One of my reviewers commented that I didn't give the respect due to the stars of the show so I will be adding a little more to Logan and Max. They get to finish the story of! Everyone happy?

Logan and Max pulled into Angel's street when they spotted two black vans in the driveway. Suddenly they saw White emerge followed by his men holding Angel captive. Even as they watched Angel was shoved in the back of one of the vans and they drove off down the street.

"It's White," Max breathed in disbelief as the vans drove out of sight and Logan reached over to grab her hand to comfort her.
"He's found them," Logan said still staring at the house not wanting to believe what had happened. They were surprised by a knocking on Max's window.

"Guys," Alec called out and Max wound down the window to see Alec's anxious face.

"Alec, Lydecker where's Angel?" Logan asked quickly and Alec looked away unable to meet Max's searching eyes.

"She told us to get out of the house, we didn't know that she stayed inside," Lydecker informed the two and Max slammed the dashboard of the car with her fist in frustration.

"White's got her now," Max said through gritted teeth and Alec looked up suddenly inspired.

"We have to go save her," Alec said in a voice that held no room for argument and Logan nodded his head and after a few moments Max did as well.

"Get in," Logan said and both Lydecker and Alec got in the back of the car and Logan sped off in the direction of the vans while Max began typing in a small laptop to see where White would be taking Angel.

Angel had been blindfolded since she had left the house and when they finally removed the blindfold she saw that she was in a small room tied to a chair and White was the only other occupant in the room. She followed his movements with her eyes wondering what he wanted from her. White dragged a chair loudly in front of her then he sat on it crossing his legs and gazing at Angel, as though he were taking her in.

"Tell me something, about myself, lets see how advanced you transgenic's really are, I know all about you, your all the transgenic's in one," White said and he looked amused as Angel let out an involuntary gasp. She didn't know that White had known about her and Lydecker. White smirked at her as he added smugly, "you look surprised, you didn't think that we had no idea where Lydecker was, or what he was doing did you?"

Angel stared at him then used her Psi power to try and understand him. She was accosted by a stampede of thoughts. Fear, ambition, desperation, loneliness, guilt, they were all a part of White. Angel bowed her head to gather her thoughts then she looked up at White bravely.

"Very well, Ames White, you want to know about yourself? You hate my kind because your kind fear that we are more powerful and more evolved than they are and ever will be, you kind has reached their peak of evolution but we can go further, we can become so much more," Angel said smiling proudly but White was less than impressed.

"Shut up!" he demanded his face turning red but Angel didn't heed his command and she continued taunting him.

"You know soon they will create a transgenic perfect in everyway and your kind will cease to exist; you want to destroy my kind so badly its killing you, even though deep inside you know killing my kind won't do you or your kind any good, you can't stop the future, it is destined to happen," Angel said smugly and White exploded, knowing that what she said was true. He stood above her hand raised but Angel didn't even wince, and the fact that she didn't fear him infuriated White even more.

"Shut up!" he screamed at her loosing his cool, slapping her hard across the face and the side of her mouth split and a droplet of blood began dripping down her face. Angel ignored it, ignoring how much it hurt. I'm gonna get a bruise, she told herself dully before she felt something else coming from White. Something to do with her…and her past.

"There's something else isn't there? My mother… you fell in love with my mother, Tinga," Angel said slowly and White began nodding his head his eyes glazing over.

"She was so beautiful when I first met her after she had escaped from Manticore, I was prepared to take care of her give up everything, life with my kind and my duties to my people, I loved her, I would have given anything for her, and she threw my love back in my face, like I didn't mean anything to her," White was becoming angrier as he started pacing the room and Angel caught on to his feelings and finished his memory for him.

"She didn't return your feelings. She met my father and fell in love with him instead, he was your little brother and she ran away with him, you were heartbroken, no one had ever hurt you so badly," Angel continued and White sat down and leant forward placing his hands on Angel's knees, his face inches from hers and Angel could see that he was sweating.

"What else do you know?" he asked her breathing heavily and Angel bowed her head tears in her eyes as she realised what had happened to her mother.

"She was pregnant when she left you, she trusted you implicitly and you raped her, again and again and again, you pushed her to the edge so that she had no other choice to run off with your brother," Angel said dully looking into her lap allowing the tears to fall from her eyes. Poor mom, she had just escaped from hell when she was pushed into a world that never wanted her I the first place, and then she was betrayed by the one person she trusted the most, Angel thought her heart reaching out to her mother. Angel had never thought about how escaping from Manticore had affected her mother.

"I didn't rape her! I loved her," White yelled, so furious that saliva sprayed from his mouth. When Angel didn't reply White took her chin in his hands and forced her to look at him.

"She belonged with me, you should have grown up with me, as my daughter, not my brothers' you were my child and she took you away from me, you will remain with me, and love me like a father," White decided nodding his head once as he squeezed her knees and smiled warmly at her reaching over to pinch her cheek affectionately.

"You cannot force someone to love you," Angel argued with White but he shook his head at her smiling like she was a little child, annoying him with her insistent questions and ridiculous opinions.

"Yes I can," he assured her and Angel frowned.

"But it isn't real love," Angel told him and White leaned closer to her.

"I don't care," he told her honestly leaning forward and he kissed her forehead gently.

"Tinga," he breathed and Angel felt very uncomfortable and White leant forward and engulfed her tenderly in his arms as he whispered into her hair, "my darling Tinga, you're finally home, my love."

Oh no, Angel screamed inside her head, he thinks I'm my mother; he is so confused he doesn't know what's real anymore, his love for my mother drove him to madness.

Angel then began to feel only pity for the man who was her real father.

"Get your hands off her," a voice commanded and White pulled away from Angel and looked around, as did Angel knowing where she had heard that voice before. Alec stepped into the room and threw the agent who had been guarding the door at White's feet, and the agent landed in an undignified heap before him, unconscious his unseeing eyes staring up at the ceiling. White ignored the agent and smirked at Alec.

"X-494," he said rubbing his hands together while Angel was staring at Alec, grateful and angry that he was trying to rescue her alone. What a brave fool, she thought to herself blinking quickly as she struggled to pull her hands from the rope but she only succeeded in burning her wrists.

"Don't forget me," a female voice added as Max appeared behind Alec and Angel suddenly realised that Alec wasn't alone. She could sense that two more people were coming and she immediately assumed they were Logan and her father.

"542, both of you at once, this should be interesting," White said licking his lips with relish and Max and Alec both approached him cockily.

"It could all be avoided if you let Angel go," Alec said to White seriously who looked over at Angel worriedly.

"She's my daughter," he said and Alec frowned and shared a confused glance with Max. Alec didn't look at Angel; he wanted to concentrate all his attention on White, one false move and White could mince him up like dog meat.

"No she's mine," Lydecker said as he and Logan walked calmly into the room and White's face turned red with anger and frustration, his plan wasn't turning out the way that he wanted.

"No! She was meant to be mine," White cried out as he ran forward to attack Lydecker but Max and Alec blocked him off as the three began a deadly dance.

With White distracted Logan and Lydecker hurried to Angel who was struggling in her bonds. Logan pulled out a pocketknife and cut the rope and Angel stood up rubbing her wrists then she made a move to help out Alec and Max but Lydecker stopped her by shaking his head and grabbing onto her arm.

"They are only distracting him, we have to get out of here," Lydecker told his daughter who looked to Logan searching for support but he was nodding agreeing with Lydecker. The plan had been to get Angel out, not to challenge White to a duel of death. Angel pursed her lips considering then she shook her head.

"Not without Alec," she said loudly and Alec heard her and felt something inside him come alive.

"I'll be right behind you Angel, I swear it," he called out to her before he turned back to White and avoided a vicious kick in the stomach. Angel took another look at the fighting then nodded her head.

"Okay," she said running for the door and White stopped fighting when he saw that Angel had reached the door.

"Angel no!" he screamed out as though he were in great pain and Angel closed her eyes blocking out her real father's cries.

Max took that moment to kick White across the face and White was knocked to the floor while Angel spun around watching as Max was moving in for the kill.

"Max don't hurt him, please," Angel, said and Max looked over at Angel seeing the expression on her face and decided to do as Angel had asked. Alec however was confused about why they were letting the perfect chance to be rid of White slip through their fingers.

"Alec come on," Max commanded and Alec looked back at White who had crawled up on his hands and knees and he was staring at Angel reaching out for her. Angel turned on her heel and ran with Max and Alec following her closely and Lydecker and Logan already far ahead.

"Tinga!" White began screaming and Angel let a tear slide down her face as she started running faster.

"He's calling you Tinga, why?" Max asked Angel but Alec had seen the tear and knew not to ask. Angel squeezed her eyes together getting rid of the tears before replying to Max.

"Just keep running," she said in a choked voice and Max did as she was told, knowing she would be filled in with the other details later.

"Tinga!" White screamed even louder and his voice echoed through the empty warehouse but Alec, Max and Angel all ignored it and kept on running until the reached Logan's car. Logan already had the engine started and Max jumped into the front passenger seat while Angel and Alec got in the back with Lydecker.

"Go," Max told Logan as she looked at the disheartened expression on Angel's face through the mirror and Logan caught Max's eyes and did as told.

Maybe in his own, distorted way, he had truly loved my mother, but he ceased to be human when he took away who she was, when he took away her innocence and replaced it with mistrust, Angel thought to herself as she stared back at the warehouse sadly and was comforted to feel Alec's hand envelope her own. As the car drove away Angel stared to the front and didn't once look back. 

A week later, at Logan and Max's engagement party being held at Crash, Angel and Alec turned up late and were greeted by a drunken Sketch who handed them both a drink then stumbled off to pick up whatever girl happened to come by. Alec held Angel's hand possessively in his own, both jealous and pleased by the admiring looks Angel was getting from the other men in the room. Normal and Original Cindy were playing pool but the surprising thing was Normal was winning and Original Cindy didn't look too pleased at all. When they spotted Alec and Angel both waved and the two lovebirds returned the waves happily. Lydecker was seated at the bar drinking contentedly by himself and angel blew him a kiss when he looked her way and he greeted her with a smile and waved at Alec.

"I wonder where the happy couple is," Angel murmured to Alec who shrugged.

"Behind you," they heard Max say and both Angel and Alec turned to see Max and Logan snuggled up in a couch. Logan had an arm around Max's shoulder and her head was nuzzled into his chest.

"Congratulations you guys, I know you'll be happy," Angel said sincerely and Max smiled up at her.

"Thanks Angel," she said warmly and Angel returned Max's smile.

"I'm glad you guys are finally together, it took you long enough," Alec commented sarcastically and Max sat up ready for a fight while Angel and Logan exchanged glances.

"Well there were a few certain factors stopping up before," Max argued with him and Angel groaned.

"Guys no arguing this is Max and Logan's party," Angel scolded Alec who looked sheepish.

"Sorry, congratulations Max and Logan," he said cordially and Angel smiled with satisfaction.

"Thanks kid," Max said with a wink at Alec who widened his eyes.

"Kid? I'll give you kid," he said threateningly with a twinkle of mischief in his eyes.

"Nope that's my job," Logan interrupted the conversation and both Alec and Angel spluttered with laughter at the sudden look of dread on Max's face.

"Logan! I told you no kids," Max told him shaking her head as she pulled away from him and Logan laughed and pulled her to him.

"Just one, or two?" he pleaded jokingly and Max gave him a look that said, 'if you even think about it your dead' before she mockingly began wrestling with him and Logan captured her hands in his easily because Max allowed him to.

"Come on Alec I think these two need time alone," Angel said pulling on Alec's arm.

"Angel I have some news," Logan said suddenly and the seriousness is his voice frightened her.

"What's that?" Angel asked, her voice robotic as she had a sudden feeling that she knew what Logan was about to say.

"White's dead," Logan said and Angel felt something inside her break.

"What happened? Did…?" Angel let the question fade away as she looked at Max, thinking that Max was the one who killed White but Max shook her head at Angel's unspoken question and the look on Logan's face confirmed it.

"When the cult found out that he had no intentions of getting rid of you, they decided they better get rid of him," Logan explained to her and Angel felt weak at the knees. Her father was dead. Alec, sensing she was in pain, wrapped her up in his strong embrace and Angel rested her head against his chest, the smell of his aftershave calming her. Logan looked at Max and they shared a heart-wrenching glance, both pained by the look they saw in Angel's eyes.

"They thought he was a liability," Logan added but Angel didn't say anything. She didn't know what to say. Finally Max spoke the question that Logan, Alec and Lydecker had been dying to ask.

"Angel what happened in there?"

Angel looked at Max startled and she shook her head sharply.

"Nothing, its all over, White's dead, lets not ruin your party with all this talk," Angel said forcing a smile and Max was going to ask more when Sketch stumbled into the conversation leering at Max and Logan.

"Hey, its time for the engaged couple to get drunk!" he announced and Max pushed him away from her.

"No Sketch," she said wanting to talk more to Angel but Angel was already pushing Alec into another corner where there was a vacant couch. Normal and Original Cindy both wandered up to see what was going on.

"I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I agree with Sketch," Normal spoke up and Original Cindy smirked.

"The boy is right, you two boo's need to get down a few," she added her consent and Max and Logan groaned.

"All right, all right," Max gave in accepting the drink that Sketch was holding grudgingly.

"Pushy aren't they," Logan said as he took a drink as well and he and Max clinked their glasses together then downed their drinks that were quickly refilled.

Angel pulled Alec down onto the couch next to her as they watched Logan and Max drinking happily with their friends, enjoying their newfound happiness. Alec looked over his girlfriend lovingly and his gaze rested for a moment on the fading purple bruise on her cheek. She hadn't told him how she got it, she actually hadn't said much about that day in the warehouse and Alec didn't want to push her. Obviously what happened had affected Angel. Alec didn't know what to say to her, but his eyes wandered to Angel's lips and Angel saw where he was gazing and smiled.

"I know your thinking about kissing me, why not quicken the pace and kiss me already?" She suggested smiling wickedly and Alec pretended to frown at her.

"Are you reading my mind?" he accused her jokingly and Angel shrugged.

"I don't have to read your mind, its pretty obvious you want to," Angel told him smugly and Alec reached over and pulled her roughly to him.

"You assume too much," he told her patting her on the head and Angel pulled away from him and glared at him.

"Am I wrong?" she asked him and Alec shook his head and she smiled and leant towards him, "so kiss me then."

Alec closed the distance between them and pressed his lips gently to Angel's and small moan escaped her lips.

"Our first kiss," Alec murmured to her and Angel closed her eyes.

"Mmmmm…can I have another?" she said dreamily her eyes still closed as she leant towards Alec again.

"What? Without myself knowing what the lady's intentions are? I shudder at the thought," Alec said grandly pushing her away and Angel opened her eyes and glared at him her eyes twinkling.

"You're so ridiculous," she told him rolling her eyes to the ceiling.

"What's your reply my lady?" he asked her politely and Angel reached over to smooth back Alec's hair.

"I want to be with you," she told him certainly and Alec pulled her to him again.

"That's all I wanted to hear," he said kissing Angel's nose then pulling her so that she could lay her head on his chest, which she did. They sat there enveloped in each other's arms for a few moments.

"Alec why haven't you kissed me before now?" Angel asked blushing a little and Alec looked down at the little bundle he held tenderly in his arms, her sweet eyes as she looked up at him questioningly.

"I guess I was scared," Alec admitted and Angel's eyes were wide open.

"Of me?" she asked in disbelief and Alec shook his head.

"No of me, I was afraid that if I kissed you I'd fall in love with you," Alec told her and Angel took a sharp intake of breath.

"So you kissed me what happened?" she asked and Alec smiled down at her.

"Everything I thought would happen, I fell in love with you, but you know what Angel?" he said and Angel raised her eyebrows at him.

"What?" she asked and Alec kissed her again.

"You're the best thing that ever happened to me," he told her surely and Angel took a deep breath.

"Alec you're the best thing that's ever happened to me as well," she assured him and Alec frowned.

"Someday will you tell me what happened in that warehouse with White?" he asked and a flash of pain went across Angel's face as she looked away from him.

"Yes, someday, but not right now," Angel said softly and Alec hugged her tightly.

"I want to protect you from sadness, I want to see you happy," he told her and Angel caressed his cheek.

"I know, that's why I know we're meant to be together," she told him and Alec grinned.

"How do you know that?" he asked her mockingly but Angel was serious when she replied.

"It's here," she said using her hand to bring his hand to his heart then she pulled it to her heart as she added, "and here."

"Someday our kind will be free," Alec swore to Angel squeezing her small hand in his.

"And you and I with them," Angel promised and Alec looked down into her eyes.

"Someday," he said and Angel smiled.

"Yes, someday," she repeated as they shared another kiss.

Max and Logan peered over at Alec and Angel who were engaged in a lingering kiss. Max smiled to herself then faked a pout as she turned to face Logan.

"How come you never kiss me like that?" Max asked and Logan gave her a sexy smile as he leant towards her and kissed her slowly.

"Like this?" he murmured against her lips and Max moaned.

"Mmm…just like that," she whispered back at him and Logan pulled away and looked back over at Alec and Angel.

"I'm glad Alec found someone, for a while there I thought you were going to ditch me for him," Logan said sheepishly and Max widened her eyes at him in complete and utter disbelief.

"Are you crazy? You're the guy, you're my guy, I'd never give you up, we were meant to be, as were Angel and Alec," Max told him reaching over to reassuringly caress his face and Logan pulled her closer to him.

"I love destiny," he told her and Max grinned back at him.

"Me too," she affirmed and then Logan's face turned mischievous.

"Let's name our first girl Destiny," Logan decided and Max sensed he was teasing her, but he was also somewhat serious. Max knew deep inside Logan wanted to have a child with her; the problem was it had already begun. She just wasn't going to tell him yet that she was four months pregnant. She had decided she would rather surprise him.

"Logan…" she said back at him getting ready for a play argument and Logan pulled her to him roughly and hugged her like he never wanted to let her go.

That's the end!!!!! I know it's a bit of a bad ending but I had this new idea for a dark angel story that I wanted to start but I hate having unfinished stories so I just had to finish this one. Thanks for reading and reviewing it's totally appreciated!!!!