence she stopped typing and pressed the 'enter' button on the keyboard adding, "Okay there."

"What did you do?" Logan asked leaning over her shoulder to stare at the screen in wonder.

"I rearranged your files and put a protective barrier around your private files, so no one can go into your files unless they have the password, which is 'eyes only' in case you were interested," Angel said with a self satisfied smile and Logan reached over and began typing to check things out and he let out a low appreciative whistle.

"That's brilliant, I knew it was a good idea to hire you, you're fantastic!" Logan gushed and Angel couldn't help but blush at his praise and they both turned at the sound of a door opening. Max walked in and stopped short when she saw Logan hunched over Angel who was sitting at the computer blushing. Suddenly Max was beginning to feel more than a little jealous of the new prim little secretary. Instead of showing how she felt she pretended that the sight of them together didn't affect her.

"Forgot my helmet, please don't let me interrupt," Max couldn't quite help the sarcasm that slipped out and Logan straightened up and walked over to Max pulling her into his arms trying to assure her that she was the one he wanted.

"Max, come on," he pleaded and Max pulled away from him and looked up at him questioningly.

"What?" Max asked feigning innocence but there was that Max attitude he knew so well behind the question.

"Don't be so…uptight," Logan said choosing his words carefully so as to not offend her but Max, being Max, took it the wrong way, like she always did.

"Uptight? I'm not uptight," Max exclaimed indignantly and Logan gave her a sexy smile that she had succumbed to many times before when she had been mad at him.

"Lately you have been, lets go out tonight and just relax like couples usually do," Logan said enticingly and Max gave in with a gentle smile and a nod.

"The guys are all meeting at the bar, Original Cindy, Sketch and as much as it disgusts me, Alec is going to be there too," Max said with a mean smirk and Logan grinned with her while Angel moved quietly in the background to the door, putting on her jacket and picking up her bags.

"Well so lets go together," Logan said decidedly and Max rolled her eyes as they started to the door to see Angel standing there waiting, eyes downcast.

"Fine…you wanna come along Angel?" Max said after a pause and Angel looked up a little shocked that Max actually spoke to her. Logan couldn't help but smile with satisfaction that Max was finally trying to accept Angel as a part of the team.

"Uh, I don't know, my father is expecting me home," Angel said looking at her watch hesitantly and Logan reached out to pat her shoulder comfortingly.

"Oh come on, he won't mind," Logan coaxed and Angel gave in with a small smile.

"Well okay, just for a little while," Angel said and the three made their way to the bar to meet the rest of the gang.

Max and Logan, hands clasped together tightly, entered the bar first and made their way to the back room where they knew the others would be waiting. Angel followed them shyly, looking around the bar as though seeing it for the first time. As they entered the back room Alec was the first to notice that they had arrived. His sandy blonde hair was spiked to perfection and he wore faded jeans with a black turtleneck to cover his barcode. He was leaning back on a chair, feet up on the table and arms folded across his chest and he smirked in their direction. Original Cindy and Sketch were having a game of pool where, by the look on Sketch's face, it seemed that Original Cindy was winning.

"Hey the happy couple finally arrives," Alec commented sarcastically and Mex threw a dirty look at him that, if looks could kill, Alec would be dead right then and there.

"Bite me Alec," she growled at him and he sat up eagerly and licked his lips seductively.

"Oh can I?" Alec asked and Max screwed up her face with distaste while Logan encircled his arms around Max's waist possessively and gave Alec a warning look.

"Watch it," he told him with menace and Original Cindy and Sketch walked over to greet the couple and Sketch noticed Angel who was standing quietly behind Max and Logan.

"Who's your friend?" Sketch said to Logan referring to Angel but it was Max who answered.

"This is Angel, Logan's new secretary," Max told the others who turned to stare at Angel, assessing her and judging her while Angel fidgeted under their heavy gaze.

"Hey girl, Original Cindy here," Original Cindy introduced herself with a welcoming smile that Angel returned shyly. Original Cindy primped her outfit, tight black pants and a bright purple stretch top before pulling at her frizzy brown hair.

"I'm Sketch," Sketch said running a hand across his chin length blonde hair then favouring Angel with a bemused grin and wave. He wore his usual baggy jeans and large jersey as well as sunglasses with blue coloured lenses.

"Alec," Alec said running his eyes over her once before turning away to look at more interesting things. At first glance Angel didn't seem anything special to Alec and therefore he deemed her unworthy of his attention. 

"H…H…hello," Angel stammered her reply and Max and Logan took a seat at the table with Alec while Angel stood there uncomfortably staring at everyone. Sketch looked down at his empty glass and peered into the bottom.

"I want to get another drink, you want guys want one?" Sketch asked everyone who replied with a positive answer.

"I'll…I'll get the drinks, they're on me" Angel interrupted and Sketch grinned at her.

"That's my kind of girl," Original Cindy commented pointing at Angel who smiled.

She turned on her heel and began walking to the bar but stopped when she heard Alec's voice.

"She'd be half decent if she didn't dress like a science experiment," Alec commented snidely thinking that she couldn't hear and Angel winced at his words but kept walking to the bar and ordered the jug of beer.

"Alec shut up, you shouldn't judge anyone by their looks," Max snarled at Alec who shrugged not affected by her anger, too used to hearing it to be affected by it.

"Jeez I'm sorry, I'm still learning how to be a 'real' person," he said fluttering his eyelashes mockingly and Max turned away from him as she was beginning to get more than a little annoyed with him.

Angel came back with a jug of beer and put it down on the table. She then turned to Logan and Max sharply.

"I gotta go," Angel said abruptly and Sketch looked at her surprised.

"But we only just got the drinks," he cajoled her waving a glass of beer in her direction smiling what he thought was seductively but Angel shook her head, tears shining the corner of her eyes.

"I have to go, excuse me," Angel said before running from the room grabbing her bags as she went.

"What's wrong with her?" Max asked turning and rasing an eyebrow at Logan questioningly and Logan shrugged.

"Ain't it obvious? Your boy here just offended her big time, she heard what he said about her," Original Cindy finally spoke looking disappointedly in Alec's direction and Alec looked shocked.

"What did I say?" he asked confused and Max rolled her eyes before reaching over and slapping Alec across the back of his head much to the amusement of Original Cindy, Logan and Sketch.

"Come on you are gonna go apologise to her right now," Max said grabbing Alec by the ear and forcing him to stand up while he moaned in complaint. Logan stood up with them and the three made their way to the door of the bar and once outside looked around for a sign of Angel.

"Where did she go?" Logan wondered out loud when loud voices answered his question.