A/N: These challenges were done last summer 2013. I had to stay within the word count, hence why they are so short. The genre's varies, each chapters stand alone and there will be no continuation. Enjoy!

Title: Permanent Mark
Prompt Name/Prompt List/Ficlet #: Evidence/Bi-Weekly/#1
Author: kagome313
Rating: K
Genre: Comedy
Universe: AU
Word Count: 300
Summary: Kagome freaks out about Inuyasha's latest…art.
Warnings: Language.



Kagome's shriek of terror caused the panicked male in the guest room to freeze momentarily, his dirty hands shoving a kit underneath the bed. The moment he straightened up, the door pushed opened with a loud bang, bouncing off the wall, towards Kagome's palm as she glared hotly at Inuyasha, her nakedness glistering with soapy water.

"What the helldid you do?" She screamed, a shrill making her voice echo loudly.

The guilty stricken male opened his eyes to saucers, the fake innocence spilling from their depth. "I'm sorry for using all the… hot…water?" The surety in his voice wavered as Kagome narrowed her eyes at him angrily.

Her labored breathing caused her breast to rise and fall seductively, and under any different circumstances, Inuyasha may have pounced on her already.

"Explain to me," She started, her eyes moving from his dirty hands to his still innocent face, "Why the hell is 'Inuyasha's Property' scrawled across my ass in your handwriting?!" To make her point, she turned around, shoving her tush outwards in his direction. "WHAT THE HELL!?" She screeched her face turning towards the heavens.

"I have…NO idea!" He gasped, his eyes globes – if possible. "No idea!"

She whipped her head around at him, and Inuyasha gulped the moment he noticed the fire licking in her blazing glower. "Your hands." She seethed.

"I was doing…the garden?"

"I can tell you're lying." She teased angrily, walking slowly towards him.

"I'm a gardener in another life!" He said with indignant.

She rushed towards him, pushing her screwed up face in his as she stood on her toes. "Lair!" She breathed before stomping on his feet and crouching down to retrieve the kit.

"Simple Permanent Tattooing?" She recited.

"Where did that come from?" He gasped softly.